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Yakfinities #50 Continues

The 50th Yakfinities Customizing Challenge has entered its second month, and already we have seen some of the most amazing entries ever in one of our customizing challenges.  We invite all of our readers who have any interest in customizing to join in the fun, and to check out the latest entries!

Reminder:  As in each Yakfinities, customs should be NEW customs, and not older work to be in consideration for prizes.  If anyone posts older work, it should be noted so we are aware.  Thank you!

Update: Canceled Droid Factory Figures Coming to Amazon


Hasbro’s panel at SDCC revealed that the canceled Droid Factory figures will be offered through Amazon.com. They will they will be released in the canceled packaging design as well. They will be sold as a set for $59.99 this fall.

Thanks to Galactic Hunter for the details.

UPDATE: This set is now available for pre-order – expected ship date is October 13, 2013 (Thanks to forum member Rune Haako for the tip)

Droid Factory Parts Swap at Celebration VI

“Yes, these are the droid parts you are looking for!” As part of Hasbro’s activities at Celebration VI, the Hasbro team invites fans back for the Droid Factory Parts Swap.  Bring your spare parts from the 2008-2009 Droid Factory run and swap 1-for-1 for parts to complete the droids you need.  Not all parts for all droids are available, but may be traded in by other fans during the Weekend, so check back often and happy trading.  Also, Hasbro will be giving away Droid Factory posters (while supplies last) in its booth.  Uttini!

Disney Build-A-Droid Parts Update

One of our followers on twitter has alerted us to some Build-A-Droid news out of the Big Mouse. He is on site and is reporting that Tatooine Traders is out of all Mickey hats and only have middle legs in green available. They are also out of both styles of R3 heads, silver blue R2 and purple or blue R4 head.

Word is that they are NOT expecting another shipment of parts before the final Star Wars Weekends.

Lastly, due to the B.A.D. part shortage, they are NO LONGER selling the $18.95 two-packs. Only the single for $11.95

Thanks to DarthChuckMc for the info