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Episode 423: Live from the CBR Bar at C2E2!


Marjorie and Arnie are joined by more members of the Star Wars Action News family to talk Star Wars Collecting at C2E2!

This past weekend saw the largest comic convention in Chicago — Reed Pop’s C2E2! Saturday night Marjorie, Arnie, and several members of the Star Wars Action News family got together to talk about the convention, their Star Wars celebrity encounters, and their collectible finds!

But the past two weeks have been full of news for Star Wars fans and collectors alike. Listen in to hear about the announcements of new toys and collectibles exclusive to the Disney Stores. From new scales of action figures to vehicles, plushes, mugs, and more, the gang rates their interest in the new collectible lines.

Also on this show, the news came down while everyone was at C2E2 that Star Wars canon has rebooted. The books, games, comics, and stories that formerly made up the “Star Wars Expanded Universe” have been rebranded “Star Wars Legends”–alternate, non-canonical, tales of the galaxy far, far away. But coming now is a new status quo, a new canon, and four new novels that fit into it. Hear the group reaction on this week’s show.

With a discussion on if Star Wars is a kid’s movie, a very special coin, and much more, it’s all in this week’s Star Wars Action News convention coverage!

UPDATE: ANOVOS Announces Star Wars Costume Collection


ANOVOS Productions LLC has announced an exclusive line of Star Wars costumes that will be available for pre-order starting on May the 4th. They are kicking things off with¬†costumes from The Empire Strikes Back including¬†Luke’s Bespin Outfit and Han Solo’s iconic look, with Darth Vader coming this summer. The line doesn’t stop there¬†as they have a line of armor-based costumes in the works as well with everything from stormtroopers, biker scouts and sandtroopers to clones and Jango Fett. Head on over to CNET.com for the full article by Bonnie Burton.

Look for images from the collection to premiere during the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo from April 25 to 27.

Update: The 501st Legion has posted a first look of these costumes via their Facebook page.


Update 2: Prop Replica Forum has also posted a work-in-progress images of the Darth Vader costume via Facebook



Episode 390: C2E2 with Jeffrey Brown


This past weekend was the C2E2 convention in Chicago, Illinois. In its fourth year, C2E2 has grown to fill an entire hall at McCormick Place. With no major stars like Val Kilmer and John Cusack to headline, the star wattage was a little bit dimmer, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t tons to do at the con. On this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast, hosts Arnie, Marjorie, and Johnathan are joined by Chris, Sarah, and Yakface.com’s Jayson live on the C2E2 floor! Listen as they run down their impressions of the convention, with tons of Star Wars collecting! From vintage finds to modern, high end and low end, plus custom items like coffee mugs and art, they discuss it all.

Also this week, Arnie sits down with Darth Vader and Son author Jeffrey Brown to talk about that book, the recently released follow-up Vader’s Little Princess, and his upcoming Scholastic book Jedi Academy.

With news from Sunday’s vintage toy auction, special collectibles for May the 4th, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News!

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Episode 389: A Blueprint for Adventure


When the book Star Wars: The Blueprints by J. W. Rinzler was released in 2011 few could argue that it was not an impressive collection of schematics and a wealth of information about the construction of some of the most iconic creations in movie history.  But also, few could afford the massive book.  Now the book has been rereleased in a more shelf-friendly size and at a more affordable price.  Listen to find out how this new release compares to the original, and if you should pick this up.

With Steve reviewing the Star Wars Steelbook releases and Johnathan discussing his latest Star Wars display, it’s all in this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!
And be sure to look for Arnie, Marjorie, and Johnathan this weekend at C2E2!  Stop them and get a free convention exclusive Star Wars Action News badge with a code that can be redeemed for an exclusive T-Shirt design!  All thanks to our awesome graphic designer Chris!
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Episode 342: C2E2 2012

Kicking off the con season this week Marjorie and Arnie headed to the windy city for C2E2 to check out the art, the autographs, and the shopping. On this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast they are joined by fellow C2E2 attendees Chris and Sarah to talk about the figures they found and the other collectibles on the C2E2 showroom floor! Plus Arnie has an interview with Zach Oat from Diamond Select Toys discussing their quarter-scale figures, their bust banks, and some upcoming convention exclusives!

Also on this week’s show, Brock returns to review the last book of the Fate of the Jedi series. It’s been a prolonged series with several delays. With Apocalypse capping off the series, is it worth picking up? Listen to Brock’s review to find out!

With a discussion of Star Wars T-Shirts, Bradford Exchange dioramas, and more, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News!

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Episode 288: C2E2 2011 Coverage

Reed Pop, the convention company that brought us Star Wars Celebration 5, is holding the second C2E2 Comic Convention in Chicago, and Marjorie and Arnie from Star Wars Action News are there to report on the costumes, the collectibles, and more including a new Star Wars collectible from Diamond, and all the latest Star Wars book and story collecting news from Del Rey’s panel with Knight Errant author John Jackson Miler and Crosscurrent author Paul S. Kemp! Was C2E2 a wretched hive of scum and villainy, or should you plan to start your 2012 Convention Season in the Windy City? Listen to this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast to find out!

Also this week, some great in-store bargains, and Nathan P Butler looks back at the Hasbro comic pack line in the first of a multi-part series!

You can download this week’s show¬†here or use the direct links:¬†Audio Only or¬†Enhanced