UPDATE: New 3.75″ TBS Figure Images Revealed


Thanks to our friend @PockyBandit on Twitter we can share these new images of 3.75″ figures from The Force Awakens. Click on through to check out Han Solo (Starkiller Base), General Leia Organa   (Formal Attire) and an unnamed astromech.

You can see these images on Chinese site Taobao.com as well.
Leia Organa

*It’s interesting to note that the droid is clearly using the modified leg sculpt of the Disney Droid Factory line. Could this be a future park exclusive?

UPDATE 3: The mystery astromech will (probably) be a Disney Park exclusive (like R2-H15, R4-D23, etc.). Han and Leia (and Phasma) will be at Walmart as part of the exclusive 3.75″ TBS line.  – This is all speculative on my part but it does make the most sense given the current “facts”.

UPDATE 2: These are NOT official Hasbro photos.

UPDATE: I adjusted the astromech image to see if there are holes in the body to accept other BAD pieces. There are none, so this points more in the direction of this being a Disney Droid Factory droid.