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Customizer Spotlight: Fuchs ArtWerks

Yakface site reader and friend Fuchs Artwerks recently shared with me some pics of his custom 1:18 Great Mothers. These are great customs that hopefully Hasbro realizes into figure form for The Vintage Collection.

Give him a follow on his FB account Fuchs Artwerks, and check out the other great pics here shared of these amazing customs!

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Yakfinities #77 Continues

There have been multiple customs dedicated to the Original Trilogy in the current Yakfinities.

The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge is in full steam with just a few weeks to go before the deadline of September 30. The theme is Open Season, which means pretty much any new custom made that has a Star Wars theme can be submitted.

Head on over to the forums to check out the latest entries, or to share pics of your own entry after the jump!

Customizer Spotlight: Chuckles

A most impressive assembly of various custom rebel troopers by forum member Chuckles.

Feeling a little stir crazy? If so, this could be a good time to dust off your customizing fodder and get to work.

For some inspiration, head on over to the forums and check out some fantastic custom figures by forum member Chuckles, in a much overdue Customizer Spotlight by clicking here!