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Rumor Report: Who is “SW E9 BL Boston” in TROS?

A character code name has been holding out on being deciphered since we started uncovering them back in February. Our digging has accurately confirmed them all thus far, but “BOSTON” has alluded us — until now. Click on through to check out the list of all that we have deciphered so far plus the reveal of this new figure’s possible identity.

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Hasbro Pulse Packaging Problems

We’ve received and read several reports of collectors receiving their shipments of convention exclusives from Hasbro Pulse with varying degrees of damage. Boba Fett with crushed blisters, Jedi Legacy  packs with folded over/creased upper tabs due to being packed into small of a box, and Sith Trooper boxes crushed or torn. Hopefully these reports are in the minority, especially with the lengths collectors had to go through to even be able to order them (aside from the Luke Set).

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Triple Force Thursday? New Figures Found and Purchased at Walmart

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Facebook Group member Jason C. reports finding the upcoming Triple Force Friday wave of Vintage Collection figures at Walmart in Canada. And not only did he find it, he was able to purchase them at the clearance price for $9 each! He also notes that the new 6″ Black Series figures were on shelf as well.