The Enloe Trials Update


It’s been a while since the last chapter was released in The Enloe Trials photonovel series, but that’s the way it goes when trying to make new customs and dioramas for each chapter (and trying to shuffle priorities of work and being a parent).  So what’s a guy to do when he doesn’t have time to make all the sets on his own?  Create a few concepts, and find someone who is able to build some of the sets for you!

So, thanks to the efforts of Yakface forum member EMPIRE, another installment in the series will be happening faster than I anticipated.  You’ve probably by now seen some of his amazing work here in our forums.  I’m sure he’ll be posting more updates of his fantastic custom playsets before too long, but for the time being head on over and take a quick look at what he’s working on for me behind the scenes by clicking here.