Toy Fair 2018: Hasbro Presentation

Hasbro’s presentation panel for Toy Fair has started and Star Wars will wrap things up per the usual routine. We’ll post highlights of the Star Wars announcements after the break.



Thanks to Adam Pawlus/Galactic Hunter and Arnie from Star Wars Action News for their on site coverage of the Hasbro presentation.

4 ft Jabba’s Sail Barge! $500  –

Yak Face coming in 2019!

Vintage Collection
Wave 2
Combat Assault Tank Driver
Han Solo – Solo: A Star Wars Story
Death Trooper (Walmart repack)

Wave 3
Cassain Andor (Repack)
Luke Skywalker Exile (repack)
Range Trooper
Dr. Aphra

Walmart Exclusives
#122 Rey (Island Journey) – spring 2018
#123 Mimban Stormtrooper – fall 2018

Imperial Combat Assault Tank – August 2018
Packaging inset photos  via Steve Evans instagram acct.

Black Series
” Admiral Holdo
Porg 2 pack
6″ Tobias Beckett (Solo: A Star Wars Story)
6″ Walmart Exclusive Mimban Stormtrooper
6″ Hoth Leia
Astromech 3 pk (R2-X2, R2-D2, R5-D8) Amazon exclusive
6″ Clone Commander Wolffe
6″ Zuckuss – TRU Exclusive
6″ Gamorren Guard (Target)

6” Lando Skiff Guard
Kylo Ren Centerpiece – laser bolt scene – TFA

Force Link 2 (figures/vehicles)
Kessel Run Millennium Falcon
Mimban Stormtrooper
Range Trooper
Force Link 2 is now updatable via Bluetooth

Role Play
Force Master Lightsaber
Riot Baton
Nerf First Order Blaster (Besy Buy/GameStop Exclusive)
NERF Han Solo GlowStrike Blaster

Mighty Muggs
3 “secret” Solo movie figures are the next wave after wave 2
We posted rumor lists of several upcoming Mighty Muggs here.