Hasbro Pulse Imperial March Fanstream Reveals

Today, Hasbro Pulse and the Star Wars team took to YouTube for a fanstream of the latest reveals and pipelines for the Vintage Collection and Black Series including a tease for the upcoming TVC Haslab which will be announced May 4th. Click on through for the recap.

L to R: Jedi Master Sol, Jedi Knight Yord, Mae (Assassin), Jedi Master Indara, Padawan Jecki

Black Series Reveals
Jedi Master Indara
Padawan Jecki Lon
Jedi Master Sol
Mae (Assassin)
Jedi Knight Yord Fandar

Holocomm Collection Darth Maul – Target

Moff Gideon Premium Electronic Helmet

Black Series Pipeline Reveals
Dedra Meero
Imperial Armored Commando
Ahsoka Tano (Peridea)
Captain Enoch & Night Trooper 2pk – Walmart
Yoda (w/Council Chair) with Commander Gree – Hasbro Pulse/DisneyStore

Vintage Collection Reveals
Princess Leia Organa
Jedi Master Sol
Mae (Assassin)

Vintage Collection Pipeline Reveal
Jetpack Trooper
Grand Admiral Thrawn (Ahsoka)
X-wing Pilot 4pk
Blurrg & The Mandalorian
Moff Gideon’s Light Cruiser Hallway Playset w/Mandalorian Privateer

Tease for May 4th Vintage Collection Haslab Reveal

You can watch today’s full fansteam here for additional details: