Rumor Report: The Skywalker Saga Two Packs

After a long weekend of ignoring my family* to bring you the latest rumors, we kick things off this week with info for more Hasbro product coming later this year. Remember all info is subject to change and cancellation by the manufacturer (Hasbro) and no assurances can be made as to when and where these will be available, if at all.

There looks to be a series of nine (9) figure two packs coming to celebration the 3 trilogy which comprise the Skywalker Saga and break down as follow:

Saga 1 (Original Trilogy)
A New Hope (Darth Vader & Stormtrooper)
The Empire Strikes Back (Han Solo & Leia)
Return of the Jedi (Luke Skywalker & Chewbacca)

Saga 2 (Prequel Trilogy)
The Phantom Menace (Qui-Gon Jinn & Darth Maul)
Attack of the Clones (Mace Windu & Yoda)
Revenge of the Sith (Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker)

Saga 3 (Sequel Trilogy)
The Force Awakens (Droid)
The Last Jedi (Rey & Kylo Ren)
The Rise of Skywalker (Rome & Sydney)

Note: The contents for TFA and TROS may switched as they are both labeled E9 and contain TROS code names)

One HUGE caveat is that I don’t know what line these belong, but they may be part of our exclusive rumored list of packs we revealed in February.

UPCs and Walmart SKUs have been added to our Master List for each set as well as the numbers for the case assortments.

*Just kidding, my family ignores me.