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May 2001 Archive

Upcoming POTJ in Canada
May 31, 2001 | 9:55 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Torrynn for the following news.
“TRU Canada will be getting the exclusive TIE Interceptor for $39.99! Expect to see this item in August in Canada.
Also, the Palm Talkers will be $14.99 and are due in July.”



Found! Unproduced 12 Inch Ody Mandrell Head
May 31, 2001 | 8:38 PM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

I just added a glimpse of the unproduced 12 inch Ody Mandrell into the prototypes section under the 12″ Figures section. Even though it’s only the head, it gives collectors of the 12 inch figures a chance to see what might have been, had the figure actually gotten the green light to be put into production.
Help is on the way so updates should start to happen regularly soon. A lot has to be added so hopefully the site will get caught up very quickly.



TRU Discounts Not Nationwide?
May 31, 2001 | 1:44 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Not according to Robert W. who did a little research on his own about this. He writes;

“I talked to 2 store directors in 2 states, Louisiana and Texas, and
here’s the lowdown. Only count on 1% or less of TRU ahving these kinds of super sales. They aren’t a nationwide sale and are instead a sale that is initiated by a particular store director who is willing to take a loss on inventory in order to make room from new stuff. Very few directors are willing to do this, particularly on Star Wars items, which, while they warm the pegs, do have daily sales at almost every store. As a result, both directors said to expect maybe 1 in 100 stores to do this kind of sale.”

So, I guess that myself and the few others that wrote me were the lucky ones. Thanks again to “Robert W.” for this information!



Freeze Chambers Almost Gone At Fan Club
May 31, 2001 | 1:30 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Today, the Star Wars Fan Club, run by WotC writes;

“Carbon-Freezing Chamber Action Playset: Get at Least One Before It’s Gone!
The Carbon-Freezing Chamber Action Playset is available NOW . . . and it is selling out fast! Exclusively available at the Official Star Wars Fan Club, the Carbon-Freezing Chamber is the most sought-after collectible of the year. And, contrary to unofficial reports, we actually do have all remaining units of this never to be produced again product (only a couple thousand units were originally sold in Europe/Asia.)
The Carbon-Freezing Chamber features realistic movie styling, including anexclusive Bespin security guard, a block of carbonite that actually opens, a detention chamber, and more.
Hurry, they won’t last much longer! Get Yours NOW!

Sounds pretty finite. If you have been putting off ordering this thing, it’s either WotC now, or scalpers later. Jump on over and grab this thing. It’s a nicely constructed playset, and the figure I’ll give a 6 out of 10.



B-Wing in the Summer?
May 30, 2001 | 5:50 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

AmericanDreamComics is reporting that the B-Wing won’t be due out until at least July and will have a price of $39.99.



Q&A: Wednesday
May 30, 2001 | 8:13 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

With Every Question For Justice was out for Memorial Day, but it’s back now with the usual batch of inquiries and responses. Check ‘er out!



Episode II Trailer Already? Part 2
May 30, 2001 | 1:25 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I’m not going to make a huge deal out of this, but Yakface reader “AZincJr” writes to remind me of what I will call, for now, a rumor that was circulating a couple months back when the movie “Planet Of The Apes” was in post-production. I had heard, in more than one place, that the Episode II trailer “A” may be attached to this film. Now, it would be about the correct time frame, taking into consideration that Episode I’s trailer “A” fell around this period in 1998, they are both 20th Century Fox films, and they are both in basically the same film genre. This is not definite in any way, but it seems like a good bet. The “Planet Of The Apes” release date is July 27th, 2001, so I guess we’ll all have to wait, (and hope) until then.
UPDATE – I stand corrected. For some reason I was thinking that the Episode I trailer “A” came out in August 1998, but, it was in fact late October/early November. So, like I said, no big deal on this. We’re just going to have to wait and see. Thanks to “LkEriMnstr” for the correction.



TRU Blowout on Older Star Wars Toys
May 30, 2001 | 1:12 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

It seems that TRU is following the recent ways of Kay-Bee, but instead of 2 for 1, the prices are just dropping rediculously low. I’ve had several reports of certain figures (especially the soft-goods wave) being a mere 50 cents, the FX figures going for 90 cents, the 2 Pod Racers being $3.90, and the Royal Starship dropping to a mere $29.90. Doing my typical research, I stopped at the TRU in Phillipsburg, NJ, and low and behold some of the above-mentioned figures were in fact marked with that huge red-tag mark-down sticker. So folks, check around. These are some good prices surfacing, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Then, if you missed them, it’s e-Bay time. Thanks to “Capt Dude” and the others for the tip-off!



Overpriced at Electronics Boutique
May 30, 2001 | 1:05 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Phillip N. writes to let me know that he has found the Sandtrooper wave at an Electronics Boutique in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and at a Walmart in Philadelphia. That’s not the reason for this post, however. He informed me that the EB was selling the figures for $12.99 each! Geez, isn’t that on the fringe of scalper prices? I know when you order less cases the price is going to be a little higher, but I’d just as soon see them not carry POTJ’s than sell them for that! Just my editorialized opinion.



Episode II Wallpaper!
May 30, 2001 | 12:03 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Finally, something official for Episode II from that’s actually downloadable and fun, (besides cryptic pictures and behind the scenes stuff). They have six really nicely done wallpapers, in a variety of screen sizes, that associate Episode II with the original trilogy. Here’s the direct link to the wallpaper page. Have fun!



Store Reports Contest II
May 29, 2001 | 11:25 PM EST | Brandon | Talk About This Post

Well fellow hunters and reporters! It’s time again to have yet another fun and easy to win Store Reports Contest! Sponsored yet again by the very loyal to,! This time we are giving away the very unique and elusive 12inch Darth Maul / Darth Vader 2 Pack! The Contest will begin starting with entries recieved as of Monday, May 28th and end with the last qualified entries being recieved on Monday, June 11th! Any person who submits a store report is automatically entered to win the cool 12inch 2 Pack! So get those Store Reports sent in today. And please don’t forget to visit our sponsor,! They have been very friendly to us and promise to keep sponsoring this cool new contest!

P.S. TheFly from Redmond/Bellvue, WA please e-mail me to claim your prize. If I don’t recieve your address via e-mail by Friday I will be awarding the prize to another Store Reporter. Thanks!



Another Palm Talker Pic
May 29, 2001 | 10:42 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has posted yet another new Palm Talker picture this one is the Stormtrooper.



New Sandtrooper Case Assortment?
May 29, 2001 | 4:44 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Sithkiss writes in with this odd find at Wal-Mart over the weekend.
A case of the Sandtrooer wave but the assortment was as following: ususal- 2 Aurra Sing, 2 Chewie- mech, 2 Leia (B E), 2 Qui-Gon -training, 4 Sandtroopers and no Obi-Wan Cold Weather Gear.

This is the first I have heard of a case with no Obi-Wan. It could just be a packaging mistake or a new assortment. Has anyone else found a case with this lineup?
UPDATE: I’ve gotten several other reports of people finding this case as well. It looks like it is out there but not in large numbers.



Palm Talkers in Tokyo
May 29, 2001 | 4:35 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Stacy for the following news.

The new POTJ Palm Talkers have been found at TRU in Tokyo. The following parts of the Palm Talkers light up: Boba Fett – blaster, Chewie – bowcaster, Stormtrooper – blaster, Darth Vader – lightsaber and C-3PO – eyes.
Also, the Darth Vader doesn’t have any speaking lines – it’s just his breathing and what sounds like grunting noises during a lightsaber duel.



Episode II trailer already?
May 29, 2001 | 1:29 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Absolutely NOT! I’ve been getting a few e-mails saying that the official trailer has been released, which would be a “Trailer A”, before the movie Pearl Harbor. Just to snuff this rumor now, this is just not true. When an official trailer is released, it will be reported on and loads of other internet Star Wars sites, like ours. I dug into this rumor because I want to see this as bad as anyone else, even if it was just a teaser trailer. One reader who claimed they had actually seen this alleged trailer pointed me towards a program called Morpheus, which is run by Music City, and what I came up with was the old fan-made trailer available in the fan-films section of, being listed as “the real thing”. This is how misinformation starts! So, no, there is no official Episode II trailer yet. Maybe towards the last 1/4 of the year, but it’s still too early. So, if you write to me to tell me I’m wrong, please send proof. (I.E. Video).



Another Sandtrooper Error!
May 28, 2001 | 7:07 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Yes, folks. Quality control? Makes you wonder. This scan was sent in by our Yakface reader “Hamlet M.”, and, yes, it’s another Sandtrooper error. This figure has his backpack, but it appears to be unpainted, or moreover, missing all detailing. Anyone else find this one out in the stores? Click here to view this error. Thanks again to “Hamlet M.” for the scan!

UPDATE – Odd, but I keep getting strange e-mails from all over the country about all kinds of paint errors on this whole wave of figures. Most of them don’t have included scans, which in the case of our page constitutes proof. So, if you have an error concerning this wave, send a scan with your e-mail. Now, my point being here’s another missing paint job. In this case, however, it’s Qui-Gon Jedi Training. It appears that they never painted the details on his left boot. Click here to see the pic. Thanks to “Shayster420” for the scan! I just can’t believe how Hasbro is paying so little attention to such a big license! Or are us fans screaming so loud for more figures that Hasbro is just push-producing these things to the point of errors of this sort?



Sith Lord 12″ 2-pack $20?
May 28, 2001 | 11:04 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

“gigacrumb” sends me the information that, at their local TRU, the Sith Lords 12″ 2-pack, which includes the 12″ scale break apart Darth Maul, and the Darth Vader with Removable Helmet, are scanning for $19.96. I’ve checked at my local TRU, and this has yet to happen there. Also, along with that news, Sidster, from also reports an e-mail to him stating the same, as well as the 12″ scale Dewback and Sandtrooper being marked down to $50. Is this going to be imminent at all TRU’s, or just a few? I wonder. If you’ve seen these discounts as well, send me an e-mail and let me know how much, and what state/area you hail from. Thanks!



Happy Memorial Day!
May 28, 2001 | 10:47 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post would like to wish everyone out there a safe and happy Memorial Day! It’s a day when we must remember all of our family members and true-life heroes that died to keep America free so we can have all the freedom to enjoy what we want to enjoy, Star Wars included. So, drive carefully and sober, eat loads of burgers and weenies, and watch that arm hair over the charcoal brickettes…



FAO still has deep discounts…
May 28, 2001 | 10:30 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Fao still has the online discounts happening for all of us who needs the stuff! The Biggs/Wedge 12″ 2-pack is at a standstill at $17.49, the Fambaa is back in stock at 1/2 price, being $37.50, and if you really want them, the set of 6 Episode I Beanie Buddies are on closeout for $15 for the entire set. If you need the Fambaa or 12″ Biggs/Wedge, head on over. They’ve been holding out, but not forever! Thanks to Aaron B. for the reminder.



Star Wars RPG interview
May 27, 2001 | 2:20 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post has an interview with Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, two of the game producers/designers over at Bioware for the Star Wars RPG game slated for 2002. Quite an informative interview with lots of information about the game itself. Check it out here.



Sandtrooper error?
May 27, 2001 | 1:07 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Hasbro seems to have done it again! I received 2 e-mails, one from from “dewback41”, and one from “ChuckMc”, (who kindly sent us this scan, thanks!), of an alleged error. If it was just from one area, I would have thought no more about it, but with 2 reports, I’m curious if anyone else has seen it or picked one up. It’s the new POTJ Sandtrooper missing his backpack! Click here to see this crazy trooper.



Heads up! Episode II Preview 
May 26, 2001 | 11:58 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Monday night on Access Hollywood there will be a preview of Episode II. Not toy news, but I’m sure everyone would want to know about this, and I figured since I’ve been tossing in various non-spoiler news, why not? According to “Jon” who wrote me about this, the commercial showed a shot of Obi-Wan piloting a ship against a bluescreen, and they promise an interview with Ewan McGregor about the upcoming prequel sequel. Check your local listings for air-times! Thanks to “Jon” for the tip!



Gungan/Destroyer Droid 2 Packs and Original Carbon Freeze Slab
May 26, 2001 | 9:52 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Sidster over at The Jawa has posted some pics of yet another of the two packs which were supposed to follow the Sith Masters 2 pack. Many of you have seen the photos of the Qui Gon and Battle Droid 2 pack with special effects (which Sidster has also posted) on the net before, but he has added pics of a Jar Jar versus Destroyer 2 pack which is nothing short of incredible.

There are also photos of the original carbon freeze block which was supposed to come with the carbon freeze playet. Instead of the silver spandex we all got from the Fan Club, this one is black latex.

Check it out here



Qui-Gon Force File error 
May 26, 2001 | 1:07 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Thanks goes to “Bobbotheclown” who writes to me this morning informing me that the new training Qui-Gon has an error on the Force File insert. The card, instead of reading “sparring”, reads “sparing” in the sentance, “Qui-Gon often wears his training gear for protection when sparing with his trainee.” Quality and editorial control anyone?
UPDATE – More than one person caught this! Yes, I spelled sentence wrong on purpose. A little dry humor. I figured, hey, if Hasbro can do it, so can I, right? I won’t do it again, I promiss.



Wanna Trade?
May 26, 2001 | 8:57 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Hello –

I’m looking for Star Wars LEGO promotional materials – anything really, and I have a whole slew of Hasbro products that I’d be willing to discuss trading for it. So if you have a ‘Guess the Bricks’ R2, the ’99 LEGO Toy Fair invite, posters, shelf tags, the UCS X-Wing promo or anything else, let me know.



EToys Bought By
May 26, 2001 | 8:47 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

This email was received by ‘Dex1138′:

Dear Customer,

Because you’re a loyal customer, we wanted to let you know about some exciting news right away. KB Toys and recently purchased most of eToys’ inventory, its proprietary software, its name and trademarks, and its Web site address. We will continue to do business as

We’re excited about acquiring the proprietary software that created the award-winning eToys shopping experience. Expect to find the best of eToys and right here. Over the next few months, look for more specialty and educational toys as well as special features like Birthday Reminders, a gift registry feature called Wish List, and Gift Wrap.

You’ll continue to find Surprise of the Day, Deal of the Week, plus the great toys, hard-to-find collectibles, outlet items and newly released video games you love at

We’re excited about this new venture – we hope you are, too!

What does this mean? The overpriced now has a bigger inventory! Yippee!



More Palm Talker News
May 25, 2001 | 9:48 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has a new image of the Chewie Palm Talker and confirms its bowcaster will light up as well. I guess this means they all will all light up in some manner.



May 25, 2001 | 9:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post currently has the 12″ Bounty Hunters, 300th Fett and several other 12″ POTJ figures in stock.



Sandtrooper Wave In Stock
May 25, 2001 | 9:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth has the Sandtrooper Wave and 12″ Wedge/Biggs 2 pack in stock.



Damaged Snowspeeder
May 25, 2001 | 2:42 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Daniel wrote in to ask if the snowspeerder was going to have Dack built into the cockpit or be a standalone figure. I emailed Andy as he has confirmed that the figure will be a stand alone figure. Thanks for the question and thanks to Andy for the fast turn around.



New trio getting easier to find
May 25, 2001 | 12:53 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I’ve been getting intermitent reports for the last week that the Sandtrooper wave is showing up in more abundance across the nation. Though I haven’t found them yet, I’ve been hearing that they’ve been showing up in more remote area that usually complain that they’re last to see anything, and sadly, they’re usually right. It all depends on distribution, and per chance as to where the new cases ship first. So, young Jedi, keep your sensorscopes on, keep checking, and don’t pay scalper prices! Patience pays.



300th Fett in stock at M&M Collectibles
May 25, 2001 | 12:45 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Yup, it’s in stock again for $11.99. If you need it, click on over to M&M Collectibles and tell them sent you!



“A New Hope” turns 24
May 25, 2001 | 12:42 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

It’s hard to beleive that it’s been that long since I first sat in a theater as a child, and was mezmerized by this incredible film. Since then the world has changed a lot, but one thing remains; Our love of the original trilogy. We’ve been through 6 US presidents, 4 decades, and loads of merchandising, and we still hold dear to us that “Galaxy Far Away”. Thanks to Shaun S. for the reminder. So, happy birthday Star Wars, and thanks to George for building the “playground”.



Q&A: Weekend Helping
May 25, 2001 | 5:14 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

With Every Question For Justice has been updated for the weekend, so read and enjoy!



B-Wing Pilot Changes
May 25, 2001 | 5:02 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Reader Eric sent us a note today explaining that the B-Wing Fighter Pilot coming with the new vehicle and the Ten Nunb figure available for $10 at toy clearance centers everywhere. Unfortunately, it’s a minor change– the gloves are going from a matte off-white to a glossy black. Other than that, both versions look similar if not identical.



12″ Darth Maul with Speeder around again
May 25, 2001 | 1:35 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I was written by a couple people telling me that the 12″ Darth Maul with his trusty Sith Speeder has been rearing his black and red head at Wal-Mart again. If you still need this guy, keep an eye out, as I have seen them as well, (about 20 of them), at my local Wal-Mart. Being an exclusive, however, I wouldn’t wait if you see him and want him. This may be the last shot of these for good.



Sci-Fi Expos coming up!
May 25, 2001 | 1:27 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Here are a couple of Sci-Fi/Toy shows coming up. If they’re in your area, check ’em out;
Sci-Fi Expo & Toy Show
June 15-16, Grapevine Convention Center: Grapevine Tx
Special Star Wars guests:
Shannon Baksa – Mara Jade
Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett
Peter Mayhew – Chewbacca
Mike Quinn – Nien Numb

Sci-Fi Expo & Toy Show
June 30-01, Shreveport Expo Hall Shreveport, La
Special Star Wars guests:
Michonne Bourriague – Aurra Sing
Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett
Peter Mayhew – Chewbacca
Alan Ruscoe (1st US appearance) Episode 1 & 2 Plo Koon, Bib Fortuna plus even more characters!
Mike Quinn – Nien Numb, and also appearing
The official Back to the Future website presenting in his first convention appearance, Back To The Future Trilogy villian… Tom Wilson (Bif, Griff, and Mad Dog Tannen).

For more information, check out Thanks to Ben S. for the information.

UPDATE-The Louisiana show is being reported by as being sponsored by Hasbro, and supposedly there will be new toys showcased there that have never been seen before. Anyone going that can grab some pics if this is, in fact, the case?



Tie Bomber and “Crashed” Snow Speeder Officially Announced
May 24, 2001 | 9:31 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

The Official Site has just posted that we can look forward to both a TIE BOMBER and a crashed snowspeeder. The Tie Bomber will have a new pilot with articulated knees and it appears that the snow speeder will come with both a new luke pilot and DACK. Read the full article here.

Thanks to Brian for the headsup.



Yoda in Carbonite
May 24, 2001 | 9:02 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Ask Models a British online store currently has a Resin statue of Yoda frozen in a carbonite block for £ 26. A very interesting piece to add to your collection. Thanks to Jonathan Pagaduan for the news.



So You Want a Death Star?
May 24, 2001 | 8:51 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Why don’t you build it yourself? FBTB is very proud to bring you the latest LEGO creation from Robert Martin – a five level Death Star playset, complete with working trash compactor and working turbolift!



Hasbro to show new toys??
May 24, 2001 | 5:17 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Sci-Fi Expo & Toy Show June 30-01, Shreveport Expo Hall Shreveport, LA Hasbro will be displaying upcoming never shown Star Wars toys, and they promise that their convention give-away will be even cooler than last years 6′ autographed Naboo Fighter. Thanks to Ben for the news. If anyone is going and would like to snap a few pictures of what Hasbro has for me it would be greatly appreciated.



More B-wing Pics
May 24, 2001 | 5:07 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

On Ebay there is an auction of B-Wing Sample which features a lot of new images of the B-Wing loose. (Item 1600598734)



Shuttle Information
May 24, 2001 | 10:18 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I have been reading up on the posts about the shuttle from various sites and would like to comment about this, as I have been in talks with Hasbro about this very vehicle. As many of you remember originated the petitions for vintage vehilces. At that time petitioned for the Skiff and thanks to many thousands of readers (well over 18,000 names) we were ALL able to convince Hasbro to make the skiff and have since seen many new ones. However, I spoke to Hasbro two weeks ago and asked about running another petition for the shuttle. I was told then that the design teams are looking into making one, although nothing has been confirmed. Then I saw these posts, so I once again asked Hasbro about the validity of these posts.

Here is the reply from Hasbro.

Hasbro has NOT confirmed any such vehicle, and in no way is this vehicle a done deal. Our exclusives group has discussed this along with a thousand other ideas, and that’s it. If it ever did come out, it would almost have to be an exclsuive at that price point.
It’s disappointing to see information like this get out there since it may only get fans’ hopes up for something that may not be feasible or possible at this point. To be clear, in no way is this vehicle

I am very thankful for Hasbro to step up to the plate and squash this rumor before it has gotten out of hand. I also agree with the statement that it is unfair to the fans to hear these rumors and get our hopes up (although I know that while each site tries to scoop the other these things happen). will continue with Hasbro until we can get this ship confirmed. is sure that with the help of all the fans and the other websites we can get it made. As soon as we have a confirmed answer on this as to whether they are going to make it or not. We will post it ASAP.



E3’s “Jedi Knight II” clips 
May 24, 2001 | 2:17 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post has posted five different clips from the new “Jedi Knight II” game from E3. Drop on over and check them out, they look pretty sweet! Thanks to Franktrooper for the heads-up.



R2-B1 and TC-14 showing up again
May 24, 2001 | 1:53 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Charles N. writes in to tell us that these are showing up again in Southern California, and for a small price of $1.97 each. How many cases of this type of short-production-figures can show up from these warehouses? Or maybe it was just a case anomoly. Either way, keep your eyes peeled ladies and gents.



Sandtroopers invade Utah
May 24, 2001 | 1:47 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Well, not really invade, but Robert G. found them in his local Target in Bountiful, Utah today. It seems these are finally starting to make their way around. Now, someone tell these little guys to catch a bus to Pennsylvania…



Good Fan Club Support
May 23, 2001 | 10:36 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Robert for the following news.
“I received a email from the Fan Club regarding the damaged Freeze-Chambers I received. Also, they allowed me to reorder the items with no additional shipping charges and return the others for full credit when I receive the new ones.”
I know a lot of people have been receiving damaged playsets so I would imagine anyone can do the same.



New X-Wing Model
May 23, 2001 | 5:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

HLJ has an interesting article with pictures on a new X-Wing model that will be coming out of Japan. It is made by Fine Molds and is very detailed. Also, a new TIE Fighter model will be coming out as well. Thanks to Edward for the news.
UPDATE:The cost in Japan will be 3000 yen which converts to $25 US. Thanks to Cliff for the news.



Hayden interview on “Extra”
May 23, 2001 | 1:15 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Many of you may know that Hayden Christensen was on the half-hour entertainment news show “Extra” Monday night talking a little about Episode II. Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that now has the interview available for download. It’s about 10 megs and in quicktime format. If you missed it on TV, here’s your chance to see it.



Palitoy questions? They’ve got answers!
May 23, 2001 | 12:28 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Ok, most of us know about the vintage series variations in the U.S.A., but did you ever wonder about other parts of the world? I recently ran across this excellent, very comprehensive site called that highlights the vintage figures in a light that most of us westerners have never had the opportunity to see. Like I said, it’s got a very comprehensive listing of the European/UK Star Wars toys created in the vintage era, variations, card backs, catalogs, and so much more. Check them out!



Episode II exactly one year away!
May 23, 2001 | 12:01 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

If old Georgie sticks to his previous itinerary, Episode II should be hitting theaters on May 22, 2002. (Ironic with it being Episode 2, that it’s May 222002, huh?) That would make the next Toy Blitz probably fall around May 5th, 2002. If there are any Toy Store managers out there that are “in the know”, or even for a good speculation, e-mail me just for fun. We’re down to months, folks, not years!



POTJ at KayBee in the sale!
May 23, 2001 | 11:52 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I’ve been getting alot of reports that people that tried to purchase the POTJ figures under KayBee’s buy-one-get-one-free sale were successful. So, go get those collection fillers!



New Bespin Luke Figure Image
May 23, 2001 | 7:25 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Stan sent us the following note:

“This is the mock up from the CD ROM series that was planned (shown a while back standing on top of Blue a CD) . Gives you an idea of what Hasbro had/has in store.”

Thanks much, Stan!
UPDATE: This figure is most likely a custom. Sorry for the confusion.



Q&A Wednesday Update
May 23, 2001 | 7:21 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

With Every Question For Justice has been updated with questions and answers, as per usual. It tastes great with a donut.



Store Reports Contest Winner!!!
May 22, 2001 | 11:43 PM EST | Brandon | Talk About This Post

Congratulations go out to TheFly of Redmond/Bellvue, Washington. Our first ever winner of our first ever Store Reports Contest. If TheFly could please e-mail me with your address so our Contest Sponsor, KebCoToys can get that nice 300th Boba Fett (First Version) out to you A.S.A.P.! Please look for information this weekend on our next 2-Week Store Reports Contest! Have A Great Star-Wars Filled Weekend. And keep sending in those reports as it seems the hunts are on again for those new figures!



POTJ Prototypes
May 22, 2001 | 6:21 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Two prototypes of new POTJ figures have shown up on Ebay. Item #1600132903- Cold Weather Obi Wan and Item #1600136923- Tessek



Sandtrooper Wave Soon
May 22, 2001 | 5:39 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth is expecting the Sandtrooper Wave Case (Item# 84445G, $89.99) to arrive and begin shipping on Wednesday, May 23, 2001. All backorders placed as of May 21, 2001 will be filled.



TIE Interceptor Pics
May 22, 2001 | 5:27 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

CollectStarWars has posted boxed images of the upcoming TRU exclusive TIE Interceptor.
May 22, 2001 | 5:20 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well, many of you may have noticed that this URL has not been working lately. I did not renew the URL subscription price. I originally opened that URL because of the troubles we were having with when we moved servers. The has been taken over by a NOT SO FRIENDLY site and I would not suggest that you use it anymore if you are under the age of 18. It was brought to my attention today, so I thought I would let you know that it has nothing to do with our site anymore.



Ultarama Winner
May 21, 2001 | 6:28 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to this weeks winner Kris Maxx who is the lucky winner of this weeks Ultarama Display. And a special thanks once again to Mort for giving away these displays to readers of If you have entered, your name is already in the list (no need to enter again, once is all that it takes), if you have not, then send in your name.



Free Real Stands
May 21, 2001 | 5:41 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Real-Stands is still holding a free stand bonus. If you place an order for 1 to 4 sets (each set contains 5 action figure stands) and receive 1 additional set as a free bonus; order from 5 to 9 sets, and get 2 sets free; order 10 to 19 sets, get 3 sets free; order 20 or more sets, get 4 sets free.



Carbon Freeze Chamber now available to all
May 21, 2001 | 12:44 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Just a reminder that the Carbon Freeze Chamber is now available to everyone, not just Fan Club members, as of this morning. To order call 1-800-TRUE-FAN, or visit their website, Thanks to Robert L. for the reminder!



Q&A: It’s That Time Again
May 21, 2001 | 8:15 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

It’s Monday, so 10 more questions have been posted to With Every Question for Justice. Be sure to send in your questions for the next update!



Episode II footage online!
May 21, 2001 | 1:32 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I know we usually report Star Wars collecting news, heavy on the Hasbro, but this was too good to pass up. Yes, it’s true! A full-on 1 minute and 20 second helping of Episode II over at It is a scene during the actual filming of the movie with our favorite Master and Padawan against a blue screen, and it is AWESOME. So, if you’re not allergic to “spoilers”, go there now! The download is just over 3 megs, and is a Quicktime file. This will really whet your appetite for what is to come!
UPDATE – Like I figured, not unlike the storyboards, the footage has been removed. If you got it, consider yourself amongst one of the lucky ones.
UPDATE II – Seems this little trick even made the news. Check out the article here.



Don’t forget, Kay-Bee starts sale today…
May 21, 2001 | 12:57 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Just a little reminder of what was reported here earlier last week. For all of us out there that have been putting off getting that certain older Star Wars item waiting for it to come down in price, this week is the week to fill those collection holes. Kay-Bee and Toy Works starts that “buy-one-get-one-free” deal today, May 21st, on all their older Star Wars merchandise. I would imagine they’ll be excluding POTJ figures, but you never know. So get out there and buy some army builders, some common-as-mud cinema scenes, custom figure fodder, line them up under your coffee table and make your house pet nervous… I don’t care what it is! Just empty those shelves off, boys and girls! Then maybe we’ll see a wave at Kay-Bee and Toy Works newer than the 8D8 Freeze Frame case assortment!



Looking For Books?
May 20, 2001 | 8:19 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post – Making Knowledge Affordable since 1995 … A1Books carries over 700,000 titles. 24 hour shipping. Best Prices! Check them out.
UPDATE:Yes, they have a SW section and good prices as well.



Tidbit on Palm Talkers
May 20, 2001 | 5:27 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The upcoming Palm Talker Boba Fett will also have a light-up blaster along with being able to talk. If Fett can light up it is possible the others will have similar features. Also, if you want to see another loose picture of the Fett Palm Talker head over to SW Kids.



Sandtrooper wave at Wal-mart
May 20, 2001 | 12:01 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Reports are starting to come in about the Sandtrooper wave being found at Wal-mart. Reports are from various states and not limited to one section of the country. Thanks to everyone that wrote in.



Tatooine Patrol Sandrooper error?
May 20, 2001 | 1:50 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I’ve had a couple people write to me in the past couple days (knowing that I’m an open-figure variation freak) about the new Sandtrooper – Tatooine Patrol, and a potential error. The first one I dismissed as an paint screw up, but now 3 people have written, and this could be an honest to goodness variation/error to hunt for. It seem that, right above the Sandtrooper’s eyes in the helmet, there should be a black band around the whole head. On some of these figures, it’s being found that this black band is missing. Interesting. If you have the actual error figure, toss a scan my way via e-mail and I’ll post it. Anyone else find this?



Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society
May 20, 2001 | 1:34 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

With the mention of the new Philadelphia Collectors’ Club, Bill of the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society wanted me to remind you they are still around, and going strong with a member count of over 100 now! PSWCS is dedicated to enhancing the collecting experiences of Pennsylvania Star Wars collectors and have created this network to facilitate collecting needs, share information, and socialize. They’re open to all collectors who currently live in Pennsylvania or have significant ties to Pennsylvania. So if you’re in PA, or just curious, check out their website!



Fett #300 at
May 20, 2001 | 1:29 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post Have received over 100 cases of the Boba Fett 300th’s. Most of them are version ..0200 and they are just $14.99
Mention when you order and receive free shipping on orders over $50.00 (US AND CANADA ONLY). International Customers will get 10% off your entire order!



Canadian Site Back Up
May 19, 2001 | 4:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Dark Side Collector a Canadian SW collecting site is back up and running. If you live in Canada and need more collecting news you may want to check it out.



Calling all Philadelphia Star Wars Collectors!!!
May 19, 2001 | 10:00 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Chuck from Philadelphia, PA writes today asking that I send an alert out to all Philadelphia area Star Wars collectors that he and a friend are starting a Philadelphia area Star Wars Collector’s Club. It’s just in it’s preliminary stages right now, but if you’re in that area, and interested, (which one of us wouldn’t be, right?), make sure to contact him Good luck fellas! gets even better!
May 19, 2001 | 2:21 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Man, I just got a letter from Chris Doyle over at to let me know that the site has been updated and revamped. If you haven’t visited this site yet, DO IT! This guy has a complete comprehensive, exhaustive review of all toys that are Star Wars, (including loads of pictures), but not licensed. I can’t say enough about his work, it’s terrific. There are also loads of other toys highlighted, so head on over by clicking here. If you visit one site today, make it this one! Good job, Chris!



“The Phantom Edit” NOT the work of Kevin Smith
May 19, 2001 | 2:20 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I’ve gotten a load of feedback on the post we did here earlier today on The Phantom Edit, that crazy tape that’s been making its’ way around Hollywood, that allegedly fleshes out the movie better. I’ve gotten a lot of e-mail, but the ones that put it the best was Brad and Chris. They write;
“Just a quick word about that news that’s appearing on TheForce.Net today (and has resulted in no less than 50 e-mails at least in the inbox today) regarding the Star Wars Episode 1.1: The Phantom Edit . Apparently, a mysterious video cassette containing a re-edited version of George Lucas’ “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” has started circulating around Hollywood. Why is this relevant here, do you ask? Well, folks are theorizing that the tape itself may have been a project of Kevin Smith’s.
We contacted Kevin about this immediately, who assures us that while he’s had nothing to do with the project, he HAS seen a copy and can confirm that is does exist. Interesting.”
So, there you have it. If Kevin’s not involved, maybe it was an inside job. Who knows? Again, if anyone has anymore information, or a copy of this that they’d want to pass on to us at, let me know by clicking here. This is getting better by the moment….



No kidding, Jar Jar’s showing up everywhere!
May 19, 2001 | 2:13 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

It seems that the earlier post I made is coming true already. I have been getting loads of reports that the Swimming Jar Jar has been showing up all over the country in full force, along with the Soft Goods wave included in the same case assortment! Most of the reports are coming from California, and the Arizona region, but I’ve also had reports from the east coast as well. Most of them are showing up at TRU in the (GULP) bargain bins, (where they toss all the figures in a big mesh bin), and a few Wal-Marts. So weekend warriors, keep your eyes peeled for those figures, because they are out there.

UPDATE – This just in from TRU warehouse worker Ed;
“The local warehouse for the southern California area has 41,000 plus 20,000 units on order. They just shipped out about 20,000 units. Just came back from the local store and they put out about 12 cases within the past 30 minutes…all Swimming Jar Jar cases. They got 40 cases in stock.”



Store Reports Contest Reminder
May 19, 2001 | 12:11 AM EST | Brandon | Talk About This Post

Hey Yak-ers! Don’t Forget that our store reports contest ends on Monday, May 21st. So get those reports in now for your chance to win a 300th Boba Fett (First Version) absolutely free thanks to! We’ve had a lot of entries sent in but increase your chances to win! Please make sure though that your reports are valid and usually about new items or harder to find items! Thanks!



LucasArts Cannot be Stopped
May 18, 2001 | 9:20 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

LucasArts announced another 2 games at the E3 game show. The first is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republicwhich is a RPG set thousands of years before the SW movies. It is due for a late 2002 release on the PC.
Also, they announced that SW:Starfighter will be coming to the PC. This is the 9th game LucasArts has announced this month and there aren’t even any Ep II games that have been announced. This is incredible. Thanks to George for the news.



Looking For PS2 Star Wars Games…..
May 18, 2001 | 5:24 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has them in stock..
Star Wars Bombad Racing $49.99
Star Wars Starfighter $49.99
And here is a coupon for you to get $5 off a $40 order, just use DEALMAYPAPER as it is good until 5/20/01



KB Toys buys the eToys name
May 18, 2001 | 5:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

KB Toys has now acquired the rights to the name eToys. Earlier KB had bought the remaining eToys inventory. Does this mean KB plans on reviving eToys in some way or do they have something else in mind? Go to MSNBC to read the rest of the article.



The Phantom Menace Version 1.1
May 18, 2001 | 2:00 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

VFXPro is reporting that a copy of The Phantom Menace is circulating in Hollywood right now, a version that most have not seen. Allegedly, it has different editing, additions, and all kinds of weird stuff that makes the movie work better, from an artistic point of view, and fleshes things out a lot better than what ol’ Georgie did in the editing room. It is rumored that Kevin Smith, (of “Clerks” and “Dogma”), is the culprit behind this cut of the film that is being dubbed The Phantom Edit. Anyone know or have any information about/get a copy of this tape? If so, let us know by clicking here. This could be another underground 5th and 6th generation tape like the Star Wars Holiday Special, eventually. Any info would be appreciated. As soon as we know what’s up, we’ll post it!



More Swimming Jar Jar’s and Soft Goods?
May 18, 2001 | 12:14 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Yea, that’s what is reporting. Allegedly, at only ONE distribution center, there are 55,000 units of the Swimming Jar Jar assortment cases ready for shipping to TRU’s around the country, under SKN# 171786. For more on this, check out the page.



MIB Carbon Freeze Chambers?
May 18, 2001 | 11:55 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I’m getting a load of feedback on the Fan Club Carbon Freeze Chambers making it to their destinations practically using Hyperspacial teqniques, but I’ve also been hearing some bad things about the packaging. An example of one such letter follows;
“Just saw your report on the Carbon Freezing Chambers arriving, and mine, too arrived yesterday. I ordered two (the obligatory one to open, one to keep in the box) on Monday and I was quite surprised that they came so quickly. But then I was quite disappointed when I opened them – they were packed in such a way that damaged the Freezing Chamber boxes. Each Freezing Chamber box was placed in it’s own brown cardboard box, and each of those were placed in a larger shipping box. But the small cardboard boxes had those inflated plastic bags in lieu of packing peanuts. The unfortunate thing is that the air-bags don’t “give” at all when the box was closed, so each Freezing Chamber box was crushed. 🙁 ”
Anyone else having this problem? Thanks to Zeke T. Rice, and all the others that wrote to me about this.



Q&A: Friday Update
May 18, 2001 | 5:05 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

With Every Question for Justice has been updated with today’s batch of good questions with answers. Check it out, and come back Monday for more. (And hey, send in some questions while you’re at it.)



New Star Wars Galaxies Screenshots
May 18, 2001 | 5:00 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Reader Laurence has chimed in that Voodoo Extreme has posted shots of the brand new Star Wars Galaxies game atthis lovely page. Thanks, Laurence!



Rogue Squadron II News
May 18, 2001 | 4:47 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Attention all fans of GameCube, Rogue Squadron, and licensed Star Wars games that look like they’ll be fun.

The latest issue of Next Gen (Volume 3, #6) has dedicated the cover and 10 pages to Rogue Leader, the sequel to 1998’s Rogue Squadron.

Interested parties might also be interested to know that the bulk of videogaming sites are now rolling out their coverage of E3, so the latest gaming news is happening now– don’t miss out!



Jedi Outcast: JK II
May 17, 2001 | 5:43 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

LucasArts announced today Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II for the PC. It is due in the Spring of 2002.



New 12″ Wave for 2001
May 17, 2001 | 5:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

New Force Comics has announced the wave after the 12″ DS Droid wave will be Zuckuss, Dengar and Leia Boushh.



Marmit TIE Pilots at Action Figure Express
May 17, 2001 | 1:12 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Action Figure Express has, right now, the Marmit TIE Fighter Pilot in stock for $89.95. Plus, if you order now, you get a free Commtech Chip Reader, and 3 action figures, (you get to choose from 3 sets of 3). Nice! So check it out! And, if you order, make sure you tell them sent you!



Carbon Freeze Chambers Showing Up!
May 17, 2001 | 1:04 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Man, the fan club had this one wrapped up tight! Already I’m getting reports of the Carbon Freeze Chambers showing up all over, (some are online friends, and some from writing me through Yakface directly)! Some actually received them yesterday, the day after they ordered them. Incredible… So keep checking those mailboxes, kids, it should be there soon!



Star Wars.Com Announces B-Wing Price
May 16, 2001 | 10:41 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Star is announcing that the suggested retail price on the B-wing will be $34.99!!!! While this is still over $10.00 more than the Y-wing and Skiff, it is a big improvement over $50.00 for a single ship. Thanks to Tim in Memphis for the headsup.
Check out the full story here.



Jedi Braid in Stock
May 16, 2001 | 5:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

D&S Sci-fi Toy Worldhas the Australian Jedi Braid with Micro Royal Starship in stock as well as other hard to find exclusives.



Star Wars Insider #54 Now Shipping!
May 16, 2001 | 12:35 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

The SWI is now officially shipping, I received mine in the mail today. Looks good, it’s LOADED with Episode II pics, (most we’ve seen online, but hey…), and it comes with a nifty little CD-ROM disc advertising The Star Wars Gamer magazine, Lucasarts game titles, and more. Another thing I noticed was the Jawa Trader section is smaller, but offering more action figures, (mostly older ones), and Legos. So, my Bounty Hunters, watch that mailbox for the next few days. It seems WotC is finally taking a step in the right direction!



Q&A: Wednesday Update
May 16, 2001 | 5:27 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

With Every Question For Justice has been updated yet again with word of all things Q&A. Or at least all 10 things Q that have been Aed by the column. Check it out, won’t you?



Oklahoma City Star Wars Collectors Club
May 16, 2001 | 1:28 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Xwing25 is asking me to spread the word that a Star Wars Collectors Club of Oklahoma City has been created and is looking for some new members in the area. They are having a meeting once a month around the second week of the month, and is at a prearranged local spot. If you want to hook up with them, you can e-mail xwing25, (the president of the club), by clicking here Sounds like a nice crew, so if you’re local, give it a shot!



Fan Club Subscriptions at WotC
May 16, 2001 | 1:17 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Some people may recall the issue of the subscriptions being listed at $19.95 per year in the Star Wars Insider Magazine, and $29.95 per year on the new website for the bi-monthly magazine. Well, Warren Jacobsen, a fan, writes today to clear all this up for us.
It seems the $19.95 is for the magazine subscription to the Star Wars Insider ONLY. The $29.95 is for subscription to the Insider, PLUS fan club membership. It seems you still have a choice, but with the magazine-only deal, you miss out on being able to preorder on the website for certain items, (I.E. The Bespin Freeze Chamber). Also, for the extra $10, you get a $10 gift certificate for usage on the website only. Another privelage of “Fan Club” membership is 10% offmost items listed on the wesite. Another thing that WotC seems to want to reinitiate is the fan-mail forwarding. So, I hope this clears some things up for us fans. Any feedback? E-mail me here.
Thanks goes to the “semi-coherent” Warren Jacobsen. 8^)



Hasbro News
May 15, 2001 | 5:34 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

CollectStarWars is reporting that a update on Duros will be posted by Hasbro soon. Also, the upcoming Snaggletooth figure will be the short red version.



Second Wave of European Pit Droid 2 Packs Available
May 15, 2001 | 9:49 AM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

If you have been looking for the second version of the European Pit Droid 2 Packs which were only available with the Naboo Guard and Holographic Darth Sidious, you may want to check this out. Scotsmann Models in Parnie Street, Glasglow, Scotland, (phone number 0141-572-0481) has a set of three carded pit droids (one of each of the 3 colors of pit droids) for 50 pounds plus shipping—- considering a single carded pit droid and figure from this wave goes for several times this amount on Ebay it looks like a good deal. If anyone has any experience with Scotsmann please let us know.



Carbon Freeze Chamber Info
May 14, 2001 | 7:52 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

OK, with everything that is going on, I thought I would share this with you. Thanks, by the way, to everyone that wrote in with this info. The Chamber is still available, please use a little patience and persistence. There are two ways to order it, on-line and via the phone (1800-True-Fan). Several people have been emailing saying they have been able to get it ordered. There is a limit of three per customer. I hopes this helps. Patience young jedi’s, you will get one.



Carbon Freeze Chamber now available to fan club members
May 14, 2001 | 11:53 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Just received this in my e-mail…
“Carbon-Freezing Chamber: Available NOW to Members Only!
Star Wars Fan Club Members, the long wait is over. The Carbon-freezing Chamber Action Playset is available NOW! Exclusively available to members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club until May 21, the Carbon-Freezing Chamber is the most sought-after collectible of the year.
The Carbon-Freezing Chamber features realistic movie styling, including an exclusive Bespin security guard, a block of carbonite that actually opens, a detention chamber, and more.
Hurry, quantities are limited and we expect to sell out fast!
Get Yours NOW!
…so, if you’re a member, scoot on over and grab this thing, because I don’t think they’re gonna hang around too long! Granted, there’ll be many more of these made, but knowing Hasbro, the wait could be intense.
UPDATE-It seems the WotC site is locking up with some sort of error as of 12:50 Eastern Time. I would imagine they’re being inundated with orders for this much sought after playset. I did manage to make it in after I had already ordered, however slow the site was, and I looked for the playset again, just because I had flown over so fast and ordered, I really never got a good look at the thing. And as much as I’d search, and as slow as the site was, I couldn’t find it on their site again. And, remember, it was only 7 minutes after I’d ordered. So, can that mean it’s sold out already?!?

