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Rumor Report: 6″ Black Series Dublin & Providence 2pk Revealed?

Back in April, we reported on a potential exclusive code named “Dublin N Prov” being listed in the EB Games system. Recent reveals confirm that “Dublin” is the code name for C-3PO in The Rise of Skywalker, which lead to the assumption that “Prov” or “Providence” would be R2-D2. This is not the case. Shipping info that I was able to find today, reveals that this is a two-pack of some sort with the aformentioned C-3PO and a new character named Babu Frik.

I know nothing about this new character but there must be some relationship to the protocol droid that plays out in the film. Will this be angry eyes 3PO or the “Rambo”  version with additional accessories as seen on some artwork? No word yet on where this will be offered in the U.S.

Rumor Report: Previously Rumored 6″ Black Series Items Heading to US

Today’s sleuthing of shipping records as has revealed that figures which we’ve previously rumored are currently headed to the US.

These coded characters names include:
“Bruges Red – Metallic” – Sith Trooper (TROS)*
“Bruges Rocket – Pearl” – First Order Jet Trooper? (TROS)*
“E6 Luke Skywalker” – Luke Skywalker (ROTJ)

*The metallic and pearl designations should refer to a special deco and packaging combination for each figure.

Rumor Report: Who is “SW E9 BL Boston” in TROS?

A character code name has been holding out on being deciphered since we started uncovering them back in February. Our digging has accurately confirmed them all thus far, but “BOSTON” has eluded us — until now. Click on through to check out the list of all that we have deciphered so far plus the reveal of this new figure’s possible identity.

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