Rumor Report: TVC – Looking Forward to the Past

We are only two months away from 2019 and from what we’ve seen thus far (officially), Hasbro’s mantra is basically “what’s old is new again” thanks to the reissue of older figures (essentially repacks) but with an updated look care of Photo Real tech being applied to the 3.75″ scale. Some don’t like the approach of having so many “repacks” for super-articulated figures, especially at today’s price point.  The later half of the year looks brighter for the line and, thankfully, there are a few surprises left make their way across the Dune Sea of the retail landscape….

As we all know, Hasbro will be issuing several repacks in both the retail line of Vintage Collection but also as specialty market exclusives. This is great for the collector that didn’t get in on the ground floor of TVC and for those who don’t wish to pay exorbitant prices on some of those sought after figures and vehicles.

That being said, there are a few new things to look forward to as well. (Caveat: when I say “new things” that doesn’t necessarily mean all-new or never offered before.) From what our Yarkora spies have gathered, there will be a couple releases that should provide support to those Great Pit of Carkoon dioramas we’re actively trying to fill out. When the HasLab Jabba’s Sail Barge set sail for production, Hasbro undoubtedly had bantha-sized plans in the wings for what collectors would obviously need to make any such scene complete. While specifics are triple-guarded at this time, one could surmise we’ll see some of those complementary 3.75″ items back out to retail throughout 2019 in that nostalgic packaging we all love.

As for non-barge related items, Hasbro has been hinting in interviews that they’re looking at getting the X-wing back out in TVC packaging. The last time we got one was the Toys”R”US exclusive Red 3 (aka. Biggs Darklighter) version back in 2013. It remains to be seen if the 2019 release will include a pilot (like the 2018 TIE Fighter) or if we’ll see one released in one of those coveted TVC carded slots.

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Note: all rumors/speculations of any products are unofficial and subject to cancellation by the manufacturer.