UPDATE II-Yea, I think this thing is a goner. Thanks to all the responses from everyone, but, either WotC just happens to be having server problems, or they took the thing down because it’s sold out. Keeping in mind, it happened in under 10 minutes. I wonder how many units they actually received? With as much as they’ve been hyping this thing for months, you’d think that Hasbro would’ve prepared better for the sales they should’ve anticipated. It makes one wonder. But, cheer up fans, because they may be getting daily shipments, so KEEP WATCH on the site daily. And, if they come back in stock, let me know! Like I said, it could just be a glitch, but I’m 90% sure these puppies are temporarily sold out.

UPDATE III-Thank the Maker! I was wrong! It seems they are still available, but the site was so bogged down by orders, it was screwing up the ordering process. Please note that the only way you will see it on the page for preorder is if you are logged on as a member. Also, it seems if the website is giving you problems, the better way to order is over the telephone. I’ve had several reports saying that they are having about a 20 minute delay while you are on hold, but there are no problems with availability at all. You may order up to 3 at a time. Hope this helps everyone! Finally, Hasbro prepared for demand! I’m truly impressed! Keep up the good work! Maybe a little expansion of bandwidth on the old order site might not be a bad idea though….



More 12″ News
May 14, 2001 | 11:30 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post is reporting that the 12″ figures slated for the end of the year are being reported as Dengar, Zuckuss, and Anakin Skywalker. It is still unclear if this is, in fact, an ROTJ Anakin, an Episode I Anakin with exclusives pack-ins, or an actual “Sneak Peek” Episode II figure. Time will tell…
Also, they are reporting that a 12″ Ultimate Edition Electronic Boba Fett is tentatively slated for October 2001. If you want to read more on this, hop over and check out



Happy Birthday to the head Jedi!
May 14, 2001 | 11:18 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Today, on May 14th way back in 1944, a little baby was born. His body emerged from his mother’s womb, his practicioner, a Doctor Tu Onebee, smacked his tiny butt, and they proceeded to wrap him in flannel and hand him to his mother. As she held him to her, he looked up at her and muttered the word “l-l-l-lightsaber….”
Okay, maybe it didn’t happen that way, but today is George Lucas’ 57th birthday. A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest man who ever lived, you are our God, you are the Jedi!!!! (Is that enough sucking up to get you to make Episodes 7, 8, and 9 Mr. Lucas???)



Another Petition?!? Valance who?!?
May 14, 2001 | 11:00 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Yup. Another petition is happening right now over at Poodoo Plateau run by Dave Cox. This one is for Valance the Bounty Hunter. For those of us not in the know, Valance debuted in Marvel Comics Star Wars series issue 16, and sort of looks like a combination between The Punisher, Nick Fury, and a Smurf, (he’s garbed in all blue). Actually pretty cool. I think this one may be a long shot, but hey, you never know. Personally, I think we’d have a better chance of seeing an Itchy, Lumpy, and Mala Cinema Scene from the Star Wars Holiday Special, but if you believe in something enough, you go for it, and you certainly have to admire this guy for trying. To hop over to this page and sign the Valance Petition, click here. What the heck, I did!
Thanks for the tip, Dave!



Q&A: Updated
May 14, 2001 | 6:48 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

With Every Question For Justice, our marvelous Q&A section, has been updated yet again with 10 instances of wholesome question goodness, lightly garnished with answers.



Got Blue Maul? 8>)
May 14, 2001 | 6:07 AM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

Dave Ross from Startoys and Collectibles is currently auctioning off the infamous unpainted first shot Blue Maul prototype. Dave always seems to get his hands on ultra cool first shots, and has a solid reputation in the hobby. I personally own one myself, which can be seen in the prototypes section of the website. Search for auction number 589300184 to view the auction or place a bid.



Free Real Stands
May 13, 2001 | 7:09 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Order Real Action Stands now and get bonus stands free. Here’s how it works, place your order now for 1 to 4 sets (each set contains 5 stands) and receive 1 additional set free; order from 5 to 9 sets, and get 2 sets free; order 10 to 19 sets, get 3 sets free; order 20 or more sets, get 4 sets free. Only at Real Stands.



Tennessee Star Wars Collectors’ Club is back!
May 13, 2001 | 1:28 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Chris Chapman writes today to have us let everyone know that the Tennessee Star Wars Collectors’ Club is back up and running.
Chris writes;
Just wanted to let everyone know that the Tennessee collectors’ site is back up and running by myself and Michael Lester. We will be doing our part to inform the Star Wars fans web wide on whats going on, and we will only report news that can be verified by a reliable source. We also have a store reports section, a trading forum, and a custom section, among other things of interest. Hope you stop by and check us out!



Jeremy Bulloch at “The Dragon’s Lair”
May 13, 2001 | 12:23 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

The Dragon’s Lair, a comic shop in Lakeland, FL, writes to us today to let us know that none other than Mr. Jeremy “Boba Fett” Bulloch will be at their store on Wednesday May 16th from 4PM to 7PM for an autograph signing session.
For more information, contact;
The Dragon’s Lair
5175 US Hwy 98 N
Lakeland FL 33809
Thanks for letting us know, Mike!



Compulsion SW Pewter Statues
May 12, 2001 | 4:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Official Site has posted an article on the massive SW pewter statues by a company called Compulsion.
If you go to Compulsion’s website you can view more pictures of these statues and order one if you have about $700 to spare.
Thanks to Thrawn Spawn for the news.



More on FAO Sale
May 12, 2001 | 12:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Seems FAO Schwartz’s all around the country are having a sale on SW items. However, the sale seems to vary from 50-75% off and items that are on sale vary as well. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the news.



Case & single preorders at
May 12, 2001 | 2:52 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post reports that they have the following for sale/preorder;
The Following NEW SW2000 Figures are available for ordering:
Teebo, Bo-Shek, R5-D4, Snaggle Tooth and Eeth Koth
Each figures is available for Pre-Order for $8.99 Each.
The Following NEW SW2000 Cases are available for orders: $88.99/Case
Collection II
Wave 10 Includes: 1x Shimi Skywalker, 1x Rebel Trooper, 1x Imperial Officer, 1x FX-7, 4x Snaggle Tooth and 4x Eeth Koth
Wave 11 Includes: 4x Teebo, 4x Bo-Shek, 4x R5-D4
Wave 14 Includes: 3x Coruscant Guard, 3x Gungan Warrior, 2x Col Calamari, 2x K-3P0, Sae Sae Tin and 1x Queen Amidala Red Throne
Check ’em out, and make sure if you order, as always, tell them sent you!



Kay-Bee Toys Upcoming SALE
May 12, 2001 | 2:39 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Dan the K*B man writes;
“I’m the Manager of a K*B toy store. Today I got news about a sale coming up at K*B Toys and felt like I needed to let you folks know:
MAY 21 – June 2 all K*B stores are going to have a big sale on Star Wars, BUY 1 GET 1 FREE.(ALL STAR WARS)There are a lot of other items buy 1 get 1 free too, like:
All JLA, Transformers, Voltron, Pokemon, and a lot more…..Books, Puzzles, on and on. See your nearest store for the list!”
Time to snag up all the stuff we missed so they can make room for all the new POTJ figures. Also, there could be more warehouse purging, so keep your eyes peeled, folks. (And if anyone finds an extra Motti they can snag for me for cost,let me know!)
Thanks for the tip, Dan!



Sandtroopers at KB
May 11, 2001 | 5:33 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Jonathan writes in with the following news.
“I work at KB Toys here in Huntsville, AL and we received our truck today and low and behold there were some of the Obi-Wan Cold Weather, Jedi Training Qui-Gon and Sandtrooper figure cases”
This is the first I have heard of the Sandtrooper wave showing up at KB.



Fett back at
May 11, 2001 | 5:32 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has the 300th Fett back in stock for only $9.99.



1 SW figure for $0.01??
May 11, 2001 | 5:31 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

M and M Collectibles is having a great sale. If you buy 1 Star Wars Action Figure, you get another of equal or lesser value for 1 Cent!!
UPDATE:You must put the code BOGO in after your name on the order form to get the special! Price will be adjusted when order is processed.”



75% off all SW at FAO?
May 11, 2001 | 5:29 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rich writes in to say that at his local FAO Schwartz ALL SW items were on sale for 75% off.
I do not know if this is a country-wide sale or not. If anyone does please e-mail me.



Another round of 12″ figures?
May 11, 2001 | 1:12 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I got a report from “shadowhunter” this morning that there may be another wave of 12″ figures towards the end of this year, and he speculates that it may be the unconfirmed figures floating around the rumor mill last year. They were, to refresh memories, Oola, the Gammorean Guard, and Lando in his Skiff Disguise. Now, to state again, THIS HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED. It is only heresay until Hasbro says it’s not. But, on the other hand, it’s been coming from very reliable “unofficial” sources that this is to be. So, more on this as we get it.
UPDATECollectStarWars is reporting the wave will be bounty hunters. No confirmation on which ones though.



Star Wars Insider #54 is a WHOPPER!
May 11, 2001 | 12:01 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

As Brian had mentioned in one of our previous posts here at, Issue #54 of the Star Wars Insider is going to be the “largest ever”, and it’s shaping up to be just that. This ish will be 96 pages, have a squared-off spine like a book, and will include the following;
Episode II news with Rick McCallum including exclusive pictures
Episode II interviews with;
Peter Walpole – Set Decorator
Ben Burtt – Editor
Pernilla August – Shmi Skywalker
…and that’s just the features! This issue is slated to ship for fan club members on May 18th, and will hit newsstands on June 14th.



Sandtrooper wave in stock at Toybliss
May 11, 2001 | 11:39 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Right now has the Sandtrooper-Tatooine Patrol, Qui-Gon Jinn-Jedi Training Gear and Obi-Wan Kenobi-Cold Weather Gear figures in stock at $8.99 each. Also available at their site, if you missed them, are Leia-Bespin Escape,
Chewbacca-Millennium Falcon Mechanic, and Aurra
Sing. There is also a very limited amount of the 300th Boba Fett @ $14.99. So, if you still need them, hop over and check it out, and as always, tell them sent you!




Galactic Combat Tourney
May 11, 2001 | 11:32 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Dan from The Docking Bay writes;
We’re having a “Galactic Combat Tourney” for a POTJ Tessek and Lando over at’s a star wars video game
tournament. Visit the site to get details.



Official Update Roundup
May 10, 2001 | 10:32 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

LucasArts updated with their official preview of Rogue Squadron 2. updated with a preview of the new issue of the SW Insider which will be the largest issue ever. (I guess this makes up for the last issue being the smallest ever.)



Hasbro Increasing Production?
May 10, 2001 | 7:09 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum has posted an article saying Hasbro will be increasing production on POTJ figures due to increased demand by large retailers, which is also cutting into smaller retailers receiving product.
They say it will take about 6-8 weeks though for the new product to reach here from Asia, however the increased production will also feature harder to find old POTJ figures such as the Gungan Warrior and Maul (Sith Apprentice).
Hurrah!! Maybe now I can finally find figures in the stores.



Lando Wave in Canada
May 10, 2001 | 5:07 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

AFT is reporting the Lando wave has begun showing up at TRU in Canada. Also, reports are coming in about the wave showing up at Canadian Wal-mart’s. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the news.



New Case Assortments
May 10, 2001 | 4:52 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

KEBco Toys is reporting these are upcoming case assortment from Hasbro for late this year and next.

Wave 0010 – Hasbro estimated delivery date late June to July
2 Biker Scout
4 Darth Maul Sith Apprentice
1 each, Chewbacca Mechanic, Aurra Sing, Leia Bespin Escape, Qui-Gon Jedi Armor, Obi-Wan Cold Weather and Sandtrooper.

Wave 0011 – Hasbro estimated delivery date late June to July
3 Han Solo Bespin
3 Battle Droid Boomer Damage
4 Biker Scout
2 Darth Maul Sith Apprentice

POTJ Assortment 2
Wave 0010 – no delivery date set
1 Queen Amidala w/Gown
1 Rebel Trooper
1 Imperial Officer
1 FX-7
4 Snaggletooth
4 Eeth Koth

Wave 0011 – no delivery date set
4 Teebo
4 Bo-Shek
4 R5-D4



Episode I DVD release date – UPDATED
May 10, 2001 | 12:35 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Talking about the release date of Episode I on DVD sure has caused quite a stir in my e-mail bin. One of the more reliable letters I received was from James B. who writes;
“I just wanted to clarify something. I worked for Hollywood Video for about 4 years. While the standard release date is usually a Tuesday, there were some occasions when a movie was released on a different day of the week. It was rare but it did happen. Unfortunately I cannot remember what titles were released this way, I have an idea but I don’t want to say and look like I am an idiot if I am wrong. Releasing it on a different day of the week would put more focus on the movie, since it most likely would be the only title released that day. So it you wanted to create hype, that is one way to do it.”
This is more-or-less what this Yak-reporter was thinking, but I wanted clarification from someone who’d know better. So, George Lucas has broken tradition many times, this just seems like one more to chalk up. Thanks James B. for the information!



Hard-to-find figures showing up again?
May 10, 2001 | 12:17 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Luis “DarthZilla” Argueta writes in with this information;
“I went to TRU in Murray UTAH today and found about 10 swimming Jar Jars and about 30 each of R2-B1 and TC-14’s. It was unbelievable. Oh yeah, and they had loads of Battle Damage destroyer droids too.”
Anyone else find this today anywhere, or is this just an action figure anomoly?



Rogue Squadron 2 & Racer Revenge
May 9, 2001 | 10:29 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

IGN has posted an announcement about Rogue Squadron 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube. Also, they posted as far as I know some of the first ever pictures of the game.
LucasArts has posted an announcement about SW: Racer Revenge. This is the sequel to SW:Racer and features a more grown up Anakin versus Sebubla in a new badass pod.



Still Need the Lando Wave?
May 9, 2001 | 10:08 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Are you one of the many people who still need the Lando wave? Jay from AmericanDreamComics wrote in to say, they are giving away a full set of the Lando wave over in their forums. Sounds like a good opportunity to me.



New Marmit for 2001 and 2002
May 9, 2001 | 4:55 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

CollectStarWars is reporting a Marmit AT-AT Driver will be released in 2001, Vader and the Imperial Royal Guard will follow in 2002. Sounds like some great choices for figures.



Obi-Wan for X-Box
May 9, 2001 | 4:53 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

LucasArts has updated their E3 section with a preview of Obi-Wan for the X-Box. Sigh….I wish this game was still coming out on the PC.



Episode I DVD release date?
May 9, 2001 | 1:48 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

I received a report from “FETT Brady” that the Episode I DVD is listed as being on its’ way, and the alleged release date will be October 26th, 2001. This comes from an official source, and is the real release date that is being given in VHS/DVD release magazines/flyers for retail outlets such as Suncoast Video and the sort. As always, this information is subject to change. More on this as it develops. As soon as we know, you’ll know. Any other video retail managers/owners out there that can verify this further or offer any more information? Click here to e-mail me.
UPDATE – Thanks to all who have written. A few have pointed out that this date of alleged release is, in fact, a Friday. All DVD’s and VHS’s are released on Tuesdays. So, the date of October 16th was also floating around. But, the official date set in the release books the video retailers get their information from is the 26th. Unless it’s a typo, and they mean the 16th instead of 26th? Who knows? More on this as we get it…



Episode I Japanese wind-ups
May 9, 2001 | 1:19 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post is reporting that currently has the Episode I wind-ups for sale at their site for a measily $2.95 each. They include the entire set of 8, plus the special silver Battle Droid, and the gold Darth Maul, making 10 altogether. Cute little suckers! I ordered a set of 10, and shipped it was only $36.50. Not too shabby! Check them out, and if you order, tell them sent you.
UPDATE – It seems that they are not offering the complete set. Qui-Gon is missing from the order page, along with Darth Maul with his hood off. But, hey, it’s still a good price, right?



Awesome customs on e-Bay!
May 9, 2001 | 12:47 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post writes to let me know that he has two really nice customs for auction up on e-Bay right now. They are the Empire Gunner Station as seen on the first Death Star in “A New Hope”, and the Droid Torture Rack as seen in “Return Of The Jedi” tearing the protocol droid apart in Jabba’s Dungeon. Check them out, even if not to bid, for a gander at some really nice customs!



300th Fett for $12.99
May 8, 2001 | 11:51 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post, (formerly, has the 300th Fett in stock for $12.99 plus shipping. If you still need it, head on over. This is about the best price I’ve seen online yet. Thanks to Tim for the tip!



Tri-logo packaging for ALL Episode II toys?
May 8, 2001 | 11:46 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

oom9 over at wrote to me today asking me to spread the word with this information also posted at their site;
“My Wal-Mart recently messed up as they usually do on release dates and put out the Jurassic Park III toys (some) a bit early…I left them because I planned to pick them up later that day…when I returned they had been pulled from shelves and the tags taken down. However while I was looking at them that morning I noticed something VERY insightful on them…all of them were Tri-Logo. Each had it’s own individual packing for the specific figure/toy…yet English, French, and Spanish was written on all the packages. I contacted a source of mine and he said that all of thepacking he had seen had indeed been Tri-Logo. So with that I propose this possible insight, since Hasbro changed to generic cards for the POTJ line in order to save money, in doing so abandoning the individual unique packaging. Will it return with the EPII line? No can say for sure now…however since this Jurrasic Park III line is a movie line and they have individual unique packaging, could the Tri-Logo cards be used on the EPII to preserve the unique packaging and save money here in the States? It is food for thought and makes sense…if Hasbro’s next movie line for “Planet of the Apes” is Tri-Logo released then this just might be the way of things for the Episode II line.”
If anyone has any REAL information on this, 
drop me an e-mail by clicking here. If this is true, I wonder if prices will go down….



Custom Tatooine Skiff on Ebay
May 8, 2001 | 10:35 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

If you are still looking for a Tatooine Skiff, you may want to check out this one on Ebay. It has the whole crew from the Sarlac pit… Chewie, Han, Luke, Skiff Guards, Lando…



Attakus at EE
May 8, 2001 | 10:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment EarthEntertainment Earth has limited quantities of the new Attakus SW statues in stock. Hurry now before they sell out.



New Case Assortments and 12″ Pics
May 8, 2001 | 4:53 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth is reporting two new case assortments for later this year.
Collection 1 (Wave 13) – Late Summer
4x Luke Skywalker (X-Wing)
3x Han Solo DS Escape
4x Darth Vader Emperor’s Wraith
1x Sandtrooper

Collection 2 (Wave 14) – September
3x Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Armor
3x Shmi Skywalker
2x Ketwal
2x Duro
1x Bespin Guard
1x Sabe

Also, they have a series of pictures I have never seen of the next 12″ Legacy Wave. Click to go and see the pics.



Dave Prowse hospitalized again
May 8, 2001 | 1:28 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

BBC News reports;
“Star Wars actor David Prowse has been taken to hospital after losing the use of his legs. The actor, who played Darth Vader in the first three Star Wars films, had been suffering from partial paralysis in his arms after being struck down by a mystery illness. But doctors have now diagnosed an abscess at the base of the former body-builder’s spine and are carrying out tests before operating.
The actor lost the use of his arm in February and was taken to hospital but had been recovering and regaining weight in recent weeks.
His spokesman Phil Day said today: “He’s looking very gaunt and very thin. Things aren’t looking too good.””
For the full story, click here. In the rush and excitement of the impending Episode II film, and the running around to find all the new toys of our immortal heroes and villians, we tend to lose sight that the actors in the Star Wars movies are real people that have real problems. If you have a moment, drop Dave a get-well card by writing to him here.
Dave Prowse C/O
Mayday University Hospital
London Road
Surrey CR7 7YE 0208 401 3000
Please, no autograph requests! Remember, the guy is paralyzed in 3 of his 4 limbs. Dave could just use some nice words right about now, and to know he has fan support.



Aurra & Tessek waves at K&C Collectibles
May 8, 2001 | 2:55 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

K&C Collectibles has, for those of us who’ve missed them so far, the Aurra Sing and Tessek waves in stock. If you still need them, get there quick, because they’re bound to sell out fast. Make sure to tell them sent you!’s Star Wars section
May 8, 2001 | 2:45 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Ever wonder what kind of bootleg toys were produced for the Star Wars market? Wonder no more! Check to see all the flask-ridden, horrible, (and some NOT so horrible), copies and genre type toys that the four Star Wars movies have spawned, totally unlicensed. They also have a load of other bootleg toys from many different action figure genres featured as well.’s Pit Droid game online
May 8, 2001 | 1:55 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post has just recently updated their site, and it now includes a “Episode I:Racer – Droid Engine Builder” game utilizing the Shockwave browser plugin. Nice little game, in my opinion. Click above and check it out! Just go to thedownloads section at, and the use the drop-down menu to choose the game. Thanks to Wayne Byers for the tip!



Next Amidala figure to be wearing black, not purple
May 8, 2001 | 1:29 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post is reporting that the Queen Amidala that is slated for release later on in the year is actually the black gown version, (which will include the tall headpiece and has been dubbed “Amidala in Travel Gown” officially), andnot the purple “Return to Naboo” dress (as seen on the portrait edition doll) that was circulating on release lists last week.



Deluxe Figure preorders from Entertainment Earth
May 8, 2001 | 1:20 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth is currently offering the Deluxe Figure Assortments over at their site for preorder with an estimated delivery date of September 2001. They include the following;
Fan’s Favorite Figure Assortment-1 $69.99
3x Luke with Bacta Tank, harness, & breath mask
3x Darth Maul Crusade with exposed chest
Fan’s Favorite Figure Assortment-2 $69.99
3x Leia as Jabba’s Slave & Sail Barge Cannon
3x Amanaman with Salacious Crumb
As always, these are subject to change. Hop on over and check out the deals, and tell them sent you!



Vader beats Fett over at Hasbro
May 8, 2001 | 12:05 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

The “POTF2 Collection 2 Hasbro Bracket Tournament” has come to a close over at Hasbro’s Star Wars Site, and the winner is Darth Vader with his trusty ol’ removable helmet, beating out the original Boba Fett. To check out more on this story, click here.



300th Fett in stock at
May 7, 2001 | 11:45 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

So if you still haven’t found this bad boy, stop over and pick one up. Click here for their page and ordering instructions. The price on the Fett is $14.99, and they are reporting that they are the “latest version”, meaning the corrected box version.



Store Reports Contest
May 7, 2001 | 11:05 PM EST | Brandon | Talk About This Post

Hello Fellow Yak-ers. In case you missed the post earlier has teamed up with us to sponsor our new Store Reports Contest! Beginning Today, Monday, May 7th until Monday, May 21st any person who submits a store report is automatically entered to win a 300th Boba Fett (First Version.) So get those Store Reports sent in today. Please don’t forget to visit our sponsor,!

UPDATE: is also sponsoring a contest over at KSIM RADIO where you guys can enter for a chance to win A Luke In Bacta Tank Deluxe Figure or A Darth Maul Barechested Deluxe Figure. So head on over to KSIM now!



Free Decipher CCG Cards
May 7, 2001 | 9:29 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

M&M Collectibles is having a special for readers only!
If you put “FREE CCG” next to ship to name on the order form.
The first 10 people to place ANY order will receive a FREE Starter Pack of Decipher CCG Cards (valued at $10), the next 30 people to place ANY order will receive a FREE Booster Pack (Valued at $2.95).



Crashed Vehicles to Wal-Mart?
May 7, 2001 | 6:25 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

CollectStarWars is reporting the crashed X-wing and Snowspeeder will be Wal-Mart exclusive items.
Also, look for an update from Hasbro in a few weeks on upcoming exclusive items for this year.



Q&A: Mondaily Update
May 7, 2001 | 4:19 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Q&A has been updated yet again with all the good stuff that makes the column what it is– questions, and answers. Check it out!



New Star Wars inspired song!
May 7, 2001 | 1:12 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

For a bit of a switch from the heavy stress, (these days!), of collecting, check out the Heebie-Jeebies over They have a really nicely put-together song called “Use The Force” which I’m sure all Star Wars fans will love. Great horn section! And, yes, these are totally LEGAL mp3’s. Check ’em out by clicking here!



Big Ticket Items Vs Gas Prices…..
May 7, 2001 | 12:38 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Thanks to a little birdy for passing this on…
We in MI are paying $1.89 for a gallon of gas for Reg Unleaded. In an interview on the news with a station manager they are only making .03 cents per gallon, not much of a profit. Now Target on the other hand is going to make a big profit from our wallets. Seems Hasbro is charging them $23.24 per unit (B-Wing) while they will be charging us $49.99, not a bad profit!! But on the other hand if you wait for the second wave to hit, we will probably see them on clearence for $13.94…. time will tell…..
UPDATE: That is a gross profit of about 53%, which is huge for a store like Target. Thanks to MoneyMan for the news.



Another Boba Difference
May 7, 2001 | 12:25 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Thanks to an email we recieved (no name attached) we went back and rescanned the back of the box and found this difference. A small change but this makes change number five on the box.
1) .0200
2) Front of the Box
3) Hook
4) Instructions (inside)
5) Caption on Back



New Poll
May 6, 2001 | 11:07 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Yakface Poll has been updated. Scroll down and vote.



CD-ROM Vader
May 6, 2001 | 4:09 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Over at e-Bay there’s an auction listed for an “Unproduced Darth Vader Prototype”. Click here for a direct link to the actual auction. Allegedly, according to the auction listing, this figure was supposed to have a “lightning attachment” like the Emperor in the end of ROTJ. If anyone can offer any more information on this figure, please drop me a line by clicking here. To view the figure, click here. Thanks to darkjedi for the heads up!
UPDATE According to the auction the figure was due in Spring 2001 therefore this is probably the Vader from the cancelled CD-ROM Assortment.
Since it was supposed to be Bespin Vader, if I remember correctly
then I would guess the attachment on his hand is a blocked laser bolt
from the scene with Han. – Brian



TRU Computer Listing
May 6, 2001 | 11:35 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Fuzzball writes;
Here is a list of a few upcoming toys that were found in the Toys ‘R’ Us computer:
TIE Interceptor & Pilot SKN 239316 – $29.99
12″ Classic Star Wars SKN 239383 – $19.99
Classic Palm Talkers SKN 239554 – $9.99
If these are showing up in the system, it can’t be long before they’re on the shelves.
UPDATE – I’ve gotten a lot of e-mail inquiring about the 12″ Classic Star Wars listed above. I would assume it means the case assortment of the Han-Death Star Escape/Death Star Droid/Death Star Trooper coming soon. Also, I was informed by a certain TRU manager I’m in contact with that these have actually been in the TRU computer since December, but haven’t been active. Assumably these SHOULD be shipping the next 1/2 of the year, but, as we’ve seen with Hasbro, anything can happen with cancellations, delays, etc.



Fett In Stock Again
May 6, 2001 | 10:16 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the 300th Fett in stock again for $9.99, thanks to Brian for the news.



Motti Mistake!
May 6, 2001 | 12:26 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Klonewarrior writes;
“Just wondering if this has been mentioned yet. The CommTech for Admiral Motti the back reads:
Name: Admiral Motti
Status:Commander of Opperations Aboard the Origional Death Star
Last time I check Operations or Original wasn’t spelled that way. Maybe more creative Hasbo spellings. Go buy a spellchecker Hasbro!!!”
Since not too many people open their collections, this error, being on the obscure packaged back of the chip, probably went largely unnoticed. Click here to view the error on the chip. Anyone else have this version, or another that doesn’t have this error?
UPDATE – Thanks to all the nice people that wrote to me about this error. It seems that all of them are like this from what I’ve been hearing. So, it seems they all snuck by Hasbro quality control on the short-run of this figure. So, if you in fact have a correct version, drop me a line. Thanks again all!



New Ultarama Dioramas
May 5, 2001 | 11:30 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Click here to see more dioramas the new Ultarama backgrounds. If you order from Ultarama be sure to tell them Yakface sent you.



More Marmit Fett Variations
May 5, 2001 | 10:20 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Jason writes in with the following news and picture.
“The first helmet which is the right box, never had any of the red painted on it, the new helmet has been corrected as well as the orange shoulder pads and knee pads.”
Here is the picture that shows the differences.



300th Package 2 Variations
May 5, 2001 | 7:23 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

OK, now that I have one of these myself, here are two images that show the variations. We know the outside of the boxis different.. however the instruction panel is different as well. The new US box has the bi-language panel inside as well. On ths outside there is also a nice peg hook added to the new package.



Another Petition?
May 5, 2001 | 10:26 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Yup, another one. But I think this is a figure that could use a good update, and it’s being petitioned by Jedisiths. It’s for a good ol’ resculpt of Luke in his black Jedi garb from ROTJ. Hop on over and sign this if you would like to see this figure updated. Every signature counts, and, as we know, Hasbro sometimes listens.



No Ozzel…yet.
May 5, 2001 | 10:22 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Although it’s possible that someday Ozzel will be immortalized in plastic, it just ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. Mark from Rebelscum informed me that Collect Star Wars reported a couple of weeks ago that the forthcoming Imperials are to be “generic”, and have no real identity. So, there’s another rumor laid to rest. It’s not to say it’ll never happen, however, and Hasbro still will not comment on the figure officially. So, there’s still future hope for Ozzel fans, just not official hope yet.



R2-Q5 Corrected Sort Of????
May 5, 2001 | 9:05 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Chris Toth for the image of this R2-Q5 with correct spelling, only there is still something wrong and I can’t seem to put my finger on it……
**Update – I think we may have a variation, I have had three other reports with images all saying they have the same error. Please write me and let me know if you have found this as well.



Japanese Palm Talkers!
May 5, 2001 | 1:35 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Yakface is proud to bring you images of the Power Of The Jedi Palm Talkers, (or whatever they’re being called these days…), that are soon to be released in the USA. It seems they are hitting full-force in Japan, so it’s only a matter of time until the USA and other markets start to see these show up. Click below to view the images;
Boba Fett
Darth Vader



Details of a Destroyer
May 5, 2001 | 12:35 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB is very happy to bring you two dozen pics and additional insight into Peter Nagy’s Destroyer Droid prize from the LEGO 2000 Galactic Challenge Contest. Standing nearly 4/5 scale, and weighing nearly 100 lbs., it is quite something to behold!



Big Price, Little Ship???
May 4, 2001 | 11:10 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

So this is what we know. According to reports from around the net, the B-Wing (Target Exclusive) is going to retail for a whopping $59.99, and today SSG the Tie Interceptor w / Pilot (TRU Exclusive) is going to retail for $29.99. So what gives??? From what I hear the B-Wing does not have any electronics??? So is Target going to stick it to the buyers?? I have already emailed Hasbro about the major price difference to get their side. We should have an answer soon. When we know, you will know.



Sandtrooper Wave Loose Pics
May 4, 2001 | 5:07 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has some nice pics of the new wave loose from all different angles.



Ozzel or no?
May 4, 2001 | 1:01 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

With all the buzz of a new Imperial Officer figure to be offered by Hasbro in late 2001 sporting 2 different heads as to facilitate “army builders” , the name “Admiral Ozzel” still won’t die. Is there anyone out there that can set the record straight once and for all as to what the deal is with this figure? Any Hasbro employees in-the-know? Click here to drop me a line if you think you can help clarify this enigma.



Do you lack Dewback? 
May 4, 2001 | 12:14 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Can’t find the 12″ scale Dewback and Sandtrooper in the brick and mortar TRU’s? You’re in luck. has them in stock right now, and at 38% off for the going price of $49.95. Thanks to Chris Cantz for the tip!



Boba Fett Custom Rocket Firing
May 4, 2001 | 11:07 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Markus from who does part of our dioramas sections has made a great custom Boba Fett Rocket Firing. Check it out here.



Look at the size of that thing!
May 4, 2001 | 3:38 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

The collection, that is. Over on e-Bay, long-time reader Deeceman has his entire vintage collection up for grabs. This collection spans the entire vintage era, and includes over 100 loose figures. Check out auction “586102998” for all the details!, you will be missed
May 3, 2001 | 1:59 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

One of the top visited Star Wars sites on the net,, reports that they are more than likely going to close their doors after over 5 years of service to the Star Wars community on the world wide web. For a full report, click here. You will be missed, guys.



Dan’s DCU Through May!
May 3, 2001 | 11:31 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Dan Curto reports;
It is once again time for the annual DCU at Curto’s Custom Alliance!
What’s a DCU? A Daily Custom Update. Each and every day throughout the month of May, I’ll be debuting a new custom on my site. This is the third year I’ve done this, and for those who’ve been around for awhile, you know how much fun it is!
So, what can you expect this time around? Customs from the movies, from the Expanded Universe, and even some from my imagination. I’ve even got a few new photonovels on the way, some new packaging designs, and I’ll end the month with a brand-new contest!
For everyone’s convenience, the new customs will be listed on the front page as the week progresses. I hope you enjoy your visit, and please feel free to send me some feedback! Check out Curto’s Custom Alliance!



“Starfighter; Special Edition” on Xbox
May 3, 2001 | 2:56 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

The Lucasarts site updates today with this cool news for all of us looking forward to the Xbox from Microsoft;
“LucasArts’ enormously popular Star Wars Starfighter on PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system now takes flight as Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition on Xbox this fall. With a host of striking extras, and inspired by LucasArts’ rich Star Wars flight game heritage, Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition combines intense air combat in a fast-paced action/adventure.”
There are also some pretty nice screen-shots of the upcoming game, along with a release time of Fall-2001. Click hereto check it all out!



Redpumpkin…the LAST word
May 3, 2001 | 2:45 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Okay, it seems there’s been some negative reports recently on our favorite Pit Droid 2-pack supplier. It seems that Redpumpkin is, in fact, in affiliation with a DIRECT supplier of Hasbro, UK. The practical upshot of this is, these things never hit retail in the UK. Instead, they allegedly went directly from a Hasbro, UK warehouse, and directly to inflated internet sales. (These prices may seem good to Americans, but in retail in the UK, they would have been much cheaper), and made it hard for UK consumers to put their hands on them for their own collections. I am still trying to verify this, but have received no return e-mails from Redpumpkin.
Either way, if you are getting what you want, and happy with the purchase, I say its totally up to the person shelling out the cash. This will be the last post on Redpumpkin.



AlphaCon 2001, May 4-6
May 3, 2001 | 2:36 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

This weekend, May 4-6, 2001, in Omaha, Nebraska, AlphaCon 2001 is taking place! This is what they say about what is to be there this weekend;
First of its kind, AlphaCon is an interactive, “edu-tainment” type science fiction convention.
Not only will there be celebrities signing autographs, but exhibits, a trade show, art show, card gaming tournaments, comic book artists, sci-fi kids area, arcade gaming area, horror area, industry seminars, question and answer seminars, movie screenings and more!
This is not the typical Sci-fi convention; it is an interactive, futuristic, technological show for people of all ages.
This is a bigee, folks. If anyone is going and could supply us with photographs, please let me know! To check out the guest list, and all the events, click here.



He’s all yours, Bounty Hunter.
May 3, 2001 | 1:06 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Wizard Of The Coast reports today;

Carbon-Freezing Chamber: Coming Soon!
The Carbon-Freezing Chamber is almost here! Scheduled for arrival in
mid-May, the Carbon-Freezing Chamber is the most sought after Star Wars collectible this year!
Exclusive to the Star Wars Fan Club, the Carbon-Freezing Chamber Action Playset is a must for every Star Wars fan! And don’t forget, fan club members will be able to order 1 week before it is made available to the general public.
Quantities will be very limited, so sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

If you haven’t signed up for notification and want one of these puppies, do it here.



New Ultarama Backgrounds– In Dioramas
May 2, 2001 | 10:11 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Click here to see dioramas with some of the new Ultarama backgrounds. Check back tomorrow for more new pictures with more of the new backdrops.



I Am Looking For Help
May 2, 2001 | 5:36 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

If anyone has an R2-D2 from the droids line in 1985, and you are looking to sell it please email me. I am looking for one either MOC or loose complete. Sorry for the interuption, now on with the daily news. Thank you.



New List Of Figures
May 2, 2001 | 5:29 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

This list was given to me from three different sources, so it looks like this is the latest new figures.
Darth Vader with Battle Damage
Bo Shek
Han Solo Death Star Escape
Eeth Koth
Imperial Officer (No name given)
R5-D4 (Rehash, rumor has it he will not have a hidden weapon)
Rebel Trooper
Obi-Wan Jedi Armor (Another expanded)
Queen Amidala – Travel Outfit (Purple Outfit)

Looks like we may have a good X-Mas and New Years…..



Lets Keep The Hunt On…
May 2, 2001 | 5:23 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Collection 1 (Sandtrooper Wave) has been picked up in TX at a Target store. Looks like it is starting to hit in more places. Thanks to Aries for the update.



Episode II Comic Adaptation
May 2, 2001 | 1:01 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post has a nice little article up about the Episode II comics team and story adaptation. Check it out here!



Mara Jade gets the boot? Part II
May 2, 2001 | 12:44 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

After further investigation, I came across a post at the official page. It seems that the information about Shannon Baska being “let go” were a rumor started by some misinformed individual, because it seems that the people at Decipher are very happy with her work, and hope to keep her as Mara Jade for a long time to come. Click here to read the entire article.



300th Boba
May 2, 2001 | 6:58 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Back in stock at for the price of $9.96



Starfighter Exhibit in DC
May 2, 2001 | 6:00 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB‘s De has been out to see the display, and has returned with several pics – check them out!



…got R2?
May 2, 2001 | 1:43 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

There’s a new trading site that’s been started called the “Tatooine Trader”. It seems like a nice little trade site where they keep track of how many of a certain figure is being offered for trade through their site, and who needs what, or you can buy as well. You have to register, but to make the deal sweeter, they are having a drawing for the following;
On the 14th of May, Tatooine Trader will give away One(1) POTJ R2-Q5 MOMC C9+ to one lucky member who signs up on the “Free Giveaway” page at the site. The winner will be posted on the 15th of may…But will be announced “live” in the Chatroom at 9:15pm CDT.
For every Trade or Sale that is completed in the month of May between any member and The Tatooine Trader…you will be entered into the “Ultimate R2 Giveaway”. Multi-Trades will be entered each time. One entry for each figure we receive…and three entries for every Vehicle we recieve. The larger the trade…the more entries. The giveaway includes:1 R2-Q5 MOMC, 1 R2/holo CT, Loose Red R2 Unit, 1 FF R2 Datalink MOMC, and 1 R2-B1



Mara Jade gets the boot?
May 2, 2001 | 1:23 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

…at least that’s what it seems like. This report comes from someone that attended the Pittsburg, PA Comicon.

“I talked to Shannon at the very dead Pittsburgh Comicon. She has been
officially stripped of her Mara costume and saber. Decipher is getting the ax from Lucasfilm to possibly make room for Hasbro to do something big.
Shannon said that she doesn’t know what to do right now. They will no longer supply her with pictures as Mara or allow her to wear any costume or carry a saber that represents Mara. There was a sad rumor that Shannon has a “bun in the oven.” She asked me to
tell everyone that that is so far from the truth. She said as a matter of fact, she does not even have time for a boyfriend.
A new Jedi book does allude to Mara and Luke conceiving a child, that is possibly where the confusion started. Shannon is getting a bad deal from Lucas. I feel really sorry for her. She is looking for other forms of employment at this time. With this information, fans of Mara Jade have started an online petition in hopes that LFL will realize that her portrayal should continue in new and different ventures. We know it may not do any good but we feel we have to try. At the very least, it will show Ms. Baksa that she has support from her fans. The petition can be found here

Could this mean that Hasbro/Lucas is planning on taking this character further as in another figure, or other multimedia ventures, but not want to pay royalties for her image? Who knows? More on this as it develops…



News on
May 2, 2001 | 1:11 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

A large thanks to all the people that wrote to me about, and their experiences with the company! It seems that these guys are the real-deal and deliver what they promise, because I’ve had nothing but absolutely sparkling reports on them and their customer relations.

It seems that the best time to catch them is about 9:30 AM eastern daylight-savings time, considering the time difference between here and England. As far as the e-mail coorespondance goes, it seems that it’s best to call them for inquiries seeing that they are inundated with e-mail requests for these Pit Droid 2-packs. So, if you’re interested, hurry your order in, because at these prices, they probably won’t last long. And tell them sent you!



SW Galactic BattleGround
May 1, 2001 | 5:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

LucasArts announced today in their E3 section the new SW Galactic BattleGround. Some very cool screens shots and information is at their site.



12″ Speeder Bike w Luke at Target
May 1, 2001 | 5:19 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

CollectStarWars has announced that the 12″ Speeder Bike w Luke will be coming to Target as an exclusive. This is one of the items that was on a list of possible items that was reported a few months back.



Boba Fett….Where?!?
May 1, 2001 | 1:20 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post


I spotted this on Rebelscum, so I took a look and wrote to the guy. Vincent Viard is a customizer of figures, and in my opinion as a customizer myself, this guy is GOOD! He doesn’t do the sculpey/exacto thing, he actually molds these things. His work is superb, and he’s a heck of a nice guy. He offers repros of the “kit-bashed” Fett from 1979 promotion flyers, rocket firing Fett, telescoping lightsabers, and a few more choice eye-candy. The prices are decent for the quality you’re getting. Check out his site here!



Pit Droid problems?
May 1, 2001 | 11:46 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Any one looking for the bonus Pit Droid 2-packs may be in luck. Redpumpkin , a sales site in England, claim they just purchased a quantity of these elusive little suckers.
They have the following;
Episode 1 Asian Darth Maul Sith Lord with Bonus Pit Droid £9.99
Episode 1 Asian Anakin Pilot with Bonus Pit Droid £9.99
Episode 1 Asian Obi-Wan Jedi Knight with Bonus Pit Droid £9.99
Not too shabby. If anyone deals with/has dealt with these folks, let me know how the experience was.



May’s Rebel Pilots Casting at FFURG
May 1, 2001 | 10:57 AM EST | John | Talk About This Post


The latest Casting Call at the FFURG
— (Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Guide) — has gone up and features
customs of Rebel Pilots!

The current Casting Call for June is for customs of Guri,
and any customizer can submit their creations by May 31, 2001.

There is also a poll for July’s Casting Call character, and
you can place your votes
You can also check all the casting calls here.



.02 Package 300th Fett.
May 1, 2001 | 6:32 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is a look at the US version of the 02 Packaged Boba Fett.



Palm Talkers Soon….
May 1, 2001 | 6:23 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well over seas they are usually a month or so ahead of us. The Palm Talkers have hit there, here is a nice image of theBoba Fett from Japan.

April 2001 Archive

Sandtrooper wave hits PA!
April 30, 2001 | 11:47 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

It has just been drawn to my attention that Sandtrooper “Collection One” wave, (which also houses Qui-Gon Jedi Armor and Obi-Wan Cold Weather Gear in the same nifty case), has allegedly landed in the Scranton, PA area Wal-Mart. If there are any more sightings, drop me a line. It’s nice to know these are actually showing up on the east coast too.



