Toyguide Update: VC104 Lumat

The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with the addition of Lumat from the Vintage Collection.

PROS: And another one gets crossed of the “to-be-remade” list. As a big fan of Ewok figures, Hasbro’s latest is quite impressive as it mixes old and new parts to get us a “new” figure. Lumat is loaded with articulation (12 POA), recycling the body from last year’s Logray figure. The weapon accessories for Lumat are all-new designs, the best of which is the bow being able to hold an arrow and the bow string is flexible enough to give the appearance of the arrow being drawn back. It’s a great piece all around.

CONS: Like others from this last wave, limited availability coupled with an above MSRP price through online outlets may be the sticking point for some collectors.

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