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The Mara Jade Fix


From the moment the first final production photo hit the web, collectors were up in arms over the head sculpt for Mara Jade. Thankfully there is an extremely easy fix. I picked up a Marvel Universe Black Widow figure from Toys”R”Us today and with zero customization or altering, the head is a direct swap for Mara Jade. What is great about the head sculpt is that the hair is rubbery allowing for full range of neck movement and zero arm/shoulder binding. Click the image above for a closer look and be sure to comment on what you think.

Update: Here is a requested side-by-side comparison shot as well.


Custom Cantina Bar Update


For those interested in the 3D printed, custom Cantina Bar/Distillery we showcased yesterday, great news! It is now available to purchase through ShapeWays.com. The “Space Tavern Drink Dispenser” will arrive unfinished so you’ll have to finish the deco on your own (or commission someone to do it for you).

A huge thanks to Kodiak3d for making these available, I ordered mine and can’t wait to add it to my display!

Yakface Celebration VI Badge & Coin Pin Set

Celebration VI is less than two weeks away so what better time to reveal our special giveaway for attendees: The Yakface Celebration VI Collectors Badge and Coin Pin Set! Click on through to check out a few images and stay tuned as to where and when you can get yours throughout the convention! Continue reading Yakface Celebration VI Badge & Coin Pin Set