Rumor Report: Info for 3 New Black Series Found

Thanks to a tip from a couple sources, I’ve been able to verify some new info for 3 new 6″ Black Series figures coming in 2020, one from each era of the Skywalker Saga (PT, OT and ST). Click on through to check them out.

First up, is the Battle Droid from Attack of the Clones. Interestingly, this figure currently has the same UPC as the previously rumored Jar Jar Binks figure, so I’m not sure if Jar Jar has been shuffled to a later date or if the UPC was assigned to this Battle Droid in error in Walmart’s in store system. Armed with that UPC, is hit my store this morning and had an employee scan it and sure enough, it came back as a Battle Droid.

Note: this figure has an item number that is different from Jar Jar lending evidence to this being a different Battle Droid and not the previous version.

Next, it appears according to both Walmart and Target systems, we are getting a new 6″ Hoth Rebel Soldier. This is a welcome addition to the line and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this as part of the upcoming 40th Anniversary line as well.


Finally, like the Vintage Collection line, we’ll be getting the Sith Jet Trooper (code named “Bruges Rocket Red”) in the basic 6″ assortment as I found info for it at Walmart and when scanning the UPC at Target it shows in their system as well.

There you have it, three decent troop builders spanning the three trilogies. Remember, nothing is confirmed until Hasbro says so but as with most of our previous rumors, they do seem to come to pass.