Rumor Report: Vintage Collection 2019

Following up on our 6″ Black Series 2019 report from yesterday, it’s time to check out what we can expect for some of the 3.75″ Vintage Collection figures for next year. Surprisingly there are not a lot on this following list that support Jabba’s Sail Barge. Not surprisingly there may be a fair amount of repacks again from Walmart’s exclusive releases and potentially older TVC figures. Click on through to check out what we’ve uncovered.

What’s New

Luke Skywalker has gone by a few different code names since his return to the saga: Cool Beta Grey (“Jedi Master”), Cool Beta Brown (“Jedi Exile”) the new figure is coded as Cool Beta Black which, to me can only mean one thing: Crait/Force Projection from The Last Jedi. 

This figure has the code name “Hermes” which Lando Calrissian has had for all of his “Solo” merchandise so it’s probably a safe bet that this will just be him in his yellow shirt and cape – like the existing Force Link and Black Series figures.

What’s Old

Scarif Stormtrooper, Captain Phasma and the Elite Praetorian Guard with be repacks of their previous Black Series releases (previously Walmart exclusives).

What’s Unknown

That brings us to Leia (Boussh), Chewbacca (A New Hope), Han Solo (A New Hope), Death Star Gunner (A New Hope), Darth Vader (The Empire Strikes Back), Princess Leia (Hoth) and Luke Skywalker (Bespin). It is unknown if these all or some of these figures are repacks of prior sculpts but at one point I believe Hasbro said that would happen. And while there’s no direct confirmation of this, I’m hopeful that we’re getting a well accessorized version of the Stormtrooper Commander from Rogue One and not just a repack of the previous, now inferior mold.

So there you have it – a sneak peek at Vintage Collection for 2019.  As with most “rumors”, things are subject to change especially this far out and this doesn’t include the potential for exclusives (that will undoubtedly be sprinkled throughout the year) or characters from Episode IX, but I’m pretty confident in what’s laid out here and I’ll post the UPC info for each in good time.