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Yak’s Elite 25 – Final Results Posted

Over a year ago, we began multiple rounds of fan voting by Yakface readers to help identify just which figures our readers wanted to see Hasbro make the most from The Vintage Collection and The Black Series.

The final numbers are in, and we have posted them in our forums.  I think it’s safe to say that the interest in the Original Trilogy still holds very strong based on these results, and both 3.75″ and 6″ totals came to the same “Most Wanted” figure.

Find out which character that is, and check out the full results at the links below!



Episode IX Sith Trooper Revealed

The official site has officially revealed the first merchandise from Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker which heavily features the new Sith Trooper! This 6″ Black Series figure will be available at SDCC for $32 and via HasbroPulse.com – check out the full reveals from Hasbro, Funko, Hot Toys and more at StarWars.com.

UPDATE: This announcement confirms our long-standing rumor reports and speculation of the Black Series and Vintage Collection “Bruges Red” trooper being this figure. There will also be a rocket trooper version this figure (with a different helmet) plus an exclusive 6″ Black Series metallic version all yet to be officially revealed.

SDCC Rumor Report: New Product Announcement(s) Coming on July 18

While Hasbro’s official SDCC panel starts at 2pm on Friday, July 19. Be sure to be around the day before on Thursday, July 18 as word is that a new product (or products) will be announced/confirmed. No word yet if it’s from the Vintage Collection or Black Series or from what media source (movie, TV, comics) it/they may be based.

More Star Wars @ Dollar Tree

You may recall that back in March, Rogue One figures were showing up at Dollar Tree stores for just $1.00 each.

More Star Wars product has been showing up at various Dollar Tree stores recently for just a buck, such as Hot Wheels Battle Rollers and Black Series Titanium Vehicles.

As always, your mileage and experiences may vary.  Good luck and let us know of your finds (or lack thereof)!