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Share Your re-Collections at Star Wars Celebration

Fans to Record Their Memories of ‘Star Wars’ Collecting on Film’s 40th Anniversary.

You cannot freeze your fandom in carbonite, but you can preserve your Star Wars memories on video at this year’s Star Wars Celebration at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center.

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Celebration Europe Collecting Track Medallions


Announcing the Celebration Europe 2016 Collector Track Medallions! Continuing with the tradition of awesome giveaways, the Collecting Track will be handing out enameled medallions at the panels! Absolutely free! Each pewter medallion shows a detailed view of a vintage Kenner Star Wars toy! They will make awesome companion pieces to both our popular Star Tot and Celebration Medallion giveaways of the past, and are something that you can appreciate for years to come! Collect all 12!

Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track Patch Set


Star Wars fan sites unite for an exclusive patch only available at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

Star Wars Action News, Jedi Business, Jedi Temple Archives, Yakface and Jedi News have combined forces to create a unique piece of Star Wars memorabilia for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! Together they have created the Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track Patch Set! Click on through for details.

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Celebration Anaheim: Vader Case Project


The Celebration Anaheim Collecting Track is proud to announce: The Vader Case Project

New this year to the Celebration Track is the Vader Case Project. At Celebration IV in 2007, the original Vader Project showcased artist’s talents by having them decorate and alter full sized Darth Vader helmet replicas. The results were stunning with artist’s rendering Vader into everything from a clown to the Statue of Liberty to Vader with a fruit hat. More can be seen about this project at thevaderproject.com.

In a similar style, the Celebration Track has invited over twenty-five Star Wars artists and collectors to decorate a vintage Darth Vader carrying case with their own take on the Dark Lord. The artists include collectors like Gus Lopez, prolific Star Wars artists like  Chris Trevas, and even Nathan Hamill has joined in. The cases will be shown throughout Celebration in the Collector’s Track Social Room. So, stop by and see these wonderful pieces of unique artwork.

Click on though for more info on this project as well as stunning examples that will be on display at Celebration Anaheim.

CE2 Collecting Track Announces Swap Meet

At Star Wars Celebration Europe 2 the most rare items won’t be on the show floor, they’ll only be available AFTER DARK.  The CE2 Collecting Track is excited to announce Collecting After Dark, a Star Wars Collector’s Swap Meet where fans from across the globe can come to trade their Star Wars goods.  Bring your items to sell or trade or add some new stuff to your collection.  From new to vintage, rare prototypes and more, you never know what you’ll find After Dark!  So join us Saturday, July 27, 11:00 PM at the Atlantic Congress Hotel, just half a mile from the convention center.

The Swap Meet at Star Wars Celebration VI was the spot for collectors to obtain new gems, so don’t miss out in Collecting After Dark at CE2!

Showcase Your Unique Star Wars Collectibles at CE2


Have an awesome vintage item?  Maybe a really cool limited edition item?  We want to see it!  Bring your Star Wars collectible to the Collecting Track room and show it off!  Items need to be small enough to fit into a standard counter height display case and they will be locked up while on display.  And while you’re at CE2, make sure to stop by and view these truly amazing items.

If you have something you’d like to share, e-mail marjorie@swactionnews.com for details!

CVI Scavenger Hunt

The Collecting Track is proud to make a major announcement. We will have a new feature at C6: a Scavenger Hunt! Stop by the Social Area in room W304CD for details and to pick up your gamecard. Travel around the convention seeing neat things, answering interesting questions and meeting cool people! Complete your list, and win awesome prizes! This will honestly be one of those things that you’re going to want to do, because the prizes are going to be the talk of the Con!

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CVI Collecting Track: Star Tots

This year, attendees of the Celebration VI collecting panels will have the opportunity to collect Star Tots – a series of 2″ tall, flat die cast enameled characters, based on the unproduced Star Tots toy line from 1979.  There will be 20 different characters, one at each presentation. Click on through to check out a sampling of the designs.

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