Vader Vs. Fett at 
April 30, 2001 | 11:42 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Well, it seems that the choice is down to the final 2 over at Hasbro for the fave POTF2 Star Wars figure. The last figures standing are the Removable Helmet Vader, and none other than the original Mr.Fett himself. If you haven’t, hop on over and vote. Deadline for casting your vote is May 6th.



Return Of The Jedi
April 30, 2001 | 11:28 PM EST | John | Talk About This Post

Hello guys and gals! My name is John Kenobi, and I seem to the new “Jedi” on the block around Although, I’m not new to the Star Wars net scene. A few years back I started and ran a little page called the “Star Wars Collector Circle” one or two people may actually remember this little endeavor. I will do my best to keep the high standard of news our visitors have come to expect, (especially the late news since I’m up all night and have nothing better to do…). If anyone would like to drop me a line to inform me of breaking news, or just to say hello, e-mail me Thanks guys!



Clear the Pegs
April 30, 2001 | 11:05 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Artoosnews is reminding all collectors that this Friday, May 4, 2001, is “Clear the Pegs Day”. Go to your favorite figure store and do your part to help the peg warmers get good homes and free up space for the new waves.



Star Wars on the GameBoy Advance
April 30, 2001 | 9:07 PM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

While the gaming world is eagerly awaiting the domestic release of this new hardware, Nintendo has posted a quick preview and three screenshots of the upcoming Jedi Power Battles port from THQ. Check it out!



Leebo Petition
April 30, 2001 | 8:41 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

The Docking Bay has a petition for Leebo. If you want to see him in plastic, be sure to sign up.



100th Luke In Canada Too
April 30, 2001 | 8:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to John for the following news.
“I was at Toys ‘R’ Us in Kitchener, Ontario on Saturday April 18 and found the 12″ Legacy assortment along with the 100th Luke.”
This is the first report I have read that mentions the 12″ 100th Luke has been found in Canada.



Q&A Monday Update
April 30, 2001 | 4:25 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

With Every Question For Justice has been updated yet again with new questions and answers for all your Jawa-induced hallucination needs. Check it out , or don’t.



Lightsaber Remote Control Instructions
April 30, 2001 | 4:23 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Lost your Lightsaber TV Remote Control instructions, or just want a spare copy around just in case? Reader Doug was kind enough to point out that they’re available in PDF format if you just click here. Thanks, Doug!



And The Winner Is???
April 29, 2001 | 10:08 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Kelly Robbins. Kelly is this weeks winner for the Ultarama Stand. If you have not entered yet, just click on the Ultarama Stand on the right side of the page and then submit your name. Thanks to Mort S for the awesome giveaway.



The Latest Bricks ‘n Bits Q&A
April 29, 2001 | 8:58 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

The latest batch wonders where Droidekas and Wedge are in the LEGO scheme of things . . . click here to check it out.



More on Ep I Applause at TRU
April 29, 2001 | 4:27 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here is a price breakdown on the Ep I Applause items that have begun showing up at TRU lately.
3″ Sets and 6″ for $2.97
8″ for $3.97
12″ for $7.97
Thanks to Dan the Stone Cold Man for the news.



12″ Bounty Hunters Hit Canada
April 29, 2001 | 4:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Mark for the following news.
“I was in my local Toys R us in Belleville, ON and the have put out the 12″ Bounty Hunters for $34.99 CDN. They have lots of IG-88 and 4-LOM but only one of Bossk.”

This is the first I have heard of the 12″ hunters showing up in Canada.



Sandtrooper Wave Hitting West Coast So Far
April 29, 2001 | 12:57 PM EST | Brandon | Talk About This Post

The Sandtrooper Wave is beginning to make its way towards Target stores near you! Be on the look-out. Looks like the West Coast is getting these before the East Coast. So jump in the car and hurry out! Thanks to Greedo for the heads up.



Coming Soon To A Keyboard Near You!!
April 28, 2001 | 8:10 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

How about some excellent deals online? Looking to get a few good deals?? Well it may be happening sooner rather than later. It seems KB Toys has purchased the remaining stock from the firesale. They will pay about 5.4 million for the inventory valued at near 40 million. They will be selling the inventory at the retail outlets as well as Click here to read the entire story. Thanks to Jim for the heads up.



Lando wave at K-mart
April 28, 2001 | 6:12 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Lando wave is now showing up at K-marts across the U.S. Thanks to Mark and Brian for the following news.



More on Wal-mart Figure Cases
April 28, 2001 | 11:31 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here is more information on the figure cases Adam reported on yesterday.
Thansk to Ryan for the following news:

“I’m a toy department manager at a Wal Mart. These display cases are made by Adkins collectibles who also make shells for hot wheels cars. We get paperwork every couple of months for items we would like to carry but are not obligated to have on the shelf ( due to space, customer preferences, etc). This is why you may see these display cases in some Wal Marts and not in others. We’ve been able to carry these for at least a year and a half that I can remember.”



Another Free Giveaway
April 27, 2001 | 5:21 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is giving away a 12″ Sith Speeder w Maul this week.



Sandtrooper wave OUT!
April 27, 2001 | 12:39 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Collectstarwars is reporting the new Sandtrooper wave has been found at a Target in Las Vegas.



Q&A Friday Update
April 27, 2001 | 3:06 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

With Every Question For Justice, the oddly named Yakface Q&A Column, has been updated today with more sweet juicy goodness. Check it out, and feel free to send in your questions!



Figure Protectors At Wal-Mart
April 27, 2001 | 3:04 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

In an odd find this week, a few of the local Wal-Marts here in Arizona are beginning to stock packs of an off-brand “Star Case.” These are plastic clamshell cases that snap around carded Star Wars figures, or other figures with similarly sized cardbacks.

The packaging shows Battlestar Galactica figures being “protected”, but if you need something for your Power of the Jedi collection’s safety, try checking Wal-Mart.



Interview with Ultarama Creator
April 26, 2001 | 11:30 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Click Here to read my interview with Mort Simpson creator of the Ultarama. The Ultarama is possibly the best product available to display your loose figures. It has a buillt in peg system which incorporates figure stands into the display, and offers a number of backgrounds, including forest scenes, ice fields, space, and now space station interiors!!!



Looking For The Classic Trilogy Commtechs?
April 26, 2001 | 11:00 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

The is giving away a set fo the classic Trilogy Commtechs (All 9 of them).



SW Bootleg Site
April 26, 2001 | 7:54 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is a neat site which features tons of reviews and archives of bootleg toys. They have a huge SW area which is under the movie section.



Schedule for Disney Weekends
April 26, 2001 | 8:08 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

There is now official word on the stars that will appear in the “Star Wars Legend Unmasked” event at the upcoming Star Wars Weekends at Disney MGM Studios. They are as follows:

May 4 – 6 Kenny Baker “R2-D2”
Doug Chiang “Lucasfilm Ltd. Design Director”

May 11 – 13 Carrie Fisher “Princess Leia”
Peter Mayhew “Chewbacca”

May 18 – 20 Jeremy Bullock “Boba Fett”
Warwick Davis “Wicket W. Warrick”

May 25 – 27 David Prowse “Darth Vader”
Phil Brown “Owen Lars”

Like last year there could be some appearance changes, but overall this is a great event to meet both the stars and fans from all over the world.



Corrected Marmit Fett
April 25, 2001 | 10:01 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Anime Collectibles has the corrected color Marmit Fett in stock.

Use the coupon code YAKFACE to receive a 10% discount



Lando Wave for UK Collectors
April 25, 2001 | 6:55 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Watto’s Junkyard Online currently has the new Lando wave in stock for £6.49 plus shipping. This is about equal to $9.35 in US dollars in case anyone is interested.



Sandtrooper Wave Showing up in Asia
April 25, 2001 | 5:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new Sandtrooper wave has begun showing up in Hong Kong it should be making its way to the US in the near future.



Q&A Wednesday
April 25, 2001 | 4:57 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

With Every Question For Justice has been updated with more of the low fat content you come here for. So check it outand send in some questions if you have the time.



New Ultarama Backdrops
April 25, 2001 | 12:25 AM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Ultarama ( be revealing two new steps of backgrounds this Friday. Here are all of the new backgrounds.

Set 2.1


Set 2.2


Be sure to go by to order. Check back tomorrow for an interview with one of Ultarama’s creators!



April 24, 2001 | 10:34 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are the first pic of Sabe and Kewtol carded from the Official SW Site. Below the pics is information on upcoming POTJ figures. You can read the rest of the article and see some smaller pics of Qui Gon, Obi Wan and Sandtrooper carded at the Official SW site

Sabe Front Carded
Ketwol Front Carded

Ellors Madak (Duros) – Should arrive later this summer
Ketwol – the cantina alien added in the Special Edition will come packed with his legs off, revealing his stilts
Han Solo (Death Star Escape) – a different take than has been done before
Darth Vader (Emperor’s Wrath) – special materials used for this figure will hauntingly recreate the eerie juxtaposition of Vader’s skull and helmet as the Emperor’s Force-Lightning sealed his physical demise



Y-Wing, Skiff, Wedge and Han Carbonite in Stock
April 24, 2001 | 6:40 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth now has in stock the
Y-Wing Fighter (Item# 26459,$49.99)
Tatooine Skiff Vehicle (Item# 26458,$49.99)
12in. Han Solo in Carbonite (Item# NM57105,$29.99)
12in. Wedge & Biggs 2-Pack (Item# 57106,$19.99).
All are former exclusives! Very limited quantity available.



The Hasbro Final Four
April 24, 2001 | 6:27 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well the Final Four has been determined by the ballots (no recounts please). The finalists are…..
Boba Fett Vs Zuckuss
Dad (Vader Removable Helmet) Vs Daughter (Slave Leia)
Head on over to the Official Hasbro Site to cast your vote.



Looking For Aurra??
April 24, 2001 | 6:23 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Aurra Sing : Dawn of the Bounty Hunters (Star Wars Masterpiece Edition) for $60.00 (20% off) and if you use the code MDMCAMZNALLL you will get $10 OFF ($50 min. purchase, expires 05/13). That will give you a total of $50 plus shipping. Not bad. Hope this helps.



Star Wars/Disney Weekends 2.0
April 24, 2001 | 7:53 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Check out the Star Wars goodies to be had in the Disney-MGM Studios this year… Check it out at the Official Site.



New Figs in Stock
April 23, 2001 | 7:57 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Toymaniacs currently has the Lando wave and Maul Sith Apprentice in stock.



Q&A: Monday
April 23, 2001 | 2:21 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Greetings, all!

I’ve gotten hundreds of submissions for the contest to name Q&A, and it turned out to be quite difficult to pick just one. So I picked two.

The new full title of the column is “With Every Question For Justice: Adam’s Salacious Crumbs of Knowledge.”

Zac Bertschy sent in the first part, Brent McCracken sent the second. Both will be getting some sort of fabulous figure prizes, and you’ll be contacted soon!

Also, Q&A has been updated with more questions and answers, but we’re lagging on the questions. So if you’ve got a minute, please

M&M Newsfeed
April 23, 2001 | 2:17 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

M and M Collectibles has written in to say they’ve just received more of the IG-88 wave of Power of the Jedi figures in stock– this includes the bounty hunter droid as well as Plo Koon, K-3PO, and the Mon Calamari Colonel.



KBKids Has Luke
April 22, 2001 | 10:13 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the 12″ 100th Luke in stock now for $49.99 if you are still looking for him.



Starcontrux Has New Dioramas
April 22, 2001 | 7:44 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Head on over to and check out the new dioramas he has posted up. We will be adding them here to the dioramas section very soon.



This Weeks Winner
April 22, 2001 | 7:42 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Ivan Machado. Ivan is this weeks winner for the Ultarama Stand. If you have not entered yet, just click on the Ultarama Stand on the right side of the page and then submit your name. Thanks to Mort S for the awesome giveaway.



Free Lando Wave
April 22, 2001 | 9:00 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

What you want more free figures to win? Then stop over at the Power of the North Side a register to win a free set of the new Lando wave.



Win a Free R2-Q5
April 21, 2001 | 3:13 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Docking Bay is holding a drawing for a free R2-Q5 that ends on April 30th. Better hurry if you want a chance at winning.



New Figure Pre-Sell
April 21, 2001 | 2:33 PM EST | Brandon | Talk About This Post

Fellow Yak-er Jarrod chimes in to let you know that is starting a pre-sell on this year’s upcoming star wars assortments. He does say that they are reliable and guarantee mint shipping. The pre-sell does require a 50% deposit. So if you feel interested take a look. Also please let us know if you have used them before so we can let all our readers know about them.

UPDATE: JJ passes on information that Kebco’s shipping is pretty slow and that he has yet to recieve figures from the Bespian Han Wave.

UPDATE: Ken, a Kebco Sales Rep, informs us that they have recieved about 200 or so open orders for the Bespian Han Wave and that they are waiting patiently for more cases to arrive, as they have ordered around 75 cases to fulfill all pre-sale orders. The problem, Ken says, is based on how many cases Hasbro plans to send Kebco each time (Kebco is only recieving around 4 cases at any given time). Kebco is in works to try and get more cases shipped so that pre-sales are fulfilled much quicker then in the past. So with that said it looks like it’s based on a first come, first serve basis.

UPDATE: Wow! You guys sure are keeping me busy with this post. Ha ha! Anyways looks like it is now a hit or miss with Kebco. Darrin has reported getting Aurra Sing Wave Figures from them well over a month in advance of hitting stores. Also Robert points out that they have wonderful customer service and he has recieved all his merchandise, purhaps a little delayed but, they do arrive in perfect condition. Mac also points out they are very reliable for international customers as he finds them the easiest and cheapest way to get figures. Also Kebco points out they will replace any item that is damaged and does not arrive mint even if it was during the shipping process that it was damaged. With that said looks like it varries from customer to customer. I have been talking with Kebco and they have been very friendly so I will definetly keep you updated!



Want a Prototype?
April 21, 2001 | 11:30 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Currently on ebay there are several prototypes on sale. Such as the new POTJ Lando (#581796596), Sae See Tinn (#581797136), and Maul Sith Apprentice (#581796136).



No Love for Jar Jar
April 21, 2001 | 10:47 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Reports of people finding the Lando wave keep pouring in however there is one thing that is also being reported and that is the instant peg warming status of the new Jar Jar figure. Poor Jar Jar, even being a new figure doesn’t make people want to buy him.



Need Pote
April 20, 2001 | 9:01 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

If you still need Pote Snitkin you may be in luck, is giving one away.



Pictures of New Figures
April 19, 2001 | 5:06 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Check out the new carded images of the following new figures in our toyguide:

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Cold Weather Gear)
Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Training Gear)
Sandtrooper (Tatooine Patrol)

Thanks to Maybang for the pictures!



300th Fett in stock
April 19, 2001 | 4:43 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth has the new version of the 300th Boba Fett in stock. This variation now has the left panel in full color, rather than black and white. Order today! 300th SW Figure – Boba Fett (Item# 84566, $14.99)



Are YOU Looking For A Deal???
April 19, 2001 | 7:37 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well here are some very good prices on toys at
Lego Technics Destroyer Droid $12.99 Reg $49.99
Naboo Electronic Fighter $5.00 Reg $19.99



Free Han Bespin
April 18, 2001 | 10:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Galaxy-Toys is currently running a free giveaway for a POTJ Han Bespin.



Star Wars Helmets In Stock
April 18, 2001 | 6:49 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

At Entertainment Earth
the Boba Fett Helmet (Item# DP82019, $34.99) and other helmets from DON POST are back in stock. Recent arrivals include Tusken Raider Mask (Item# DP82016, $34.99) Tie Fighter Pilot Helmet (Item# DP82025, $34.99)
and Stormtrooper Helmet (Item# DP82002, $39.99)



Q&A: Delay
April 18, 2001 | 5:35 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

I regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond my control, Q&A will be delayed until later today or perhaps tomorrow along with the winner of the Q&A Naming Contest.



Real Scan Pics
April 17, 2001 | 7:44 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

CollectStarWars has posted a few pics of Real Scanned Ep II weapons. The pics are not of the toys but the items themselves. Cool stuff and worth checking out.



Looking For The Bounty??
April 17, 2001 | 7:34 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the 12″ Bounty Hunters in stock now. Here are the links to them. They are $24.99 each.
12″ Bossk
12″ 4-LOM
12″ IG-88
12″ Sith Lords 2-Pack $49.99



New Select Image
April 17, 2001 | 7:25 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The Official Site has put up a new Episode II Select Image, so stop in and check it out.



Free Shipping on Ultaramas ends soon
April 16, 2001 | 10:18 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Ultarama’s free shipping will end at midnight tomorrow. Even if you are at the post office ’till midnight tonight, you have another 24 hours.



Jedi-Con 2001
April 16, 2001 | 3:20 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

For complete coverage with tons of images, check out Journal of the Whills!, Excellent images.



Q&A: Good Morning!
April 16, 2001 | 3:34 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Nice of you to stop by.

The Still Untitled Q&A has been updated again, but in a piece of good news, a title will be decided on for Wednesday’s update.

Until then, feel free to send in your questions for the column, and if you’ve got a scoop, send in some news, too!

And now, the rest of the news.



Still Trying To Find Target’s Skiff And/Or Y-wing???
April 15, 2001 | 5:16 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Kevin writes that D & S Toys appear to have the Skiff and Y-Wing in stock for $38.00.



What are they?
April 15, 2001 | 3:39 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

At in the Action Figures/Star Wars section there are two listings for new POTJ figures. One is for Collection 1 and the other is Collection 2. However, there is nothing that says what figure you receive when you order. Could it be something new like Lando or Aurra Sing or older figures like Obi-Wan? If you feel lucky you might want to place an order and if anyone has ordered and knows what you get please e-mail me.
UPDATE It appears that is completely random what figure you get however, they are newer figures like Aurra Sing and Maul Sith Apprentice. It is also possible to get some of older figures that are in these cases like Mas Amedda on a .04 card.



And The Winner Is?????
April 15, 2001 | 1:29 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Warren Harold. Warren is this weeks winner for the Ultarama Stand. If you have not entered yet, just click on the Ultarama Stand on the right side of the page and then submit your name.



Happy Easter!!!
April 15, 2001 | 1:23 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

From the crew here at, we wish you all a Happy Easter. If you have any decorated eggs, please send them in. We will have a vote on them. The winner will get a free Ultarama Stand from the friendly makers of theUltarama Stands.



Attakus Pre-Order
April 14, 2001 | 11:34 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth is now taking preordes for the Attakus SW statues. Click the link above to see the statues.



SW Survivor
April 14, 2001 | 9:26 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here is an interesting site it is called SW Survivor. It combines the TV show Survivor with your favorite SW figures.



B-Wing Images
April 14, 2001 | 1:22 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

SSG has posted some images of the new B-Wing boxed and loose. The loose shots are of the B-Wing painted. These pictures are also at
CollectStarWars both are from the new issue of Lee’s.



Wuher Numbers Confirmed
April 13, 2001 | 7:38 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

LILTU writes that the Boston TRU had 40 to 50 Wuhers in today. It looks like each TRU may in fact be getting 4 cases.



Fambaa Back In Stock
April 13, 2001 | 8:03 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is the link to order it.



Q&A Friday Update
April 13, 2001 | 12:19 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Hello ladies and gents,

It’s time for Q&A yet again, so here’s 10 more questions, 10 more answers, and a whole bunch of stupid pop culture references. If you’ve got a minute, send in some more questions and we’ll update again on Monday.



More Lando wave reports
April 12, 2001 | 10:13 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Lucas writes that he just found the Lando wave at at the Wal-Mart in Excelsior Springs Missouri. With the Target sightings reported as well, it looks like these may be starting to hit in greater numbers



Wuher at TRU
April 12, 2001 | 7:49 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

The Jawa is reporting that Hasbro is sending Toys R Us a total of 18,000 Wuher figures which works out to about 4 cases per store assuming all stores get an equal number.



Still looking for Saesee Tiin
April 12, 2001 | 7:25 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

If you are having trouble finding this member of the Jedi Council,The Jawa is having a drawing for a free Saesee Tiin.



Lando at Target 
April 12, 2001 | 5:02 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Target is now receiving the Lando wave as well. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the news.



Free Shipping on Ultraramas
April 12, 2001 | 9:44 AM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

This just in from Ultarama:

As April 15th approaches, we at Ultarama want to help collectors enjoy displaying their figures while keeping some extra cash in their pocket. “Action figure collecting is all about having fun, making new friends, and enjoying your hobby. So, we are doing our part by offering free shipping in the Continental U.S. on all orders placed from April 12th through April 17th!”

You can order on their website or by calling toll free at 1-888-269-4386.



How Rare is Rare?
April 11, 2001 | 9:26 PM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

I just added an interesting item to the prototypes section. While not an action figure prototype it’s certainly worth a look. While licensed prototypes found in their early stages are difficult to obtain, finding an unlicensed prototype mock up item is truly amazing. Check out the mock up segment of the prototypes section to check out this unlicensed, unproduced mock up watch.



Bracket Update!
April 11, 2001 | 6:08 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

OK, on to round number two…..
On the Top Half of the bracket we have the following figures moving on.
On the Bottom Half of the bracket we have the following figures moving on.
Head on over to The Official Hasbro Site and vote for your favorites in round 2.



12″ Han Endor is Back
April 11, 2001 | 5:09 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

TRU is getting more than just Wuher in this latest shipment of older figures. They are also receiving cases of the 12″ Han Endor wave. Also, the Wuhers seem to be arriving in massive quantities with most stores getting between 30-40 figures per store.



Jedi Braid In Stock
April 11, 2001 | 5:08 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

We have a limited amount of the Australian exclusive Jedi Braid with Micro Machine Holographic Royal Starship and holo projector in stock for $15.99. Only at D&S Sci-fi Toy World.



Official Site Redone
April 11, 2001 | 4:58 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has launched a completely brand new look. Very nice design but very slow to load.



300th Fett In Stock
April 11, 2001 | 7:57 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

You can now get your long sought after 300th Fett as it is in stock RIGHT HERE at for $9.96, happy hunting.



Have That Urge To Play Starfighter??
April 11, 2001 | 7:48 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

But still can’t find the Playstation 2?? Well It is now in stock at, and the price is $299.99, but if you use this code “DISCOVERKB” you will get $10.00 off. Cheaper than any store. While you are there, Enter to win a FREE DVD player, so that when Ol’ George decides that we are worthy enough to get the movies on DVD you will be ready for them.



Q&A Updates Wednesday
April 11, 2001 | 2:06 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Friends, Romans, and of course, Olympic Champions,

The Q&A column here has been updated again. But it has no name! We’ve gotten dozens of entries, but we’re still looking for a few more. If you have one that isn’t “Yakkin’ With Adam” or “Yakkity Yak”, kindly send it on in to me and I’ll be happy.

(Oh, we’re also offering a set of the Aurra Sing wave of action figures as a bounty. [Because we love you.])



Bonus Battle Droids Return To Fan Club
April 11, 2001 | 1:54 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

While previously available elsewhere, the Fan Club now has Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo) with the bonus Battle Droids in place of a CommTech Chip for $8.99. They’ve also got a few of the regular Battle Droids from the USA for only $3.99 each… not too shabby if your army’s in need of new recruits.



Comics Make Me Laugh
April 10, 2001 | 10:19 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Padawanamy pointed out this comic about our favorite passion…..
Click here to see the comic.



Errors Abound!!
April 10, 2001 | 7:56 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well the new wave of figures is just hitting the street and there is an error for you hunters out there. The R2-Q5 has a spelling error on the force file. The front should read Imperial and reads Imperal, so now the question is… Will it get noticed and fixed??? Thanks to halfbittenjedi for the news and the image.



New Case Assortment
April 10, 2001 | 6:13 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

New Force Comics is reporting a new case due at the end of June:
2x Biker Scout
4x Darth Maul Sith Apprentice
1x Chewie Mechanic
1x Aurra Sing
1x Leia Bespin
1x Jedi Armor Qui Gon Jinn
1x Obi-Wan Cold Weather
1x Sandtrooper

Thanks to the Ab Master for the news.



Tessek Wave Expands
April 10, 2001 | 5:32 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new Tessek wave has now been found at Wal-Mart and TRU. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the news.



Less Versions
April 9, 2001 | 8:09 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

CollectStarWars is reporting there will only be two variations on the Rebel Fleet Trooper and Imperial Office and the variation will be different headsculpts. Also, there will be no different versions of the Bespin Guard. 🙁



Can’t Get Enough B-Wing?
April 9, 2001 | 8:06 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If you can’t get enough of seeing the new POTJ B-Wing you should go out and get yourself a new copy of Lee’s. In the new issue are many new pics of the B-Wing. Thanks to “Da Dude” for the news.



To Match A Price Or Not?!?!?
April 9, 2001 | 11:49 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Tom from the MSWCC sent this to me today.

Thought I’d test the Star Wars Fan Club’s new Online Price-Matching
Guarantee (see

Official Star Wars Fan Club Store Website:
Star Wars Episode I Die-Cast Watch Collection by Hope Industries: Price: $59.99 (!)

Star Wars Episode I: Die-Cast Watch Collection by Hope Industries: Price: $14.99

This is the response that he received. IMHO I would say that once again, it seems like a good thing on the outside, but once the package is opened, The Slam Club is right there with the high prices of stuff that noone wants right now……

Thanks for spotting this, I’ve passed the information onto our pricing specialist. I’m not sure that anything will be change in this case. If you check the ‘beat or meet’ pricing information we do specify that only Non-Collector grade items are affected by this policy. The Die cast watches you refer to are Collector grade on our site.

The distinction here is that collector products/packaging are checked for even the smallest of defects and are sent to the customer with special packaging guaranteeing Mint condition delivery. Items on other sites and in ‘bricks and mortar’ stores are what we consider non-collector quality. A true collector demands perfect condition goods and our prices often reflect this.

Please bear in mind that KBtoys/kids deal in resale goods as well as new. This means they often get these goods from other suppliers ( including us)to sell in imperfect state at severely reduced prices.

Thank you for your mail, though. We do try to stay aware of the prices of our competitors on similar items.

May the Force be with you.

Name Left Out
Online Support
Star Wars Fan Club



In Case You Missed It This Weekend.
April 9, 2001 | 8:13 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the TC-14 12″ Electronic Figure on sale for only $4.99, the regular price is $29.99. Thanks to Robert for the news.



Q&A: Hey, Guess What?
April 9, 2001 | 4:03 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Well gang, it’s that time again. Q&A has been started once again, but the page layout, graphics, and title aren’t finalized. If you’ve got a suggestion for a title, then kindly send it on in.

For those unfamilliar with the concepts behind the column… you’re probably best off reading it.

**Update – The winner of the Name the Q&A Column with Adam will get the Aurra Sing wave FREE!



Lookin For A LEGO Deal?
April 8, 2001 | 9:21 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

K-Mart this week is running a sale where if you buy a set you get a second set of equal or lesser value for 50% off. Not bad.



Have You Ever Heard Of SLA?
April 8, 2001 | 7:46 PM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

The prototypes section of the website has been updated. Included in the update is a rare look into a segment of the toy making process that many collectors have never heard of before. Updates have begun to the twelve inch figures section as well as the hardcopies section where the SLA prototype is located. More to be added to the site this week including Galoob prototypes, and more first shots. Check it out. As always if you have any modern era Star Wars prototypes and would like them featured on the website please send them to me at Full credit of ownership will be given, unless you want to remain anonymous! 8>)



B-Wing Boxed Pic
April 8, 2001 | 6:50 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has posted a pic of the POTJ B-wing boxed. Sure doesn’t look to be worth $50 of my money.



Let The Giveaways Commence!
April 8, 2001 | 9:20 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Once again is proud to start its weekly giveaways from Mort Simpson and the awesome Ultarama Stands.
This weeks winner is Mark Holbrook, Congrats Mark, and if you havent entered already please click on the link on the right side of the page for a chance to win one for yourself.



B-Wing Retail Price To Be $50!!!
April 7, 2001 | 9:54 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Junior for the following news

“The B-Wing Fighter w/ pilot is now listed in the Target computer system. It is listed under DPCI# 087-06-1954 for the price of $49.99. Ouch!!!” Here are the other DCPI #’s that were sent in. Palm Talkers Price: $11.99 #087-06-0482. 12″ Legacy Assort Price: $26.99 #087-06-0317



More Power of the Jedi Comes to Canada
April 7, 2001 | 8:44 PM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Reader PunkBoy200 has news to share of more POTJ showing up in the great white north:

“Wal-Mart in Edmonton Canada has Chewbacca (Mechanic), Bespin Leia and Aurra Sing! Only about 5 Aurra’s compared to the massive amounts of the other two!”

Well, there you have it!



More on Wuher
April 7, 2001 | 1:44 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Wuher is showing up on both coasts of the US and in large numbers. According to one reader TRU is receiving solid cases of Wuher that have “SW Fan Club” printed on the outside. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the news.



Free Giveaway
April 7, 2001 | 10:57 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is giving away a free “12 Sith Speeder w Darth Maul.



Jar Jar Swamp and more at TRU
April 6, 2001 | 11:09 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

More EP I figures have begun to show up at TRU’s across the country. Figures such as the Jar Jar Swamp and TC-14 waves have been spotted. I have even gotten a report of multiple Wuhers being found at TRU. IF anyone else has found Wuher at TRU please let me know this is the first I’ve heard of it. Thanks to Scott for the news.



The end has come…
April 6, 2001 | 7:05 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys I have come to the end of the road here at Yak…
I have only been here for a brief eight months. The time here was great and you (the readers) are awesome. I have had more good things said to me than any bad. I do thank you all for all the support, and for any friendships I made thru Yak.
I wish the crew here at Yak all the best and thank them for letting me in on this great site. I know I will still remain friends with the crew here and definetly tune in daily to check out the news.
I am moving to, and hope you will check me there as well.
My reason for leaving is just some (for better choice of words) artistic expression. I hope that all the Yak-er’s out there continue to hit this site everday, and all the other great sites out there.
We all play on the same game, well I think we do anyway, so no reason to favor anyone more than the other.
Thanks to all here and all you out there. Check me out in my new brown cloak… Til next time… UUUUTTTTIINNNIIII….



Tessek at Meijer’s
April 6, 2001 | 5:52 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Tessek wave has been found at Meijer’s in Ohio. Thanks to Ben for the news.



The All Knowing Pager
April 6, 2001 | 10:26 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

My pager news tells me that of the famous people that share today as their birthday, ESB’s own Billy Dee Williams turns 64. Happy Birthday Billy Dee.



B-Wing Images
April 6, 2001 | 6:10 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is the latest Test Shot of the New B-Wing with Pilot. These are prototype shots. You can bid on this item, the item number is 577220276, special thanks to Maybang for the images.



John’s Toys
April 5, 2001 | 6:19 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

John from John’s Toys gave me a call today and mentioned some new stuff they had just got in. I know most have seen, (and probably still need) the ultra cool UK Pit Droid two packs. Why these weren’t made for the US market I’ll never figure out…
But John saves the day and comes thru…
Head over to their site now. They have the Ani, Obi, Maul “soft goods” waves available w/ the Pit Droid. John also has the elusive Obi/Maul two pack and the older Battle Droid overseas sets. Head over or call them at 1-800-505-TOYS.

UPDATE: Tom over at YesterToy’s also got some the Pit Droid packs in as well as another elusive piece, the once Exclusive Target Skiff. Definetly worth a look. These pieces were obtained thru an overseas source by both John and Tom. I don’t see suplly lasting long… Well what are ya waiting for???



Complete your Star Wars Mask Collection?
April 5, 2001 | 5:21 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Is this a new item or an old one? Although this item has been listed in the Don Post catalog for a few years, very few of these units have been spotted. This rare piece is now in stock at Entertainment Earth. Jawa Mask (Item# DP677513, $39.99)



America’s Finest Figure News Source
April 5, 2001 | 3:58 AM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, has posted a feature of vital importance to all people considering placing action figures in their cubicles. Check it out!



Wishbook Deals
April 4, 2001 | 11:20 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Are you still trying to complete your collection? The Sears wishbook is still having a great sale on some older stuff. You can visit them at
The sale includes ROTJ 12″ 4-pack (Luke Jedi, Palpatine, Band Member, and Chewy in Chains) for $24.88.
Galaxy 2-pack (Ewok w/Endor, Luke w/Tatooine) for $9.99.
And a few other things.



Still Looking For Your Lunchbox?
April 4, 2001 | 11:09 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post still has it in stock for $14.95 plus shipping.



SW Fan Club Price Match
April 4, 2001 | 10:05 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The SW Fan Club has started a new price matching policy which is described in their newsletter that just went out

“Whenever you see a lower price for one of our Non-Collector grade items at another major online retailer (such as KBkids, Amazon, Disney, Kmart,Target, etc), let us know by sending an e-mail with the exact name of the product, the URL of the item, and the listed price to Once we have confirmed the price, we will update our online store to reflect a matching or better price for Fan Club members.”

Thanks to Dan the Stone Cold Man for the news.



Cheap Fambaa’s
April 4, 2001 | 3:14 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

You can now stop over at and pick up this monsterous beast for $37.50 plus shipping as he is now back in stock. They also have the six beanies from Episode 1 on sale as a set for $15.00, which is not that bad of a price.



Still Searching for Figures?
April 3, 2001 | 10:43 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Most seem to be hunting the “newer” waves of POTJ figs still…
On that way to TRU, Walmart, Target, KMart and any other in between place, pop into your local Electronics Boutique. I just saw the Sith Maul wave at an EB store today. The distribution scheme hasn’t seem to get all that better, so any other “possible” option is a good one. They also might have some of the 1st waves of POTJ figs at a cheap, cheap price of $1.87. Speaking of hard hunting times… Head over to Collect Star Wars and let them know if you been one of the lucky people finding things.

UPDATE: The guys over at Collect have a poll going about the availability of figures and if you guys are finding them easy or not… Head over and add to that poll, hopefully the Big H will learn what they need to know from those results.



Best SW Figure Ever
April 3, 2001 | 9:36 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Hasbro has posted on their site a poll/bracket that will determine the best SW figure ever produced. Think of it as the NCAA Tournament for SW figures.



Maul Apprentice in Canada
April 3, 2001 | 5:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Darth Maul Sith Apprentice figure has begun to show up in Canada. If you live in Canada you should try to find it at Wal-mart since it is the only store, Maul has been found so far. Thanks to Jim for the news.



Mega Figures Concept Art
April 3, 2001 | 5:07 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

CollectStarWars has posted some cool looking concept art of the Mega Action figures.



April 3, 2001 | 4:25 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Much as I hate to follow up Mark’s post abou him going backstage on Yakface with more negativity, I will no longer be working on the site.

I’ve spent more than a year contributing, but at the moment my interest in Star Wars collecting is pretty much dead and the site needs more time than I have to give.

You can contact me through the current address, it forwards mail to me and will continue to for a little while.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me during my time here – I appreciate it! All the best to Adam and the other newer members of the team. Bye!



Latest Select Image
April 3, 2001 | 7:53 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Is it me or does the new select image at look like ol’ George is mixing Star Wars with Star Trek? Why is there a Transporter in a Star Wars movie?



From The Land Of Variations…
April 3, 2001 | 7:48 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is the latest in the ever growing list of variations. This shot shows the difference between the new and old bubbles on the Imperial Biker Scout.



It’s About Time
April 2, 2001 | 10:20 PM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

The firstshots prototype page has had a small update. Things are finally slowing down from my hectic personal schedule to begin updating the prototypes page regularly again. This week I’m looking to begin adding 12 inch prototypes, Galoob prototypes, as well as other interesting prototype material. Some interesting items should start appearing on the page within the next couple of weeks so check back often.
Since there’s a new head of state behind the desk now I wonder if it would be a good time to ask for a raise? 8>)



“Don’t try to frighten us with your sorcerer’s w- cka cka”
April 2, 2001 | 9:35 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well if you don’t head over to and rescue him from Lord Vader’s grip…
Man did that sound like a commercial or what? Is that Hasbro I hear calling… Anyway head over and try to nab yourself a free Motti fig, thanks to the little Jawa clan… Good luck guys.



EP I Cases Still in Stock
April 2, 2001 | 7:22 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

E1 Coll. 3 (Wave 10) Half Case (Item# 84105E, $75.99)
2x TC-14, 2x R2-B1 Astromech Droid, 1x Adi Gallia, 1x Ody Mandrell, 1x OOM-9, 1x Captain Tarpals.

E1 Coll. 3 (Wave 10) Case (Item# 84105D, $144.99)
4x TC-14, 4x R2-B1 Astromech Droid, 2x Adi Gallia, 2x Ody Mandrell, 2x OOM-9, 2x Captain Tarpals. Only atEntertainment Earth.



Q&A Begins… Soon
April 2, 2001 | 5:48 PM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

One of the things I’m bringing to Yakface is a Questions and Answers column, but since it’s starting over fresh, the column currently has no questions. While I’m building the page behind the scenes, any questions you’d care to email me would be great in getting this thing started.



New Management
April 1, 2001 | 11:29 PM EST | Adam | Talk About This Post

Greetings, Toy Fans!

I’m Adam Pawlus. You might remember me from my old Star Wars newsletter, the Q&A column I wrote for Rebelscum, or my brief stint as the young “Chico” on the final season of “Chico And The Man.”

As you most likely saw in the post below, Mark’s bowing out of the page management game and he said he was looking for someone else to run things. And apparently, I was the best he could come up with on such short notice.

So in the coming weeks, expect most things here to stay pretty much like you’ve always loved them. The latest Star Wars news will always have a home here, along with whatever other neat nuggets we can dig up for you.

So allow me to say that I look forward to working for you and with our top notch staff toward all your Star Wars news needs, and with any luck we’ll have some other great new features to offer you in the coming weeks.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled news.



Alas, The Time Has Come!
April 1, 2001 | 10:39 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well I have been down this path before, only to be drawn right back into the thick of things. However, with the priorities I have in my life right now, it is time for me to move on. I was going to shut down the site for good, however it has been saved by someone I think it perfect for the site. He will be posting something soon. I will be moving on and letting go of I will still be here from time to time to post news as I get it, however I will be concentrating on my son who is more important to me. I will also be working on the toyguide with Ben, look for it to be complete soon with the most complete set of images found on the net.
I want to thank everyone I have met throughout the years as I have made some very good friends. I will be keeping in touch and my email will remain on the site. So keep in touch with me. Take care all and may you all have the best of luck in hunting down your figures.
Mark Minicuci (hfsolo)



New figs hitting
April 1, 2001 | 6:10 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

As I had mentioned a couple of weeks back the new Lando wave is finally starting to show up here in the states. Collect Star Wars reports some finds in Fla, I also got an email from a good friend that saw these at a flea market he visted today in Ca. Guess it’s on with the hunt guys.



Have you been “Fan Clubbed”?
April 1, 2001 | 6:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The great “moffbunkaroo” sent over a very interesting story to us members of the Trade Federation on a recent dealing with the “new” Fan Club. Some must read info…

“Hey everyone,
I just though I’d throw this info out in case it helps anyone. I placed an order with the new fan club online last Wednesday when it opened. I ordered an Oola/Crumb set, a carded Poite Snitkin and a
non-collector grade E1 R2 (wanted one loose). I got my order today, and man, it’s a good thing I didn’t want my stuff MOC. The R2 and Pote Snitkin were jammed so hard into the box the cards were bent backwards. Now, I don’t know if they did this because of the free shipping or because one of my items was deemed “non-collector” quality-you be the judge.
Also, I got absolutely no Ship Confirmation e-mail, so after I got the
original e-mail telling me that my order was accepted, I heard zilch. I had to e-mail their Customer Service to get a tracking #. Plus, they don’t seem to have a link on their site to check your order status like the old fan club.
All in all, this new club definitely has Buyer Beware labeled all over it in my opinion. Hope this helps…”
Hopefully this was just an isolated incident, but if you have gone through anything like this with the new Fan Club, gimmie a holler.



Palm Talkers and new 12″ Prices
April 1, 2001 | 2:12 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

On Raving Toy Maniac’s page the prices for the new Palm Talkers (Price: $11.99 # 087-06-0482) and the
12? Legacy Asst. (Price: $26.99 # 087-06-0317) are listed from the Target computers.



Lucas to do Episode 7,8 and 9!
April 1, 2001 | 12:04 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is reporting George Lucas has announced he will be doing Episode 7, 8 and 9.



Official Site Update
April 1, 2001 | 11:08 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Official Site has updated with some great news on the upcoming SW film. Go check it out.



12″ Sith Speeder Returning
April 1, 2001 | 11:05 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If you never were able to find a 12″ Sith Speeder last year they have begun showing up again at Wal-Marts all around the country. Thanks to everyone who has written in about it.



Three Cool Auctions!!
April 1, 2001 | 10:01 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some excellent auctions on by Gus Lopez.
Unproduced Sith Infiltrator POTJ Prototype Item #575628727
Unproduced Build Your Own Pod Racer POTJ Prototype Item #575627425
Unproduced Royal Starship POTJ Prototype Item #575624477



Master Marketeer or DVD Nazi, “No DVD for YOU!”
April 1, 2001 | 9:01 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

The reports that the DVD of the Phantom Menace has been bug checked and is ready to be pressed and shipped as soon as LFL gives the word. Given this it’s interesting to note that they also report in a separate story that the April 29th airing of Episode I on FOX seems to have been cancelled and will be aired in the 4th quarter instead. Why would they do that, I wonder?

Now even though I’ve spoken to folks at Hasbro who deny that Lucas himself is involved with many of their ‘variations’ and other issues that aggravate the collector — the occasional 1-per case and the lack of a collector’s retail outlet (I’d like to order one of everything please)—it almost is hard to believe that Lucas doesn’t play at least some part in these brilliant machinations that keep the fans from being satisfied. It almost seems that he knows the meaning of “The Phantom Menace” all too well. Maybe I’m watching too many X-Files reruns waiting for Star Wars on DVD because I’m beginning to wonder if George Lucas or Rick McCallum has taken up smoking Morley cigarettes.

The point that everyone seems to overlook is that the DVDs that everyone actually wants (the real Star Wars Trilogy) won’t be coming out for years. In my opinion, that is no coincidence and the reason is not George’s busy schedule because if the fans remain hungry they will jump on any scrap you throw them.

March 2001 Archive

Thats BomBAD!!!
March 30, 2001 | 7:38 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Do you have your Playstation2? If so and you want to be one of the first to get Bombad Racing you can now pre-order it at the Lucas Arts Online Store.
Available in stores April 27th, Super Bombad Racing is a fun-filled, action-packed racer featuring 8 of your favorite Star Wars: Episode I characters racing on 9 tracks or four arenas. 25 different power-ups and gadgets, plus some secret unlockable characters keep the action fast and fun.



Mini Me.. err… Mini Vader
March 30, 2001 | 7:34 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


Is this the coolest thing ever or what?!?! David Hannebon made this awesome custom. Here is the link to see how he made it.



Darth Cynical
March 29, 2001 | 11:47 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Check out this very funny article in which “Everything is Collectible” at The Onion.



March 28, 2001 | 8:19 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From ACPin:
“Just as Kenner/Hasbro has a habit of recycling playsets into another, I wasn’t able to resist doing it with the Jabba’s Droid Dungeon and turning it into this version of the Jawas Droid Factory. Another multi-scene diorama that even though I used most of the elements from the other one, it still has its own unique touches. You never know what the Jawas will do when they take over the dungeon!”
Check it out here.



ADC Poll
March 28, 2001 | 8:18 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

American Dream Comics have posted a poll asking you who you’d prefer to get the TIE Bomber as a store exclusive, since it will surely be one. Head over and cast your vote!



March 27, 2001 | 10:42 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

FBTB has tonight launched a Q&A section – have a LEGO question? Send it in!



