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Toyguide Update: 6″ Black Series Inferno Squad Agent (GameStop Exclusive)

PROS:  Despite using existing tooling from previous Black Series releases, the Battlefront II Inferno Squad Agent still impresses as a figure. The bold red accents and sigils are striking as they almost have a Special Forces First Order TIE Pilot feel. The sculpting still holds up well today and the repurposed Han Solo stormtrooper belt from 2013 makes this figure stand apart from prior TIE Pilot releases.

CONS: Sadly, this figure doesn’t represent the main protagonist of the Battlefront II story, Iden Versio, though I understand the need to recoup tooling costs and still make something in the spirit of the game. There were several issues in the order fulfillment for this figure from delays and dropped orders. GameStop must work on their exclusives relationship with Hasbro if they want to be a successful player in the game. (Pun intended).

Head to the toyguide for our detailed image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this figure is worth adding to your collection.

GameStop Exclusive 6″ Black Series Inferno Squad Agent Arriving

As we reported last week, orders for the GameStop exclusive 6″ Black Series Inferno Squad Agent from Battlefront II have shipped out are starting to be received by collectors. Twitter follower @im_not_bill shared these images with us from his figure that he received today. Pretty sharp! Click on through for additional shots.

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