Custom 6″ Aurra Sing


Check out these awesome custom 6″ Aurra Sing photos sent to us by Yakreader Kevin W. Click on through to read on how he built it and some cool WIP images as well.



Here’s a homemade figure of everyone’s favorite Star Wars character with an antenna sticking out of her head… Aurra Sing! She’s made to be compatible with the recent Hasbro Star Wars 6″ figures.

Aurra is a resculpted DC Universe Classics Donna Troy figure with a retooled Marvel Legends Mystique head. I had to of course sculpt all of the details of Aurra’s costume, and modify the Mystique head so that it resembles Aurra Sing. I also added a bit of a smirk, which seems to be an appropriate likeness of Aurra.

The pistols are from Marvel Legends figures, and are a little modified to resemble Aurra’s weapons. The holsters are refitted from a Marvel Legends Protector figure. The vest is actually from a 3 3/4″ figure… an Indiana Jones figure’s jacket. With some modifications and the addition of some scrap plastic, it’s sort of close to a match for Aurra’s. The black wire in the back of the coat is some twist wire stuff from action figure packaging.

The hands are an important part of Aurra Sing’s distinctive look, and to recreate them I used the hands from a DC Universe Classics Jemm figure.

The figure is painted with matte acrylic paints, with an attempt at a weathered, dirty appearance.