EU Maul at K-mart
March 27, 2001 | 6:06 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new Darth Maul Sith Apprentice has been showing up at K-marts in the US. So if you still need it you might want to check your local K-Mart.



New Guy says Hello
March 27, 2001 | 6:02 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Hey there fellow Yak-ers! It’s been a great honor to be chosen to be the new store reporter. My name is Brandon and I have been collecting Star Wars figures since well, the day I was born. I have my very own website which has been down for awhile for remodeling but will be back up shortly. Take a look at
As of today I am caught up and have been adding the reports almost as I recieve them! If you have any reports don’t forget to send them in! Thanks for your continued support.



Back In stock
March 27, 2001 | 4:29 PM EST | Kurt | Talk About This Post

Plo-Koon wave is back in stock at The break down is as follows: 1x Tusken Raider, 1x Mas Ammeda, 1x Cor. Guard 1x Jek Porkins, 2x Plo
Koon, 2x IG-88 Bounty Hunter, 2x Queen Amidala Red Thrown, 2x Sae See Tin (Subject to change). This case is in stock (Limited Numbers) and is shipping. They also have limited numbers of classic SW cases in stock.



12″ scale sand skiff on eBay
March 26, 2001 | 8:13 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

There is a 12″ scale sand skiff on ebay that might be worth a look. The auction number is 572959278. Fan creativity never ceases to amaze me!



EU Figure Poll
March 26, 2001 | 5:32 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There is a massive new EU figure poll starting up at Rogue’s Gallery. The poll is trying to determine what EU figures collectors would like to see most. Go vote today.



Store Reports Section Back Online
March 25, 2001 | 11:35 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Store Reports section is back up and working. If you have any store reports go ahead and send them in. We would also like to welcome Brandon to the team, he will be working on the section full time. To welcome Brandon and lets make the store section one that everyone can use.



RC Luke and Taun Taun
March 25, 2001 | 11:28 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This picture of the remote control Luke and Taun Taun seems to be from the Tokyo toy fair. This item was on show by Hasbro to potential buyers. The idea was that someone would pick this up to be a store exclusive. No word to date on whether or not that happened though, which means that if nobody went for it, this item may not see production. So at the moment, this is still a potential product. But hey, take a look.



Faamba In Stock Online
March 24, 2001 | 6:41 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

You can head over to and order it now. It is in stock for $37.50.




Still Searching?
March 24, 2001 | 3:12 PM EST | Kurt | Talk About This Post

Are you still searching for a figure you missed out on? Or how about a vintage figure or ship? If you are, check out Hidden Rebel Base. They have a great selection and top quality merchandise. Check them out today.



March 24, 2001 | 7:20 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Lots more reports of that new card, and for those who’ve not seen it, Rebelscum have had a scan of it up on their site for a few days which a lot of people seem to have missed (me included). It’s the .0400 card back and is shipping all over the place right now. Still no new figures though…



Pod Race and Building Anakin’s pod dioramas added
March 23, 2001 | 10:40 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

To see the new dioramas click here



New Cardbacks
March 23, 2001 | 8:41 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Geoff in West Sacramento sent in this interesting report:
“I saw something interesting at a Wal-Mart in Vacaville, CA. They had a Mas Amedda w/ new figs on the back: Lando, Tessek, R2-Q5, new Obi-Wan, new Qui-Gon, new Jar Jar, AND the new Sandtrooper w/ binoculars (looks amazing!!!) It was the ONLY figure that had this new back, which was kind of odd. There was no sign of any of these new figs being out yet.”
Seems the new cardbacks are out there now and I wouldn’t be surprised if the new figures weren’t far behind. Watch out for all the new wave (Jar Jar, Tessek, Lando and R2-Q5) very soon. For photos of the figures, see the post from earlier on today.

Update: Ryan in Utah reports a similar finding, so these are obviously hitting widespread. But we could really use some new figures and not just new cards!! In case anyone is getting confused, the new Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon figures are the expanded universe concept art figures shown at Toy Fair.



Online Deals
March 23, 2001 | 8:04 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have some pretty good deals on Star Wars stuff right now, including these:

Aurra Sing, Chewbacca Mechanic and Leia Bespin for only $29.00. All three are case fresh packed in Protector cases. To purchase these figures click the link below.

They have extended their Winter Super Sale. Just a few highlights of this sale are the R2-D2 with holographic Leia, the formerly exclusive fan club four freeze frame action figures for only $8.00 each and many more. To view the sale click the link below.

There’s plenty more stuff too so head over and take a look!



Release Date for B-Wing and TIE Int
March 23, 2001 | 5:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is reporting the B-Wing will be released in June and the TIE Int in August. Also, they are reporting that the SW Celebration II will be in Indianapolis.



MORE new stuff in the UK
March 23, 2001 | 12:08 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Philip Ayres reports again with news of more new items at They now have Aurra Sing, Princess Leia (Bespin Escape), Chewbacca (Mechanic), Saesee Tiin and Queen Amidala (Theed Invasion) for £7. They also have the Target exclusive Y-Wing Fighter with pilot figure for £32. Wow, it’s amazing to see a UK retailer like this with right up to date figures. Head over if you’re interested.



New Ships and such, MAYBE!
March 23, 2001 | 10:20 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Official word from Hasbro is that the list of ships that have been posted on many sites is UNCONFIRMED. Yes they were shown at the show in Japan, however they are test shots to present to retailers as exclusives. Until any retailers sign off on them, then they are just test shots. Hasbro has also said “There is a good chance that a few of these will become account exclusives in the next year or so in some form or another, and there is also a good chance that a few of these will be traded out for something else.” So that is it in a nutshell.



In Case you missed it
March 22, 2001 | 10:40 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

In case you missed it Greg posted this list of rumored upcoming POTJ items on Wednesday:
TIE bomber with imperial officer
AT-ST with Chewey & Ewok
Snowspeeder with Luke & Dack
12″ Speederbike & Luke Endor
12″ Luke Dagobah & Yoda



Jar Jar Tatooine and Lando wave LARGE pics
March 22, 2001 | 8:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are some large scans of the Jar Jar POTJ figs and other figs in the Lando wave carded.
Jar Jar Front
Jar Jar Back
Lando Front
Lando Back
R2-Q5 Front
R2-Q5 Back
Tessek Front
Tessek Back
Thanks to 
 for the pics.



OK who’s moving to OZ with me?
March 22, 2001 | 8:02 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Darthmaulclone from the OZ land, sent us some more info of things on shelves there. No not the one that the yellow brick road leads to, I mean the kangaroo land, Australia.
Maul gave us word on all this…

“Just thought I would let you know that the Carbon Freezing chambers are starting to hit the TRU stores in Australia in quanitity. They are coming in at about $60 AUS each. Also the Y Wings have started to appear at about the same price. I also saw the 300th Boba Fett figure.”

I am ready for a trip down below guys, anyone else getting in the van?



Need the FC 4?
March 22, 2001 | 7:39 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Is your Death Star missing it’s resident droid or Hoth just not the same without Leia? Well then head over to and get yourself the set of four former FC exclusive figs. Here’s what they had to say….

“FedEx just left the warehouse and delivered the FAN CLUB 4.
Hasbro has sold out of these cases and they will not long be produced. You can get the set of 4 for only $33.00. You get the following Freeze Frame figures with this set. They Include: Pote Snitkin, At-At Driver, Leia Hoth and Death Star Droid.”

UPDATE: The link I put above won’t work, not sure why. Just visit them at Sorry guys…



More Jedi at TRU…Power Of The…Of course
March 22, 2001 | 7:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yup seems that TRU is getting more POTJ stock in. I made my daily TRU stop on my way home from work and saw at least 5 sets of 12″ Bounty Hunters there. A few of the other sites have also reported on this. Good news for those that missed out when Target had them. This is a great set and definetly worth getting. Of course I recommend two sets, one boxed, one open… No I don’t own Hasbro stock… Head into TRU and spend some of that tax refund.
Oh but just a quick mention more on these… Target is now clearancing out any remaining stock on these also. George over at Sandtroopers has a story on this. Check it out…



More updates and new dioramas
March 22, 2001 | 7:23 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

I have updated many of the Tatooine dioramas, including the search for the droids, purchase of the droids, Judland Wastes, and vintage Jabba’s palace. There is also a new R2’s capture diorama. Click here to check them out.

Check back tomorrow for photos of Episode 1 Tatooine dioramas.



POTJ Jar-Jar Carded Pic
March 22, 2001 | 5:30 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

On ebay there is a pic of the upcoming POTJ Jar-Jar. It is item number 572473688. The pic is not very clear but it gives you a good idea of what it looks like.



POTJ Upcoming Figure News
March 22, 2001 | 5:27 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has posted some news on the upcoming 25th Anniversary 2 packs and POTJ Sandtrooper which will have different colored shoulder pads.



March 22, 2001 | 11:39 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin writes:
“I’ve just updated my site with the first diorama created by my three sons using LEGOs. It depicts the march of the battle droids during the invasion of Theed. I’ve also added a custom comic cover using one of the pics from my special display of the Boba Fett 300th special edition figure.”



Will Tarpals go lower?
March 21, 2001 | 10:46 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

That seems to be haunting a lot of people out there. Well the answer is (drumroll please)…. YES…
Considering this has only been the first we have heard these being clearanced since they came out. Target’s final markdowns always end in a “4”. So for instance a final price might look like “20.94” (this is just an example folks). So if you are still hesitant then wait a little more, BUT remember he could disappear before then. Good luck guys. Mesa so tired, mesa tinkin’ it a loooong day eh… Mesa tinks it’sa bed time… Whew now you know I am tired….



POTJ hitting TRU
March 21, 2001 | 10:41 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I, myself have yet to see many POTJ figs at TRU in my area, but more reports of them showing up there are coming in. I did see some Chewie Mechanic and Leia Bespin Escape figs at a local store here in south east Ma yesterday. Well a friend said he saw more there today including Mr Maul. So maybe that stop into TRU can land ya those figs ya just can’t seem to nab anywhere else. Also still looking for anyone that has found any of the new Lando wave on pegs anywhere in the US. If you are a lucky one gimmie a shout.



Do you come from the land down under?
March 21, 2001 | 10:37 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

No I am not from Men without Hats… Nor am I 6′ 4″ and full of muscles… But I do have some news from our friends in the land of OZ. Figaalfa wrote in with some cool info on somethings in TRU in Melbourne. Now guys these are some cool deals for our Aussie friends, considering they don’t get 1/2 of what us lucky US folk do…

12″ Bounty Hunters $60.63 ($31US) (Frankston Store)
12″ Maul Speeder $103 OR $129 ($53 or $67US) (All Stores)
12″ Sith Lords $129 ($67US) (Frankston Store)
12″ Tarpals & Kaadu $248 ($129US) (City Store)
12″ 100th Luke $129 ($67U) (City Store)
POTJ Vader Dagobah wave $14.99 ($8US) (Knox Store)
Skiff & Jedi Luke $76.99 ($40US) (All Stores)

Figaalfa also found himself some cool POTJ errors, some I hadn’t heard of yet. Congrats to our friends below, hopefully the good luck will continue to fall a little further downward.

UPDATE: Of course most can imagine how many corrected me on the Men without Hats reference. I do know that it was the great Men at Work that did “DOWN UNDER”. I guess my Big 80’s mind was off…
TOOO many Men groups back then I guess… Ahhh yes the days when MTV actually played videos… You can dance if ya want to… S-A-F-E-T-Y Safety Dance… Ok enough of my babbling…



More Diorama Updates
March 21, 2001 | 9:04 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

I have just updated the tatooine diorama pages. Check out the new photos of the streets of Mos Eisley and the Cantina.

Click here to see the new photos. Check back tomorrow for more new scenes for the place that “if there is a bright spot in the universe [its] the planet that’s farthest from.”



Shut that tv off
March 21, 2001 | 7:49 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Is it gonna be just another boring Sun in front of the boob tube watching reruns of Dukes of Hazard on TV Land? Well get up and get over to Harry’s Collectable Show. This is the largest continuous show of it’s kind in New England. Check out 50 or so tables of non sport cards, comics and toys. You can also hook up with the Sidster and chat just a little. The show is this Sun, Mar 25th at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 304 Highland Ave, South Attleboro, Ma. You can check out details at If anyone would like to hook up and talk toys gimmie a holler here.



No more
March 21, 2001 | 7:41 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The awesome Trade Federation collecting group has some possible news or rumors concerning our favorite toy company’s site. Definetly worth a look so… What are ya waiting for??? GO… GO I said…

UPDATE:For our young readers the site linked off the Trade Federation is for a much more mature crowd so please head over only if you are in that crowd.



Could it be???
March 21, 2001 | 7:37 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well we all read Greg’s post earlier on some “possible” POTJ products… Oh and if ya didn’t read scroll down…
Now I also just heard about a few of these today as well as a
12″ Endor Leia on Speederbike, this one as well as Luke have been talked about before. It kinda makes sense considering the bikes and dolls are already made (just some new shiny clothes). Also “rumored” down the pike is a 12″ scale Landspeeder. This would be a huge piece, but definetly not impossible considering the 12″ scale tanks we have seen for the military lines out. I have inquired more about the Cloud Car that we all heard about and my answer was “we’ll see”… Could that be a good “we’ll see” or a bad one? Who knows… Regardless we have some cool pieces that are coming and with all the rest talked about lately, those can be the icing on the cake.



To be a Fan and Buy online??
March 21, 2001 | 6:52 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well the OFFICIAL Star Wars Fan Club Site is NOW OPEN!!! Stop in and check it out.



12″ George Lucas
March 21, 2001 | 4:40 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Hot Toys are selling this item for $55, pretty cheap, and offer free shipping with a special offer which you can read about on the item page (or, of course, on Rebelscum!). Thanks to Edward for the news!



Need POTJ?
March 21, 2001 | 4:38 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I expect this will be of use mainly to UK readers, but it’s worth a read if you’re in America too:

Over at the latest range Power Of The Jedi figures are available at incredible prices. The following dealers on the site are offering some of the lowest prices available for Power Of The Jedi figures anywhere on the web.

Red Pumpkin are offering all the latest Power Of The Jedi figures for £6.00 / $8.75 each currently EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH

Starshow Collectibles are offering POTJ figures for £6.42 / $8.99 each.

The Entertainer offering POTJ figures between £6 – 7.00 / $8.75 – $10.22.

Prices may vary lightly due to exchange rates.



Sandtrooper Pre-Orders
March 21, 2001 | 4:34 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

DarkJediFett is taking pre-orders on the upcoming Marmit 12″ Sandtroopers with black or white shoulder paldron (there are two new versions of the figure coming out). $105 plus shipping each is the pre-order price. E-mail if you’re interested.



Some Clarification
March 21, 2001 | 10:26 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A couple of points…

Firstly, the newsfeeds section is well worth checking out fairly often because we don’t usually post the content from there on the main page. Just today I posted some info from D & S Toys – they have the Skiff, Y-Wing and Carbon Freeze Chamber in stock (and more stuff too). Worth watching for stuff like that.

Other point – our main page only displays the most recent posts. Once it’s gone from the main page it’s not away forever. If you click the “More News HERE” link at the bottom of the page you can see the archives which span from Jan 2000 to yesterday. I get a number of e-mails asking about old posts so there you go, they’re still there.



Plush Ewok Custom
March 21, 2001 | 9:12 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A friend of mine made this plush Lumat from scratch, and I though I’d post it here because it really is excellent! You might remember a few months ago I posted a picture of one of his custom Ewoks along with a note asking if anyone knew what it was – he sent me the image and I thought it looked so professional that I didn’t even consider it might be custom. Anyway, check it out!!



Upcoming POTJ Items
March 21, 2001 | 9:08 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Here’s an interesting list of rumored upcoming POTJ items:

TIE bomber with imperial officer
AT-ST with Chwey & Ewok
Snowspeeder with Luke & Dack
12″ Speederbike & Luke Endor
12″ Luke Dagobah & Yoda

I can’t confirm that this is 100% true but it came from a very reliable source which has been correct before, and one item on there (the 12″ Speeder with Luke) has been rumored for a while now.

It is possible that the TIE Bomber is really the TIE Interceptor and things got mixed up. But perhaps not? Guess we’ll have to wait ‘n see!



Palm Talkers
March 21, 2001 | 8:50 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Oops, my bad – seems the E1 palm talkers WERE available as English-speaking toys too. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with that info, I didn’t know that. Still I’m pretty stoked with my Japanese Battle Droid 🙂
For anyone who wants to know how to tell if your sealed toy speaks English….the small speech bubbles, located at the base of the box at the figure’s feet – will have English words in them if the toy is English-speaking. Thanks go to Stacy S for that info!



New Endor Diorama Pics
March 20, 2001 | 9:56 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

The Endor diorama has been totally revised with many more photos and scenes. Ewok village, Leia and Wicket, speeder bikes, imperial bunker, AT-STs.

Click here to check it out. Check back tomorrow night to see the all new Mos Eisley Cantina.



New figs are here!
March 20, 2001 | 9:50 PM EST | Kurt | Talk About This Post

The Aurra Sing wave is here. I have recieved many mails on it and tonight I picked up the huntress at a local Target. I was able to locate Aura, new maul, theed amidala and battle droid w/ boomer damage. Happy Hunting!



Something Different
March 20, 2001 | 7:51 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Looking for something new and interesting? Check out FBTB‘s Customs section – we now have more than 60 galleries on display showcasing some very cool Star Wars LEGO items built by fans just like yourself.



Neva Kee’s Unproduced Ep I Action Fleet
March 20, 2001 | 7:50 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Neva Kee’s podracer is up for auction on E-bay. This is one of the axed vehicles that never hit the shelves. It is a completely painted vehicle with Mini-fig in a plain white Action fleet box. Look for auction #570737615. Thanks to Marshall for the news.



Star Wars Sub-Culture
March 20, 2001 | 7:35 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Oh you didn’t know? Ya better ask somebody…
Darth Sinister over at has got a cool new section up there. It’s called Sub-Culture. Darth wrote in letting us all know what exactly is Sub-Culture…

“Sub-Culture takes a look into the lives of other Star Wars fans who are influenced in their arts by Star Wars.The first installment featured Erik Barclay.He is the creator of the Fate of the Jedi online comic which can be found at the
The latest edition features ACPin,diorama maker.I also have a few more in the works which should be ready in the near future.”

Definetly worth a look, so head over and check it out. They got some cool things going on over there, so stay a while.
Also just take a minute to send Darth a get well wish on a recent accident he was involved in. Get better Darth man….



New figs on pegs?
March 20, 2001 | 7:28 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Could it be true??? Well as most read a few days ago, I have got a few reports of people saying that the new Lando wave has hit shelves in our great western part of the country. I haven’t got any solid proof just yet, BUT with the news I posted on these just a few days back and the info that was given to me, I can believe it. If you get lucky soon please gimme a holler here.



Palm Talkers
March 20, 2001 | 6:08 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The new classic trilogy Palm Talkers are due to be released in Japan in April. If you’re the kind of person who occasionally buys stuff early via Japan on eBay or through specialist dealers, be wary with these because they WILL speak Japanese. I got a couple of the E1 Japanese ones and I did open one and while it’d very cool to have a Japanese speaking Battle Droid, I have no idea what he’s saying. These are going to be released in America, and they’ll speak your language, so be patient if you want to understand what Fett has to say.

Although in the cases of Chewbacca and the droids, the language is fairly irrelevant….



12″ Lucas in the UK
March 20, 2001 | 6:03 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Startoys & Collectables have just had their delivery of the custom 1/6 (12″) GEORGE LUCAS dolls by HOT TOYS (Japan)! Very limited stocks so get them while you can!
email Dave:
tel: 07887-776198
and tell ’em Yak sent ya!



Star Wars Survivor
March 20, 2001 | 6:02 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From Scott O’Hair:
“Star Wars Survivor week 8 is heating up. The 2 tribes combined last week to form the new Sarlacc Tribe. Who will be voted off next?”



Star Wars Muppets
March 20, 2001 | 6:00 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Darth Dav writes:
“The Muppet Show is now available on TimeLIFE video and the one of the tapes includes the episode with Mark Hamill as the guest star! It also has R2-D2, 3PO and Chewbacca. Interesting note; I believe this aired RIGHT before ESB came out and in much of the episode, Hamill is wearing his “Bespin Fatigues”. It is also fun knowing that Frank Oz is there with Hamill through much of the episode as Fozzie, Ms Piggy and Animal.
Go to to join the one-tape-a month-club, or – as i did – get all 7 tapes at once!”



Star Wars Monopoly
March 20, 2001 | 5:58 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Pete S writes:
“If anybody is still looking for them, the original Star Wars Monopoly games have started showing up again at Value City and a discount store called Odd-Job. These are the original versions that were numbered and date stamped, not the trilogy versions. Value City is selling them for $19.99 and Odd-Job has them for $17.99.”



Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice)
March 20, 2001 | 5:58 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Decadent Dave reports finding this figure in Suncoast/Media Play stores in AL – this is the first I’ve heard of these figures turning up there, so if you’re looking for it and haven’t had any luck elsewhere, you might want to give a local store a try.



Canadian Cards
March 20, 2001 | 5:56 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Zorac wrote in to let us know that in Hamilton, Ontaria, he found Porkins wave figures on American cards, but with French Warning stickers on them. Interesting for variation hunters, but I do believe it’s no big change because I’m sure I’ve heard about later figures being released on the standard tri-logo figures.



Mystery EBWorld Item
March 20, 2001 | 5:53 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A couple of people have pointed out this unnamed Star Wars deluxe figure at Brian Roberts suggested that it could be the upcoming Bacta Luke figure. This is certainly possible. It gives a shipping date of 8th April though – given that we’ve not even seen a prototype of the figure yet – this date seems very unlikely. But, if anyone has/does order the item, or get any more info from, let us know what you get/find out.



March 20, 2001 | 5:49 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Some more possible information on the Episode One DVD. Bear in mind that until you see an official (i.e. posted on, mentioned in the Insider – something like that) annoucement, everything you read is rumored information. Very interesting though – you can read it here. Hope it’s true because it sounds excellent! Thanks to Decadent Dave for the news.



Anthony Daniels on TV
March 20, 2001 | 5:47 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Matt from The Private Universe has uploaded some pictures and videos of Anthony Daniels’ recent appearance on UK TV show The Big Breakfast. Worth checking out if you’re interested in hearing what Daniels had to say about E2, and also the Sky premiere of E1. Check it out @



New SW Models
March 20, 2001 | 5:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

HobbyLink Japan have posted some info about some upcoming 1/72 scale Star Wars models – head over there if you’re interested in kit building. Thanks to Matt for the news.



New Issue Hits 
March 20, 2001 | 5:16 PM EST | Kurt | Talk About This Post

The new issue of “Star Wars Gamer” is on store shelves now. It comes pacted with new rulings and updates to the Star Wars RPG. Also in this months issue
* Quick play adventure w/ maps
* Map layout for Lambda shuttle
* Inside information on the new on-line game “Star Wars Galaxys”
check it out today at,3&c=gamer



Tarpals Being Cleaned out??
March 20, 2001 | 11:31 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

It appears that the clearout has begun. Local Target stores here in MI have begun clearencing the Tarpals 12″ w/ Kaadu for a mere $41.90, so let the markdowns begin. Thanks to Rick for the news.
*Update* Thanks to Gene for the news, it would seem the deals are spreading. He has confirmed this price in FL. as well.



Store Reports
March 19, 2001 | 11:17 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Just an FYI, the Store Reports section will be updated within the week with the 300 emails we have here. I apologize for letting this sit so long. We have plenty of submissions and I am working on getting someone that can do this daily to make sure that we help out all the collectors out there. Again I apologize, so if you have any news about new finds, please head over to your state and send in the news.



Dioramas Updated
March 19, 2001 | 10:16 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

I have just updated the dioramas for Jabba’s Palace, including adding the Rancor Pit. Check back for more updates this week, including a totally redone and expanded Endor display, new Mos Eisley Cantina, and much more.



New Poll On Line
March 19, 2001 | 4:56 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Yakface has posted a new poll please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts.



Bespin Freeze Chamber
March 19, 2001 | 3:17 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well, I just spoke with someone at the Fan Club and the projected date for the Bespin Freeze Chamber is at the end of April. The new website will be open soon and you will be able to go to the site and sign up so that they will email you when they are ready for taking pre-orders. We will post more as we get it.



Still Looking??
March 19, 2001 | 3:14 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Sith Lords 12″ 2-Pack $39.99
12″ Electronic Jar Jar $4.97
Both available at



Hasbro UK
March 19, 2001 | 11:44 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I received a mailshot today from Hasbro UK; a catalogue containing some info on upcoming figures in the UK. It has stuff we’ve already seen and got – the first wve of POTJ, and the Mega Action figures. It also shows the POTJ Sebulba, K-3PO, Saesee Tiin, R2-Q5, Lando Bespin, Tessek, IG-88, Amidala (Theed), and the 300th Fett. It says that some of the items are not available yet, but call at the end of March and you should be able to order. Personally I think that by then they still won’t have it all, Tessek I don’t expect to be seeing on a tri-logo card for a little while….but it’s not impossible. In any case, the number to call is 00800 22427276 (UK number in case anyone else has read this far). No prices are given.



New Yakface Reporter
March 19, 2001 | 11:40 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Yakface would like to welcome Kurt on board as a new reporter, look for his posts to start soon with news. As for everyone else that sent in an email, I am not done making selections, so please be patient and I will get back to you. Thanks to all that have written in.



New figs hitting any day now
March 18, 2001 | 8:12 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well as we have all seen, the new Lando wave is already hit eBay, it’s just a matter of time we’ll see these hanging on the pegs of Walmart, Kmart, TRU and Target. A good friend in Seattle that is-we’ll say “on the inside”, let me know that they are ready to hit us here. I have heard a story or two of them floating around the Seattle area but no definite confirmation where they came from. So for those drooling at the pics we have all seen in the past few days, get your alarm clocks set…. Ummm is that the manager opening those Walmart doors now…



The Sidster’s back in town
March 18, 2001 | 8:06 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yup, yup Yak-ers my life finally seems to be settling back to normal (minus a few things). I never have caught my friendly crook, but I’m ready for ya now… I do have a new Sidi on the way, and then my half of the Brady Bunch is done. I hope to be able to get back to doing the Store Report section updates, but right now that will be on the back burner for just a little longer. So here we go once again guys…



Possible Amidala Name Change?
March 18, 2001 | 7:19 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have posted some interesting info about the new Amidala figure that could point towards some kind of packaging change. Stop by for more info!



IG-88 Eye Variation/Error
March 18, 2001 | 3:55 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Might be a variation might be an error, but in any case, Laser sent in a scan of two different IG-88 figures. One has solid “eyes” with black paint, the other has hollow, tube-like eyes. Take a look at the scan in our ToyGuide.



M & M Sale
March 18, 2001 | 3:54 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

M & M are offering 25% off any order today and tomorrow – ANY item, nothing is withheld. For more info check out their latest newsfeed in our newsfeeds section (press the newsfeeds button on the left).



Competition Time
March 18, 2001 | 3:53 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post and Real teamed up to giveaway at a New Saesee Tiin and Queen Amidala mint in star cases and 25 Real Stands. If you want a chance to win, head over to now!



Han Solo in Carbonite Prop
March 18, 2001 | 12:35 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There is a Han Solo in Carbonite Prop – Artist’s Proof on ebay and there are only three in the world. It is item number 1417215085.



UK Competition News
March 18, 2001 | 10:53 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From Pete @ The Private Universe:
“If you live in the UK and want to get hold of the 300th Boba Fett or an Alpha Series Naboo Fighter, then look no further. Hasbro UK have kindly provided us at The Private Universe one of each to give away in our latest competition. Closing date is the 20th of March, so check out the site for entry details.”



New Addition
March 18, 2001 | 12:39 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well, for sometime we have posted about a very special diorama maker, one of the best on the net. Markus from Germany runs the site and has some of the most incredible dioramas for your action figures that you have ever seen. Well we here at are VERY pleased to inform you that Markus is now a part of You can see his mind blowing work right here on our very own pages. Follow the picture link below to his section. You will also be able to get there from the dioramas link on the main menu to the right. We hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback on his work.



We are looking for YOU!!!
March 17, 2001 | 8:59 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Have you been thinking that you want to run a website, but do not know how? Have you been looking for a chance to work on a great site? DO you think you have the ability to track down news and post it for everyone? If so, email me, as we are looking for some top news guys to help run, so let me know if you are interested.



The R Case Assortment
March 17, 2001 | 5:27 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

There is a new case assorment of Collection 2 that is now hittng stores. The assortment is being reported byCollectStarWars as
2 x Theed Gown Amidala
2 x Saesee Tiin
2 x IG-88
2 x Plo Koon
1 x Tusken Raider
1 x Coruscant Guard
1 x Mas Amedda
1 x Jek Porkins
Also, the figures in this case come on a new cardback which is pictured at Rebelscum



Loose Figures
March 17, 2001 | 9:11 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

George Collazo has set up a new website where you can view new figures loose from many angles. Should prove very interesting, especially for collectors who keep their figures carded. You can see it Currently featured are the new Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice), Saesee Tiin, and Amidala Theed Invasion figures.



New Carded Images
March 16, 2001 | 10:45 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some nice images of Tessek, R2 Q5 and Lando carded. These are available from a Hong Kong person Item # 570508489, so Head over if you are interested in getting them before they hit the streets.



Select Image
March 16, 2001 | 1:24 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

There is a new select image up at so step in and take a look. They have also posted up info on the new #3 Star Wars Gamer.



R2 Holo Wave
March 15, 2001 | 5:42 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

SW Fig. Asst. (Wave 28) (Item# 84185B, $114.99)
is back in stock again. Assortment includes 3x Darth Vader with Interrogation Droid, 3x Stormtrooper with battle damage and blaster rifle rack, 1x R2 with Holo Leia, 2x Han Solo from Cantina, 1x Luke Skywalker with T-16, 1x Jawa with Gonk Droid, 1x
Greedo. Limited availability at Entertainment Earth.



New Diorama
March 15, 2001 | 5:01 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From ACPin: “I’ve just completed a diorama of Jabba’s Droid Dungeon. This is another multi-scene diorama of my version of the vintage playset mixing up elements from the vintage with the current SW figures.”
See it @ ACPin’s website.



Gentle Giant’s Real Scan Technology
March 15, 2001 | 11:34 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Visit for the latest article about the process involved and what it will mean for the future of toy designers. You can also check out a full body scan for Anakin Skywalker to give you a good idea of what the figures may look like.



Follow-Up To Slabbing
March 15, 2001 | 7:37 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is the first AFA Carded figure up for auction on, so you can judge for yourself as to how a slabbed figure looks and is it really worth it?



Army Builders for POTJ
March 14, 2001 | 5:42 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

CollectStarWars has been able to confirm that the Rebel Fleet Trooper and Imperial officer will be released this year. Also, these figures will have variations like the Battle Droid did. Also, a dirty version of the Biker Scout will be released this year.



New POTJ for the UK
March 14, 2001 | 4:43 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

TheToyShop in the UK have put up a bunch of new tri-logo POTJ figures which is great news for UK readers. As far as I can tell, it look like they have pretty much everything up to and including the Plo Koon wave there now, so if you’re missing figures this is a good place to look. Thanks go to both Philip Ayres and Pete of The Private Universe who both wrote in with the news. Pete also mentions that TheToyShop will be getting the other figures up to and including the Aurra Sing wave shortly so keep your eyes open. These are also available in’s real stores which go are called “The Entertainer” and to my knowledge, they are only located in England.



New @ KEBco
March 14, 2001 | 4:38 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

KEBco Toys is offering several Star Wars promotions for the remainder of March and April 2001:

1. All existing Pre-Order customers on file as of April 30th, 2001 will be entered into a drawing for a $250 shopping spree to be used in the KEBco Online Store at

2. The lucky customer that places the 5,000th Star Wars Pre-Order will receive free, a complete set of Collection 1 and Collection 2 figures from the 2001 line and a complete set of Episode 2 figures as they are released.

3. We are still offering our newest promotion, the “One of Everything” club. You never have to remember to order new figures. Your order will be automatically entered for you, and as a member of the club you will receive News Letter Updates, access to extra special deals starting in April of 2001 and best of all receive one free figure for every twenty five purchased. That means you pay only $7.00 per figure.

4. Enter a drawing to win a complete factory case of the Deluxe Figures (6 in a case). This prize will be awarded once all orders for this figure are filled. One entry per email allowed.

Other New features on our website for 2001 include checking your Pre-Order Status online, Star Wars Specials as low as $4.29 per figure, the New Items page and many additional items added to our Online Store and our Pre-Order prices are still $7.29 per figure and $79.80 per factory case. All waves available on the cases.

Also as a reminder – we ship all over the world. We welcome all international orders and guarantee that your purchase will be packaged to insure that all merchandise will arrive in mint condition.



Ever heard of slabbing?
March 14, 2001 | 11:29 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Slabbing is a term from the coin collecting world where a coin is graded and sealed in acrylic to prevent alteration of that condition. A company very close to my home seems to be in the business of doing this for Star Wars action figures. Their site is

This is an amazing concept (amazing one way or the other) and we want to know your opinion! Do you think it’s the greatest thing to happen to the hobby or proof that things have gone too far. Check out an article on the subject hereand the follow up article here.



12″ Exclusive News
March 13, 2001 | 7:06 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum has posted some news on what the 12″ exclusives could turn out to be. Sounds like some good stuff.



Tessek and Maul Sith Apprentice Prototypes
March 13, 2001 | 7:04 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

On Ebay there is a Tessek and Darth Maul Sith Apprentice prototype for sale. The auction numbers are
569128076 for Tessek and 569124232 for Maul.



New Preorders From Entertainment Earth
March 12, 2001 | 10:25 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

SW POTJ Wave 10 4-Pack (Item# 84455FF, $39.99)
Includes 1x Tessek (Squid Face), 1x Lando Calrissian Bespin, 1x Jar Jar Tatooine, 1x R2-Q5 Imperial Astromech Droid (Subject to change).

SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 10) (Item# 84455F, $89.99)
Includes 3x Tessek (Squid Face), 3x Lando Calrissian Bespin, 3x Jar Jar Tatooine, 3x R2-Q5 Imperial Astromech Droid (Subject to change).

SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wave 11) (Item# 84445G, $89.99)
Includes 2x Sandtrooper, 2x Expanded Universe Obi-Wan Kenobi – Cold Weather Adventure, 2x Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Training, 2x Leia Bespin Escape, 2x Aurra Sing Bounty Hunter, 2x Chewbacca Millennium Falcon Mechanic (Subject to change).

SW POTJ Wave 12 4-Pack (Item# 84455GG, $39.99)
Includes 1x Sabe – Queen Decoy, 1x Ketwal, 1x Bespin Guard, 1x Duro – Fan’s Choice Figure #1 (Subject to change).

SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 12) (Item# 84455G, $89.99)
Includes 3x Sabe – Queen Decoy, 3x Ketwal, 3x Bespin Guard, 3x Duro – Fan’s Choice Figure #1 (Subject to change).

We ship on a first-come, first served bases. Order early!



12″ Bounty Hunters at Meijers
March 12, 2001 | 8:17 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Jay for the following news.

“You mentioned on the webpage that the 12″ bounty hunters had been found at TRU recently as well as Target. The 12″ figs are also available at most Meijer store I have been to here in central OH. These same Meijer stores have also had the 12″ Vade/Maul and the 100 Luke.”

Meijers are located in the midwest around Ohio and Michigan if you are wondering where these stores are.



Some goodies at…
March 12, 2001 | 8:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

John’s Toys
John recently got his hands on some of the tougher items as of late and hopefully can help those in need. John got his hands on some Y Wings, Motti, and some Chancellor and Senate Guard 12″ 2 packs. These are a little higher than some might agree with, but they came from an over seas source I believe. That accounts for the higher price. Still an option for some out there. Check them out at link above or call them at 1-800-505-TOYS.



Fambaa for 50% Off
March 12, 2001 | 8:14 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Russ Roenick for the following news:

“The FAO Schwartz Fambaa w/ Gungan Warrior has been marked down 50% from its original price. It can now be purchased in FAO stores for $37.50. I think they are still charging full price at”



SW: Insider #53 OUT
March 12, 2001 | 8:10 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Reports are coming in from all over that the new SW:Insider is showing up in people’s mailboxes. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. If you are interested in what is happening with the Carbon Freezing Playset scroll down some and check out the news posted by Bill on the subject.



Collection For Sale
March 12, 2001 | 12:18 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Yakface reader Jason Gaitanis is in a rather unfortunate situation. he recently became a father, to two girls who were born 3 months premature. After a long time in hospital and a lot of surgery, the girls are ready to go home, but Jason needs to raise some money to pay for medical bills etc. As such, he’s been forced to sell his collection of MIMP and MOMC vintage Star Wars figures. Some facts about the collection:

1. All figures include Lynn Terry acrylic cases which cost $12 each to produce.
2. With only 2 exceptions (4-Lom and Paploo), none of the cards feature any offers or promos on the front of the card which detract from the artwork/image of the character. This was an extraordinarily difficult task for many of these figures.
3. All characters except Boba Fett appear on their “debut” cards. That is, the card with the film logo from which the character first appeared in the Kenner collection. No Empire figures on Jedi cards.

You can read a list of all the items on offer right here (.doc format).

The items are for sale through New Force Comics, a sponsor of If you have any questions about the items, or need photos, you can contact Jason or Rick @ New Force.



New Dioramas
March 12, 2001 | 12:17 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Markus has updated his great dioramas website, StarconstruX, with Jabba’s Dungeon, Land of the Jawas and some new custom figures. Stop by and take a look, these are, as usual, superb customs!



Calling Customizers!
March 12, 2001 | 12:15 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Casting Calls at the FFURG

Our friends over at the FFURG —
(Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Guide) — have presented their latest
Casting Call featuring customs of the NEW JEDI ORDER baddies–the Yuuzhan

The current Casting Call is for customized Droids, and any customizer can
submit their creations by March 31, 2001.

There is also a poll to determine the next “Armies of STAR WARS” characters,
and you can place your votes here.
You can also check all the casting calls here.



Fan Club Carbon Freeze Update
March 12, 2001 | 8:53 AM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

According to the message on the Fan Club phone number, there has been yet another change. I spoke with several operators who confirmed that the current plan is for NO preorders. Instead in late March or early April, when the new Fan Club webpage is launched, you will be able to sign up for a notice when the Carbon Freezing Chamber is available. After it becomes available (is in stock) you can place your order.



Naboo Royal Guard
March 11, 2001 | 11:57 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Paul sent in a nice photo of the Naboo Royal Guard, carded, with bonus Pit Droid. I’ve not seen one of these before. You can check it out in our Toyguide.



New Marmit Pictures
March 11, 2001 | 10:01 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

You can check out some new photos of the Marmit Sandtrooper – the new ones with black or white shoulder pads – at Thanks to Jeff for the news!



More @ TheToyShop
March 11, 2001 | 9:57 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post now have a few new items which may be of interest, mainly for UK readers:
300th Fett
MM Jar Jar Binks head playset
MM Gungan Sub transforming playset
MM Darth Maul head playset
Thanks to Philip Ayres for the news!



Saesee Tin wave
March 11, 2001 | 9:54 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you’re in the UK and are looking for these figures, you might want to try Watto’s Junkyard Online who have ’em for £10 each.



300th Fett Diorama
March 11, 2001 | 9:52 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has completed a display with the 300th Boba Fett figure – check it out at



Trivia Contest
March 11, 2001 | 9:51 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Get ready to test your collector knowledge for a chance to win either a Star Wars POTF2 Tatooine Skiff, Vintage carded MOTU Clamp Champ, Vintage carded G.I.Joe Zarana, Vintage carded G1 Transformers Powerglide, Vintage carded Secret Wars Captain America, or a 12″ DC Comics Batman & Robin 2-Pack in the ADC Collector Trivia Contest. Stop by for details on who you can register to play.



2001 Exclusive List
March 10, 2001 | 10:02 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum has posted a list of exclusive SW items for 2001. A few examples are listed below the rest can be seen at Rebelscum.
B-Wing with Pilot, Target Exclusive, 6/01/01, 26481090
Tie Interceptor, Toys “R” Us Exclusive, 7/27/01, 32457090
12″ Figure??, Wal-mart Exclusive, no date, 32466090
12″ Hoth IMP, KayBee Exclusive, 10/26/01, 32468090
12″ Luke w/ Backpack, Wal-mart Exclusive, 10/19/01, 32486090



Free Giveaway
March 10, 2001 | 5:42 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

At they have two free giveaways going on:
#1 Ultarama Display System (ends 3-21-01)
#2 POTJ Darth Vader Dagobah (ends 3-12-01)



Think POTJ prices are high?
March 10, 2001 | 5:41 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If you live in the US and think the prices for POTJ are too high be glad you don’t live in Canada. Mark writes in with this news:
“I found POTJ in Toys R Us in Belleville Ontario Canada. They
were $11.99 CDN. They had they same as Wal Mart in Canada and they are 3 dollars cheaper there.



12″ Bounty Hunters at TRU
March 9, 2001 | 6:13 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

If you weren’t able to find the 12″ bounty hunters when they were at Target, they have begun showing up at TRU. Reports of them showing up on both coasts have been coming in. Thanks to everyone who wrote in for the news.



Still need a Y Wing?
March 8, 2001 | 9:59 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys just a quick post from the Sidster to help some of our loyal readers. Yestertoys has some Y Wings in stock now. This Target exc. was a really tough piece to obtain but the guys at Yester got their hands on some. Some may think the price is steep but I figure that it will only go higher soon and some out there may think otherwise on the price. They have some mint boxed for $50 and some dinged boxes for $45. These I believe were obtained thru an overseas source and that also reflects the higher price. Head over now and check it out if you need it. Now back to my crazy life……



Star Wars Trivia
March 8, 2001 | 9:53 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Still looking for Star Wars Trivial Pursuit? Well has it for the low low price of $9.97. Stop in and pick it up.



Here Today Gone Tomorrow
March 8, 2001 | 9:47 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well as with many things in life, another decent place has gone by the way side. Yesterday was the final day at as they have now closed their doors. It is a shame as I have have excellent luck with some new items there. We are down to two remaining online retailers in KBkids and Amazon. There are plenty of other places, however none of them can compare pricewise with the retailers. Alas, we say goodbye.



Time for a break…
March 7, 2001 | 10:29 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys I just want all my great Yak-er friends out there to know that I will be on a short break from the site. I have had a ton of personal issues lately that are taking some of my time up. I have had many write in wondering where are my posts? Well for all that is going on now, posting time is slim… I started a new job and so much more, just today someone tried to break into my house… Yes I said break in… So I will still be a part of Yak without a doubt but need to handle some things, til I can be full swing again. Just look out for a come back post which will be in a week or two at the most. Oh I will get my friendly little crook and boy OH BOY…..



Hasbro says NO to Ep II figure list
March 7, 2001 | 7:11 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Andy from Hasbro has this to say on the EP II figure list circulating around the net.
The bottom line is this: There is no approved line list for Episode II yet. The movie is still over a year away, and the film is still being worked on. Nothing in the line is confirmed at this point, and Hasbro simply does not know yet what the final line will be. An approved line of toys is several months away at best, and even then will continue to evolve and change right up to release dates as the situation develops.



March 7, 2001 | 4:33 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


Richard the Vintageman has updated once again with playsets. He has some of the more rare vintage playsets from Sears as well. Check it out.



