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Rumor Report: GameStop Exclusive 6″ Black Series Second Sister Inquisitor

Speculation has been running rampant since the recent leaks of 6″ Black Series figures but I’ve just been able to confirm via shipping manifest data from Hong Kong that the rumored Black Series exclusive we reported last month has the same code name as the Second Sister Inquisitor (FO Trilla) and that may give further evidence that it is the special “Graphite” version that is part of the GameStop Exclusive  Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Bundle.

6″ Black Series Second Sister Inquisitor Images

Images for the 6″ Black Series Second Sister Inquisitor have posted online by R1Valos. The figure features a soft plastic cape that is removable and you can swap out the cape for smaller shoulder epaulets. The blades are in fact removable from the hilt, the helmet is not. Click on through for a few additional images.

Note: the circle call out on the  box reads “Graphite” in various languages.

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6″ Black Series Second Sister Inquisitor Leaked

I received a boxed image of the upcoming, yet unofficially announced Second Sister Inquisitor coming in wave 1 for Triple Force Friday. Since I don’t know the origin of the image, meaning it’s not publicly posted, I won’t be sharing it yet.* But I can say the figure has a cool graphite look to it and the packaging features an updated look with round call-out protruding into the window area. She includes a fully-lit Inquisitor lightsaber, I can’t tell if the blades are removable.

*If you’re looking for background as to why I won’t post the image, you can read this from September 2017. Thanks for the requests to post the photo here and/or for me to send it to you.

Rumor Report: Force Friday TBS Wave 1 Breakdown

Here we go. We have determined the figure breakdown for wave 1 of 6” Black Series headed for retailers on October 4 for Triple Force Friday. There has been a list floating around based on or original reports that has been partially correct but we’re now certain of its contents (one of each as follow):

Rey with D-O, Kylo Ren, Sith Trooper, First Order Stormtrooper, Cal Kestis, Second Sister Inquisitor,  The Mandalorian and a Jawa.

That last one, the Jawa ( “LA Blinky” on our list from The Mandalorian) is said to be different than the previous Jawa as it may be gray in color.


Merch for Triple Force Friday En Route to North America

According to some research I’ve done, Hasbro merchandise for Triple Force Friday (lightsabers / masks) has started shipping to North America from China and Vietnam. I’d imagine a few leaks in the next couple weeks.

Speaking of product leaks, 3 new LEGO mini figures have turned up on Instagram featuring Old Man Lando, Finn and Poe.

Update: new LEGO leaks for Allegiant General Pryde and Kylo Ren

Rumor Report: 6″ Black Series Second Sister Inquisitor Coming Soon?

It looks like that we may be receiving one of the main protagonists from the upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order game very soon by way of the 6″ Black Series line. The Second Sister Inquisitor has been on collectors’ want lists since being revealed at Star Wars Celebration and rumor has it, she’ll be available in time for the game’s launch in November. Could this be the “FO Trilla” character we’ve had on our rumored TBS list since early May? With SDCC just around the corner, we hope that we will get some confirmation on this then, if not before.

Rumor Report: Black Series Shared Exclusive Fallen Order Figure?

While we don’t have any official confirmation (we rarely do), we have received a report that the 6″ Black Series figure available with the Jedi: Fallen Order bundle through GameStop may also be available via Galaxy’s Edge/Disney Parks/Shop Disney making this figure more of a shared exclusive. Again, this is just a rumor and I’ll be looking for more corroboration and will update when possible.