From the Workbench: Imperial AT-DT Repaint

As I mentioned yesterday, I thought that the new Imperial AT-DT was underwhelming in the deco department. So I thought I’d make my first attempt at repainting a vehicle. If you follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram, you were able to follow the progress of this project over the course of a few hours. Click on through to check out the before and after and see how a little paint can go a long way in improving Hasbro’s fantastic sculpt.

The repaint process is pretty straightforward. I layered various shades of Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black and Yellow Ochre to achieve the desire intensity of the weathering. Heavier tones were used toward the bottom of the walker as well in places that would be directly exposed to the elements. Once dry I reapplied darker washes to pull out details and I added red accents to simulate lighting. Overall, a simple process requiring minimal painting skills.

Supplies used: acrylic paints, various brushes, water
Techniques used: layered washes and dry brushing
Total repaint time: 5 hours