Toyguide Update: Clone Trooper Lieutenant (Lost Line)

The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with the addition of the Clone Trooper Lieutenant (EP2-02) released as part of the Kenner Lost Line variant packaging for The Vintage Collection.

PROS: It’s surprising that it took Hasbro this long to start repainting the ultra-articulated VC45 Clone Trooper into some of peripheral clone officers from Attack of the Clones. There is not a whole heck of a lot new here but the execution here is good with an accurate color selection for the armor flashes and a fairly decent application of them. Again like the VC45 version, articulation is abundant making with widest range of posing options possible. Accessories are basic with the standard trooper kit of a blaster, rifle and removable helmet.

CONS: A solid figure all around but maybe the only issue with it is that the paint treatment looks odd around the ankles as I don’t recall the black body suit being visible on the Phase I clones. Again with most figures, finding one at retail may be a bit of a chore, but they are turning up in decent numbers at Walmart and Toys”R”Us on both card back variants.

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