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MTT Report: $39.99 at Marc’s Stores


If you were on the fence with the MTT, I’m not sure you could ask for a better deal than what Yakface reader Daniel C. is reporting finding at his local Marc’s store.  A stunning price of $39.99 each for this behemoth droid transport.

Personal Note:  I love this vehicle.  I realize it’s not for everyone, but I felt it was worth the full retail price and think it’s a shame to see what I consider to be Hasbro’s greatest item of 2012 be ignored by a lot of the community.  Sure, it’s from the worst Star Wars movie, but it’s still a killer toy and is the only Separatist related item that stacks up size-wise against all the clone trooper related vehicles Hasbro has produced.

Have a Toys”R”us Express in your area?


If you have a Toys”R”us Express store in your local mall (these open up in some areas for the holiday season), if may be worth your while to swing by and see if you can score any of last year’s harder to find vehicle assortment, which consists of the new sculpt of the Naboo Starfighter and the Kashyyyk Fighter Tank.  The price is right too, as each will only set you back about twenty bucks.  Good luck and happy hunting!

Five Below Finds Continue


These figures may not be to everyone’s liking, but last year’s second wave of Movie Heroes had some really nicely sculpted figures with very acceptable articulation and they are showing up at Five Below locations, for the wonderful price of $5.00 per figure.

Personal Note:  I can’t help but wonder if 2012 would have shaken out different if Hasbro had put this sort of effort into the Movie Heroes line at the 2012 launch; and supplemented the line with better figures for repacks rather than the direction they took.  If Hasbro had put more effort into the kid line for 2012, and Movie Heroes had not crashed and burned, would we even be seeing 5POA figures at all? 

Naboo Starfighter Sightings


Hasbro’s Naboo Starfighter is one of their better efforts recently, but unfortunately we all know how hard it’s been to track one down due to the overload of Podracers and AAT Tanks in the first assortment of 2012’s Movie Heroes line.

But, even as abysmal as retail has been over the past year for Star Wars merchandise the market actually wants, there’s still hope to find this particular ship if you have a Tuesday Morning or a Gordman’s store in your area.    The Naboo Starfighter has been sporadically showing up at these two discount chains in recent weeks – including a recent score by forum member Grimace.

Click on the thumbnail above for a closer look and keep those store reports coming in!

Class II Vehicles on Sale at Target


Target has the Class II Vehicles on sale through May 18 for $14.99 (these are the controversial “mid size” vehicles consisting of the Slave I, Kenobi Starfigher and Republic Tank).  So if you’ve been considering these as a purchase, this is a pretty good price on these… and I for one actually think the tank is kind of cool even at a reduced scale (yes, I know I’m in the minority).

More 2012 Product hitting Discount Stores


The evidence of just how bad 2012 was for Hasbro continues to surface as even more of the weak offerings from Movie Heroes pile up at discount chains like TJ Maxx.  If you passed on most of the vehicle repacks like so many other collectors, they are showing up at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for $16.99 and the battle packs for $11.99.

Facebook reader Adam V. also reports that Dewbacks are appearing at Ross stores for $13.99.

Episode 386: St. Louis is Wizard!


Wizard World conventions are a staple for sci-fi and comic book fans.  Having produced their multi-city conventions for years in Philadelphia, Chicago, and many other cities, they now expand their reach deeper in the midwest this year with Wizard World St. Louis!  Marjorie and Arnie were at the con meeting Star Wars fans, celebrities, and seeing what Star Wars collectibles were for sale!  With the 2014 St. Louis convention already announced, should you save the date?  Listen to Arnie & Marjorie’s report to find out!

Also this week, Johnathan is back with a look at the 2013 Movie Heroes action figures, Jerry gives a Vintage Viewpoint from Endor, and Steve the Gingerprince reports in from the UK–with a chance for one lucky listener to win some of the 2013 Yoda carded Clone Wars figures not released in the USA!

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