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Happy Halloween!


We would like to wish all of our readers a very safe and happy October 31st today! 

This chapter was completed in September, but in the spirit of the season, an army of undead Stormtroopers and other creatures await you in the forums in Chapter IV of The Enloe Trials photonovel series. 

Take a few minutes to kick back and enjoy the latest installment of this series as Rykrof Enloe and a small band of rebels struggle to fend off their flesh eating enemies; and stay tuned for previews of the next chapter in the coming weeks.

The ISY Custom Zombie Exclusive!


Our good friends at Imperialshipyards are offering up some zombie themed head sculpts for all you customizers out there.  With Halloween right around the corner, now is the perfect time to place an order!

Personal Note:  Why hasn’t Hasbro made a Death Trooper?  Are they unaware that zombies are all the rage right now?  And don’t they realize how popular the GI Joe line’s Zombie Viper was (and still is)?  

More Suggestions for Hasbro


Earlier in the summer, we posted an SDCC wishlist that unfortunately didn’t come true, but since that time, forum moderator localgotal has been sharing some amazing mockups of figures that blow nearly all of Hasbro’s offerings for 2013 out of the water.

Check out the latest examples that he’s put together in the forums, and join us in scratching our heads as to why Hasbro wouldn’t launch The Black Series with figures like the examples above rather than packing Wave 1 with 2x per case of figures like Biggs Darklighter and Episode II Anakin Skywalker… because any of the above figures, packed at even 3x per case would be better than much of what’s in Hasbro’s launch wave.

Now… if we can just get him to mock up some playsets