Rumor Report: More Prequel 6″ Black Series Figures

Collectors have been clamoring for more and more 6″ Black Series Prequel figures and Hasbro has satisfied those pleas most recently with the release of Mace Windu, Padme Amidala, Battle Droid and the pending mainline version of Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padawan). Even with those stellar figures in collectors’ hands, they want more. I’ve discovered new info that will add 3 more characters – one from each film in the Prequel Trilogy.

My late night digging turned up 3 UPCs and Walmart SKUs for the following 3 new 6″ Black Series figures:

Jar Jar Binks • Count Dooku • Clone Commander Bly

Interestingly, these are all marked with “CL” or “CW” which I assume means “Clone Wars” so maybe this is part of a Clone Wars-theme wave? Doubtful, but noteworthy. Time will tell, but if things go as planned, I would imagine you should be able to score these new figures in Spring 2020. And as Count Dooku said in Attack of the Clones, “this is only the beginning” as more prequel figures are in the works but I can’t post details on those quite yet.

Remember all information we share here is unofficial and subject to change, delay or cancellation. But with our track record of rumor reports and hints coming to fruition over the past few years, I’m confident this one will too. The relevant UPCs and SKUs have been added to our Master List