Rumor Report: 6″ Black Series 2019

While doing some research over the past couple of days on few new UPCs I found on Brickseek, I came across more as-of-yet unannounced and rumored products for the Black Series and by “more” I can confirm 17.  If you frequent some of the Black Series groups on Facebook, I’ve been “hinting” at some of them, but if not and your curiosity is piqued, click on through and maybe we’ll see some of these confirmed at SDCC this year.

Let’s break these down in to bite-sized chucks of characters, separating them by source material:


They’ve been rumored for a while now, but we’re finally seeing some more prequel characters in the likes of Padme Amidala, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan (Padawan), Battle Droid, and General Grievous* and there’s one more, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

*Deluxe/exclusive figure and pricepoint?


We’ve received some of The Ghost crew with  Kanan, Hera, Sabine but a long requested (near) completion of the team is long overdue. Joining the crew in 2019 we’ll see Ezra and Chopper. Sadly, no word (yet) on Zeb.


We’ve done pretty well with characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story in late 2018, but in 2019, look to the horizon for Crimson Dawn leader, Dryden Vos as well as Han Solo in Mudtrooper Armor.*

*Edit: This may be in fact be Han (Vandor) based on the code name that is assigned to this figure.


Not surprising really, but maybe infuriating for 3.75” Vintage collectors, is that we can expect 6” versions of the 3 characters just released  in the exclusive Dr. Aphra comic set; Dr. Aphra, Triple Zero and BT-1


Here’s where we get into a bit of murky ground and the potential to both anger and elate some collectors. We touched upon this a couple weeks ago that there are plans to reissue some hard to find / hard to afford Black Series figures from the Orange and Blue line looks. So far, I’ve “confirmed” five of them (think bounty hunters and force wielders) on Amazon via some Jedi mind trickery:  No word yet on how these will be treated to set them apart from their previous run (ex: improved paint apps or how they’re presented).

So there you have it – a sneak peek at 2019.  As with most “rumors”, things are subject to change especially this far out and this doesn’t include the plethora of obligatory exclusives (that will undoubtedly be sprinkled throughout the year) or characters from Episode IX, but I’m pretty confident in what’s laid out here and I’ll post the UPC info for each in good time.

Now, who wants a preview of what to expect for Vintage in 2019???