Rumor Report: New TVC Figure Code Names and More

As a follow up to our Black Series report from Monday, we’ve found a few more product details, this time for the Vintage Collection — some from Episode IX, plus 2 rumored  E4 characters and one from the EU. Click on through for the breakdown.

First up: Episode IX
VC??? London (E9)
VC??? Cairo Axer (E9)
VC??? Berlin Leader (E9)
VC??? Bruges Red (E9)
VC??? Bruges Red Rocket (E9)

“London” once again makes the list and I again think it’s Rey. “Berlin Leader”, to me, sounds like it may be Kylo Ren and the Bruges Red could be versions/variant of those leaked red First Order Stormtroopers. As for Cairo Axer, your guess is as good as mine.

OT and EU
VC??? Jawa (E4)
VC??? Luke Skywalker (E4)
VC??? Shadow Trooper (EU)

These are pretty self-explanatory. Hasbro is probably going to reissue one of the Jawas released as a two pack in 3.75″ Black Series line. The Luke is probably the Yavin Ceremony figure we exclusively revealed back in March. The surprise one here is the Shadow Trooper from EU/Legends. No word if all or some of these are exclusives but we may get answers next week at Celebration. Or not.