Update: Wardrobe “Maul”function

While drooling over the latest imagery of the new Vintage Collection “The Phantom Menace” figures from Jedi Temple Archives and SWCollector, I noticed an unfortunate error with the Darth Maul. Click on through to discover the secret…..

It appears that Hasbro’s factories have assembled the Sith Lord with his belt on backward!

Darth Maul’s front*

Darth Maul’s back*

This error is easily remedied by rotating the belt around the figure 180 degrees so that the rounded detail of the belt is in the front and the lightsaber hangs on his right hip. You’ll have to futz with the soft goods to get them back into position.

Strict carded and/or variant collectors might want to keep a watchful eye as this might be a good candidate for a running change to address the issue.

*images from swcollector.com

UPDATE: Paul at Jedi Temple Archives has updated his RDR to include corrected shots of Maul. Head on over to check them out.