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Hasbro Pulse/ShopDisney Exclusive TBS Mace Windu & 187th Legion Clone Arriving in the U.S.

Recent shipping data shows that the Hasbro Pulse/ShopDisney exclusive Black Series Clones of the Republic pack featuring Mace Windu and the 187th Legion Clone Trooper are arriving in the U.S.. Expected fulfillment is set for May 1, 2024, but with how Hasbro has been filling orders months in advance, that date is far from set in stone.

Update: Stellan Gios Legacy Lightsaber and TVC Life Day Chewbacca Available Tomorrow

Just in time for Star Wars Life Day, the Stellan Gios Legacy Lightsaber Hilt and Comic Book Set ($325) , as well as the Vintage Collection Chewbacca (Life Day) ($16.99) figure will be available tomorrow at 8am PT on shopDisney.

Update: Now available

Update 2: Stellan Gios Lightsaber sold out