TF.N E2 Figure Update
March 7, 2001 | 11:09 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have a scan of a sheet which lists a lot of the E2 figures, in addition to the list they posted this week. Once again, if you are avoiding spoilers, I don’t advise you look.
Thanks to John for the info.



Amidala Theed variation?
March 7, 2001 | 11:06 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Rodney sent this in:
“I bought a Theed Queen From Brian’s Toys & I found one at Target today 3/06/01. The one from Target is on a .0100 card the one from Brain’s Toys is .0400 & they have two diffrent leg lengths. The .0400 is not as long as the dress. The .0100 stick out past the dress.”
Possible variation there, let me know if you can confirm this, preferably with a scan.

As for the card backs, it seems that as usual, some figures are shipping on the old cardback, some on the new one. Check out the card back pics of the Sith Apprentice Maul (see the post about that below this post) to see the new cardback.



Sith Apprentice on the Move
March 6, 2001 | 3:43 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The new Darth Maul Sith Apprentice figure has now been spotted at both Wal-mart and Target. Thanks to Rob and everyone else who wrote in with the news.

Update! Check out carded scans of the figure both front and back in our Toyguide!



Sae See and Aurra at K-mart
March 6, 2001 | 10:18 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Sae See Tinn and Aurra Sing waves are starting to show up at K-marts around the US. If you still need them you might want to start checking K-mart as well.



Ep II Wave 1 figure List
March 6, 2001 | 8:45 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has posted a huge list of the Ep II figures that will be first released in 2002. MASSIVE SPOILERS if you read it but if you want to go over there now.



Star Wars LEGO No Longer In Production
March 5, 2001 | 10:28 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

I’ve posted the list of 12 sets that LEGO is no longer producing for the Star Wars line. You can find the list at FBTB – so if you’ve been waiting, you might want to reconsider . . .



Pit Droid Update
March 5, 2001 | 5:33 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Click here to see a scan that compares a Holo Sidious w/ Pit Droid to a Darth Maul w/ Pit Droid – you can see the pose differences and toolbox differences between the two waves.



Red Pumpkin
March 5, 2001 | 5:31 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Had some more feedback from people about this co. – Andy, who lives very close to the company’s HQ, has visited them several times and bought from them and has nothing but praise for them. Dave Young ordered a Wuher figure from them a while ago and got it in great condition. They seem fine to deal with.



Green Box 300th Fett in US
March 5, 2001 | 11:32 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The variation on the 300th Fett, the completely green box, has now been found in the US at Wal-Mart. So if you are a variation hunter you might want to keep an eye out for it. Thanks to Aaron for the news.



Pit Droids
March 4, 2001 | 12:46 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I’ve had a little feedback on Red Pumpkin from a few people and from what I’ve heard, they sound reputable. In the meantime though, Rebelscum have some useful information about these two-packs and ordering them from this store which you should definitely check out – stop by asap!

In addition to the 3 figures showing up just now in these two-packs (Maul, Anakin and Obi-Wan) I know of two more that were made. Darth Sidious (Holograph) and Naboo Royal Guard also showed up. What’s more interesting to note though is that these two figures came with a Pit Droid which had a different figure sculpt, as well as a different toolbox sculpt. I only know of those 5 different figures to come with a Pit Droid, and while I have heard rumors of more existing I’ve never seen anything or even heard any names.



U.S. First for a Change
March 4, 2001 | 11:21 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Strange but the new Darth Maul Sith Apprentice has first shown up here in the U.S. before showing up anywhere in Asia, which usually gets the new figures first. Nice to be first for a change.



Pit Droids
March 3, 2001 | 9:53 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I’m afraid it has taken me a day or so to post this because I’ve been busy but a UK-based website called Red Pumpkinhas some Maul/Obi-Wan/Anakin with bonus Pit Droid packs in stock for £9.99 each – that’s approx $15 each. Not a bad price. Thanks go to Bret and Jeff for that info. I have never ordered from this site before, nor do I know anyone who has – in fact I had never heard of it – so I’m afraid I can’t vouch for them on packaging, shipping time or even if they’re good traders or not, so it’s pretty much up to your judgement. I’d appreciate it if someone would let us know what their trading experience with the company was like once they receive their item(s) so we know in future, thanks.

I just want to add in my personal opinion on these Pit Droid packs that have been showing up. As was demonstrated with the Eopie, Hasbro don’t make a couple of hundred of these modern items, if there’s one around, there’s a reasonable number of them somewhere. I’d guess that these Pit Droid packs are just right now being dumped like stuff has been in the past. Don’t buy these as investments, I’ve a funny feeling any recent value they’ve had on eBay will dwindle. Don’t worry if you miss out right away on your chances to buy ’em either, I expect more will show up. Of course, as with the Eopie again, supply does run out since everyone wants these (they’re damn cool really) and there aren’t that many of them, but there are plenty out there and it shouldn’t be too difficult or costly to locate at least one of ’em. Don’t pay too much.



Darth Maul Sith Apprentic OUT NOW!
March 3, 2001 | 8:29 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum is reporting the new Darth Maul Sith Apprentice figure is now out and was found at a TRU in Philly. They also have a carded pic of the figure. Please remain calm and try not to hurt yourself running right out to buy this highly anticipated Darth Maul figure.



300th Fett at Amazon
March 3, 2001 | 8:23 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The 300th Boba Fett figure is now in stock at for only $9.99. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it.




No posts, no reports, NADA…
March 2, 2001 | 11:38 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys it’s been some time now that most have heard from the Sidster. I have been swamped at the new job and last night lost my puter…. I had to reformat my entie hard drive and lost A LOT of stuff from it. So I have to start totally fresh…. Ah the joy. Hopefully I’ll be back and set very soon. For now though I have to put the Store Report section on hold. Sid’s will be back in it again soon….



NEW Hasbro Pic
March 2, 2001 | 10:39 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here is the new Hasbro pic of the upcoming Imperial Astromech Droid.



Still need Plo Koon?
March 2, 2001 | 8:51 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Big Bad Toy Store has the Plo Koon wave in stock for $8 a figure. Not bad if you still can’t find them in stores.



Win Rare Bonus Pit Droid packs
March 2, 2001 | 12:46 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The crew over at are offering collectors a chance to win a set of Asian Exclusive Figures with Bonus Pit Droids.

These figures are extremely rare and unlike the bonus Battle Droid packs these actually contain unique figures. Each figure is available with the option of one of three different Pit Droids complete with toolbox. The Pit Droids were intended to be released as a cinema scene complete with the toolbox, however, this was subsequently scrapped and a few of the Droids seem to have ended up on cards. The Pit Droid is a unique sculpt and is not available in any other format, it comes in orange, red and grey.

The figures up for grabs in the competiton are:

Anakin Skywalker Pilot with Bonus Pit Droid, Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight with Bonus Pit Droid, Darth Maul Sith Lord with Bonus Pit Droid.

Images of these figures can be found on the home page of

All you have to do to get your grubby mitts on these rare figures is vote for your favorite dealer that currently appears on You can base your decision on range of stock and prices for example.

Simple. Closing date for all entries is 12 noon Wednesday 15th March 2001.

Send your contact details and the name of the chosen dealer (or code, such as RED for Red Pumpkin) and you will be entered into this fabulous draw!

For the full rules and regulations of the competition, please refer to



ADC Giveaway
March 2, 2001 | 12:43 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From ADC:
“To help celebrate the opening of the new and improved ADC forums we are having a make your own posticon contest. The winner of the contest will have their choice of the following prizes. A Star Wars Eopie w/Qui-Gon Jinn, Transformers 2000 Brave Maximus, G.I.Joe 2001 A.W.E Striker, DC Super Hero’s Figures Superman and Shazam, a set of Classic Spider-Man wave 1 figures, Star Trek Amok Time Cinema Scene, or a set of MOTU Re-Release figures that includes HE-MAN & Skeletor. For all the details on how you can enter to win check us out”



Kaadu Borrowed?
March 2, 2001 | 12:41 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Ben sent in this interesting scan of a creature from the line of Highlander toys. The magazine scan is from Tomart’s AFD #29, p58 – from 1996. As Ben points out, this creature bears a stunning resemblance to the Kaadu which Lucasfilm used in Episode One in 1999. Coincidence? Is this where Lucas’ inspiration came from? Or maybe it’s something else. In any case, it’s an interesting comparison.



SW Fan Club Hit by Earthquake
March 1, 2001 | 5:09 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post is reporting the SW Fan Club at WOTC was damaged in the earthquake yesterday and the phone lines are currently down. No word on when things will be back to normal.



Sith Lords + Free Gift
March 1, 2001 | 4:58 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

“We have a few of the 12” Sith Lords discounted at $39.95 plus FREE toy with every purchase.”



Opee Diorama
March 1, 2001 | 4:42 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has posted a new diorama, featuring an Opee hunting for its prey – check it out!



David Prowse Update
March 1, 2001 | 9:22 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

From The

This is an update on Dave Prowse’s condition after being hospitalized.

His spokesman, Phil Day, said: “The paralysis he had has now spread to his back so it Is not looking good at the moment.”

“They don’t think it is a stroke, and it might be something to do with the blood. He said to me ‘I’ve no idea what is wrong with me – people haven’t been able to tell me’.”

Prowse, whose family runs a gym, had been walking with a stick after an operation two years ago left him with one leg shorter than the other.

“He can still move his legs but he has not been able to walk because he can’t apply any pressure on the walking stick,” said Mr Day. “He is still a very sick man.”

February 2001 Archive

New Case Assortments
February 28, 2001 | 9:59 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

A online store called Figures and Toys is listed several new case assorments. However, none of these are confirmed and one appears to be already out of date since the Obi Wan Jedi Armor figure has been cancelled.

Collection 1
1 x Sandtrooper, 4 x Luke X-Wing, 3 x Han Solo Death Star Escape, 4 x Darth Vader Emperor’s Wrath

Collection 2
3 x Sabe, 3 x Ketwol, 3 x Bespin Guard, 3 x Duro (July 2001)

1 x Sabe, 2 x Ketwol, 1 x Bespin Guard, 2 x Duro, 3 x Shmi Skywalker, 3 x Obi-Wan Jedi Armor (Sept 2001)

3 x FX-7, 3 x Queen Amidala Theed, 3 x Rebel Trooper, 3 x Imperial Officer (Nov 2001)



Palmtalker Loose Images
February 28, 2001 | 9:07 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some great loose shots of the upcoming palmtalkers.
Darth Vader
Boba Fett Toys
February 28, 2001 | 8:49 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some good deals at
Episode 1 Hasbro Flash Speeder $2.99
Playstation 2 bundled with Starfighter, Tekken Tag Tournament and Memory Card $459 (If you are having a hard time finding the PS2)



Carded List Now Online
February 27, 2001 | 11:37 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


In case you have not stopped in or did not know about Vintageman, stop in and take a look at his list of Loose MINT Vintage Figures that are complete with weapons. Richard has updated his section with a carded list of figures for sale. Stop in and check it out.



SW: BattleGround
February 27, 2001 | 10:08 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

This isn’t figure related but interesting for any PC game fans. Today, LucasArts announced a new SW PC game called SW: Battleground, which will be a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. It is being created by the same company that created Age of Empires for Microsoft. Read all about it over at LucasArts.



Do you need TC-14 and R2-B1
February 27, 2001 | 9:13 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

This just in from Rick at New Force Comics:

We just secured some older cases of the 84105 000 A Episode 1 (the one with TC 14 and R2B1) from Hasbro….They will leave Hasbro’s Washington warehouse this Thursday, and arrive at our warehouse about a week later (3/8) to start shipping to customers.
We will offer the following ways (note, this item is not on our website yet, as we anticipate a quick sell out)

Sealed Case of 16: (4) TC14, (4) R2B1, (2) Ody Mandrell, (2) Captain Tarpals, (2) Adi-Gallia, (2) OOM-9 for $104.99 a case (that works out to $6.56 each!) + shipping
1/2 case of 8 (we will break cases) :(2) TC14, (2) R2B1, (1) Ody Mandrell, (1) Tarpals, (1) Adi-Gallia, (1) Oom-9 for $59.99 + shipping
1/4 case of 4 (we will break cases): (1) TC14, (1) R2B1, and 1 each of 2 of the following (our choice) : Ody Mandrell, Tarpals, Adi-Gallia, Oom-9 for $31.96 + shipping



EToys Runs out of Time
February 27, 2001 | 4:41 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Meanwhile, back in the real world. Etoys announced on Monday they are not able to find a buyer and cannot climb out of debt. They will be shutting down their Website and will file for bankruptcy protection. If you are interested in reading more Raving Toy Maniac has a good article on it.



Commando Amidala
February 27, 2001 | 3:21 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is the latest form the guys over at on the subject of Amidala and her missing undergarments… “The Queen is wearing “flesh” colored tights or hose and is not lacking in propriety. If you match the skin tone of her hand to that of her legs, you’ll notice that her legs are darker in color because she is wearing undergarments. This is the FINAL VERSION and is NOT planned on being corrected according to Hasbro”. Thanks for digging up the news guys.

Good save Hasbro



Sad fan boys that we are…
February 27, 2001 | 9:27 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

At the 2001 toyfair we were allowed to paw over each figure extensively and that is how we discovered Ketwol’s secret feature. In that examination of each figure, we also noticed that Hasbro tastefully provided Queen Amidala (Theed) with appropriate undergarments as befits her royal status. However this picture sent in by a reader shows that the factories where the figures are produced are not as concerned about her majesty’s modesty. Variation hunters… look out! I just wonder how they’ll list this variation in the price guides.

Check out the picture here.



Day 3 of the Poll
February 27, 2001 | 8:53 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are the totals to date of our poll.
Luke w/ Bacta Tank (466) 43%
Amanaman (403) 37%
Slave Leia with Cannon (155) 14%
Darth Maul (48) 4%

I will say the biggest surprise of this so far is that Darth Maul has received any votes. I figured that figure would come in at maybe 2 or 3 votes. Still have a few days left, take a second and vote if you haven’t already.



A Few Etoys Deals
February 27, 2001 | 8:43 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some deals at Etoys… The deals should be getting better as they will not be alive much longer…
Star Wars Action Collection 12″ Figure: Barquin D’an $14.99
Monopoly: Episode I $7.99
Episode I: Electronic Naboo Fighter $5.99



Concept Maul?
February 26, 2001 | 10:21 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have had a few emails asking if this fig has hit shelves yet. It hasn’t as of yet, BUT we should see him showing up soon. I have a good source that says we’ll see this fig on pegs sooner than we think. Just when you thought you were caught up… You’re asking “Honey is the car warm yet????”…



From soup to nuts
February 26, 2001 | 10:18 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well that’s what John over at John’s Toys has for sale now. They just recently bought out a huge collection and have some stuff left over to sell. I am talking some weird oddball things from vintage and new line. Head over and check them just click the link on the main page. You know you need them Yoda salt n’ pepper shakers…



Carbon Freeze Chamber Update
February 26, 2001 | 10:15 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The guys over at Collect Star Wars are reporting that you can ONLY Pre-Order this Playset in mid March through the web site. NO phone Pre-orders will be accepted during this time. Expect this playset to ship in mid to late Spring 2001. At that time you will be able to place phone orders. Thanks for the news guys.



Reports for Store Report section
February 25, 2001 | 5:48 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have been getting tons of emails for this new section and have got 98% up so far. The few not up either had no city or store in the email or was a double report. If I post something about a certain city and store once I won’t post it again, just to save space and some time of my own. Please don’t take it personal, but I am running this pretty much myself and will cut corners if I think they need to be cut. I hope this new section is helping all that weren’t getting the goods in their area. Enjoy guys and definetly give us some feedback on what you think so far.



New Yak Poll
February 25, 2001 | 12:21 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well we have posted a new poll to get your input. Please take a second and vote to let us know which deluxe figure you are looking forward to the most. Thanks



Otoh Gunga Diorama
February 25, 2001 | 9:40 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Acpin has completed a new diorama titled ‘Otoh Gunga Found’ where Jar Jar leads the two Jedi knights to the secret city. Check it out as always at



Q & A With The Man George
February 25, 2001 | 9:03 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has a pretty good Q&A with George Lucas. Click on the link to read it. Thanks to J Wilkins for the news.



Do You Write Checks???
February 25, 2001 | 8:58 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


Well if you were using the Deluxe Star Wars Checks and were planning on Reordering, you better hurry. These are being cancelled. Or if you just want to get a set to keep as collectors items. Get your order in now.



Aurra Sing Error
February 25, 2001 | 5:52 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Laser sent in a scan of what looks like an error on the new Aurra Sing – part of the figure’s belt is unpainted. To check out the scan, go to this page and click the appropriate link.



New Zealand News
February 25, 2001 | 5:43 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Steve sent this in for collectors in NZ:
“If you missed out on the New POTJ figures in wellington Toyworld (Han Bespin, Boomer Battle Droid, Biker Scout, Old Obi- Wan, Dagobah Vader, Plo Koon, K-3PO, Mon Calamari, IG-88 and 300th Boba Fett) Lower Hutt toyworld has them in stock now. Last time I checked most these figures were still there (apart from Fett). SO if your quick you can still get them, Also when there all gone I have been told they will be ordering another case.”



300th Fett Variation?
February 25, 2001 | 5:42 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

There appears to be a variation on the 300th Boba Fett – one version has a yellow stripe under the viewfinder while the other does not. My best guess would be that it’s the newer version that does have the paint. For pictures and more information, head over to Thanks to iSlack for the news!



New Amazon Item
February 24, 2001 | 9:39 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has in the LEGO Imperial Shuttle for $34.99



Canadian Vader Variation
February 23, 2001 | 2:37 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Check out this picture send in by one of our yak readers of the transition Darth Vader (Dagobah) packaging. It’s shown sporting a sticker revealing that it’s not just another Darth Vader in the package. The newest releases are reported to have the face plate set aside in the bubble. Variation hunters look out!

Check it out here.



New 300th Fett Package
February 23, 2001 | 1:47 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum has posted a Canadian box of the new packaging that we will be seeing. While the box here in the US has the white side (left side) it will be replaced with the more colorful green side. This has been confirmed with Hasbro, so be on the lookout for the new design soon.



New Lucas Select Image
February 23, 2001 | 8:31 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Now up at is the lastest Ep2 select image I think it is a great shot!
If you have been following the story lines you will know who is in the image. This may be a spoiler…..



Insider falling to the light side?
February 22, 2001 | 5:35 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Did anyone notice that the latest issue of the Star Wars Insider (#52) is 10 pages lighter than the last issue? That not being bad enough, it’s also physically smaller (no longer the standard 8.5″ x 11″.) At first I thought the number of pages might be due to a missing Jawa Trader, but NO… it had 20 pages of ads when issue #51 had only 18 and issue #51(at the risk of repeating myself) was 10 pages longer! Wizards of the Coast promised each of us a free issue for the long over due #51. Too many more issues like this and they’d better make it two.

It could be a transitory condition, however, so I’d like to hear your opinions.

Send your thoughts to

Update: I didn’t even notice the price jump to $5.99 either!!!



…With Bonus Pit Droid
February 22, 2001 | 1:20 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Philip Ayres wrote in with one of the best deals I’ve seen in months., a UK based site who have offered POTJ recently to the UK as well as things like the Eopie and Ammo Wagon in the past, are selling Darth Maul and Anakin, each in the “bonus Pit Droid” two-packs. These things are very hard to find, personally I’ve seen very few of them. Better yet, they’re priced at just £6, which is about $9. You’ll be lucky to ever find them cheaper again. They do ship overseas. Head over now and search for Pit Droid to find them. Anakin and Maul are still in stock, Obi-Wan is up there but out of stock. You can request to be e-mailed when an item comes back into stock by clicking the backorder button.



Going for the Gold
February 22, 2001 | 8:22 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

From LucasArts…


Check out their site at



Rebelscum Readers!!!!!
February 21, 2001 | 7:16 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Just spoke with Dustin over at Rebelscum, seems as though there were some lines cut and the page is down for a little while. Please bear with them as they get themselves back up. As soon as we know when they will be up we will let you know. They apologize for the problems and are working to get the page up and running.

** UPDATE Rebelscum is back online!



Starfighter for PS2
February 21, 2001 | 6:57 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The cool looking SW Starfighter for PS2 has hit the streets today. I think most of the major chains should have it in stock. The price range is from $49.99-$59.99 so shop around or maybe get yourself a price match. Remember clean up your room before any video game playing….



A New Section
February 21, 2001 | 5:44 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post is glad to bring you the collectors something that you have been requesting. Everyday we here at the Realm average up to 20 store report findings a day. So we have made a section on the page dedicated to it. It is very simple to follow. There is now a section link under features that will bring you to the main page. There you will find the 48 continental states. Go to your state and find the latest. We will add out of the country areas as well as we get info on them. I have not received any from Alaska and Hawaii so I did not make a page for them, however if you are out there let us know.

When submitting a find to us, be clear on what you found (include price if you can, what city and state you are in and what store you found it at. There are already some findings listed. Also please keep it to new stuff and great deals. Thanks and we hope that you enjoy it.

UPDATE: Hey guys Sidi chiming here for a quick sec… I am gonna try to run this section as much as I can so you can also send any store reports to me direct. Enjoy guys we hope this helps many out there that turn up fruitless searches on many occasions.



Aurra Sing Wave at Target
February 21, 2001 | 4:49 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Aurra Sing wave is now showing up at Targets across the country. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it.



Aurra Wave
February 21, 2001 | 4:16 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have posted some cool Aurra Sing photos, plus one which shows just how tiny the new Bespin Princess Leia figure really is. Stop by for a look!



Forums and Giveaways
February 21, 2001 | 4:01 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From ADC:
“We have made a lot of changes over at, including updating to a new forum system. We invite everyone to
drop by and check them out and also remember we still have our “February Forum Giveaways” going for a set of POTJ figures which includes a Biker Scout, a Gungan Warrior, and a Battle Droid w/Boomer damage. We also have a second give-away for a Transformers 2000



New figs in stock
February 21, 2001 | 11:40 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Toymaniacs currently has the Amidala (Theed), Aurra Sing and Plo Koon waves in stock.



Questions, questions, questions
February 20, 2001 | 9:40 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I just spoke with Andy from Hasbro today and I hope to set up a Q+A with him soon, if all goes right… Well now I need some questions that many of you have that just have to be answered. I will jot down a bunch and approach Andy with them in the coming weeks. So here’s your chance guys to hopefully get that answer you have been dying to get. Send those questions to me here, I can’t guarantee your question being chosen or even answered for that matter so please don’t get offended if you don’t see it up. Get to work guys…



Don’t pass this up…
February 20, 2001 | 9:33 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

John’s Toys has an insane steal going on right now, but it won’t last long…
John has just about 50 of the awesome and limited Gammorean Guard statues from Legends in 3D. See the clincher is he is blowing them out at an unheard of $59.99…. Yes you read right. These originally sold for $200, but John was able to get the remaining stock on these and offer them for a steal. I would hop over quick and grab one while you can or give them a call at 1-800-505-TOYS. They also have some cool replica props you can check out too.



Freebies galore
February 20, 2001 | 9:24 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Here’s some cool free loot just waiting to be won by any of you crazy fans out there…… are giving away the yet to be released Carbon Freeze Chamber. This set is slated to be a FC exc, but we have been hearing that for a loooong time now. So get over to Sandtroopers and get it free, or try to anyway. This is well worth it guys. Good luck and thanks to Pat and crew for a chance at this awesome set.

Of course A freebie post wouldn’t be the same if those little desert hoaders over at weren’t giving something away too. Get over there and get yourself in for a free Dash Rendar fig. Hey just might help fill that little annoying hole on the wall finally…



News From EE!
February 20, 2001 | 9:04 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

All backorders placed as of yesterday will be filled starting Monday for the following items:

300th SW Figure – Boba Fett (Item# 84566, $14.99)

SW POTJ Chewie-Aurra-Leia 3-Pk (Item# 84445E, $29.99)

SW POTJ Chewie-Aurra-Leia Case (Item# 84445F, $89.99)



The LEGO Toy Fair Showroom
February 20, 2001 | 8:44 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

I’ve posted ten shots from the showroom this evening – if you’re interested, check out FBTB.



Insider Issue 52 Now Shipping
February 20, 2001 | 5:44 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Bob writes in to let us know that issue 52 has shown up in his mailbox today. So if you are still a member, then look for your soon.



New Figures in the UK
February 20, 2001 | 4:37 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Dave from Startoys & Collectables sent this in:
“SaeSee Tinn & Queen Amidala (Theed) are in stock this week shortly followed by an early batch of the Tessek, R2Q5, Lando & Jar Jar (Tatooine) wave. Taking orders (within the UK).”
If you want to order or have any questions, e-mail him here!



300th Star Wars Figure Boba Fett In Stock
February 19, 2001 | 10:53 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

A limited supply of 300th SW Figure – Boba Fett (Item# 84566, $14.99)
is now in stock. All backorders will be filled immediately. We reserve the right to limit quantities ordered. Only atEntertainment Earth.



Android Hunter!
February 19, 2001 | 7:04 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

WompRat sent in this scan of the Android Hunter figure he got from Toy Syndicate. This figure, as you’ll be able to tell, is based on Harrison Ford’s character from Blade Runner and features a great sculpt – well worth checking out for fans of the movie or even just Ford. If you’re interested in ordering one of these figures (and can afford it!), go direct to the item page by clicking here.



Holo Amidala
February 19, 2001 | 6:37 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

There’s a painted sample of the unproduced holographic Queen Amidala figure up for sale now on eBay – search for item number 562208358.



Saesee and Amidala (Theed) OUT NOW!
February 18, 2001 | 6:26 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Sae Sae Tinn and Amidala (Theed) have been found in several Wal-marts in NV. This has been confirmed as well. They are showing up on .01 and .03 card backs. Thanks to XFL Man for the news.



Need a Marmit Fett still?
February 18, 2001 | 6:07 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

John’s Toys still has some of the 1st round Marmit Fett’s that were recalled by Marmit. They don’t have tons left so act quick. They are priced to move at $130 so don’t wait long guys. Hit the link above or call John at



Win R2 with Holo Leia & More
February 18, 2001 | 4:33 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post are giving away a set of R2-D2 with holo Leia, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper commtech figures, complete with Star Cases, sponsored by George Collazo. If you’ve not had any luck finding these cool figures, head over and enter!



Pre-Orders for 2001
February 18, 2001 | 4:31 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

“We’re taking preorders for some of the newest Star Wars items scheduled for the year. Take a look in our Toy Fair 2001 Star Wars section here:



Hallmark ESB Lunch Box
February 18, 2001 | 4:29 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Bobby Lovelace writes:
“I picked up the Hallmark Empire Strikes Back lunchbox ornament here in Jackson, TN tonight! This item is an awesome collectible and also comes with a thermos ornament inside! It’s priced at $14.95.”
Check out these pictures: [front] | [back]



Links and Collecting Clubs Updated
February 18, 2001 | 8:22 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Links and Collecting Club sections have been updated. If anyone has a new link or club they would like me to add please e-mail me.



When the lights go down in the city
February 17, 2001 | 10:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well as reported by the Rebelscum crew, Yak-er Joe from Portland, Oregon wrote in with this…

“I live in Portland, Oregon and we are being locally affected by California’s electrical problems. The Toys R Us by my house posted a sign saying that effective 2/18 they will be opening at 10:00 instead of 9:30 and will be closing at 8:00pm (I think the normal is 9:30pm ??) on Monday through Saturday until further notice.”

It looks like the enegy scare still lingers out west. Good luck guys hope everything gets back to normal soon.



New Hallmark ornament out
February 17, 2001 | 9:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er FFuzz gave us a holler that he found the new spring SW Hallmark ornament today. It’s the second of the mini lunchbox series, but this time out it comes with a thermos too. This one depicts that great Empire lunchbox we all carried proudly to school way back when. These are great little pieces and bring back those childhood memories. Thanks to FFuzz for the heads up.



POTJ for the UK
February 17, 2001 | 6:15 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Now Canada have POTJ on the shelves, the UK seems to be next. Online retailer has a selection of Collection 1 figures – tri-logo cards, £6 each:
Obi-Wan (Jedi Knight), Obi-Wan (Jedi), Darth Maul (Final Duel), Qui-Gon (Moisture Farmer), Anakin (Mechanic), R2-D2 (Naboo Escape) and Dagobah Darth Vader.
They also have, for £10, the Sith Speeder TIGER game with the exclusive Darth Maul.

A lot of the POTJ figures are backordered just now, but will come back in soon I expect. Thanks go to Philip Ayres for the info!

Nice to see some POTJ stuff getting over to the UK, especially something like Dagobah Vader which many people are still looking for.



SIth Lord Arrival
February 17, 2001 | 6:11 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has posted his complete Sith Lord Arrival diorama on his website – check it out!



Part Two of the LEGO Interview
February 16, 2001 | 10:46 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

The second half of my Q&A with LEGO talks about chrome, EpII and the Death Star . . . check it out at FBTB



Canada News
February 16, 2001 | 7:12 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Seems like Wal Marts in Canada are throwing it all out in one go. Mark L wrote in again:
“Just got back from local Wal Mart and POTJ are here. I picked up Battle Driod Boomer Damage, Bespin Capture Han Solo, IG-88 (2nd version with claw closed), K3-PO, Plo Koon, Biker Scout, Anaking Skywalker Mechanic, Mon Calmari Officer. Wal Mart only had these there. One the back it says that Dagobah Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight are in wave one. Will get back to you if I see them. The Figures are going for $8.81 CDN.”



Entertainment Earth News
February 16, 2001 | 1:54 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Direct from Hasbro at this years toyfair…
300th Boba Fett: No more delays. We are now filling orders placed from April through August of 2000 for the 300th Star Wars Figure – Boba Fett (Item# 84566, $14.99). This item was originally scheduled for a November 2000 release, but was pushed back until spring 2001. To our surprise, in late December 2000, these items appeared at select mass retailers in the United States without our knowledge. After working with the kind folks at Hasbro and explaining that collectors couldn˜t wait any longer for these items, we were able to secure a relatively large quantity (thousands). Unfortunately, it is not enough to fill our huge backorder at this time. Hasbro is promoting this item at Toy Fair as being a key item for this spring. It remains on the price list and will ship in greater quantities soon. Check your account to see if yours is on the way!



Select Image
February 16, 2001 | 1:51 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

In case you did not see it…. Star has posted the new George Lucas Select image. Check it out. If you want to see it without the filter that has been applied to it, stop by Collect Star Wars and check out the corrected image.



Trade Ship on the Sale Block
February 16, 2001 | 1:49 PM EST | Rich | Talk About This Post


Chris, who was kind enough to e-mail me photos of his custom playsets, for the soon to be revamped customs section, is selling his Neimodian Trade Ship on eBay.

Chris’ work has an uncanny resemblance to the playsets of the vintage line, which so many of us have asked Hasbro to incorporate in their current creations. For those of you who would like to submit your custom work for the customs section, it’s not too late. Just drop me an e-mail with your images attached in a .zip file.



LEGO’s in the Great White North
February 15, 2001 | 1:51 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Colgate who sent this in…..

“This week, the Imperial Shuttle, AT-ST, Droid Carrier, and Escape Pod were spotted in Nova Scotia, Canada.”



Canadian POTJ
February 15, 2001 | 12:41 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

It seems POTJ figures may be ready to hit Canada. Mark L wrote in to let us know that his local Wal Mart had done some rearranging and there was a section covered with a sheet labelled “SW Collection”. Possibly – not definitely! – POTJ figures. Mark said he’d write again after his weekend visit so we’ll update you then if not sooner.

Update: Sooner than I thought…POTJ is out in Canada. NomadScout wrote in to say that NiubNiub’s Universe has some info, and POTNS has some too.



Plo Koon
February 15, 2001 | 12:37 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

D & S Toys have a few sets of the Plo Koon wave left, along with a few 12″ 100th Lukes and Bounty Hunters. If you need any of these items, head over to their site!



Star Wars: Darth Maul: Saboteur
February 15, 2001 | 11:04 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

A dazzling new short story featuring Darth Maul, merciless apprentice of evil…

This new E-Book is avaiable now Right Here from Peanut The cost is a low low $1.99. If you are into E-Books, head on over and get it.



FANtastic Media’s New Horizons
February 15, 2001 | 8:08 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

We all know that The Official Fan Club was sold to Wizards, now you can read all about the sale of the company Fantastic Media. Decipher Acquires FANtastic Media!, (Norfolk, VA, February 9, 2001) – Decipher Inc. announced today it has hired the entire staff and acquired the assets of FANtastic Media.

Click on the link to read the entire story….



LEGO’s in Stock
February 15, 2001 | 8:03 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

If you are by chance still looking for the new 2001 LEGO assortment, has them in stock now…
Imperial Shuttle $34.88
Droid Carrier $9.99
Tie Fighter $19.99
AT-ST $9.99
Technic Stormtrooper $34.99 Updates
February 15, 2001 | 7:49 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are the latest updates from the Official Site, head on over if you wish to read the articles….
**The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has honored the talented artists at Lucas Digital with two Oscar nominations.

**The Star Wars Fan Film Network has recently updated its marquee of fan-made films.

**LucasArts has teamed up with PlayStation @ Metreon in San Francisco to premiere Star Wars Starfighter.

**Classic Moments take you back in time for a fresh look at Episodes IV – VI. Today’s moment is Vader Breath.

**Episode 1 Snapshot: In today’s snapshot, Ian McDiarmid emerges out of the blue.



Where are they????
February 14, 2001 | 10:02 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Many are asking this question lately about the Han Bespin and Plo Koon waves. Not many have been found at the retail level. I, myself have only seen the Han wave twice in my area and have yet to see the Plo wave anywhere. I have some friends that found Plo wave at Target and KMart but those stores usually get a case or two in, at the most. I had spotted the Han wave at two area Walmarts but that was a while ago now, and since haven’t seen them again. I have heard through two sources now that these cases have been sold out by Hasbro. So any retailers that have orders in will get them but none can reorder these cases. I also hear that some of these figs might be tucked into future cases but that is kinda of leary to believe. Hasbro seems to be knocking figs out of assts much earlier these days. If anyone can help confirm about these cases being sold out, gimmie a holler here. Though I can say that one source that told me this is pretty reliable with his info. Now get out there and hunt’em down guys….



IG-88 Variant
February 14, 2001 | 9:47 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Check out the picture of the closed-handed POTJ IG-88 variant on our IG-88 page in the toyguide.



A Toy Fair Interview with LEGO
February 13, 2001 | 9:16 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Part one of my interview with LEGO at this year’s Toy Fair is online now at FBTB



More on Tarpals…
February 13, 2001 | 8:23 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well since posting pics of the dk purple Tarpals set last night, I have been swamped with emails. Many people have asked questions, claimed to have this set, and are saying “Big deal”…
Well I am gonna help clear some air on the set.
First off… I’ll help answer the questions.
There are so many major differences in the sets. The first (dk purple) set is extremely purple in color. The whiskers, nose, ears and arms are very, very purple. There is a design on the arms, much like the 12” Jar Jar, that can hardly be seen on the dk set at all. The revised set has a much more yellow-ish (Gungan flesh) color look. This was one of the big factors in the change, besides him looking so ridiculous. If you can’t tell take a good look at the boxed version we have up then click the dk version link. You can clearly see the difference upon further inspection.
OK… Second… I talked with my source that I bougt the set from way back in Sept and he was pretty sure that not many if any might have been shipped this way. Hasbro rejected the piece and he was sure they ordered for them to be destroyed. This also brings up why the set was postponed so long… This same scenario happened a while back on the FAO Leia/R2 set. Originally the Leia had a different head sculpt then the released version, that Hasbro thought was too Disney looking and they had those destroyed. I also own this piece and can say it is a huge difference, and actually better looking than the released set. So in essence if you do have this set consider yourself lucky. I do ask you to look carefully though at the above descriptions and pics.
OK…. Whew… Finally many have wrote in saying “Big deal”. We’ll to some, things like these are. This was a piece that Hasbro disapproved, so having one is kinda cool to some people. I have yet to see any on eBay or any site at all in the dk purple color. Some people that wrote say they saw the dk set on other sites, I checked all that people mentioned and nope they all have the revised version. If you think you have one send me a pic and I will confirm for you. I can say this if you do own a dk set congrats, I don’t think many exsist this way, but maybe I’m wrong…
I hope I helped many wondering about this set, anytime you need some help just gimmie a holler. I know that sometimes pics are tough to make out, but I’m here for ya…



100th Luke
February 13, 2001 | 12:26 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Just received this cool report from Joseph:
“here in San Diego, Ca I went to Walmart this morning and they had everything!!!!!!!!!! The new Chewbacca mechanic, Leia, and Aurra Sing. They had several of the New 12″ Luke and they even had a few of the 12″ Darth Maul with the Sith Speeder. The price of the 12″ Luke is $39.84…”



Diorama Preview
February 13, 2001 | 4:48 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin writes:
Here’s a sneak preview of my new diorama on Darth Maul’s arrival in Tatooine. I have not yet completed the selection and uploading of the pics. But I’ve just picked a few pics to show what the diorama is all about. I’ve also added more battle droid pics because of numerous request for more.”



Cheap Bounty Hunters
February 13, 2001 | 4:45 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

You might be able to get lucky on these:
“I work at Target on the east coast and we just finished marking all the 12 in. Bounty Hunters down to $4.97.I believe this is a mistake, however a lot of the east coast stores did the same thing. Also we have been notified that the “Masters Of The Darkside” 3 3/4 two pack has been discontinued. It was out of our system before we even got them in stock”
Thanks to blockhead for that report. We already know about the MOTDS set, but if you can find Bounty Hunters for $5 then that’s pretty cool!



100th Luke Out There
February 13, 2001 | 4:43 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Matt sent this in:
“I ran across 4 of the 100th Luke at Wal-Mart in Phoenix today. I did not check the price as I have no interest in the item. The box is really nice and features an opening flap at the bottom to illustrate all the outfits. My Wal-Marts have also had 2-6 Speeder Mauls on the shelf for the past week.”



New Figs Out Already
February 12, 2001 | 10:38 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

We have received many reports that the Theed Amidala and Sae Sae Tin are out. After checking out EBAY for these, there are plenty avaiable. So be on the lookout, as these appear to be shipping now. Do not give into the darkside, stay away from EBAY for these, they will be in stores soon.

On another note, while in NYC for Toyfair, Ben and I did some shopping. We stopped at FAO, nothing there but overpriced Star Wars toys. They did have some VERY cool displays, look for those tomorrow. And we stopped into the Manhattan TRU on Broadway. If you are wondering where the Sith Lords 12″ 2-packs are. They are all on their shelves. Must have been about 50 of them (that is not an exaggeration). There were 2 shelves full.



Jar-Jar Tatooine feature
February 12, 2001 | 10:29 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has updated with a new featured figure this week. This time it is Jar-Jar Tatooine.



Better late than never….
February 12, 2001 | 8:18 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well as promised ages ago….
I have some pics up of the first and unreleased 12″ Captain Tarpals and Kaadu set. I got my hands on this set in Sept of last year and knew it wouldn’t hit shelves looking this way. As you can see Mr Tarpals fell into a purple paint bath. This was of course rejected by Hasbro and most as I understand were destroyed. I am curious though if any slipped by and got shipped accidentally. For those finding these sets on Target shelves now, if you nab one this color please gimmie a holler here. I hope you enjoy a the pics and please forgive me for being soooo late on these. And now herethey are….



February 12, 2001 | 6:17 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you never bought a Commtech Reader, now would be a good time. Indalecio found plenty priced at 50 cents at a Wal Mart store in Laredo, TX.



300th Boba Fett at Toy Fair
February 12, 2001 | 10:35 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

Hasbro reps indicated that more 300th Boba Fetts are on the way to retailers. So if you haven’t found one yet, take heart. As with any current figure, don’t give in to eBay!!! As illustrated with the R2-D2 with Holo Leia (which Mark here at Yakface predicted) all figures eventually become available at retail. Buying from scalpers only makes future releases more difficult to find. Don’t support the scalping industry.

I’d like to thank Andy and Paul from Hasbro once again for their incredible hospitality at this years toy fair!



TRU Computer Info
February 11, 2001 | 2:44 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Rei sent in this information…

Here’s what I could find in the computer:
SKN# = 239316
Manufacturer’s # = 32457
Retail Price = $29.99

Thanks Rei



Toyfair 2001
February 11, 2001 | 12:04 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post is happy to bring you the latest news from Toyfair 2001. Click on the link above and check out all the latest images. is bringing you on a virtual tour of the show. Remember to check out all the links in the interior pages. Especially the comparison shots on the Chewbacca page and the secret about Ketwol.

If you have any comments, send them to me.

I hope you enjoy the images…..



UK Sci-Fi Show Tomorrow
February 10, 2001 | 8:58 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The ‘Collector’s world fairs’ SCI-FI fair on @ Basildon sports centre, Essex (Just up the A13 from Lakeside shopping centre) is tomorrow, Sunday 11th Feb. For full details, check out
Alan Ruscoe (Daultay Dofine, Plo Koon & EP-1 Bib Fortuna) will be there as will Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter) plus Barry Morse (Victor Bergman/Space 1999) plus the usual toys, autographs, cards and general Sci-fi/Film/TV related collectibles
aswell as plenty of Star Wars from Startoys & Collectables among other dealers.



Bounty Hunters
February 9, 2001 | 3:30 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you’re after the 12″ Bounty Hunters, D&S toys and M & M collectibles both have them in stock, check out our newsfeeds section (button on the left) for more info. M & M also have the 2 exclusive Death Star board game figures in stock for $5.99, and D&S are expecting the Aurra Sing wave next week.



The LEGO Toy Fair Invitation
February 9, 2001 | 10:07 AM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

If you’d like to get a look at LEGO’s Toy Fair invitation, then simply check out FBTB



Sae Sae Tinn at Bothan Collectables
February 8, 2001 | 9:28 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Mark over at UK based Bothan Collectables wrote in with some great news for our UK readers. Mark said they expect very limited quantities of the Sae Sae Tinn & Amidala figures to come in very soon. He also noted…

“Collectors who buy from us will get the chance to be among the first people in the UK to get these!”

So if you are in the UK I would definetly check Bothan out. I have never dealt with them but I have heard they are great to deal with.
Good luck guys.



Attakus statues shipping
February 8, 2001 | 9:23 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Some may remember a few months back I posted about some incredible and very limited statues that were being produced by a French company called Attakus. Well these statues are now shipping and I hear they are worth every dollar.
Yak-er and huge Yoda fan Arn wrote in mentioning he received his a few days ago. Arn posted some pics and cool review at his all Yoda site, Head over and check it out, definetly worth it if you are interested in these statues at all.



New Images
February 8, 2001 | 6:05 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Click on the links below to see some very nice clean images.
Loose Sae Sae Tin and a NEW carded image as well. The carded image was provided thanks to New Force Comicsand Amanamatt.
Chewbacca Mechanic Loose
Leia Bespin Escape Loose
Aurra Sing Loose
Darth Maul Battle Armor Loose
Amidala Theed Invasion Loose

UPDATE:The Trade Federation also has some great loose images of both Sae Sae and the Queen. Check those out at the link above.



Unofficial Case Break Downs
February 8, 2001 | 3:31 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is the latest info for the case break down for the new Screen scene deluxe figures…
First Case:
3x Luke with Bacta Tank, harness and breather mask
3x Darth Maul Crusade – Fully exposed with no shirt.

