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Sponsor News: K & C Collectibles

K & C Collectibles has received all new Clone Wars figures this week.

New: Clone Wars Action Figures:

CW38 – Clone Commander JET 

CW39 – Hondo Ohnaka 

CW53 – Plo Koon

CW54 – Saesee Tiin

CW55 – Savage Opress 

CW56 – ARF Trooper

CW60 – Kit Fisto

CW61 – Seripas

CW62 – Captain Rex

Stealth Ops Clone Trooper

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Sponsor News: K&C Collectibles

K & C Collectibles is celebrating 16 years in business this weekend. To commemorate this millstone, we are offering all customers 16% discount starting today June 29th, 2011. A discount code must be keyed into the order form to receive the discount. The discount code is “16years” and expires on July 4th, 2011. Minimum purchase amount is $30. This offer is only good on in-stock items and is not valid on pre-order.

New Saga Legends Figures:
Destroyer Droid – SL31
Spacetrooper – SL31
Boba Fett – SL30
Mace Windu – SL29
Super Battle Droid – SL28
Death Star Trooper – SL27
Stormtrooper – SL25

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VC34 Jango Fett

The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with the addition of Jango Fett from the Vintage Collection’s Attack of the Clones wave (Wave 4).

PROS: Pretty much the definitive Jango in terms of sculpt and accessories. Re-worked, scene specific gauntlets are a nice touch as is the new jetpack and missile.

CONS: The gauntlet blades are not removable (i.e. they are deployed all the time). Overall color of the jumpsuit seems to still be “off” a bit but it’s a vast improvement over the grape flavored version included in the recent Geonosis Arena set.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this figure is worth adding to your collection.

You can also weigh in with your impressions on the figures we add to our toyguide on facebook and in our forums.


Debunking Rumors About the Tonnika Sisters

In this crucial time in which the #TimeForTonnika​ campaign is underway, false information has been spreading surrounding the Tonnika Sisters and why action figures have not been made of them. In this video, I’m going to give you the facts, dispelling the falsehoods that have been circulating recently.

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