Customized Star Wars Command Figures


Yak reader Darth Ray writes in with a story of a special project he and his son have been working on involving the new Star Wars Command game from Hasbro.

“My son was inspired by the latest episode of “The Realm Recap“. He has started painting (or should it be called re-painting?) Star Wars Command figures. He started with the Ewoks. The attached picture shows the painted Command Ewoks and the Hasbro/Lego Ewoks that inspired the design.” “We’ve always said a Star Wars license should something like this!”

Excellent work Ray! I think the Command line is a perfect “starter pack” for people that are interested in customizing but don’t want to tackle painting a more expensive action figure quite yet. The painting of Command figure could serve as a canvas for honing/developing skills before moving up to a larger scale.

Click the image above for a closer look at his son’s work.