Second Case:
2x Leia with Sail Barge Cannon
2x Fan’s Choice Action Figure #2 – Amanaman with Salacious Crumb
1x Luke with Bacta Tank
1x Darth Maul Crusade – Fully Exposed.
**As Always, These Are Subject To Change**



Ultarama Display Backgrounds
February 8, 2001 | 1:44 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

You get to help pick the next Ultarama Background, Rebelscum will be running a poll the same time Toy Fair runs in New York. and you get to pick the next Ultarama background. You can get a preview of the six photos to choose from on rebelscums Ultarama page, but the poll doesn’t start until this Sunday. head over there this week and vote. Also make sure you check back here daily as will be bringing you updates from Toyfair 2001 this weekend.



Deluxe Figures
February 8, 2001 | 3:29 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

As the post below says, the deluxe figures are scheduled for a late fall release. As such, the shipping information KEBco received which we posted yesterday must have been incorrect. This is no fault of the company, they were given an incorrect shipping date for their order. Sorry about any confusion.



Deluxe figure Assortments
February 7, 2001 | 10:24 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Fan`s Favorite Fig. Ast. 1 (Item# 84475A, $69.99) and Fan`s Favorite Fig. Ast. 2 (Item# 84475B, $69.99)are the most anticipated new Star Wars products of the year, scheduled for a Fall release. These new deluxe action figures feature Leia with Sail Barge Cannon, Fan’s Choice Action Figure #2 – Amanaman with Salacious Crumb, Luke with Bacta Tank, harness and breather mask, Darth Maul Crusade – Fully exposed with no shirt. (Subject to Change.) Reserve your case today at Entertainment Earth.



Has that beat up old wagon broke down for good?
February 7, 2001 | 8:34 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well then the little desert nomads over at can help. My little brown cloaked friends can hook ya up with a free Ammo Wagon and Falumpaset. You read right-free, no deposit, no trade in, nada, zilch, zero… Just head over and enter and who knows you could be the owner of a shiny new Ammo Wagon. Good luck, oh and please get rid of that old junk wagon… Please…



New Spring Ultarama line at Toy Fair
February 7, 2001 | 8:28 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

If you happen to be one of the “chosen” attendees at Toy Fair next week in NYC, stop by and check out the new SpringUltarama line. Mort Simpson of Ultarama wrote in with this…

“The Ultarama and its new Spring Line will be at Toy Fair February 11th & 15th. Please stop by our booth #6176 at the Javits Center to see it live!”

For those that haven’t seen this awesome display system in person yet, here’s your chance. I highly recommend these displays, great all around piece. You can also check them out by hitting the link above. Tell’em Sidster send ya.



Deluxe Figures coming soon?
February 7, 2001 | 2:15 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From KebCo:
“We just got word from Hasbro that we will be receiving eight cases (48 pieces) of the new Star Wars Deluxe figures. They are scheduled to be shipped from Hasbro on February 7th, which means we should have them by the 14th. This is the Luke Skywalker in Bacta Tank and Princess Leia with Cannon.

At this time, we do not know how the assortment will be. All 48 pieces may be the Luke, it may be a mixture of Luke and Leia??? Just do not know. But we do know we are getting only 48 pieces at this time. So, if you want to be sure to get one, act NOW. We do have these listed on our pre-order page. The price is $9.99 each.

You can go to and order one from our pre-order page.



Bunches Of New Fig Images
February 6, 2001 | 8:05 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Check out THIS LINK!!!, as has updated with all new images that include….
Cold Weather Obiwan
New Bespin Guard
Imperial R2 Droid
Sandtrooper (Gray Shoulder Pad)
Luke X-Wing
Check it out now!!!



More Indiana Jones figure pics
February 6, 2001 | 6:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here are a few comparison shots of the new Indiana Jones figure loose with a few SW figures. Thanks to Mark for the images.



SW Electronic Tomy Figure Case
February 6, 2001 | 6:31 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Electronic Tomy Figure Case (Item# 26189A, $89.99)
is an item that was introduced last year, but never shipped. It now has a new name and a new ship date. This item was previously called the Palm Talkers Assortment. This assortment was reduced from 12 figures to 8. The price has also been reduced from $124.99 to $89.99. We will update all backorders with the new price. Only at Entertainment Earth.



Aurra Wave Hitting
February 6, 2001 | 5:46 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

MrCydonia sent in this report:
“I found [all] of the figures in the Aurra Sing wave (Aurra herself, Bespin Escape Leia and Mechanic Chewbacca) at the Target in Olympia, WA.”

So, Target got ’em first? If you find them at stores other than Target, let us know.

We try to encourage collectors to share their finds by reporting finds along with specific store locations in our forums. We tend to only post a couple of sightings on the main news page just after an item is released to let you all know they’re out there. After that, we suggest you make good use of the store reports section of the forum to post and ask where you can find these. There’s a link to the forums at the right as well as in every post header. Thanks!



New Images
February 6, 2001 | 9:43 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

The yakface toyguide has recently been updated to include several new images of the following:

Aurra Sing (Bounty Hunter)
Chewbacca (Millennium Falcon Mechanic)
Leia Organa (Bespin Escape)
and the new POTJ cardback

Be sure to take a look.

Thanks to Thomas for the images.



Tessek Image
February 5, 2001 | 11:32 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


Check out the new image of Tessek, Click on the image to see the full shot. Once again Star Wars Kids has come through with a great image.



February 5, 2001 | 10:40 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Official SW site has updated with incredible pictures of busts of characters from Ep II that were scanned using the Real Scan technology. These will be on display at the Toy Fair in NYC next week.



Send In Those Customs
February 5, 2001 | 9:36 PM EST | Rich | Talk About This Post

Hi, I’m actor Troy McClure. You might remember me from such science fiction websites as… I mean hey guys – Rich here. You guys may remember me from back in the day when Yakface’s Realm was a fledgling site. Well, I’m baaaack.

So here’s the deal I’m going to get the Figures In Action section running once again with some new scenes on the way (SOTE and ROTJ sections coming online shortly). My other baby is going to be refurbishing the customs section. I need you guys to submit your custom images. I’m talking figures, playsets, weapons, decals, 12-inch, 1-inch, whatever. You name it I want it. With your help, I’m going to create the most comprehensive customs gallery on the net. So be sure to e-mail me your images.



SW Fan Club Online Catalog
February 5, 2001 | 3:46 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Joe for the following news.
“I got a call from the Star Wars Fan Club last night about having a credit with them. During the conversation they mentioned they would have some 400 items online in the next couple weeks.”

Sounds like the new Fan Club is starting to move forward.



SW Legacy Assortment 2 Update
February 5, 2001 | 3:42 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Star Wars 12inch Legacy Asst.2 (Item# 32406A, $139.99), The only 12inch Star Wars figures scheduled for 2001, has been updated with a new case breakdown. This item will now include 2x Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise, 2x Death Star Trooper, 2x Death Star Droid (subject to change.) Available for preorder at Entertainment Earth.



Plo Koon wave @ Target
February 5, 2001 | 2:07 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

They showed up at Wal Mart earlier this week, and now Target have the Plo Koon wave. Carl Harley reports finding them for $4.05 at a Las Vegas Target store.



M & M Collectibles News
February 5, 2001 | 1:32 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

“We just went through and did an inventory today and found several items that we only have 1 or 2 of left in stock.

So, to move these items out, we have reduced the prices appox. 50% on them and put them into our Sale Items Section.

Check them out!

Mark and Megan
M and M Collectibles

Please note: when the items sell out, we will remove them as soon as
possible from the website. If you place an order and the item is sold
out, we will send you an email to let you know. Thanks”



12″ Kaadu Found
February 5, 2001 | 10:11 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Here we go…Atlanta. LooseToon found the 12″ Kaadu in Snellville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Click here for a scan of the receipt. And before anyone starts 🙂 the other two are for friends.



Opening Scrawl?
February 5, 2001 | 9:45 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well if you are interested in readin the opening scrawl for Episode II, then simply click on the link HERE, it will bring you to the very nicely made Flash version of it from The



Gungans Galore
February 5, 2001 | 8:21 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has updated his Gungan diorama again with loads more Gungans – check it out @



12″ Tarpals and Kaadu
February 5, 2001 | 12:04 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is a nice picture of the New 12″ Captain Tarpals w/ Kaadu. Thanks to T man for the image.



Problems with Email
February 4, 2001 | 10:55 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I lost all mail from today. If you have sent me an email today, please resend it. Sorry for the inconvenience.



With much work and effort….
February 4, 2001 | 7:31 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

We hope that you enjoy the new look here at, please take a moment and vote on the new poll while you are here, and if you have any comments, please email Mark….



Plo Koon at Wal-mart
February 4, 2001 | 3:26 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Bill Woods for the following news.
“Just wanted to let you and other readers know that I found all 4 (IG-88, Plo Koon, Mon Cal and K-3P0) of these figures at the Super Wal-Mart in Conyers, GA. They had 15 of each figure. The price was 5.86 a piece.”

This is the first I’ve heard of the Plo Koon wave showing up at Wal-mart.



More on that 12″ Kaadu
February 4, 2001 | 11:20 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Scott, a Target employee, sent in this info which seems to settle all the talk about this toy:

“Hi, just to let you know that the 12” Tarpals with Kaadu Target exclusive is shipping out. Our store is receiving 12 tomorrow.

The info is: DPCI #087-06-0543 STAR WARS CAP TARPALS W/ K STARW $59.99 each. (2 Per Case)

The grey sticker with the 2/15 date a person reported is call a “z-date”. This means the store has none of the figure on hand (in the store) and that 2/15 is when the computer tells them they can expect a shipment to come in from the distribution center. This is just an estimated date and doesn’t mean a lot. It could show up earlier, later, etc. It has nothing to do with when they can put the figure out. It just verifies they don’t have it yet, and they don’t have them in sock yet. They can point to the sticker and say “Grey dot, nope we have zero of those.” and not call the backoom and save everyone some trouble. When the toy gets stocked out, the stocker peels off the dot.”



A Little Down Time
February 3, 2001 | 11:57 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

We at are doing all that we can to make you visit here at the best it can be. You will notice during the day tomorrow that most of the sections will not be available as we are making MINOR modifications to the site to speed it up for your viewing pleasure. You will still be able to get to the main page and interior pages like FBTB and Tusken Trader. Thank you for your support and patience.




Aurra Sing at FX 2001 Show 
February 3, 2001 | 9:53 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Aurra Sing wave was out in full FORCE at FX 2001 Show in FL. Aurra was going for $15-20, Leia Bespin and Chewie Mechanic were $10-15. Most dealers at the show had 3-4 cases. Some had close to 10 cases of them. Thanks to Bobby D for the news.
This is the first report of the Aurra Sing wave showing up in the US, still no reports of them in actual stores though.



12″ Kaadu Street Date?
February 3, 2001 | 8:56 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

XXX writes:
“I was at target in Sawgrass, FL. they had a tag up for this figure with a gray sticker dated 02/15/01. I was told by an employee thats the date they can put them out.”

Sounds very possible to me – Feb 15th sounds like a good time to start the Kaadu hunt (unless you’re lucky enough to have already found one).



February 3, 2001 | 8:39 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

OK, another update. I’ve been hearing some nasty stuff. Some people who’d ordered things from the company in the past had discovered fresh charges on their credit cards for no reason at all. Add that to the usual pile of people who had preordered a lot of POTJ merchandise and paid a 25% deposit only to receive just a few items or even nothing at all, and we have a large database of complaints.

Right now, I’d advise anyone who has been charged money either for no reason, or for items they never got, to file complaints with their credit card company.



K-Mart 2 for 1
February 3, 2001 | 5:44 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Seems not all stores are doing the POTJ 2 for 1 offer I mentioned yesterday. If you have bought stuff recently from a K-Mart, at full price, and the store is now offering 2 for 1, take your receipt and see if you can claim the difference back. But, not all stores are doing the deal, at least not yet.



12″ Kaadu In Warehouse
February 3, 2001 | 5:42 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Donald from Wisconsin Milwaukee wrote in to say that the 12″ Kaadu and Tarpals are in the Target warehouse and they don’t know why they’re not hitting everywhere yet (presumably he was told this by a Target employee). If that is the case, Target may be waiting for a certain street date. If anyone knows if this is the case, and knows the date, please send it in.



Starfighter for PS2 Available 21st Feb
February 3, 2001 | 5:39 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

It’s all in the title – Lucasarts’ new game for PlayStation 2, Starfighter, will be available on 21st February. Some official info:

“Attention Starfighter pilots! LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC is
pleased to announce that STAR WARS STARFIGHTER has been approved for
manufacturing. Developed for the Sony PlayStation 2, the flight
action/adventure STARFIGHTER is expected to be on store shelves in the
U.S. and Canada February 21, 2001.

STARFIGHTER lets you prove your battle skills in intense air and space
combat in amazing 3D environments. In the 14-plus missions, take on a
variety of enemy craft, including some never seen before in the Star
Wars universe. Thrill to one of the most anticipated titles for the
PS2; Next Generation magazine said “seeing this game in action took
our breath away.”

Also a special offer – if you order the game through Lucasarts’ Company Store you get free shipping plus a special hint guide for mission 1.



Interview w Andy
February 2, 2001 | 7:00 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post has a short interview w Andy from Hasbro on their site. There is some info on the upcoming Luke X-Wing and several other details.



New Lando Bespin Image
February 2, 2001 | 6:19 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

WOW is all I can say on this one. Man does it look nice. Here is the new Lando Bespin Image. The image was found onThe Star Wars Kids site. Thanks to Chris B for the news.



Star Wars Survivor
February 2, 2001 | 2:12 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Scott writes:
“The Tribe has spoken and we have lost our first SW Survivor. You can watch Tribal Council votes in a new Flash movie that is at the site.”

TO check out the movie, go to



February 2, 2001 | 2:08 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Oh dear. Since my post earlier today, I’ve received even more complaints, plus a number of people who live in or have passed by the Atlanta GA area have mentioned that the company’s retail store there appears to have closed. Some have heard the company were declared bankrupt. Hamlet recommends that those who have been ripped off do as he has done and contact the Better Business Bureau to report it. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this.



POTJ 2 for 1 @ K-Mart
February 2, 2001 | 2:02 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

D-Man writes:
“I was at a Kmart in Raleigh today and found the POTJ(including the K-3P0 wave) selling for two for the price of one. The only way I discovered this though was when I went up to the cashier and she told me it was 2 for 1. She said it hadn’t been added into the computer yet for it to scan right, but that she would be doing it presently.”



Cheap Interactive Yoda
February 2, 2001 | 9:20 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

SWFan1977 sent this information in:
“Just wanted to let you know I just got back from a store called Odd-Job (a chain of closeout stores) here in central Long Island. They had about a dozen Interactive Yodas for only $9.90 each! At that price he is definately worth picking up.”



Homer as Stormtrooper
February 2, 2001 | 9:17 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you’re a Simpsons fan, there’s a great custom figure for you on sale on eBay – check out item number 551674274 for a custom Homer Simpson as a Stormtrooper figure!

Update: Check out item #550007708 for a SWEET Chewbacca Homer!



A Quick Warning
February 2, 2001 | 9:14 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Just to inform you all….over the last month or so I’ve slowly been getting more and more complaints about DollsKollekt– lots of people are claiming to have ordered items, been charged for them, and not receiving them. Be wary if you order from them in future. I can’t say for sure that the reports I’ve had aren’t just mistakes the company has made – no company is faultless – but there have been quite a number of them. You have been warned…



12″ Kaadu
February 2, 2001 | 9:11 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Expect the 12″ Kaadu to become more widespread in the near future. It’s due out in Japan on the 9th Feb. They usually get things earlier than the States do but for some reason, the Target stores nearest their distribution center got a crack at them early. Watch out for them to hit all Targets soon.



Marmit TIE Pilot
February 2, 2001 | 9:10 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Need this great looking 12″ figure? This is from ActionFigureXpress:
“Just wanted to let your readers know that we are now offering the Marmit Tie-Fighter Pilot at low price of just $79.95. For $5.00 more, customers can choose from tons of Star Wars toys as a bonus.”

To order, go to



New Lando Bespin Image
February 2, 2001 | 6:14 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

WOW is all I can say on this one. Man does it look nice. Here is the new Lando Bespin Image. The image was found onThe Star Wars Kids site. Thanks to Chris B for the news.



Wanna chat?
February 1, 2001 | 10:46 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well to anyone looking to talk anything Star Wars at all, join me over at Chat room on Sat the 3rd at 8 pm (est). The troops invited me over to join in and talk with all of our readers. They have done a great job over atSandtroopers in the short while they’ve been around. Thanks to Pat and his awesome crew for the invite, meet me there guys this Sat.



The Jawa’s strike back
February 1, 2001 | 10:35 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yup it’s true, them little desert wanderer’s have another bunch of free goodies to give away. Head over to and enter to win a TC-14 fig for absolutely NADA… Oh wait… They are also having a “promotional” give away to celebrate the Grand Opening of their new trading forum, “The Jawa Swap Meet”. They’re giving away four brand new POTJ figs, IG-88, Plo Koon, K-3PO, and Mon Calamari Officer. This contest is to promote our their section, and gain members. Hey if four free figs isn’t reason enough, what is?



Where’s Sid????
February 1, 2001 | 10:23 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Howdy to all out there wondering just that question….
I just started a new job which I need lots of training on, I’m in a new field and I’m starting from scratch. Time is not something I seem to have enough of lately at all….
A few of the great and faithful Yak-ers sent me emails asking if I left Yak… Guys I am here and not going anywhere, anytime soon…
I’ll be here, but just not as much during the weekdays. I have to study hard and hopefully pass the test I need to in three weeks.
I’ll be more available on weekends for emails and any questions sent my way, so please feel free to holler at me then. I just want to thank all the great crew here with me at Yak, and all of the faithful readers (Yak-ers) out there. Watch for some goodies this weekend guys…



Cheap Mega Destroyer Droid?
February 1, 2001 | 6:51 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Don Morgan in Colorado Springs, CO, sent this in:
“I was at one of the Target stores in Colorado Springs this evening, and made an excellent find. They had a few POTJ peg warmers, along with three Mon Calamari Officers. I bought one. But the REAL find was a lone Mega Destroyer Droid sitting on the shelf. When I took it to the scanner, it rang up $2.44!! What a deal!”



Plo Koon wave
February 1, 2001 | 6:50 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From M & M Collectibles:
“We have a limited number of new Star Wars Figures in stock on our website right now….

You can find them under either Star Wars Figures or What’s New

As of Jan 31 at 9:30PM MST in stock:
Ploo Koon
Calamari Colonel

Act fast…these will sell out quick!”

Update: All gone!

January 2001 Archive

Aurra Sing Wave Case Assortment
January 31, 2001 | 10:21 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The case assortment for the next wave of POTJ will be:
4x Chewbacca Millennium Falcon Mechanic
4x Aurra Sing Bounty Hunter
4x Leia Bespin Escape

This has been confirmed and if you are interested you can order it at Entertainment Earth next week. Thanks to Jason for the news.



More Confirmed Info on the New Figure List
January 31, 2001 | 6:58 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The cold weather Obi Wan is true, he is in some sort of arctic gear with big boots that have spiked toes for climbing ice or rock. This is the Obi-Wan from the Expanded Line (ie: Darth Maul)

The Lando Bespin is a nice resculpt with a cloth cape that is much longer than the previous issue.

The Sandtrooper is a re-tooling of the CT Stormtrooper with a better sand/desert paint job.

Han (DS Escape) is a re-tooling of the CT Han with a Stormtroper belt added.

The Luke X-Wing is very nice and authentic to Episode IV with the black boots and gloves.

Another “deluxe” set in development but not yet mentioned is a Luke and Leia 2 Pack swinging across the Death Star bridge.

Thanks to Figurenews for the info.



Marmit Fett
January 31, 2001 | 5:05 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

According to Brian from Anime Collectibles, “The corrected color Marmit Boba Fett is officially being called ‘Return of the Jedi Boba Fett’, at Lucasfilm’s insistance”.



2001 Releases
January 30, 2001 | 6:55 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I have verified this list of figures from three different sources. Take care that Hasbro has the final say and until they post it, it may change, however here is the newest list through the end of the third quarter.
Feb 2001 – Chewbacca Millenium Falcon Mechanic, Leia Bespin Escape, Aurra Sing, Sae Sae Tin, Queen Amidala Thead Invasion

March / April 2001 – Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, R2-Q5 Imperial Astromech Droid, Jar-Jar Tatooine, Lando Bespin, Tessek

May 2001 – Sandtrooper, Cold Weather Obi-Wan, Jedi Training Qui-Gon

July 2001 – Ketwal, Bespin Guard, Duros, Sabe

August 2001 – Darth Vader Emperor’s Wrath, Luke X-Wing (Rem Helmet), Han Solo Death Star Escape (Stormtroopers Belt??)

September 2001 – Obi-Wan Jedi training, Shmi

Deluxe Assortment 2001 – Luke w/ Bacta, Leia w/ Sail BargeCannon, Darth Maul Fully Exposed Chest, and a forth that will most likely be Amanaman, although Andy has said he is not sure about that at this time. This assortment is scheduled for Fall 2001.



Mon Calamari Officer
January 30, 2001 | 6:45 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Matthew Opal sent in a scan of the Mon Calamari Officer, loose, which illustrates a feature that I personally didn’t know the toy had – the helmet is removable! A nice touch. Click here to see the scan!



Aurra Sing Wave Carded
January 30, 2001 | 5:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum has carded pics of the upcoming Aurra Sing wave. The figures pictured are Leia Bespin, Chewie Mechanic and Aurra Sing.



Star Wars Survivor
January 30, 2001 | 12:41 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Scott O’Hair from Hyperspace has set up a Star Wars based version of ‘Survivor’ – over the next 13 weeks, fans can vote one of 16 Star Wars castaways off “Survivor: The Tatooine Outback”! To check it out, visit



Keep Looking…
January 30, 2001 | 12:38 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

bigcountry056 sent in these finds for collectors in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area:
Watto’s Box – $7.99 – KB in Cary Town Center
R2 with Holo Leia – $1.99 – TRU in Durham, Southsquare.

If you’ve not had any luck finding this stuff, keep looking because it keeps showing up again and again!



1800 True Fan, just not for Canadians?
January 30, 2001 | 10:10 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

This is from Ryan…
“This news will certainly affect the Canadian fans out there so listen up. Last week I recieved a letter from Wizards of the cost. The letter spoke of the recent purchase of the fan club. They also sent me a cheque for any funds that I had in their account. Why did they do this?? Because I am Canadian, and the letter goes on to say that WOTC and The Fan club can no longer fill orders being shipped to Canada. ”
I do not understand the lack of commitment from Lucasfilm to provide everyone with the same service as everyone else. It truely baffles me. Lucasfilm wont make the DVD’s yet the make VCD’s overseas. This just makes the hobby even more upsetting. More and more people leave this hobby everyday. You have to start wondering… Is Lucasfilm killing themselves???



Trouble In Toyland? Dated 2-5-01
January 30, 2001 | 7:46 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I know this is foretelling the future with that date. However, that is the date on the article. This is from, in which they explain the bad times that have come to the forefront for Hasbro. This is an excerpt from the article.
“Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace was a merchandising flop for Hasbro in 1999. The toy company—which agreed to pay a $450 million advance for the three Star Wars sequels—in the early stages sold more than $500 million worth of toys and games linked to the epic. But interest in the Star Wars action figures quickly faded; the result was that there was a ton of stuff left on the market. All told, $150 million worth of merchandise remains unsold.”
Click the link above to read the entire story.



POTJ Combines The Lines, Or Do They????
January 30, 2001 | 7:38 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Thanks to Tim for sending this in…
“Over at Jedi Quest, they have a section that answers questions that are sent in. This is the latest update…
Dear Jedi Quest,
Will the Episode II action figures be released as part of the Power of the Jedi set? By the way, great magazine!
Jedi Master Nick
Fontana, CA

Dear Nick:
Figures for the next movie will be introduced separately and with their own Epsiode II packaging.”



New Old Items at KBKids
January 30, 2001 | 7:22 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some old things that are new at
Darth Maul with Micro Sith Infiltrator Trophy Set $4.99
Action Fleet A-Wing $3.99
Action Fleet Gold Y-Wing $2.99
Action Fleet Red 6 X-Wing $9.99



Order Your Own George!
January 30, 2001 | 7:09 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


George from Hot Toys! is available for preorder. The price is $69.00, with shipment expected in March.



A little more Kaadu info…
January 30, 2001 | 4:56 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Kevin sent in a little more info as to why the 12″ exclusive Kaadu has only been showing up in a certain area:
“Target / Dayton Hudson is based out of Minnesota. The Minneapolis area to be exact. Their distribution system starts there, which is probably why this piece is showing up there first. To be honest, the fact that only Minnesota residents have seen this piece at retail suggests there is some truth to it being out now.”



Calling Utah Collectors!
January 30, 2001 | 4:55 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Ty from the Utah Collector’s Club wrote in to say that the club are “having our first anniversary meeting on the 30th of January [today]. If
you’d post a little blurb about it, I’d really appreciate it. We’re inviting all collectors in Utah to come to the meeting. We’re having some contests with pretty cool prizes, and we’re even giving away a
free R2-D2 with holographic Leia to one lucky attendee. It will be held at 7:00 PM at the SLC Marriott Courtyard hotel. The address is: 130 W. 400 So. SLC, Utah. Here is a link to our website:“.



12″ Sith Lords
January 30, 2001 | 4:45 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Seems the 12″ Sith Lords won’t be too tough to find….Dave sent this in:
“I was able to pick up the latest 12″ Vader/Maul two-pack at a TRU in Gurnee (Northern Illinois). They had three on the shelf were they could be reached, and another eight CASES stacked on the top of the shelf…with four per case. I also found a few of the two-packs at a TRU in Milwaukee Saturday.”



Red card specualtion
January 29, 2001 | 8:33 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well since mentioning this, many emails have come my way with people’s thoughts on this. Rebelscum and Jawa.comhave also got many emails on this whole topic, with what seems the same story….
Many people believe it’s a matter of people taking the upc stickers off new POTJ figs and returning them. Yes that could happen and yes the stickers easily come off with heat, but here’s a thought…
This seems to be happening in different parts of the country and just on red cards. So unless some anti red card clan is now in order, it’s kind of tough to come to that conclusion. Though yes it could be…
For now I am still in the air on this just because…
My man Innis at brought up some good points in his post about this. I am still loking for people finding these and where they are. If you happen across any give me a shout here.



New 12″ Line pics
January 29, 2001 | 7:21 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum has posted pics of the new 12″ line and the classic trilogy Palm Talkers.



Naboo Fighter game discontinued
January 29, 2001 | 1:02 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you’re waiting for the Tiger electronic Naboo Fighter with Naboo Pilot figure, you are going to be waiting a long time. Head over to SSG for the full story.



Real Discounts
January 29, 2001 | 12:56 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

REALStands are offering a 15% discount on all stands, including their new vintage figure stands which are now available online. For more information, check out their latest newsfeed in the newsfeeds box on the left side of the page.



Kaadu receipt
January 29, 2001 | 5:43 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Dan sent in a scan of his Kaadu receipt from Target greatland in Fridley Minnesota: click here to see it. I guess you can add that to the proof pile that this toy is out there. Many people have expressed concern that all the reports come from one area…I guess this is just where they’ve hit first and they’ll spread soon.



Gungan Diorama
January 29, 2001 | 5:40 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Check out ACPin’s cool new Gungan Army unit diorama – taken right from the movie, even with the mist!



Red cards at KMart???
January 28, 2001 | 10:29 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My buddies over at both and have some interesting news on red carded figs hitTing the Big K. There is a stranger twist to this though, people are finding these with POTJ upc stickers on them… HMMM… That is very strange indeed. If you have spotted any out there give me a shout here.



Soft goods waves in stores
January 28, 2001 | 10:25 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

We have been getting many reports of one of the last Ep1 waves hitting a few different stores. Many are finding the Soft Good wave at TRU, Walmart, KB, and KMart. This was a farly diificult wave to find at retail, so if you need any I would start looking around. We should all know by now that anything is game these days to pop up on a shelf… Check my next post for more on that…



300th Fett no skull???
January 28, 2001 | 10:21 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed but there have been a few no skull 300th Fett varaiations lurking on eBay lately. I, myself noticed as did Yak-er Qui-Gon Jimm. The big question is how legit are these? I have seen them hit $75+ dollars, and wondered how? Jimm wrote in with his take and I have to say I agree… Read below what Jimm wrote…

“Hi! I just wanted to point out to your readers something that has been popping up on eBay. It is a no shoulder Emblem scam on the 300th Boba Fett figure. In the Package, you cannot see the shoulder Emblem, but if you open it up and move the cape to the side, it is there! I am not accusing anyone in particular, or of purposely trying to con somebody, but DO NOT buy a 300th Fett that claims it does not have a shoulder Emblem – you can only see it if you open the figure!”

Jimm is right most, Fett’s are tough to tell considering the cape is covering much of the shoulder. I, myself wouldn’t buy into this until we have more proof these are real.



If it’s free…. It’s for me
January 28, 2001 | 10:13 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well that’s what I believe anyway…
The guys over at are giving away a a double dose of some hard to find figs. They have one Swimming Jar Jar, as well as one R2 Holo Leia to give away to one lucky person. If that’s not enough to get you over there, what is guys? Good luck… Tell Pat, George and the crew that good ol’ Sidi sent ya.



Need Plo Koon…?
January 28, 2001 | 5:33 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post has IN STOCK Mon Calamari Officer, K-3PO, Plo Koon and IG-88 for $8.99 each and R2D2 with Holographic Leia for $20.00, not too bad if you’ve not managed to find one at TRU lately. They also have lots more great stuff including clearance items. Head over and take a look!



New 12″ line confirmed
January 28, 2001 | 1:53 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum is reporting at the Dallas Import Toy Fair the new 12″ line consisting of Han Solo in Stormtrooper attire, w silver rod, the one used in the Death Star trash compactor, Death Star Trooper and Death Star Droid were shown. These figure are scheduled to be released in July.



Bonus Battle Droids
January 28, 2001 | 1:06 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Lee writes: has the mini Naboo Fighter(the Japanese exclusive) for only $4.99. They also have a bunch of the foreign Battle Droid 2-packs for $4.99 each which is better than eBay’s outrageous prices and the Fan Club’s price ($20 for 2).”



12″ Sightings
January 28, 2001 | 1:05 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Dean Plantamura from our very own Tusken Trader section sent this report in:
“Collector Series Dewbacks and 12″ Sith Lords are all over TRU stores in the Tampa Bay area. It seems like no one’s willing to pay the steep $79 price for the Dewback…or maybe they spent all their money on SuperBowl tickets! Also, Wal-mart does indeed have $5.84 figures, but Target beats them with $5.06!”

I’ve had a lot more reports of 12″ Sith Lords packs appearing all over the country, but so far only @ TRU.

I’d like to hear from any reader who has found the 12″ Kaadu and Tarpals @ Target this week. If possible, include a legible scan of your receipt and the store location. Thanks!



Don’t Have Your Lego Boba Yet?
January 28, 2001 | 12:38 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the LEGO Slave 1 on sale right now for the LOW LOW price of $7.94, now that is a deal!



Hasbro to buy Etoys??
January 27, 2001 | 11:06 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

In case you haven’t heard Etoys has stopped payment to their creditors, which Hasbro is one of the biggest. The creditors are now waiting on payment until Jan 31st. It is expected that one of the creditors will then buyout Etoys on the 31st. Will Hasbro buy Etoys? It’s possible. If they do, expect something to happen in the next few days. Thanks to the money wizard for the news.



Marmit Fett Re-Release Date
January 27, 2001 | 11:45 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Anime Collectibles sent this in:
“Marmit will be releasing the corrected color Boba Fett figure in April. We will be honoring the original price of all previously placed orders, even though Marmit has raised the wholesale price (supposedly to offset the falling yen, but they’ve raised it a lot more than that). Anyone that has not ordered one yet, and wants to do so, may go our site ( and place an order, but it must be in by Jan 31st, as we have to have our final order in by Feb 1st.

Anyone that had previously place an order please note: because of the confusion, we have not charged anyone’s credit card or cashed anyone’s checks yet. We will do so until we get a FIRM shipping date. Also, anyone who might want to cancel their order, please email us at (even if you already have, so we don’t miss it).

Finally, in the rumor department: according to our distributor in Japan, it was Lucasfilm that was behind the recall of the first Fett figure.”



Cheap POTJ – More Info
January 27, 2001 | 11:43 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Rob from the MSWCC writes: “I live in Plainwell, MI and did get some of those $3 figs last week. The weird thing was that only Coll 1 was $3. The Coll 2 was at the regular price. When I got mine, the Coll 1 had the Qui Gon – Dag. Vader wave on the pegs and Coll 2 was the Porkins – Boss Nass wave.”

Rob sent this in: “Here in Melbourne, FL at the local wal-mart they have the potj figures (Qui-Gon, Vader dagobah and Old Ben) for $5.84. Also at Toys R Us in Vero Beach Florida, they had around 12+ 12″ Sith Lords.”

Also, while we’re mentioning the Sith Lords, Matt Cartabuke found the set at a TRU in Columbus. Keep your eyes open for this one too!

Seems the prices may vary a little, but most stores are selling things slightly cheaper at least…



Think you have all the variations…???
January 26, 2001 | 4:19 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well Yak-er Chris wrote in with a variation on the discounted Royal Elegance Queen Majesty 12″ doll. Chris noticed some pretty cool differences on the doll (hey any reason is good for us variation collectors). Here’s what he wrote…

“The variation with this particular figure concerns her outfit. If you look carefully at the comparison shot, the fabric used for her tunic (or the hoop around her neck) is either glittery (has glitter in it) OR is flat red (no glitter), and the fur-like black border on her dress is either shiny OR flat black respectively. The glittery/shiny version I think came out first, but if you dig through these at your local toy store, then you’ll probably find both versions still.”

Well guys another to look for… Looks this means I have to dig thru the pile at KB now, OH NO………
Here’s a link to some pics of both. Thanks Chris for the info and pics.



Jawa Swap Meet
January 26, 2001 | 4:09 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My little Jawa friends at have opened up their own little swap meet for anyone to get in on. This will replace their affiliate trade forum, the new system is run by the site’s staff. Head over check it out and make some friends and contacts, you can never have enough….



New Figures Online
January 26, 2001 | 10:51 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

StarShow Collectibles have Plo Koon, IG-88, Mon Calamari and K-3PO on sale on their website for $8.99 each.



Target Online
January 26, 2001 | 8:02 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Target Online has the Naboo Electronic Fighter on clearence for $5.00, so if you want some for building scenes go get it.



More news on Chewy Mechanic wave
January 26, 2001 | 12:07 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Tom from Yestertoys wrote in also confirming that this wave should be hitting soon. I have had three different sources say the same, now it’s the waiting game. Tom noted that the street date for Hasbro to receive them is 1/22/01. Yes most think Hasbro can change like the wind, but I have a source in Seattle that has seen some of these cases. How many not sure but hey they are around. Let’s get ready guys…



Kmart is the place…
January 26, 2001 | 12:01 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well just got an email from Yak-er Broc Walker aka Jorus C’boath, moderator at the Star Wars Trade Zones. Broc found the 6 300th Fett’s in Jackson, TN today, but the kicker is they were priced at $5.00 each (yes I said $5.00). Broc didn’t send us a receipt cause he has one and left them there for others to nab. He also saw the Biker Scout wave in that same store. If you are in that area of TN run don’t walk to that store, quickly…
Many people have wrote in that they are finding both the Fett and Biker waves, and even some Plo waves, at Kmart lately. So make them a toy run stop for the time being guys.



Deluxe Figure news
January 25, 2001 | 11:53 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yes folks here’s some more info on the Deluxe line that we are all anxiously awaiting. This comes straight from the good folks at Hasbro… The Deluxe figures coming out will have movie backgrounds with them, and we may see the Bacta Tank Luke as soon as Toy Fair, in a couple of weeks. So guys keep your eyes peeled for some pics. Let’s hope it’s ready in time. Sounds like Hasbro may have a good thing going on with the Deluxe line, I myself can’t wait to see them.



Attention Diorama Builders!
January 25, 2001 | 2:24 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Our latest featured eBay auction at the top left of the page is a hand sculpted replica of the statue from the Gungan Sacred Place, made by NiubNiub. This looks very cool, and I suspect some of you are in need of something like this for your Gungan Sacred Place dioramas….



Cheap POTJ figures @ Wal-Mart
January 25, 2001 | 2:17 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Jim wrote in to say that he found POTJ figures (he didn’t specify which) for $3 each at a Wal-Mart in Plainwell, MI.



The Hunt Is On!
January 25, 2001 | 2:13 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

From the Hunt production staff:
“Just dropping you a line to let you know about “The Hunt”, the first
in a series of independent short films produced by Zahn Entertainment Media. “The Hunt” follows the adventures of a group of toy collectors hot on the trail of, what else, Star Wars Action Figures. While finding figures is a key element of the plot, “The Hunt” also delves into what makes us all collectors in the first place. “The Hunt” is in the final stages of Pre-Production and will be filming soon, with a targeted release date in the summer of 2001. In
additon to the film itself, a companion CD, “Music From The Short Film The Hunt” will be released as well. A web site is up and running for this project, and will be updated frequently. The URL is”



12″ Kaadu Pics
January 25, 2001 | 2:11 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If you’re looking for photos of the 12″ Kaadu, SSG have some great ones up right now. Hopefully Sidster will manage to post some pics of his version with the dark Tarpals soon, but in the meantime, check these ones out!



E2 Preview toy info
January 25, 2001 | 2:09 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

The Private Universe have posted some information from an informant which gives some information on the Episode Two ‘Sneak Preview’ toy….(s). I can’t confirm it myself but Pete, owner of the website, assures me it is from a reliable source, so stop by and take a look! for the Star Warrior Road Warriors
January 25, 2001 | 12:59 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

We’ve added a new feature to, it’s called Yak2GO. Now you can take the latest in Star Wars collecting news with you almost anywhere. Turn your Palm or Microsoft based handheld device into a mobile yakface terminal. For more details click on the Yak2GO link on the FEATURES menu.



Kaadu beware— If you are able to find one please send in a scan of the receipt 
January 24, 2001 | 9:16 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

Please send in confirmation if you find a Kaadu, I called both my local Target stores this afternoon and the national Target Customer Service number. Both the local stores AND national Customer Service said that yes, the number is in the computer and shows Kaadu with Tarples for $59.99, but it does not show in stock anywhere. National Customer Service said that their computer does not show any having been sent to any stores or having been sold by any stores.

UPDATE: I also went a little further to look into this with Bill and hopped on eBay and looked for a 12″ Tarpals set, none at all…. I did just an area check of Mn and still nothing. I find it strange that these are hitting that area and not one scalper has got his hands on one. Hopefully this means they were beat to the punch this time…. Though I was surprised to hear this piece was out considering last release I received was Mar/April. Good luck guys and PLEASE send in any receipts on these.

Update: To clear up any confusion….this set is genuinely out and on the shelves right now. As a little proof aside from all the reports and DPC number e-mails that have been coming in, Eric Whetstone sent in this pic of the Kaadu and Tarpals holding the receipt from the Target store he bought it at. These things are out there.



New fig prices at Walmart
January 24, 2001 | 8:48 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well since my post earlier many people wrote in saying they have found POTJ figs for $5.86 at their local stores. Yak-er solo89 also a Walmart employee confimed this too. He said that all Walmart stores should be switching over to that new price soon. Sounds great… Finally we get to see that dollar reduction we have deserved since CT chips were done away with. Thanks to all who wrote in and solo89 for the info.



300th Fett at
January 24, 2001 | 5:40 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post has the 300th Fett in stock now. Here’s the direct link. I don’t see these lasting too long, get there quick.



Where are the 12″ Kaadu pics???
January 24, 2001 | 5:21 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Many people have wrote me and asked where the 12″ Kaadu pics are that I promised. Well…. Sorry guys life here in the Sidster house has been hectic and things look to be getting back to normal soon (is there such a thing?). I plan on putting up some nice boxed pics of the unreleased dk purple Tarpals set and also some loose pics of the revised (much less purple) set. I am aiming for this weekend so check back then. If anyone comes across the dk Tarpals at retail please mail me here. You will be able to tell right away if it’s not the revised version. Thanks guys check back soon…



New figs soon…very soon
January 24, 2001 | 5:13 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well guys just want to let you know to start keeping your eyes peeled for the new Chewie Mechanic wave. This should start showing up soon at retail, a good source let me know Hasbro has recieved them at their warehouse. Only a matter of time now… Good luck guys and report ANY finds here.

UPDATE: Many of the other sites are reporting that an online retailer got the same word on these figs. So with two different sources saying the same, it looks like it’s a matter of time before we see them.



January 24, 2001 | 5:10 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well my little Jawa friends rounded themselves up a Battle Damaged Destroyer Droid, and are giving him away. Not sure how these little scavengers do it, but hey who’s complaining…. Go enter yourself at now…



Cheaper figs?
January 24, 2001 | 5:07 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er BMKING16 wrote in that his local Walmart reduced POTJ figs from $6.74 to $5.86. This was in NE Pennsylvannia (Dickson
City). If others are finding these deals let me know.



No new figs in your area ???
January 24, 2001 | 5:03 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well these two places can help fill those holes on the wall…
Both John’s Toys and have the Han Bespin and also the Plo Koon waves in stock now. I have dealt with both and both are great places. Hit either link above or call John’s at
1-800-505-TOYS or Yestertoys at 1-800-653-4155.



12″ Kaadu DPC?
January 24, 2001 | 4:05 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

If anyone has the DPC# for Target’s 12″ Kaadu, please send it in to help other collectors find this item. Thanks!

Update: The DPC# is 087-06-0543 and the SKU# is 076930262016. Thanks to everyone who sent in the DPC, and extra thanks to Miguel for the SKU.



12″ Kaadu
January 24, 2001 | 3:17 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Eric Whetstone writes:
“Just walked out of Target (Northtown Minneapolis) with my 12″ Captain Tarpals and Kaadu.
Excellent paint job IMHO, but $59.99 was a little steep.
Anyway I left 4 on the shelf.”
If you live in the area…run! 🙂



A Few Etoys Deals
January 24, 2001 | 9:18 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Monopoly: Episode I $8.99
Episode I: Electronic Naboo Fighter $6.99
Star Wars: Behind the Magic $7.99



Episode One DVD this Year?
January 24, 2001 | 9:11 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

That’s the way it will be, according to The Digital Bits – thanks to carmody for pointing it out!



A Quick Warning
January 24, 2001 | 9:06 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

For anyone who purchases Star Wars items on eBay, this is worth nothing. The individual mentioned in’s news post yesterday (I posted a link, it’ll be a few posts down now) has been ripping off a lot of people, apparently under a lot of different usernames such as jawasjunk, protowomen and sunshinefred. I’ve received a few more complains about this man since yesterday. Beware.



Still Need Ornaments?
January 23, 2001 | 9:16 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post still has last years Star Wars ornaments in stock at 50% off.
Here is the list and prices.
Darth Maul $7.47
Gungan Submarine $12.00
Jedi Council Members™ Miniature Saesee TiinTM, YodaTM & Ki-Adi-Mundi $9.97
Qui-Gon Jinn $7.47



A New Name for the Realm?
January 23, 2001 | 7:55 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Well, we have gone out and secured a new URL. The name of the site is still the same and the content remains, however if you want another way easy to remember other than, try out…!



Amanaman WINS!
January 23, 2001 | 6:15 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The New Fan Choice figure poll at Hasbro is now over and Amanaman won with over 38% of the vote. For more information head over to Hasbro.



