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Update: TVC Mando N-1 Naboo Starfighter Code Name Confirmation and Pricepoint Update

Today we have a follow up to our rumor report from October 2022 regarding the code name and pricepoint of the Vintage Collection Mandalorian’s N-1 Naboo Starfighter. I’ve been able to confirm the code name is indeed “Bridgeport” and I’ve also found a pricepoint (U.S.) for $131.99 – a bit lower than what I had approximated back then. No word when we’ll be able to see an actual product/render but the sure money is at Star Wars Celebration in April.

Update: The vehicle does include one as-of-yet unnamed figure so hopefully that softens the blow somewhat for those that consider the price to be too high for just a vehicle

Hasbro Rumor Report Breakdown

In case you missed them all, here are individual links to the Hasbro rumor reports we have posted over the past couple of days in reverse chronological order:

Hasbro TLJ Merchandise Clearances at Target

Some Hasbro merchandise for The Last Jedi has started hitting clearance at Target. 50% discounts can be found on products like the Canto Bight Speeder, Resistance A-wing, Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer,  the Exclusive Return of the Jedi Action Figure Set that includes Jedi Luke, Royal Guard and Emperor Palpatine. Your mileage may vary, but swinging down the Star Wars aisle might yield some savings.

From the Workbench: Imperial AT-DT Repaint

As I mentioned yesterday, I thought that the new Imperial AT-DT was underwhelming in the deco department. So I thought I’d make my first attempt at repainting a vehicle. If you follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram, you were able to follow the progress of this project over the course of a few hours. Click on through to check out the before and after and see how a little paint can go a long way in improving Hasbro’s fantastic sculpt.

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