2017 Fans’ Choice Results Are In

The votes have been tabulated and we now have your top 6 characters to submit to Hasbro for the 2017 Vintage Fans’ Choice poll! Click on through to check out the list.

Thank you to all who participated (and followed the rules)!

1. Yak Face
2. Sim Aloo
3. Pong Krell
4. Tonnika Sister
5. Dr. Aphra
6. Satele Shan

Note: Legends character Ben Skywalker didn’t crack our top 6 list* of submissions due to a two factors; multiple votes from the same email address and incorrect submission format were discarded.

*The rankings and character selection for the 6 figures above would have been substantially different if the rules were followed exactly. Yak Face still would have won handily though.