12″ Kaadu and Captain Tarpals Out
January 23, 2001 | 11:37 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

I received a report from Seth Bradford saying that a Target store in the Minneapolis, MN area had 3 Captain Tarpals & Kaadu 12″ sets sitting on the shelves. The set was priced at a rather high $59.99. This is the first report I’ve got so if anyone else finds one, please write to confirm that they’re available.

Update: Confirmed – Eric Roth reports finding one in the same area last night.



January 23, 2001 | 11:34 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post have some information about forgeries direct from Anthony Daniels (aka C-3PO). Head over for the info!



Carbon Chamber not available yet
January 23, 2001 | 11:31 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Mike McCabe writes: “I am confirming that Insider 51 was received today including preorder information for the Carbon Freezing Chamber, However, the Carbon Freezing Chamber is not on the Wizards website. I then called The Fan Club and was greeted with a message “If your calling for the Carbon Freezing Chamber it is not available for preorder. This item will be available for preorder in mid-March.” Hope this saves everyone some time.”



OOM – 9 Trophy Assortment picture!
January 22, 2001 | 9:56 PM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

I have just updated several sections in the prototypes section of the website. Included in this update is a picture of the unreleased OOM – 9 (Trophy Assortment) figure. Check it out! Look for updates to the Paint Samples section, the Mock Up section, as well as the First Shots section. More will be added shortly, including a prototype unproduced light up Ben (Obi – Wan) Kenobi!
Special thanks goes out to Nick Larson and Bill Cox for the submissions. If you have any modern era prototypes and would like them featured on the site please send them to me at I will give you full credit of ownership unless you would like to remain anonymous.



Insider 51 Out
January 22, 2001 | 5:19 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

YodaJeff writes: “I just thought I’d let you know that I received the newest Star Wars Insider in the mail today. A lot of the information is old (it lists which figures are supposed to come out in September 2000), but it’s nice to see it finally arrived.”



January 22, 2001 | 2:13 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Just an update to yesterday’s post about higher prices in Europe….Sompeetalay wrote in again to confirm that this information is valid for Germany as well as Belgium. And those are just two confirmed countries, could be the same everywhere.



More 12″ List Ideas
January 22, 2001 | 2:12 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Some interesting thoughts on the 12″ figure list mentioned yesterday:

Deron Price wrote in suggesting that, apart from the AT-AT Driver, perhaps they’ve excluded the exclusives. Of course this would still make the list inaccurate….they’d have one exclusive in there, and still no Portrait Edition figures. Unless the Portrait figs are not considered Action Collection figures?

Grayhank points out that it’s not just the 12″ electronic C-3PO figure missing….it’s all the 12″ electronic figures. Probably Hasbro doesn’t consider these part of the 12″ line either. And maybe that accounts for the missing Defense of Naboo set, because it is part of the Portrait Edition set.

All in all, no matter what angle you look at it from, there are a lot of problems with this list….



Star Wars Forgeries???
January 21, 2001 | 10:23 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My bud Lou over at sent over an email today about some info on SW forgeries. Here’s what he wrote…

Lou Arrico from We recieved an e-mail today about Jeremy Bulloch and his fan club stopping forgeries.
Please visit us for the complete story.
Thank You,
Lou Arrico”

Thanks Lou. This is some interesting stuff check it out.



Free R2 with Holo Leia
January 21, 2001 | 10:18 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Nope your eyes don’t need a check up just yet…
The guys over at are giving away a free R2 with Holo Leia. I did say free… You can enter now and hope that on Feb 1st you get lucky, and they pick you. The guys informed me that Trooper John Ryan (a.k.a. Dark Knight 1999) is sponsoring this giveaway. John is just another collector looking out for those that still need this little droid and his gal. We need more people like John that are looking to help and not take advantage of other collectors. Great job guys… Ok what are ya waiting for to get over there and enter???



Jawa wear
January 21, 2001 | 10:11 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yes it’s true you can now own your very own Jawa wear….
No I don’t mean those dusty little brown cloaks, c’mon now guys…. is now offering official t-shirts to all readers at their cost. I checked it out myself and gotta say I think it’s a cool looking shirt. Check it out by clicking the link above.



Tennessee SW collectors club
January 21, 2001 | 9:42 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Tennessee Star Wars Collectors Club is forming this month to get ready for episode 2. If anyone is interested in joining and discussing star wars in all its forms to please contact Brett Black at



Some GOOD UK News
January 21, 2001 | 12:11 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Despite my rant about the UK scene in the post below, here’s something good sent in by Simon:

“A discount store in the UK named ‘Poundland’ (if you live in the UK you’ll know what this is) had some great stuff in yesterday….
Loads of E1 figs with commtechs, PLUS some of the european Two Packs (the ones that come with the bonus battle droid) – Obi-Wan (Jedi Duel), Qui-Gon (Jedi Duel), Anakin (Naboo), Obi-Wan (Naboo), Qui-Gon (Naboo), Padmé, Amidala (Coruscant), and Amidala (Naboo). They also had the Sneak Preview Mace Windu . These items (the two packs and the Mace Windus) have never been available on the shelves in the UK, and here they are at £1 each!!!!”



Hasbro European Price RISE?
January 21, 2001 | 12:08 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This from Sompeetalay from TeeKey-421:

“This news was brought to us by Marco Russe from and Yves De Meyer from Gadget, an excellent toy store in Gent (Belgium). The prices of the figures will go up, due to production and transportation costs at Hasbro. A figure can easily cost at least 1.25 $ more than before. A good price in Belgium for a new figure is appr. 11.5 – 12 $. Now that the prices had been sharp for awhile … Thanks a lot Hasbro :((”

I’m not sure if this is the same for other countries such as the UK, France and Germany, but what I do know is that – at least in the UK – a price rise will make little difference anyway, because all we’re getting is some exciting promises. At the moment, in the UK, you don’t get excited by reading on the Internet of people finding new stuff on the shelves….the most exciting things you read are more promises from Hasbro UK which are rarely true…



100 12″ Checklist
January 21, 2001 | 12:03 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Mako sent in this rather lenghthy list of mess-ups on Hasbro’s 100 12″ figures list that comes packed in with the 12″ 100th Luke. I posted scans of the actual list a few days ago. Here’s what’s missing from it:

Bartender R2 (came in the FAO 2 pack with Slave Leia)

Chancelor Valorum & Blue Senate Guard (Came out back in August)

Qui-Gon & Amidala “Defense of Naboo” 2 pack.

Looks like they aren’t counting the Amidala collection (3) or the Ceremonial Leia.

Ep 1 C-3PO is missing from the list.

Strange, they counted the AT-AT driver twice, #23 & #71. I would have to guess that’s because of the exclusive and the regular release. However they didn’t do that with Greedo. Greedo was a JC Penny Exclusive & also came in wave with Grand Moff Tarkin. Speaking of Grand Moff Tarkin (#19) he was also release as an Exclusive and
as a regular wave. So was Slave Leia (#37) (although the sculpt was a bit different if I remember right)

One they decided to add for the hell of it. They added Captain Tarpals & the Kaadu. It won’t be out until Spring.

Good ol’ Hasbro!



Battle Droid diorama
January 21, 2001 | 12:00 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has finished off his huge Battle Droid diorama and you can check it out at



Squid Case
January 21, 2001 | 11:55 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Tom from Yestertoys confirmed that Squid Head case mentioned yesterday, and notes that its scheduled release date is 3/26. Not far away!



UK Toy Show
January 20, 2001 | 9:22 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Stephen wrote in to let all readers in the Glasgow area in the UK know that tomorrow, Sun 21st, there’s a toy fair on at the Mitchell Theatre. 12-4, £1 for adults, kids free.



New Case Assortment
January 20, 2001 | 7:35 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Dave from Startoys & Collectables in the UK sent in this upcoming case breakdown:

New Basic Figs Asst Coll #2 – Case of 12
– Squid Face x 3
– Lando Calrissian x 3
– Jar Jar Tatooine x 3
– R2-D2 Black x 3

Of course, Hasbro are capabale of changing these assortments, but this gives a pretty good idea of what’s coming.



Tanks @ TRU
January 19, 2001 | 1:59 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

QProd wrote in to let us know that he his local TRU in So. California put out about 60 Trade Federation Tanks today, along with a bunch of soft goods figures (Obi-Wan/Anakin/Maul wave) and Commtech Vader/Stormtrooper wave (no R2s in sight). Figures were $1.97 each. has the 300th Figure – Boba Fett
January 19, 2001 | 10:35 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post

I still haven’t seen this in my area so if your the impatient type, has Boba Fett 300 in stock for $14.99.



Marmit Info
January 19, 2001 | 8:34 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

After speaking with a friend he has told me that his supplier has informed him that we may see up to 10 designs this year. Of these that are on the list are IG-88, a repaint Fett, Colored pad Sandtrooper (those that have followed the line know that there was intial talk of them having these originally), Vader (end of the year). We will keep you posted as we get more news.



12″ Hunters at Target…$24.99 or $19.99???
January 18, 2001 | 11:16 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er DarthMickeyMoose wrote in with a very odd story on Target’s pricing for the 12″ Hunters. Read what happened to him…

“The Bounty Hunter dolls are now priced at $19.99 at Target. There is a problem though if you try and return your dolls for the price difference. There is a new number for these dolls, so your receipt which says you paid $24.99 does not match the Bounty Hunters UPC on the back of the box when scanned. I couldn’t even just return them because the receipt does not match the UPC now. I almost got into a lightsaber duel with the manager over this (HE SAID THEY NEVER CHANGE NUMBERS FOR AN ITEM-WRONG!). When they looked up the item in the computer from my receipt it says Star Wars 12″ Bounty Hunter dolls, but when you scan the box it now comes up star wars 12 ” doll
assortment. The $24.99 number for the Bounty Hunter now comes up
discontinued (UGHH!!!!!).”

Strange story but I would definetly demand my refund. They should not give you a problem but if they do just ask for the Dist Mgr’s phone # that usually works well. I had noticed when I found my set of Hunters at Target they were labeled $19.99 on shelf but rang $24.99, the cashier did give them for the $19.99 price. Just be nice guys don’t lose control or that’ll get you no where quick. If nice doesn’t work just do as I said.



Major Lego sales at Target
January 18, 2001 | 11:08 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er DarthEd wrote in with some insane prices he found for SW Lego sets at Target. These prices reflect Target’s lowest clearance price due to the fact the all end in the number “4”. Guys get out there quick, I know I got some hunting to do. Check out what Ed wrote in with…
“Hello Yaksters!Found ‘Ultimate Collectors Series’ X Wing @ $37.44 &
UCS Interceptor & Millenium Falcon for $ 24.94!!!(Originaly 149.99, and $99.99) As well as Pit droid & Battle droid for $7.44!!!Not bad huh? Well that’all.

These are some great steals guys. Let me know what you find still lingering on shelves, give me a holler here.



More on the Ep2 poster
January 18, 2001 | 11:02 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The poster I posted on last night was reported by Dark as one of a possible three designs for the Ep2 poster. Many people worte in saying it wasn’t real, that much I knew, but wondered how many believe this could be a possible design. I am not sure it could be or not, though I feel it is very similar to the Ep1 poster style and therefore think that it won’t look much like that. Most movie sequels have different styled posters. I still think it’s a great looking piece regardless. It was great to hear what people thought though. Thanks to all who wrote in with their ideas.



Deluxe Figures Return
January 18, 2001 | 9:50 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post and Rebelscum posted today that Deluxe figures have now shown up on Hasbro product lists. This seems to confirm a newspost of ours from back in mid-Nov.

“Could the deluxe figures be on their way back? I have spoken with Hasbro and it appears they are working on a new line (obviously for sometime in the future, probably 2002). One of the figures in the line that is being worked on is Luke in the Bacta tank.”



Paint Samples Link Fixed &Trophy Assortment OB1!
January 18, 2001 | 7:11 PM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

The paint samples section has been fixed in the prototypes section. Thanks to Nick Larson for the heads up, and to Greg for the fix. Please stop by and check it out! Included is a picture of Greg’s paint sample of the yet unreleased Ben (Obi – Wan) Kenobi Trophy Assortment figure complete with the mini Gungan sub! I hope to finish adding pictures of Nick Larson’s prototype collection by the end of the weekend, so please keep checking back. Have a good weekend.



Technics at KBKids
January 18, 2001 | 7:59 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

LEGO Technic Stormtrooper $29.99
Also on sale for the low low price of $9.99 is the Star Wars Electronic Power F/X X-wing with Figure



Ep2 teaser poster or not?
January 17, 2001 | 10:06 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I got this link off another collector on The Trade Federation. It’s for a look at an Ep2 teaser poster, or is it….? You decide. A cool piece nonetheless, give it a look here. Thanks to Brian Moore for this one.



Check out those dirty little scavengers
January 17, 2001 | 10:02 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My little brown cloaked desert nomads over at The have some interesting things going on…
Capt_Tarpals that Gungan in disguise has put up a cool Lego measurement section. Great if you are looking to know if that Lego Imperial Shuttle is worth it.
Also they are doimanother free (yes free) giveaway. This time you win a Trilogy Widescreen Edition VHS set. These guys come up with some great free stuff. Check them out at the link above….



Pre-Order Power of the Jedi Wave 9
January 17, 2001 | 10:01 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

SW POTJ Collection 1 (Wave 9) (Item #84445D, $89.99) is scheduled to contain these new Star Wars action figures: 2x Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, 3x Chewbacca Mechanic, 2x Pod Fig, 2x Leia Bespin Escape, 1x Han Solo Bespin Capture, 1x Battle Droid Boomer Damage, 1x Scout Trooper – Imperial Patrol (Biker Scout)(Subject to change.). Only atEntertainment Earth.



Ultarama Stand Winner of the week
January 17, 2001 | 9:35 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to this weeks winner of the Ultarama Stand, James McAllaster, provided by Mort Simpson. If you have not entered the drawing please click on the link to the left and send in your name. YOU CAN ONLY ENTER ONCE.



12″ at Etoys
January 17, 2001 | 7:58 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

12″ Legacy Figure- Bossk @ $19.99 SOLD OUT
12″ Legacy Figure- 4-Lom @ $19.99
12″ Legacy Figure- IG-88 @ $19.99 SOLD OUT
Thanks to all that wrote in with the news.



Sidster’s still here
January 17, 2001 | 6:49 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Hey guys it’s been a few days since I have posted and some people are wondering if I left. No, still here and alive and kicking guys. Just some personal things in my life lately that I have needed to take care of, and some are coming to a close. Thanks to all that wrote me concerned if I left or not… There’s some great people out there with some great things to say, thanks to you all.



LEGO’s at KBKids
January 17, 2001 | 2:08 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

LEGO Star Wars Droid Escape $7.49
LEGO Star Wars Imperial AT-ST $9.74
LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle $29.99
LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter $16.49
LEGO Star Wars Watto’s Junkyard $44.99



Hasbro Poll
January 17, 2001 | 4:07 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

JD Dolan points out that Amanaman’s lead in the Hasbro poll has been cut down to 3%. There can’t be long left. Don’t forget that Hasbro have put Amanaman out for a second time here, giving him another chance. This could be our last chance. If he doesn’t win this poll, he might not be made in the new line. If you are remotely interested in a new Amanaman figure, and you’ve not yet voted, please go and vote.



Fan Poll
January 17, 2001 | 4:05 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Want to vote on your favorite Star Wars figure of 2000? Rebelscum are running a poll right now. Click here to vote!



Star Wars Browser
January 17, 2001 | 4:02 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

In case you haven’t read this else or found out yourselves, has made 2 Star Wars themed Internet browsers available for download. The two designs, TPM and the classic trilogy, work with Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT. I tried it out and it’s nice, but takes up a lot of the webpage viewing space… Still, a nice idea. Click here to download ’em. Thanks to Red11 for the news.



Loose 100th Luke figure
January 16, 2001 | 6:29 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Here’s some photos of the 100th edition 12″ Luke Skywalker that a friend sent over:
Comparison shot – new Luke on the left
Nude Luke – over 18s only
Tatooine outfit
X-Wing Pilot outfit – note the special NASA design flight helmet with enough padding to protect you from a 10,000 foot drop.

My friend also notes that the 12″ Dewback is strong enough to hold a 3 year old on its back, which is pretty cool. And as he says, if Hasbro put wheels on the feet it’d be a great preschool toy!



Plo Koon has Arrived
January 16, 2001 | 3:58 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Start the New Year right with the newest series of Star Wars Action Figures! SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 6) (Item #84455D, $89.99) contains 3x Plo Koon, 3x K-3P0 – Echo Base Protocol Droid, 3x Mon Calamari Officer, and 3x IG-88. All backorders will be filled immediately. Only at Entertainment Earth. Army Builders
January 15, 2001 | 10:26 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Sneak Preview: STAP and Battle Droid $2.50



Hologram Nute Gunray Prototype pic plus…..
January 15, 2001 | 7:36 PM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

The prototypes section has had a small update. A couple of additions to the first shots section, as well as an addition to the Mock Up / Samples section. Included in the first shot section is a picture of the yet to be released Nute Gunray (Hologram). I hope to have the next wave of submissions up a running by the end of the weekend. Thanks goes out to Nick Larson and Stepen M. Gardiner for the submissions. Nick has sent pictures of some great prototypes and I’m hoping to include them all with this next update. If you have any prototypes of modern era prototypes and would like to have them featured here at the realm in the prototypes section please feel free to send them my way at I will give you full credit of ownership unless you want to remain anonymous.



More Dioramas
January 15, 2001 | 7:15 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Markus has updated his great dioramas site,, with some new custom figures, a larger Sarlacc that will fit two Skiffs, and a new section called “Snapshot” which features a new photo from one of his dioramas every week. This site is definitely one to check out.



Battle Droid army
January 15, 2001 | 7:11 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin seems to have spent absolutely ages setting up a diorama with more Battle Droids than I’ve ever seen before! Check it out @!



100th Luke Checklist
January 15, 2001 | 7:05 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A friend of mine sent in a couple of nice scans of the photo list of all 100 12″ figures that comes with the 100th figure, the new Luke Skywalker. Check them out:
Scan 1
Scan 2



Qui Gon vs Battle Droid 2 pack proto
January 15, 2001 | 3:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

On ebay there is a prototype of the Qui Gon/Battle Droid 2 pack that was never produced. There are also some pictures of the prototype on this auction (Item #542903998). Thanks to everyone who wrote in.



KBKids Deals
January 14, 2001 | 11:06 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Jar Jar Binks Wake-Up System $14.99
Anakin’s Pod Racer with Anakin $6.25



More @ eToys
January 14, 2001 | 2:21 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

eToys currently have Star Wars PC games cheap as well as all the other things we’ve mentioned recently. Search for games like TIE Fighter, X-Wing, Shadows of the Empire and Dark Forces. Thanks to Steve for the info!



Claim some money back
January 14, 2001 | 2:16 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Mark sent this in for anyone who bought the 12″ Valorum/Guard from and has since seen it cheaper in a local KB:

“I ordered the Valorum 2-pack on just in case I never saw it in the stores. Well, I got lucky one day and found 2 at a new KB in Shrewsbury, MA. So, when I got the 2-pack in the mail, I went to return it to the store, and it rang up $14.99, and gives gift receipts so the price isn’t listed. I told the manager what I paid, she called to verify, and then gave me 2 options:

1) put the $39.99 back onto my credit card

I didn’t keep it, cos I know how hard these are to find and I wanted someone else to have it. BUT, if you bought is on, you can bring it to the stores with your receipt and get reimbursed!

Happy hunting!”



Etoys Hasbro Sales
January 13, 2001 | 10:51 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post is now slashing like crazy, here are the Hasbro deals….

Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) with Lightsaber – 3.75″ $.99
Mace Windu with Lightsaber and Jedi Cloak – 3.75″ $.99
Anakin Skywalker – 12″ $2.99
Trade Federation Droid Fighters $3.99
Epic Force Figure – Darth Maul $2.99
Epic Force Figure – Obi-Wan Kenobi $2.99
Electronic Talking Darth Maul – 12″ $6.99
Battle Droid with Blaster Rifle – 12″ $5.99
Watto with Datapad – 12″ $5.99
Power of the Force – Chewbacca – 12″ $5.99
Theed Generator Complex with Battle Droid $8.99
Princess Leia – Ceremonial Gown (1999) – 11.5″ $7.99
Episode I: Flash Speeder $2.99
Motorized Theed Hangar Playset with Qui-Gon Jinn and Battle Droid – 3.75″ $6.99
Action Fleet Deluxe Set – Naboo Hangar-Final Combat $5.99
Mega Platform Set – Trade Federation MTT/Naboo Battlefield $8.99
Star Wars: Behind the Magic $7.99
Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace Widescreen Collector’s Edition $8.00
Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars Classic Trilogy $7.99
Monopoly: Episode I $8.99
Episode I: Electronic Naboo Fighter $6.99
Episode I: Destroyer Droid Room Alarm $3.99
Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn’s Lightsaber (NEW) $3.99
January 13, 2001 | 12:50 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post continues to have several sets on sale, and some of them have now been marked down drastically – FBTBhas the complete 20 set listing of what they have to offer.



Ammo Wagon at Wal-mart??
January 12, 2001 | 11:04 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Ammo Wagon w Gungan was found at two different Wal-marts today in NV for $14.95. Has anyone else found the Ammo Wagon Wal-mart recently? If so please e-mail me.

UPDATE:The Ammo Wagon is not showing up at Wal-mart but KB and people have been returning them to Wal-mart in order to make money since they are listed in their computer.



KB , Target, TRU…kicking in the South
January 12, 2001 | 9:51 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Britt Johnson from Myrtle Beach, SC, sent in a bunch of reports in that area…

“KB toys had many Watto’s Box with the Holo Commtech for 7.99,
as well as Mos Espa Enc., Skiff Guard’s and Rebel Pilots for the same
price…. They also had a few soft good figs. for 1.97..

Target had the Bounty Hunter series for 24.99 2 of Bossk and 4-Lom,but only 1 I-G88…and the best figure released in the past few years, 300th Boba Fett for 9.99…UNREAL figure. I would pay the extra to have ALL figures made like this…this is how it should be done. No Biker Scouts or other 12″……..

TRU had the some great figures…… I walk and a nice row of Commtech Vaders, Stormtroopers, and yes 3 Holo R2 -D2…..I couldn’t believe it….FINALLY….I keep reading how all these people keep finding them and there it was….1.99 for all figures in sight. They had some Motti Commtechs and Leias….nice supply and 1.99 price..sweet.

On a side not, a small town K-Mart had a Sio Bibble, Swamp Jar-Jar, Pit droids, and the Amidala Battle….I was very surprised to see these waves in K-Mart…Maybe this is a sign that K-Mart might be joining the clearance trend…that would be nice….

Everyone in the South, keep an eye out and go now while they are still around…I left ya an R2-D2 holo…….

Britt Johnson”

Thanks Britt great report man.



SW S East Ma/RI Collectors Club
January 12, 2001 | 9:46 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys I am looking to get a local Ma/RI collectors club going soon…
This will actually be part of the online club, The Trade Federation. I will be running the Ma/RI chapter. I feel this can help many in the area not fortunate enough to get some things they are looking for, but also to just have some fun amongst other locals. There are going to be some strict guidelines that go along with all the Trade fed guidelines, so please expect that. If you are in this area and are interested just gimmie a holler here.



300th Fett in S East Ma
January 12, 2001 | 9:40 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Some good news for all my local Yak-ers here in S East Ma…
Mr Fett has hit N Dartmouth, Ma, Walmart store. I saw 10 there tonight. This was about 9 pm so I can guess these will be around for opening time. Good luck guys get there early, these won’t hang around long.



Issue #51 and Carbon Freeze Chamber Update
January 12, 2001 | 9:36 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

The Fan Club, now operated by Wizards of the Coast, is reporting that Issue #51 will be shipped by January 18 at the latest. Apparently at least part of the delay was due to trying to schedule printing time. Issue #52 will be on the newstands in mid February.

The Carbon Freeze Playset will be at the Fan Club. The marketing section is trying to find out from Hasbro exactly how many of the Carbon Freeze Playsets they will be allocated. The lastest word is they will be taking pre-orders, but no date has been set at this time.



Biker Scout +
January 12, 2001 | 1:40 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Lee wrote in to say that have a set of Han Bespin Capture, Biker Scout and Battle Droid (Boomer Damage) figures right here for $9.99 plus shipping. Doesn’t seem too good, but if you use the coupon ‘Sale4’ you’ll get 25% off the order. In the end, if you buy just the set of 3 figures and use the coupon, the total is around $30 (basically it’s like getting free shipping). Worth a look if you can’t find these figures.



Sale Extended
January 12, 2001 | 12:21 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

M & M Collectibles have extended their 25% off sale:

“Due to the overwhelming response to our 25% off everything sale, we are extending it through this weekend (now ends at midnight Sunday Jan 14).
Remember, you MUST put “SALE” in the ship to name to get the discount!”



Design Contest
January 12, 2001 | 12:18 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Keith is running a contest to win some figures. All you have to do is design a banner and a button for his website. Head over to his site for more details.



100th 12″ Luke Skywalker
January 12, 2001 | 12:15 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Andy wrote in to let us know that the 100th 12″ figure, the new Luke Skywalker, has been showing up on Japanese shelves priced @ 8000Yen, which translates to a pretty huge $72. When they appear on US shelves however, the price should be significantly less. Typically, things turn up in Japan before the USA, so in theory they should arrive in the States before long. Star Wars update
January 12, 2001 | 10:28 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post has posted pictures of the 2001 Star Wars ornaments. Check them out!!



Army Builders
January 12, 2001 | 8:23 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the following items….
Kaadu with Jar Jar $1.97
Opee with Qui-Gon $1.97



EE Taken Out By Mother Nature
January 12, 2001 | 8:12 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The first major weather system of 2001 literally took Entertainment Earth ( by storm on Wednesday and Thursday. All telephone lines, fax lines, email and Internet connections were destroyed by Mother Nature. Pacific Bell notes that portions of this entire area (North Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles) is effected. Flooding in critical areas disabled Pacif Bell’s systems.

…And we thought it was just a little rain.

Pacific Bell could not give an estimate as to when systems will be repaired. We appreciate your patience and look forward to more of your business when we return.

Jason Labowitz

UPDATE:EE is now back up and running.



NJ Star Wars Collector Club
January 11, 2001 | 9:38 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er and NJ resident Chris DelVecchio sent in some info for any SW collectors in the state of NJ. Here’s what Chris had to say….

“Hello, just wanted to let you know that the NJSWCC will be celebrating its first full year as the premier Star Wars Club for NJ!
Please help us by inviting all “True Collectors” from NJ (and surrounding areas) to join us by stopping by our site atNJSWCC.
Chris DelVecchio

Sounds great, guys give Chris a visit. These days any help beating the scalpers to the punch is worthwhile.



SW Hallmark 2001
January 11, 2001 | 9:37 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum is reporting that the Hallmark Star Wars ornaments for 2001 will include Jar Jar Binks, Anakin Skywalker, and most likely Queen Amidala’s Royal Starship. Also, there will be a miniature set but that contents are not known at this time.



Lee’s AFN #99 on stands
January 11, 2001 | 9:32 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The new issue of Lee’s AFN is on stands now. It has a nice two page spread of the new 12″ Bounty Hunters and also a page of newly released POTJ things we have all seen lately. I did notice a great new add for the Ultarama system. Lee’s also gave a whole page article to them and added some great pics. If you haven’t got one of these yet, DO IT NOW….
This is a great sytem for the loose and diorama collectors out there. I think by far it’s the best display unit made thus far. Great Usage, great construction, and great price. If you need some more info hit the Ultarama link above. Here’s a pic of the article from Lee’s.



Plenty of 12″ Sith Lords to go round in NY
January 11, 2001 | 6:44 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I got a few reports from NY Yak-ers going into the Manhattan store looking for $40 Dewbacks only to find many 12″ Sith Lords sets. A few Yak-ers reported 40-50 of these sets at that store. So if you need one and live close by hop on the train and get there. Thanks go out to Yak-ers AustinDPowers2, Scott Morris, and DarkLordBrother.



Queens Ship at
January 11, 2001 | 2:28 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post



Electronic Royal Flagship Escape from Naboo Playset $29.99
Add anything else from the site and you can use this code. Coupon code OFFERZONE, which is $10 off a $35 purchase. Thanks to William and Dave for the news.



Invasion Force Figure with Vehicle
January 11, 2001 | 8:19 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


Episode I Invasion Force Figure with Vehicle: Sith Probe $4.97. IN STOCK @ SOLD OUT In Stock Items
January 11, 2001 | 8:03 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the following items in stock.
12″ Sandtrooper Action Figure $12.99 #108159C
Sith Speeder and Darth Maul Figure $2.99 #101266C
12″ Greedo Action Figure $12.99 #108159B
12″ Grand Moff Tarkin w/ Interrogator Droid $12.99 #108159E
12″ Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear $12.99 #105797B
12″ Luke Skywalker in Jedi Gear $12.99 #108161



12″ Sith Lords in the N East
January 10, 2001 | 11:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

This is for all my N East compadres looking for the new 12″ Sith Lords set, TRU in my area has received a shipment. A good friend and Yak-er Mark found the set in both the Swansea, MA and the
N Dartmouth, MA stores. So Guys this set seems to be hitting TRU across the country. Good luck in the hunt.



January 10, 2001 | 11:47 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Alpha-Con will be at the Omaha Civic Auditorium on May 4-6. Many celebs will take part. Check out all the details over at SSG’s.



How did he do that?
January 10, 2001 | 10:49 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My man George over at posted up the new “how to” for his custom Porkins FX X-Wing. Definetly worth a look. I love how the Porkins head didn’t lose any articulation. Check the “how to” in the Collazo Universe section.



New Hallmark 2001 mini Empire lunchbox
January 10, 2001 | 10:43 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Ken Robinson sent in a pic he found of the new mini Empire lunchbox ornament from the 2001 Hallmark Spring collection. They did the Star Wars version a couple of years back and it is a really cool piece. Ken noted to check tomorrow as they will be putting up the 2001 Dreambook. He also noted not all the ornaments would be viewable just yet. Check this link for the pics of the mini lunchbox now though.



A HUGE thanks to…
January 10, 2001 | 8:51 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Tim Enloe….
Tim is a regular Yak reader, contributor, and friend. Some may recall Tim had a brother that passed away in Sept of last year, we here at Yak asked for all your prayers for him. Well since that tragedy Tim has still remained a regular and a great guy. Tim had a hard second half of 2000 but remained strong. Tim recently helped me acquire one of the $2 R2 Holo figs from TRU. I only need this fig for a loose diorama and Tim came thru BIG. He not only offered help but sent in a star case for the $2 he paid. He is an asset to the community and beyond, it’s people like Tim that overshadow all the other greedy one’s out there. Tim, you are an unreal guy and I thank you for that.



Lott Dodd Prototype Pic
January 10, 2001 | 8:32 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

On ebay there is an auction for a prototype of the unproduced Lott Dodd figure (Item #540021178). Thanks to DarthScooby for the news.



Magic of the Myth virtual tour
January 10, 2001 | 8:29 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er JessO has a great page with an awesome virtual tour of the Magic of the Myth exhibit. I have yet to see this in person, but plan on going the minute it hits Boston. If you are like me and want to see what lies ahead, take a lookhere.



Wondering why there are no new figs around….
January 10, 2001 | 8:18 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er and Walmart employee John wrote in with some very interesting and informative news. John has some info why we aren’t seeing new figs at some Walmarts at all, read below…

“During my first inventory control meeting ( which supposedly was to
occur at all stores over the country at the same time), stores are
to begin cracking down on merchandise that does not sell well or not
sell at all. This is to happen in all departments. Star Wars peg
warmers will be the cause of no new orders of basic
figure assortments. Unless the associate in toys is a dedicated
collector, they will view star wars as just “toys that do not sell”
and will no longer place orders for new figures. The store that
reduced the figures to $1.00 will not purchase additional figures only
to sell at a loss.

Star Wars in general is not selling well in my area. Figures like
Sebulba, Dagobah Darth Vader, General Leia, Porkins, Fode and Beed
Gungan Warrior and Obi Wan ( Alec Guiness) are saturated and just
clutter up the aisle. Fode and Beed and Gungan Warriors sell out first
but not as fast as you would expect. This is the reason no new figures
will be ordered, or not in large quanities.

I blame this on Hasbro, who do not have vendors take the time to
remove older figures and replenish them with the current batch that
people are looking for. Also when a case eventually sells and more are
reordered, the store usually sends the identical assortment that
recently sold, rather than waiting for an updated assortment with
entirely new figures never before seen. This leads to low turnover
and collector frustration. The only way I can find new figures is to
travel to different states that order assortments that are not
available in my area. Peg warmers are not the same in different
states but they are in stores that are in the same area. Because of
this I have been able to find as many Bespin Capture Han, Boomer
Damage Battle Droid and Biker Scouts as I need.

Some very good info. I know many that haven’t seen news waves since the initial POTJ stuff hit. This may explain a lot now for those people. It’s very sad and unfortunate news though and hopefully things will change. I am going to look further into this and maybe we can do something here at Yak to help this situation.



Dewback markdown
January 10, 2001 | 6:03 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin reports: “Just got back from lunch and I passed by the TRU on 34th St at New York city where I found the 12″ Dewback w/Sandtrooper marked down to $39.90 each. There were at least 20 that I counted which were still there.”



Fett troubles from
January 10, 2001 | 4:25 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Chris writes in w the following news:
“I recieved the 300th fett from just today and to my surprise it was in horrible condition. I know you can’t expect a mint package when ordering from a big company, but this was far from even decent. Every side of the package was crushed in so far that even the figure was damaged. The staff was bent, his helmet antenna was bent, his gun was bent.”
Has anyone else gotten their Fett in this kind of condition?



This week’s Ultarama Winner
January 10, 2001 | 7:52 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post would like to say CONGRATS!! to Dan Bagrow, this week’s winner of the excellent Ultarama Standsprovided by Mort Simpson. Mort has agreed to let us keep giving away these great display systems. We will continue to give one away a week.



Didn’t find CT Vader and Trooper yet?
January 9, 2001 | 10:56 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well for the unlucky people that haven’t been able to get a CT Vader and Stormtrooper at TRU, the Jawa clan is giving you some help. The brown cloaked desert scavengers over at are giving away a set of CT Vader and Trooper for zilch, nada, nothing, zero. Yup just head over and enter and hey they could be at your door quicker than you can say……



Trade Fed tanks at TRU
January 9, 2001 | 10:51 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Charles Q. Nguyen from Southern Cali sent in a report on a very plentiful find of Trade Fed tanks at TRU. Charles said he saw 50 at his local store. These are still going for the regular price of $17.99. I had reported spotting some at TRU in Warwick, RI, just before Xmas, so keep your eyes peeled.



25% off
January 9, 2001 | 3:07 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Head over to M & M to take advantage of this clear-out offer:

“This is starting a couple days early because we need to make room for new inventory. This offer is good only through Friday Jan. 12, 2001.

25% off EVERYTHING. That simple. Regular Price, sale price, new, old it doesn’t matter.

YOU MUST put in the code “sale” after your ship to name on the order form to get discount.

Please note, our shopping cart will not calculate this discount. It will be done manually when we process your order. The confirmation email that you get will have the regular price. If you put in the discount code, we will process your order at 25% off. We will NOT do refunds of the 25% if you do not put the “sale” code in.”



Can’t live with’em…Can’t live without’em
January 8, 2001 | 4:49 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have heard much complaining lately about some of the new figs that have come out and some that are coming soon. Many people aren’t happy with the K3-PO and I can’t figure out why. I mean most loved the red R2 unit from the Royal Starship, right? What’s the difference just a reused mold just like K3-P0 is… I think many forget that all the protocol and astromech droids all look the same. I am happy to have K3-P0 and I look forward to any other droids they plan on doing. This brings new life to the line and adds some great figs for those that build scenes (myself included). I mean would you rather have another Luke Tatooine? Also many are complaining about the recent resculpts… I love them and say bring them on. If they can do a resculpt and make it look far better than the orignal, I’m all for it. Look at the Han Bespin, no comparison to the original. Can we say Fett anyone? That is one of the best figure sculpts Hasbro has EVER done. Guys my rule of thumb is, if you don’t like them leave them hanging on the pegs. Hasbro give me more droids and awesome resculpts and I will be a happy guy….



Some new Target news
January 8, 2001 | 4:36 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

A “secret” Target employee and fellow Yak-er wrote in some interesting info, read below….
“Hi, I did some checking up on Star Wars at work today, turns out that the Star Wars “Inside Action”(087-06-1549), and “2 pack Figures”(087-06-1715) do appear on the new 1/7/01 planogram, however, they are NOT supposed to be set. Instead they are supposed to be taken off as of 1/25/01(Labels removed). The E mail sent out yesterday clearly states that NO PRODUCT WILL SHIP TO STORES. So for those looking to pick up that Masters of the Darkside Two pack…..looks like your out of luck. As for the inside action, that’s not going to happen either. Also, the latest wave of POTJ collection 2(IG-88 wave) as NOT YET hit the Target I work at (which is in New York). However the new Boba Fett has arrived in my store (as well as other New York stores), this item is supposed to be held for the new Planogram(setting on ! the week of 1/7/01), keep in mind that all stores do their sets at different times during this week, so for example one store may set the boys action aisle on Sunday night into Monday morning, making it possible to walk in and find Boba Fett and the new 12 inch guys sitting on the shelf, Monday morning at 8 am. Some stores may do boys action on Friday of that week, you never know.”

Thanks for the info. Guys remember always be nice to employees it’s the only way to get anything you want.



Ep1 on FOX
January 8, 2001 | 4:31 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

FOX has announced taht it will air Episode One The Phantom Menace on Sun, April 29th from 7-10 pm ET/PT. Jus seems like we were all still dying for this to hit theaters. Time flies don’t we all know that….



George Lucas in Love DVD at amazon
January 8, 2001 | 4:28 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Wayne noticed has the cool short flick, George Lucas in Love on DVD for $11.99. Wayne mentioned to go the $15 section of the DVD page. Thanks for the heads up man.



Don Post Masks and Helmets
January 8, 2001 | 2:27 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Don Post Masks and Helmets

We continue to stock the full line of Star Wars Classic and Episode I masks and helmets from Don Post Studios. Check out our entire selection today by following this link:



12″ Jedi Assort at the Wishbook
January 8, 2001 | 12:39 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


Return Of The Jedi 12″ Set for only $24.88



January 8, 2001 | 12:07 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Have you ever wondered how these toys that we spend all our time looking for compared to the actual characters in the movie. Well stop over to the YakVision Section and take a look around. Here you see a sample (click onthe image to see it full size) of what I have done. After you stop in take a second and vote on our poll. I hope you enjoy them.



12″ Ep1 Obi-Wan
January 8, 2001 | 11:58 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Ep1 12″ Obi-Wan Kenobi Action Figure @ for only $2.50



Plo wave at Yestertoys
January 7, 2001 | 7:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yestertoys has a good amount of the new Plo Koon wave in stock for $8.00 a piece. They also have some other deals going on. Check the link above or give them a call at 1-800-653-4155.

UPDATE: I got a few emails saying that the Plo wave wasn’t listed on the site, I also checked and saw it that wasn’t. I would give them a call tomorrow sometime at the 800 #. I do know they have these in stock now.



All fun and games
January 7, 2001 | 7:49 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Raymond sent in a report of some cheap Star Wars games he recently scored at TRU. Raymond got himself an E1 Monopoly and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit for $15 and $10 respectively. These are great prices considering these went for $35-40 each. I thought I add that they also have the Sith Probe Attack game for $10. This is a cool game and if you got little ones they will enjoy. It also makes a really cool display piece, cheap. Just to add one more steal…
Those living in the S East, Ma area, make a stop at Ocean State Job Lot. They have the Clash Of The Lightsaber card game for a mere $1.50. The deals just seem to continue, so get out there guys and enjoy while the getting’s good…



Do you know CGI?
January 7, 2001 | 2:57 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

I am in need of a CGI expert. Please email me at



300th Back In Stock
January 7, 2001 | 2:21 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

You can get him at for $9.99, Click on the Picture. Out of Stock


Also Back in stock are…
Star Wars: 12″ Grand Moff Tarkin Action Figure $12.99 Out of Stock
Episode 1 Darth Maul Trophy Assortment $1.99



Show in the UK
January 6, 2001 | 6:48 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Tomorrow (Jan 7th) is the Collectors’ World sci-fi fair in Basildon, Essex. Well worth a visit if you live close or can get there! For more info, go to the event website @



South Attleboro Collectable show
January 6, 2001 | 5:30 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Sun Jan 7th at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Knights of Columbus, 304 Highland Ave, S Attleboro, Ma. 59 tables, Admission is $3.00. This is a small show guys but you can find that jewel just waiting to be found. I will be there so feel free to come up and chat some “Wars” stories. For those looking to talk I will be wearing a striped v neck sweater and off white bubble jacket. Hope to see some Yak-er’s there.



MOTDS two pack at Target?
January 6, 2001 | 5:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well looks like the mystery of the shelf tags at Target are solved…
I got an email from Yak-er 1-Smuggler in Ohio and he reports finding a MOTDS two pack at Target. Jay over atAmerican Dream Comics also reports people mailing in reporting finds. I have heard that Target was late on getting some stuff, so this maybe good for those needing this set still. Good luck guys send in any finds.



Preorder Marmit Vader at EE
January 6, 2001 | 5:05 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Entertainment Earth is taking preorders for the much awaited and speculated Marmit Vader. This should be an awesome piece considering how great all the Marmit releases have been thus far. Get in on it now while you can.



Need Plo Koon and friends
January 5, 2001 | 10:02 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Both TNC Universe and have the Plo Koon wave in stock. I don’t see these lasting long though.



$1 POTJ figs?
January 5, 2001 | 9:52 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Mike Bivins sent in some info on some insane steals he found at his local Walmart in Knighdale, NC. Here’s what Mike reported getting some new POTJ figs for a dollar… Yes one dollar. He found Fode/Beed, Sebulba, Gungan Warrior, Boss Nass for that and also got himself a Porkins for two dollars. Not sure if this was an isolated incident but if any others out there are finding these kinds of steals let us know. Mike did attach a scan of his receipt for proof, so it is legit guys.



12″ Sith Lords found at more Tru
January 5, 2001 | 9:45 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have some more reports of this set popping at TRU lately. Reports of finds from Madison, Wi and also in the Houston, Tx area have come in. Thanks to Yak-ers DarthMenace, and Valentin, both for these reports.



300th Fett for $8.00
January 5, 2001 | 11:34 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Loose Toon found 6 Mr Fett’s at Walmart in Lawrenceville, Ga. Great score, but wait, they were priced $9.96 but rang up $7.36 each. Sounds like an awesome score there. This is the first report of these being ound any cheaper than the noraml $9.96 tag, but if anyone else finds these cheap let us know here at Yak.



eToys UK site closing
January 5, 2001 | 11:27 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Looks like another one bites the dust…
The UK eToys division will be shutting down soon, all orders will be taken up to Jan 19th, then they will stop. I understand they are closing due to $ problems, like a lot of e-tailers lately. They will be offering 50% off on all in stock merchandise, so maybe you can snag a few items you need. Here’s a link for any people interested in checking them out.



New Items at
January 5, 2001 | 9:42 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some new items online….
Star Wars: 12″ Sandtrooper Action Figure $12.99 #108159C
Star Wars: 12″ Greedo Action Figure $12.99 #108159B
Star Wars: 12″ Grand Moff Tarkin Action Figure $12.99 #108159E SOLD OUT
Star Wars 12″ Tusken Raider Action Figure $12.99 #105801D
Star Wars 8″ Anakin Skywalker Action Figure $1.75 #101238B SOLD OUT
Star Wars: 12″ Luke Skywalker Action Figure in Ceremonial Gear $12.99 #108159D
Jabba’s Palace with Han Solo in Carbonite – 3-D Diorama $3.75 #400687D SOLD OUT
If the links do not bring you directly to the page search on the numbers that follow the price of each.



