New Forces of Destiny Product Listings and Images

Today we have some new Forces of Destiny listings to share via Brickseek (and confirmed via Amazon). One of them confirms our report of a new rumored vehicle plus figure joining this line in 2018, others are 2 new adventures dolls and the addition of a new assortment of Creatures and Droids which will interest fans of Ewoks, Porgs (and baby porgs), and a green Jedi Master. Click on through for the details and a few images.



Rey of Jakku (The Last Jedi)
UPC: 630509611225
Walmart SKU: 56249818
Preorder at Entertainment Earth 

Princess Leia Organa
UPC: 630509611676
Walmart SKU: 56249819
Preorder at Entertainment Earth

Includes: 2  flocked Porg figures and nest with babies.
UPC: 630509613106
Walmart SKU: 56249814


Includes: Ewok figure, hood, bow, clip, and arrow
UPC: 630509613113
Walmart SKU: 56249815

UPC: 630509613656
Walmart SKU: 56249816

Sabine’s Graffiti Speeder
Customize Sabine’s speeder with stickers, markers, and a stamp (Wipe clean and customize over and over)
Includes: Adventure figure, helmet, 2 boots, belt, unassembled speeder (4 pieces), stamp, 2 markers, and sticker sheets
UPC: 630509611256
Walmart SKU: 423963050
Preorder at Entertainment Earth