Easy Custom Rey (Jedi Steps) Figure


Sometimes the addition of a couple simple accessories, to an already good figure, can make it great. Here is a quick and easy upgrade you can do to the current Rey (Resistance Outfit) figure to re-create the final scenes from The Force Awakens.

Figures/parts need:
2015 Rey (Starkiller Base) – for the staff
2015 Rey (Resistance Outfit) – for the figure
2008 Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark) – for the satchel
2014 Luke Skywalker (TBS #02) – for the lightsaber hilt

Assembly is pretty straight forward. Take the Rey (Resistance Outfit) figure and give her the staff from the Rey (Starkiller Base) figure, the satchel from the Indiana Jones figure and the lightsaber hilt from the Black Series Luke Skywalker (Hoth).


Presto! Rey (Jedi Steps)… cue the music.