Target clearance
January 4, 2001 | 9:41 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well Target is doing their after Xmas clearance sale again and some good things to be found cheap. I saw a few great deals for 50% off, check what my local Target had still in stock….

Lego Slave 1 $9.90
Lego Trade Fed MTT $24.90
Lego UCS X Wing $74.90
Lego USC Tie Fighter $49.90
Mega Obi Wan $4.90

Yak-er Bill Ray also reported finding all three Mega Action figs for $4.90. So more deals to be had out there. The Lego sets are a steal at 50% off, but remember Traget still has another round to go. Target’s final clearance prices always end in a “4” so maybe if we hold out on some things we can practically walk out the door with them.



12″ Sith Lords at TRU and some TRU info
January 4, 2001 | 9:32 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I know a few people have been looking for this set and have been coming up empty handed, but hopefully that will end soon. I have heard of this set being found at some TRU stores in the west half of the country as of late. So those living on the left side pop in and you might be a happy camper.
Now as I stated earlier in the week some TRU stores have yet to receive any of the Classic CT figs yet, my local TRU included. Fear not people as I stated these will show up. Here’s some more good news from another TRU employee…

“I work at TRU and I just wanted to confirm that report about commtech R2. There are over 16,000 commtech POTF figures sitting in a NorthEast warehouse that haven’t shipped. Inventory for many stores ends this weekend and new trucks will be arriving starting Saturday at most stores doing inventory. There will be plenty of Commtech figures for everyone. Also, there are tons of Episode 1 figures sitting in the warehouses(can’t remember exact numbers), but there are no more freeze frames…so I doubt we’ll see Weequay FFs anytime soon. Anyway, good luck to everyone and the figures are out there…they’re just waiting to be shipped to stores. I’ll let you know when my store starts receiving them(we haven’t gotten any yet).
A TRU Employee”

Good news again… So we should see these and from what Lee says in good numbers. I just want Stormtroopers galore. Good luck people and anyone finding these soon please give me a holler here.



12″ assortments for 2001 Change
January 4, 2001 | 9:15 PM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

It appears that the 12″ Oola, Gamorrean Guard, and Lando Skiff have been delayed at least. The new overseas listing for 2001 from Hasbro for 12″ shows Death Star Trooper, Death Star Droid, and Han Solo (no description of which outfit). We are supposed to see these new 12″ figs in July 2001. Rick at New Force is taking preorders for them, including sets of the three, and case packs of six figures.



Around the net…..
January 4, 2001 | 4:54 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some nice things going on around the net….
Philip at Rebelscum has a couple of things. You can check out a VERY COOL display idea for the Battle of Endor using the 12″ Speeder Bike Box, and if you are into displays, Philip has the official site for fan made stands using the Ultarama stands. If you have one and want people to see what you have done with it. Mail it into Philip.

Are you into collecting Star Wars Topps Trading Cards? Well SSG has opened a new section with a price guide for the cards. Check it out here.

Over at The you can check out the latest Episode II images from a French Magazine.



Cheap Exclusives
January 4, 2001 | 4:26 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Steve sent this info in:
“Went to two TRU’s today in NEW JERSEY and found the TRU exclusive “R2-D2/C-3PO” two pack for a whopping low price of $7.90, not a bad deal, the boxes were a little beat up, but I guess I will open them.”



News on Figures w/ Cd’s
January 4, 2001 | 11:51 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Spoke with Andy and he has confirmed that they are coming, although there are NO cd’s. The CD’s have been cancelled. However they are still making the figures. The Luke Bespin will be out most likely in 2002, however we will see a new Luke X-Wing that he promises will be very cool sometime this year. Also we will see a bare chested Darth Maul with all the deco on his body with an add in of some sort as a deluxe figure. Possibly a vader as well, not positive on that one yet. More news to come as we get it.



Star Wars Diorama Page Updated
January 4, 2001 | 1:19 AM EST | Bill | Talk About This Post

The Star Wars Diorama page has been updated. There are lots of new photos in a number of sections, including a new section for dioramas based on ships. Check back tomorrow night for even more updates.



Welcome to a new member
January 3, 2001 | 11:37 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I just want to take a second to wish a warm welcome to a good friend of mine and new Yak family member, Bill Cox. Some of you may remember a post from a few weeks back about some of Bill’s awesome dioramas, well since then Bill has moved his stuff here to Yak now. You can check some of his incredible work out by clicking on the
Star Wars diorama link right above in the Toy Guide section. Bill deserves the recognition for his time and work. It is being updated now so some links might not be fully functional just yet. Keep checking back though as there will be pics updated on the regular. Welcome aboard Bill…



Bothan Collectables strikes back
January 3, 2001 | 11:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

This might be some very useful info for our UK readers…

Bothan Collectables will soon be getting in a limited number of the new Plo Koon wave priced the same as all their other POTJ figs. I have never dealt with Bothan first hand, but have heard some very good things about them. Looks like some help to UK is on the way. Get in touch with them thru the link above.



SW Inside Action speculation
January 3, 2001 | 11:19 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Since my post earlier this evening on the two new Target shelf tags, many people have wrote in in with their thoughts on what could be. One person thought it could be the defunct CD Rom figs, we could only hope though. A few wrote in with a more realistic guess, Galoob’s transforming head playsets. Yak-er Jedi Jones wrote in with this…

“Hi, this is JediJones.
I am a big SW Micro Machines collector and know what the Inside Action sets are. These are the official name for the transforming “head” playsets by Galoob. When Ep1 came out we got Jar Jar and Battle Droid. Also released but rarely shipped to stores were Darth Maul and the Gungan Sub. Shown at Toy Fair but never shipped were Anakin and Qui-Gon. I do not know which ones Target is getting, but Micro Machines collectors would be very intrigued if it were the last two. More likely it is the scarce 2nd wave finally showing up in bigger quantities.”

I think Jedijones could definetly be right here on this one. I know that at very least Maul and Gungan Sub exsist because I have seen both at the Hasbro employee store and also on eBay. As for them being the Cd line I doubt it very much seeing the line got cancelled, though I have heard some talk this line may see a UK only release. As I hear more on this all will also know.



2nd Annual FBTB Star Wars LEGO Survey
January 3, 2001 | 11:15 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

If you collect the Star Wars LEGO line, then please take a moment to fill out my latest survey at FBTB Thanks!



Plo Koon wave at John’s Toys
January 3, 2001 | 5:41 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just want to give all a heads up that John’s Toys has the brand new Plo Koon wave in stock now. These are a little higher than retail at $9.99, but not many retail outlets have got this wave in just yet. Still much cheaper than most online retailers that get waves in early. You can hit link above or call 1-800-505-TOYS. Good luck they won’t last long.



Who can solve this mystery?
January 3, 2001 | 5:36 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

In the past two days I have received a few emails from Yak readers finding their local Target stores reset for Star Wars. I know you are thinking BIG deal, but these people are finding two shelf tags that seem a mystery to us all. One tag people are finding is labeled “SW Inside Action” and lists for $14.99, the other “SW 2-Packs” also listed for $14.99. I can’t see the two packs being the MOTDS set, unless Target is far behind other stores on getting those. As for the SW Inside Action, I myself have no idea what these could be. If anyone at all can help please give me a shout here. I and a few people are curious what these are.



News from the people
January 3, 2001 | 5:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I have got quite a bit of help from many Yak-ers across the country, and thought I’d post in one big post. Here’s what some of our faithful readers are finding….

Yak-er DELVEC reports more finds at Family Toy Warehouse in NJ…

“Hello I just wanted to add some recent cheap findings in New Jersey.
That would be not only Soft Goods Qui Gon and Battle Damaged Destroyers but also swimming JarJar for $2 at Family Toy Warehouse in Voorhees, NJ”

Onto Yak-er William…
Found 2 Mynock Hunt Cinema Scenes at TRU in Pineville, NC. For $1.97 each!! Also under wishbook section has Luke/Ewok
complete Galaxy sets for $9.99 I’ve already got mine in mint condition.”

Yak-er David Snedigar from Indianapolis, IN wrote…

“Just wanted to chime in that I picked up the 300th edition Fett today at Wal-Mart on the NW side of Indy. Chances are good that they are at other WM’s in town too.”

Yak-er Jedi2 also nabbed a 300th Fett…

“Hello Sidster,
Today I found at Target in Evanston, IL , all of the three 12″
Bounty Hunter assortment, but the biggest find- while searching the messy toy clearance aisles- a 300th Edition Boba Fett(reg.price $9.99), and a Dagobah Vader for $4.09!! Over at KB in Niles, by the back aisles, a total of 8 Trophy Mauls sitting on the shelf each for the clearance price of$4.99!!!! Thought I’d let you know!! So readers keep hunting, you might be surprised by what you can find!!! MTFBWY

Thanks to all who wrote in, just keep on writing. You guys are just as much a help as we are. Good luck to all in the search for the deals and finds being reported. Gas is not cheap these days so while wasting it, it’s always good to not come up empty handed.



Insane Discounts Continue!
January 3, 2001 | 3:25 PM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post has the Interactive Yoda available for $9.98. Check it out!



More Online Deals
January 3, 2001 | 2:45 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Brian L sends this in. – Complete Galaxy 2-Pack (Luke/Tatooine and Ewok/Endor) for 9.95



JCPenney 12″ 4 Pack at KBKids
January 3, 2001 | 1:28 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post


Now available at you can get this 4-Pack of 12″ figures for the low price of $29.99. Normal Price was $69.99
Also in stock is the Deluxe Rancor with Luke Jedi for $19.99
So far we have seen FAO, JCPenney and fan Club Exclusives here. I am hoping we get more, whos for the TRU and Target 12″ exclusives to show up??



January 3, 2001 | 12:16 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

AmericanDreamComics are running three contests this month. The first is their monthly forum giveaway, and the prize is a set of POTJ figures which includes IG-88, Bespin Capture Han Solo and 300th Boba Fett! The second contest is a make your own custom made cinema scene contest for a new POTJ Bespin Carbon freeze playset, and the third is a contest to make your own Mego-style figure! For more info on all of these giveaways, check out ADC’s website.



Current Vote Numbers
January 3, 2001 | 11:54 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are the current numbers for the Official Hasbro Poll.
A. Admiral Ozzel : 16%
B. Amanaman : 37%
C. Ben Quadinaros : 5%
D. Major Bren Derlin: 10%
E. Yarael Poof : 32%



More on TRU goodies…
January 2, 2001 | 10:41 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Marcus wrote in backing up my previous post on TRU, read below…

I have great news regarding the R2 Holo Leia wave. My TRU received some and sold out instantly. However a good source has told me after inventory they are slated to get more of those cases. They said if you look after the 12th or 13th you’ll have a chance to find more.
They also said things like the 300th figure Boba Fett should also show up after inventory. I haven’t gotten either of these yet but I am hopeful.

Sounds like those of us that haven’t seen some of the goodies will soon. I would say with both mine and Marcus’ sources, the goods shall arrive soon. Thanks go out to Marcus for writing in.



Bounty Hunters at Target in upstate NY
January 2, 2001 | 10:36 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Eric G wrote to let all know he found lots of the new 12″ POTJ Bounty Hunters. Eric spotted these at the Niagra Falls Target, he was there around 5 pm. Good luck guys. Target seems to be the place for the new goodies lately.



Just when you thought you heard it all…
January 2, 2001 | 10:32 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Just got some more mail here from some Yak-ers that have found more steals lingering out there, just waiting to be found. This came in from Yak-er Robert Quinlivan…

Today found Swimming Jar-Jar ($1.99) and Darth Maul Sith Attack Speeder ($2.99) at KB Toyworks in St. Louis, MO!!!
What a deal!”

Swimming JJ himself for just two bux… WOW…

DVLordsith wrote in with this…

Got myself Sio Bibble, Queen Ascension, and four Naboo (goatee) Guards, at Big K in NJ. Here’s the kicker, they rang at $2.00 a piece. Great thanks for all the info”

I just keep getting amazed at what is being found and for the prices. Good luck to all out hunting. This seems to be a good time for it, with stores finding stuff in the back due to inventory to people returning unwanted gifts from Xmas. See ya in the Star Wars isle people.



POTJ Leia variation
January 2, 2001 | 10:21 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My man and variation partner in crime Innis over at has a cool POTJ General Leia variation up. It shows a different font used on the Force File, but the mystery is both files are .0000…. Weird… Go check the pics on this one. Seems like the variations are just piling up on the POTJ line, which we thought we’d see less of. Hasbro loves us, NO?



The Return of ‘Ask LEGO’
January 2, 2001 | 9:11 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

I’ve been invited to attend Toy Fair this year in February, and LEGO has graciously agreed to a Q&A for FBTB. So if you have anything you’d like to ask about the Star Wars LEGO line, check out FBTB for more info.



Some insane steals…
January 2, 2001 | 4:20 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er ChewieGK1 wrote in with some incredible finds and steals he made recently at a Family Toy warehouse. Here’s what Chewie wrote in with…

“Hey guys love the site. This news may not be much, but it is still a great deal. Family Toy warehouse in Columbus Ohio have the soft goods wave (Maul, Qui-Gon, Anakin Pilot, Battle Damaged Destroyer) for $1.00!!!
Keep up the Great work!

Sounds like Chewie got some great deals. I definetly recommend stopping in some of those out of the way stores. Seems these days the clearance sales aren’t limited to just TRU or KB. Thanks for the info Chewie and the great words. We are here to help all and appreciate all that visit us daily, you guys are the reason we do this day in, day out.



Still no CT R2 at TRU?
January 2, 2001 | 4:11 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Many (myself included) have yet to see any Classic CT waves with Vaders, Troopers, or R2’s at their local TRU, and are wondering… Why not? Well I talked with an associate at a my local TRU today and he said some stores are still subject to get them, this store included. He said that some stores may not get them in until after inventory which a lot of stores and warehouses are going thru now. So point is don’t give up hope just yet. We may still snag that elusive R2 for $2… Here’s to wishing…



Carbon Freeze Diorama
January 2, 2001 | 8:39 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has finished off his Carbon Freeze Diorama – click here to take a look – it looks great!



Noomivarr Prototype Website Relaunch!
January 1, 2001 | 10:49 PM EST | Robert | Talk About This Post

Just a quick FYI that the prototypes section is now up and operational here at the realm. Please stop in and check it out. Right now there are submissions located in the First Shots, Sample Mock Ups, and Reference Materials sections. I have big plans in the new year for the website. A very big and special thanks go out to Greg and Mark here for all their help and patience while the transition took place. Also, a thanks goes out to Philip at for the image usage. Up next will be the addition of Allen “Toyomahn” Hayden’s prototype website into the prototypes section.
There are some minor details that still need fixing such as non working hyperlinks but those should be fixed within the next few days, so please excuse the construction. Enjoy.



Star Wars: Demolition
January 1, 2001 | 7:32 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Walrusman sent this in:
“I thought I would write to let all of your readers know that Target has put the brand new Playstation game “Star Wars Demolition” on sale this week for only $19.99 in the ad!! Regular price in other stores is $40!!
This game is for both the Playstation 1 & 2. It is a dogfight style
driver/shooter, kind of like Twisted Metal. You pilot vehicles with Star Wars movie characters ranging from Episode 1 to Episode 6!!
Some of the many characters are Lando Skiff Guard on the Tatooine Skiff, Sebulba on the Podracer, Aurra Sing on the Swoop Bike, Battle Droid on the STAP, Darth Maul on the Sith Speeder, Lobot on the Cloud Car & tons more!!
It’s a great game, especially for being 50% off this week, so check it out! Also, my pal found the new K-3PO wave at a Columbus Ohio Target store Friday morning, so keep your eyes open readers!!”



New Years luck
January 1, 2001 | 4:29 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Every New Years day I head out for a little hunting and usually get lucky, this year was no exception. I hit the local KB Toyworks here in Fall River, Ma and here’s what I found…

Tons of Ani Naboo and Adi Gallia waves- including many Battle Droids
Ammo Wagon and Falumpaset
R2 carry cases
Jabba’s Palace pop-up dioramas
Straight cases of 12″ Barquin Dan and Jedi Luke’s
12″ New hope asst
12″ FC Valorum and Guard sets
Invasion Force AST w/ Droid, Cannon w/ Jar Jar, and Obi w/ sub
Tons of Tatooine Showdowns- no Watto’s Box though

So finally the people here in S East Ma are can start finding some stuff.



Snow Characters!
January 1, 2001 | 2:55 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Matt / Par Ousia sent in these pics of a couple of cool Star Wars snow characters – check ’em out, these rock!

Update: Graeme Ring sent in a pic of his snow Jabba, Salacious Crumb and Bib Fortuna – looks great!



Bradlees sale
January 1, 2001 | 2:53 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Don reports:
“Bradless, a local department store in Connecticut and I believe Rhode Island and Massachuetts, is going out of business. They have all toys at 30% off, which includes clearance items. They will probably(well, definitly) go to 40%, 50% and so on in the coming days/weeks. Thought you might want to let your readers in on this….I was able to get a Slave I lego for $9.10, I do not collect
legos, but I could not pass this one up!”



Ultarama Winner of the Week
January 1, 2001 | 11:35 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to John Beal as he is this weeks winner of the Ultarama Stand. Many thanks to Mort for the free stands.

December 2000 Archive

Happy New Year to all
December 31, 2000 | 5:47 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I just want wish everyone a Happy New Year from all of the staff here at Yak. We wish all a great year to come in health, wealth, and happiness. Thanks to all our loyal readers and to any new “Yak-ers” out there. Just remember for those that plan on doing some celebrating tonight just stay safe and don’t do anything that would risk yours or anyones lives. See you all in 2001….



Commtech Chip 2
December 31, 2000 | 4:34 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Robert fromour prototypes section has posted images of the Chewbacca Commtech Chip 2. Stop in and check it out.



UK Toy Show
December 31, 2000 | 12:39 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

A quick note for any UK readers brave (and able!) enough to go out tomorrow – there’s a toy show on in Kent. For more information, hit this link! Thanks to Dave of Startoys & Collectables for the news.



New Lego sets in Canada
December 30, 2000 | 8:59 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Jabba3 sent in this info for all the Canadian Lego collectors…

I just wanted other Canadian fans to know that in Southern Ontario the new Stormtrooper and C3PO Technic sets are out in TRU for $49.99 CDN. I have also seen the Lego At-St ($14.99 CDN) in TRU, Tie Fighter ($27.99), Droid Escape ($7.98 CDN), Battle Droid Carrier ($14.99 CDN) and the Imperial Shuttle (@39.99 CDN). All prices are for TRU but some Walmart and Zellers have some other Lego sets on sale for cheaper. Check around for the best price.”

Thanks for the heads up. I hope this can tie our Canadian friends over til they can get some POTJ up there.



Where is that Kaadu???
December 30, 2000 | 8:52 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Lately I have had a few people mail in and ask… “Where is the 12” Kaadu?”… Well he is still set to be released along with his Gungan buddy Capt Tarpals, when you ask? Now the word is spring 2001. No reason why he was pushed this far back, but if anyone can help please do so. I have heard a few reasons but not one specific one. I promise that I will soon have some nice boxed and loose pics of this set up here at Yak. The boxed pics are the very dk purple Tarpals that was made in the initial run til Hasbro scraped.’s Innis had put up a small comparison pic a few months back. The loose set is the production set that will get released and you wil see the BIG difference in the two. Look for pics very soon.



Carbon Freeze Diorama
December 30, 2000 | 3:28 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin has uploaded a preview of his new Carbon Freeze diorama to his website – check it out here.



Dewback on sale?
December 29, 2000 | 11:11 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Many people are wondering when we’ll see the 12″ Dewback that seems to be collecting lots of dust, go on sale… Well I heard from a pretty reliable source this piece should go on sale sometime in either Feb or Mar. Yes still some time away but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I heard the price will go down to $50, definetly a more acurate price for this piece. I do hope that this doesn’t discourage Hasbro from doing any future 12″ scale beasts. I have heard of a possible 12″ scale vehicle in the future, but right now it is just hearsay and until I get any definite confirmation I’ll leave it in the “rumor” pile.



Stay on Target….Stay on Target….
December 29, 2000 | 10:58 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well many reports are coming in of people finding the new Plo Koon wave at Target. Reports range from NY to Pa To NC to Tx to Ca… I haven’t seen this wave or got any reports of it here in S East Ma area, though I read on a message board it was found in Warwick, RI Target store. So looks like Target is the place. You might even get lucky and find the 300th Fett and 12″ Bounty Hunters there as well, what a trip that would be. Good luck guys.



Star Wars LEGO Sales
December 29, 2000 | 9:28 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

De has all of the latest information on what is on sale in her latest report at FBTB, including sets at the new outlet store and a buy one get one half price sale at KMart.



Plo Koon Online
December 29, 2000 | 6:43 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the Plo Koon wave online right now. They are expensive, but if you want them, head on over.



New Carded Image
December 29, 2000 | 6:32 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here is the Theed Amidala Carded image! Check it out. Thanks to the Big D for the images.



12″ Sith Lords Online
December 29, 2000 | 11:44 AM EST | Ben | Talk About This Post has the 12″ Sith Lords 2-Pack for $44.95! Which is ~$5 less than They also have the set of three 12″ Bounty Hunters for $64.95. Be sure to tell them sent you.



Fett @ WalMart
December 29, 2000 | 5:32 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Troy Harper found the 300th edition Boba Fett figure at a Super WalMart in Columbus, Ohio.



Cheap Chewie
December 28, 2000 | 5:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post have a steal on the 12″ Chewie in Chains doll. This once elusive doll was one per case and fetched a few dollars on the aftermarket but now you can steal it for just $12.99. Thanks to Yak-er Matt Kregor for pointing this great deal out to us at Yak.



More freebies
December 28, 2000 | 5:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The Jawa’s passed through today and gave me word on a new giveaway they are holding now. You can get yourself a 3 3/4″ Ani Pilot and Maul Sith Lord from them. Check out this link for the info.



Have a bounty out for the 12″ Bounty Hunters?
December 28, 2000 | 5:14 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well you can find them at John’s Toys, along with the 12″ Sith lords set. Get there quick I can’t see them hanging around long.



Another Plo Koon find
December 28, 2000 | 5:07 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Kingramos mailed to say he found Plo Koon at a Target in Laurel,Md. He mentioned they had four of Plo Koon left and three K3-P0’s. Looks like this wave should hit all parts soon. Guys don’t spend all that Xmas $ just yet.



New Gungan ratio found
December 28, 2000 | 5:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Since I posted last night that Gungans were possibly being shipped two per case, a few reports have surfaced backing that up. I have got a few emails from people that opened up cases themselves in stores and saw them both sitting there in a case. So looks like your luck may get better soon if you still need that elusive Gungan. Go get’em.



PlayStation 2 @
December 28, 2000 | 2:23 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

For those of you that are trying to get one, I just received this email from
Dear Amazon Customer,
As someone that has expressed interest in the Playstation 2, we are happy to let you know that we will be receiving another shipment of these on Friday, December 29th after 2PM.

I would check with them online at 2PM tomorrow if you are looking to get one. The Star Wars game that will be available for the PS2 is also available to preorder online at all retailers.



Check them stores…
December 27, 2000 | 11:42 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Guys here’s a great word of advice for all out there, CHECK THEM STORES….
I walked into a local Target this afternoon to see if Mr Fett or his other Bounty Hunter compadres had hit my way yet, when what do I spot sitting there? A 12″ Speederbike… Yup I was in awe. Never seen one in a store before so of course I grabbed it. I head to scanner no price comes up just says “clearance”, so an employee trys scanning at register and nada. I did get it for the $14 price tag from a month or so back so needless, to say I was loving that.
My point guys check stores for people returning unwanted Xmas gifts, you never know what you will find. Also I spotted the 6″ Mega figs for $7 and the UCS Lego X-Wing and Tie sets for $104 and $70 respectively.



New case ratio?
December 27, 2000 | 11:26 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

A Yak-er we’ll name “Mr G” sent in some potentially good info. Here’s what “Mr G” said…
“I work at a major retailers distribution center…
I saw POTJ cases in the warehouse the other day and just had to open one up. It had the new Jek,Boss,Sebulba,Fode and two Gungan Warriors. TWO!!! So much for Hasbros BS of one-per-case figures. Please pass this along so scalpers still don’t try to rip off people with this one-per-case stuff.”

Sounds good guys. Also “Mr G” added this on how Hasbro ships things to these centers…
“On another subject, there has been complaints from consumers about the condition of Hasbro products when they arrive on the shelves. And it seems that the retailers get the blame. I can tell you from first hand experience that Hasbro just throws all of thier cased products on the floor on the transport trailers. They are stacked from floor to ceiling. Usually the bottom cases have foot prints on them where the loaders stood on them to stuff more cases on the top. Is there anything Yakface can do? All they would have to do to correct this is to put thier products on pallets and shrink-wrap them just like 99% of all the other manufacturers out there.”

So there ya go. We know now why things are found in the shape they are now. Just to add to this these toys are shipped from overseas to Seattle then shipped to these centers, making it a long trip for these toys we get our hands on at retail.



Free set of POTJ figs and 300th Fett
December 27, 2000 | 11:10 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Jay over at ADC sent over an fyi on the contest their running. Jay wanted to remind all out there that you still have a chance at a cool POTJ fig set including the much wanted 300th Fett. Only a few days left to the contest so get over there and check out all the details.



What could’ve been….What should’ve been
December 27, 2000 | 11:04 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My good buddy Innis has posted some more pics of the CT2 Chewie over at Innis added some back pics of the cards which he had previously shown the fronts of. Honestly I wish the CT2 chips had a chance to see light. Congrats to Innis and the Jawa scavenger crew for some more cool finds.



Valorum 2-Pack online
December 27, 2000 | 10:02 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

You can now get the 12″ Valorum and Guard 2-pack at! Price is $39.99, just search on valorum.



Ultarama Winner of the Week
December 27, 2000 | 10:07 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Congrats to Stephen Prescott as he is this weeks winner of the Ultarama Stand. Many thanks to Mort for the free stands.



December 26, 2000 | 9:51 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Plo Koon wave is out in the US. A friend of mine found many at Target in NV today. Also, I have recieved reports of it being found at Target in CA as well.



Han and Tauntaun at EB?
December 26, 2000 | 9:34 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Could it be true…? Yak-er Tony Roberts found the 3 3/4″ Han and Tauntaun at an EB in Va today, but what makes this extra cool was the low price of $13.98. Tony said the box was not in the best shape and thought it could’ve been a return or one found stashed in the back somewhere. No matter what Tony got a steal most would kill for now. This is a piece that remains one the few truly “rare” pieces in the line, and still many people need it. Great score Tony. Anyone else that comes across any odd ball things like this let me know, give me an email here.



No more Insider?
December 26, 2000 | 9:23 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I’m sure some have heard the talk that the Insider will no longer exsist, but I asked Dan Madsen today and he denied that. The Insider will continue under the control of new management Wizards of the Coast. So despite what has been said, it looks like we will still see it produced.



More 300th Fett finds
December 26, 2000 | 9:17 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Reports from many different states are coming in on the 300th Fett being found on shelves. People seem to be finding these in Walmart, TRU, and Target now. Here’s some sku and DPCI #’s for you to help with the search.
Walmart # 0 76930 84566 0
TRU # 165215
Target # 087060493
Good luck guys and keep those reports coming in. No reports in the
N East have surfaced, where I am, so if any people up my way come across any give me a holler here.



Custom Ep1 Senate
December 26, 2000 | 4:56 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Our friends over at Rebelscum are celebrating their 100th week of custom critiques with an awesome group custom of the Galactic Senate, made by some members of FFURG. You can check it out here. These guys do some great work, definetly worth a look.



Dagobah Vader back online
December 25, 2000 | 2:33 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Starshow have the Dagobah Vader wave and the Boss Nass wave (minus Fode & Beed and Gungan Warrior) along with all the earlier figures in stock now for $8.99. Thanks to Clint for the news!



Target Clearence
December 24, 2000 | 11:13 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

We’ve started to receive reports of some Targets putting the Mega Action figures on clearence for $6.90 and 12″ figures for $12.90. Some people have been lucky enough to find the new 12″ bounty hunters at the discount price. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the price change.



Carbon Freeze!
December 24, 2000 | 9:11 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

This is it – the winners of ACPin’s Who Got Carbon-Freezed contest are up: check it out if you want to see who won.



300th Fett at TRU
December 24, 2000 | 5:46 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

It appears the new 300th Fett is now showing up at TRU as well. It was found at a TRU in NJ today. Thanks to Art for the news.



Boss Nass at Etoys
December 23, 2000 | 11:20 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the The Power of the Jedi: Temple Boss Nass for $5.99 in stock now.



2001 Technics Out Now
December 23, 2000 | 6:53 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are images of the boxed Technic Lego sets. These were purchased at the FAO in Troy MI. $48 a set.
Stormtrooper Front
Stormtrooper Back
C-3PO Front
C-3PO Back



Happy Holidays
December 23, 2000 | 4:21 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

I just want to take a minute to wish all of our readers the happiest of holidays and a great coming year. This year has come in gone and left my head spinning… I still wonder where it went? We have seen a lot happen this year with the line and Hasbro itself, I’m sure we have a lot more to come. Thanks to all the former employees who gave us some great things in our collections and we wish you the best. Thanks to all the employees still employed and for anything we may have coming to us. We especially thank you the readers for checking us out everyday and all the kind words we get here on how great a job we do. You make it happen and keep us going. Enjoy the coming days and stay safe.
The Yak crew



New Vader variation
December 23, 2000 | 4:13 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

My Jawa buddy Innis over at sent me a heads up that he got some pics of the new Dagobah Vader variation we’ll see on shelves soon. I had heard, as many had, this was coming but we all didn’t know for sure, until now. Head over and check it out. Thanks and congrats to Innis for getting those pics up.



Even more Fett finds
December 23, 2000 | 4:08 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

More and more reports of Mr Fett being found at Target are coming. Some reports are coming from the states of Iowa and Illinois now. Yak-er Travis in with this…
Just wanted you and your readers to know that the 300th Fett was found at Target in Waterloo, IA. One left so I snagged it, who would’ve thunk you could find one in IA?”

Then Yak-er Mike wrote in saying this…

“I spotted the 300th Fett at Target in DeKalb IL. There was a full case of six there.”

Also a report of Fett being found at Walmart has now surfaced, Yak-er darthmadonna wrote…
“Hi there, I thought I’d let you know that there was 3 cases of 300th Fett at the Walmart here in Washington there were 18 figures and they were all nabbed up within minutes. So its not just @ Target. Oh yeah it was today 12/22/00”

So maybe you will have a surprise under that tree… Here’s to hoping…



KB run-down
December 23, 2000 | 8:58 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

ACPin sent in this list of all the things he found at a recent trip to KB. COuld be useful to see a big list assembled rather than individual reports:
12″ Chancellor Valorum & Senate Guard at $14.99
all four Complete Galaxy (Endor w/Ewok, Tatooine w/ Luke, Dagobah w/Yoda, Death Star w/Vader) at $4.99
Jabba’s Palace 3D Diorama at $4.99
Cantina 3D Diorama at $4.99
Anakin and Sebulba Podracers at $6.99
Naboo Fighter electronic at $9.99
Watto’s box and Tatooine Showdown at $7.99

The answers for ACPin’s Carbon Freeze contest are now online @ – winners to be announced shortly.



George in Love for Free!
December 23, 2000 | 12:27 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has a neat little Star Wars section and if you stop over there you can enter to win a FREE DVD of George Lucas In Love.



Pod Figure is Aurra Sing
December 23, 2000 | 12:26 AM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

The Pod Figure in the case assortments is Aurra Sing. It is confirmed by Hasbro in their sneak preview section where they preview the Aurra Sing 3 3/4 figure. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it. Here is a quote from that section.

“For a few months now, people have been asking us about a “Pod Figure” they have seen listed on various plans. Other fans have been begging us to create an Aurra Sing figure, unquestionably one of the coolest and most mysterious characters from Episode I. Well, now is the time to let you know: the “Pod Figure” is not an actual Podracer, but none other than Aurra Sing herself!”



SSG Poll
December 23, 2000 | 12:21 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

SSG is running a good poll, Let’s ALL make our voices heard. They was asking if you like the new Darth Maul, or if you hate it. Take a click over there and VOTE! Let’s let Hasbro know what they can do with ANOTHER DARTH MAUL.



LEGO DSDK on Sale for 60% Off
December 22, 2000 | 9:16 PM EST | Tim | Talk About This Post

Today, has placed the Mindstorms Dark Side Developers Kit, which allows you to build a walking AT-AT Walker, on sale for 60% off. They have also marked down several more sets. FBTB has the complete listing of what is on sale there now.



Future Case Assortments
December 22, 2000 | 5:12 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Here is a list of future case assortments for the next few months. Some new figures listed are Pod figure, Sandtrooper, Qui Gon Jedi Armor, Crusade Obi Wan and Squidface. Thanks to various sources for the case assortments and the confirmation.

Collection 1, case 000 X (Jan 01):
(4) Chewy Mechanic, (4) Pod Fig, (4) Leia Bespin Escape

case 000 4 (Feb 01):
(1) Han Solo Bespin, (1) Biker Scout, (1) Battle Dam Droid, (2) Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, (3) Chewbacca Mechanic, (2) Pod Fig, (2) Leia Bespin Escape

case 000E (April 01):
(2) Chewbacca Mechanic, (2) Pod Fig, (2) Leia Bespin Escape, (2) Qui Gon Jedi Armor, (2) Crusade Obi Wan, (2) Sandtrooper

Collection 2, 84455
case 000 R (Jan 01):
(1) Calamari, (1) K3PO, (2) Plo Koon, (2) Bounty Hunter, (3) Amidala Red Throne, (3)Sae Sae Tin

case 000 S (Mar 01):
(3) Squid Face, (3) Holo Nute Gunray, (3) Jar Jar Tatooine, (3)R2-D2 Black



More reports on Mr Fett
December 22, 2000 | 1:39 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Since I posted late last night, I have got more reports of this much wanted fig being found at Target. Most reports are coming from Ohio but who knows where Mr Fett will pop-up. Here’s a few snippets from a few Yak-ers…
Yak-er Hank 5 wrote in saying…
“I thought your readers might like to know I picked up the 300th Boba Fett at my local Target in Stow (Akron area), Ohio this morning, 12-22-00. I don’t have a digital camera to make scans of the figure but, it is .0100 and all the logos are on the shoulders and the chestplate, so no variations yet. This looks like an awesome figure. Only one was left on the shelf when I got there at 8:20.”

Here’s another from Yak-er Craig, he found it in the same store…
“300th Fett found in Stow, OH Target”

Just one more for some extra reassurance, Yak-er Mark wrote with this…
“Hey Sidster,
I just got back from Target in Akron Oh they had six
300th fetts on the shelf this morning.”

So looks like they are out there, how many who knows but could be worth the trip. This is a great fig and I think it shows what Hasbro is capable of. Good Luck guys.



Deals at
December 22, 2000 | 1:35 PM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

Here are some more deals over at
Star Wars 12″ Emperor Palpatine Action Figure $4.99
Star Wars Authentic Miniature C-3PO Helmet $14.99 Sale
December 22, 2000 | 7:41 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post has the following items on sale.
LEGO Technic Destroyer Droid $34.90
LEGO Millennium Falcon $69.90
LEGO Naboo Fighter $11.90
LEGO Technic Pit Droid $11.90
LEGO Slave One $11.90
LEGO UCS Tie Interceptor $59.90
LERGO UCS X-Wing $104.00
LEGO X-Wing $20.90
LEGO Technic Battle Droid $20.90



Action Fleet holy grail finds?
December 22, 2000 | 12:54 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yes it’s true Yak-er Chris out in New Jersey found some at a Mace’s outlet store. Chris got his hands on the ultra-rare E-Wing, Tie Defender, and Jabba’s Sail Barge for an unheard of $4.99. Man now THAT’S a steal. Condition wasn’t mint but heck for $4.99 I would be estatic, and being an opener of all my AF man I’d be happy. These three still elude me… Chris also mentioned the same store having the preview Stap for $1.99. Sounds like this Mace is the place…



More KB finds
December 22, 2000 | 12:47 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Reports just keep coming in on finds from KB. Yak-er Nick found Invasion Force Obi, Maul, and Battle Droid along with the cool Jabba’s Palace pop-up playset. This playset is really cool and I love the melted down Carbo Block that comes with it. Nick found these in N Charleston, SC. Thanks Nick for the tip off.



300th Fett found at Target
December 21, 2000 | 11:33 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well big news to report from a mystery Yak-er in Bismarck, ND. Mr Fett was found at 8 pm on a Target shelf there for $9.99. There was a case of six found. Could we see more of these pop up? I think we could some were reported a little while back so maybe a few are still lingering just waiting to be found. So now the search begins. If anyone else finds these please give me a holler here.



New 12″ OUT NOW!
December 21, 2000 | 11:16 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

Rebelscum is reporting the new 12″ Sith Lord 2 pack is now showing up at TRU in CA. And is reporting the new 12″ Bounty Hunters are showing up at Target for $24.99 in CA.



Plo Koon on the Way!
December 21, 2000 | 2:55 PM EST | Brian | Talk About This Post

SW POTJ Collection 2 (Wave 6) (Item #84455D, $89.99) is on the way. Hasbro just confirmed shipment of this great new case assortment. Expect delivery to you by early January! Includes 3x Plo Koon, 3x K-3P0 – Echo Base Protocol Droid, 3x Mon Calamari Officer, 3x IG-88. Only at Entertainment Earth.



Hunting for Bounty Hunters?
December 21, 2000 | 12:49 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

TNC Universe have the 12″ Bounty Hunters in stock right now for those of you who’re searching! Head over and check it out!



Need new POTJ?!
December 21, 2000 | 12:47 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Liz sent this info in:
“I just wanted to let you know that i bought all the new star wars figs for $6.95 at they had all the new ones dagobah, biker scout, bespin han and many more. i thought that this was a great buy and wanted to share it with everyone.”
I don’t think we’ve had any feedback on this website before, so if you order and have any complaints, let us know. We try to mention only sites who have a lot of positive feedback rather than complaints. Thanks!



Hallmark Ornaments
December 21, 2000 | 12:45 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Matt writes:
“Last night I visited my local Hallmark store (in Worcester, MA
area) and found some great deals. I was able to pick up both the Naboo Starfighter and Han Solo ornaments (from 1999) for only $1 each. They also had many other non-Star Wars ornaments for only a buck (e.g. Star Trek stamp, Superman stamp…basically anything left over from 1999). Interested collectors may want to check out their local Hallmark shops.”



Who Got Carbon Freezed?
December 21, 2000 | 12:44 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Don’t forget that today is the last day you can enter ACPin’s Who Got Carbon-Freezed contest. The prizes are as follows:
First Prize: Luke and Wampa Beast Asst
Second Prize: FF Weequay Trilogo
Third Prize: Watto’s Box CS
Fourth Prize: Kabe & Muftak
Fifth Prize: Jabba’s Skiff Guards CS
Ends midnight tonight (EST).
To enter, check out the details on ACPin’s website. I haven’t had a try at it myself, not had time to sit down and look properly, but I had a quick look at it and it looked quite tough! Good luck!



Swimming Jar Jar Surfaces
December 21, 2000 | 12:41 PM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

Marsboy picked up the Swimming Jar Jar Binks wave at a Family Toy Warehouse store in the Cleveland area, NE Ohio. He said that there was only one Jar Jar, but plenty of other soft goods wave figures. Priced @ $1.97 each.



Boomer Damage Ideas
December 21, 2000 | 8:58 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The had a link to the possible variation of the boomer damage droid, but what I found on this link was much more interesting than the possible variation. Did you know that the damage glows in under a UV light. Check out the images and what they did with the damage on a regular R2-D2.



A New Direction for the Star Wars Fan Club 
December 21, 2000 | 8:47 AM EST | Mark | Talk About This Post

The Start Wars fan Club Has a new home and a new annoucement from, click on the link to read all about it. We should also see a new online store from Wizards in the Spring of 2001. And as mentioned here back when the news broke, anyone that is a current member will have an extra issue added on to the end of their membership.



Late Ep1 waves at Big-K?
December 21, 2000 | 12:01 AM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Well got another email from another Yak-er, this time Pat Pscherer wrote in with some cool finds. Pat found some late Ep1 figs at Big-K in Crofton, MD. He found Sio Bibble, Ascension gun Amidala, Holo Sidious, and Naboo Royal Guard-the one with the removable helmet and goatee. Pat also mentioned they had a bunch of Pit Droid 2-pks. None of the figs were clearanced he mentioned but like Pat said “Retail is way better than the prices for these guys on e-Bay”. So check any stores you can, you never know what you’ll hit and where you’ll hit it. Good luck guys.



Wizards poor shipping…
December 20, 2000 | 11:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Yak-er Mike wrote in with info on some product he ordered from the new owned Wizards of the Coast Star Wars FC. Mike wasn’t pleased with shipping so he called and got some possible good info here’s the full scoop.
“I just got in a UPS package from Wizards of the Coast online fan club. It arrived quickly, but boy, was I disappointed when I opened it! I ordered a LEGO X-Wing (the first, smaller one) and two Pote Skitkins. They sent along a free Darth Maul bank, as the website said they would. The packing was so poor that the bank had pierced a thumb-sized hole in the X-Wing box and had crushed one corner and part of the bubble on one of the Snitkins.
When I called this morning, I told them how important it was to collectors that items arrive in pristine condition. The operator was very sympathetic, and said they would try to improve their packaging. He said they would make some gesture to compensate for the problem with some amount of credit to my account (a manager is going to decide how much, and call me back).
At the end of the conversation, I said how great it has that the shipping was free. AND HERE’S THE INTERESTING PART: The operator said that they’ll probably keep doing that.
Free shipping from the Fan Club?! This would be great. It may even make up for the slightly-overpriced figures. Let’s see how it turns out.
Thanks for maintaining an EXCELLENT website!

Though Mike got his stuff in not so great condition they seem to be real cooperative. So free shipping? That would be really cool like Mike said, but we’ll see… Thanks Mike for the good words and for the info of course.



Bothan Collectables stock update
December 20, 2000 | 11:41 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Mark over at Bothan Collectables in the UK wrote in with this info on some stock they have in right now. This is a definite plus for anyone living in the UK that needs POTJ figs.

We now have the POTJ Biker Scout wave in stock at the moment.
We have:
Biker Scout
Han Bespin
Battle Droid Boomer damage
Ben Kenobi
and more
UK customers should be able to get them from us at a significantly lower price than the majority of UK retailers charge.
Thanks & Merry Christmas.

Of course here’s a quick link to them.



Wuher Update
December 20, 2000 | 4:05 AM EST | Greg | Talk About This Post

VMRP called the fan club and was told Wuher was being put on their wish list for next year. Hopefully we’ll see a new supply coming back in soon.
He was also told that the Carbon Freeze Chamber will retail for $24.99.



Them crazy Jawas
December 19, 2000 | 11:57 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

The little brown scavenger friends of mine at are giving away R2… R2 you ask? Yup good ol’ R2-B1. So get over there now and register, they will give him away on Xmas day.



Hasbro poll
December 19, 2000 | 11:54 PM EST | Sidster | Talk About This Post

Ok people we need to get over to Hasbro and vote now….
Guys seems like this is as close as th