Kmart Exclusives: A Cautionary Tale


Before you get too excited when coming upon the new Kmart exclusives in stores, be sure to check for evidence of tampering as forum member local_gotal was treated to an unwelcome surprise.

I was elated to find the two Scanning Crew Packs hanging off the pegs of my local K-Mart. That elation turned to anger when I got home to open them and found a POTJ Sasee-Tinn/ Plo Koon in one pack and a POTJ Sandtrooper/ Saga Hoth Rebel in the other. Word of warning, be sure to check these blind boxed sets in the parking lot before you leave, it’s a shame we have to do that. Fortunately, I was able to drive back to K-Mart and exchange them for two other set left on the top shelf. This is theft – it really needs to stop.