“Yak Face” Reviews Yak Face

Return of the Jedi actor Sean Crawford who portrayed Yak Face as well as a Mon Calamari officer send us his review of Hasbro latest iteration of Yak Face / Saelt-Marae

Being a super keen anything Yak Face collector for a good few years now, I was delighted to hear of the new Hasbro Yak Face Vintage Collection ROTJ wave 4 coming out.  Having just received my figures I thought I would share my initial thoughts. I appreciate you most probably had had it in the States for weeks.
My first visual thoughts to the card and packaging are a thumbs up for the stylish black card with its slightly photoshop enhanced Yak Face portrait holding his jar of Jabba’s special brew on the sail barge. In it, his whiskers look in pristine condition almost like a tinder profile picture! I noticed there is no reference to his Yak Face name but instead just his Saelt-Marae title. What the origins of this name is, I have no idea but to me it sounds like a fancy French chiefs name, and call me old fashioned, but he will always be known as Yak Face.  Anyhow, moving along it was nice to see the Kenner Logo still stands.
On the flip side is the VC132 ID and other characters in this Vintage collection.
Breaking him out to set him loose from his snug almost vacuum formed case and a couple elastic restrainers, took a bit of time, but once you have the chap in your hands you can only admire attention to detail, the type I have not seen in a figure this size before. The sculpted detail is outstanding along with the  paintwork and shading. Then his movement, it is something else.  This is definitely one to get off the card.  I would call him a Yoga figure (looks like the fellow has more joints than Patrick Stewart) and there aren’t many poses you cannot get him into.
To sum up, my hat goes off to the maker to this stunner and so happy to add him to my collection well done Hasbro.
One other small gripe however, in the European version there is a rather unsightly folded bit of printed paper in the casing, which turns out is only there to say, in 23 different languages, Choking Hazard. So I am just going to have to grab a US version when I am next out there without this spoiler.
Sean Crawford    (Was in the ROTJ 1982 cast as Yak Face and Mon Calamari Officer
Thanks Sean for the submission!