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EFX Collectibles SDCC Exclusive Commemorative 40th Anniversary Edition Darth Vader Helmet

EFX Collectibles has announced that they will be offering a Commemorative 40th Anniversary Edition Darth Vader helmet for San Diego Comic-Con. This 1:1 scale helmet features chrome plating, display stand, numbered metal plaque and COA. For the full details, visit EFXCollectibles.com

ANOVOS Announces Imperial Officer Uniforms


The Empire needs loyal officers to maintain peace and order through the galaxy! A pre-requisite for this task is the proper uniform — and for that, you may look no further than our Premier Line Imperial Officer Offerings!

Available in Officer Olive or Staff Black, the Premier Line Imperial Officer Uniform Package comes with the distinctive officer cap, jacket, and Jodphur-style pant, all being made from specially-dyed military-grade cavalry twill wool, replicated from the same fabrics used for the original uniforms.

ANOVOS Reveals Full Darth Vader Replica Costume


StarWars.com today announces the all-new Darth Vader (TESB) Replica Costume from ANOVOS!

Designed with costumers in mind, features include a self-aligning helmet (using magnets and keyed locking mechanisms), a built-in helmet ventilation system, reinforced shoulder bell hinges, and strategically placed ventilation mesh in both the Premier and Standard edition undersuits. ANOVOS has also maintained film-accurate details such as an asymmetrical mask, two-tone paint scheme, and 100 percent wool crepe cape.

UPDATE: ANOVOS Announces Star Wars Costume Collection


ANOVOS Productions LLC has announced an exclusive line of Star Wars costumes that will be available for pre-order starting on May the 4th. They are kicking things off with costumes from The Empire Strikes Back including Luke’s Bespin Outfit and Han Solo’s iconic look, with Darth Vader coming this summer. The line doesn’t stop there as they have a line of armor-based costumes in the works as well with everything from stormtroopers, biker scouts and sandtroopers to clones and Jango Fett. Head on over to CNET.com for the full article by Bonnie Burton.

Look for images from the collection to premiere during the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo from April 25 to 27.

Update: The 501st Legion has posted a first look of these costumes via their Facebook page.


Update 2: Prop Replica Forum has also posted a work-in-progress images of the Darth Vader costume via Facebook