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Vintage Y-Wing Joins the B-Wing at Retail

Our friends at JediDefender are reporting that the Toys”R”Us Exclusive Vintage Y-Wing Fighter has hit retail in the US in Nebraska priced at an attractive $39.99. Head on over for JD member Brian’s report!

There are also more reports (via our other pals at JediTempleArchives, Sandtroopers, and Galactic Hunter) that the Vintage B-Wing has hit retail at Kmart all over the US.

VC23 Luke Variation #327

Joining the never-ending crop of variants from the Vintage Collection (half of them seem to spawn from this Luke figure alone), Jedi Temple Archives is reporting that Hasbro has finally corrected the missing “chrome” gradient in the name pill for the Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture) first present on the “Jedi Knight Outfit” cardback from wave 3. Head on over for a detailed look.

New Carded Wave 7 Images at JTA

Our friends at Jedi Temple Archives have posted new card back images from wave 7 from The Vintage Collection. Head on over for shots of Bom Vimdin, Barriss Offee, Bespin Han Solo, ARC Trooper Commander, Rebel Fleet Trooper and Logray! These figures were purchased in the Philippines so the what we see released in the US in the next couple weeks might differ slightly.

New Clone Wars Figure Rumor List

Our friends at Jedi Temple Archives have acquired a new list of potential Clone Wars figures!

  • CW60: Osi Soeck
  • CW61: Even Piell
  • CW62: Captain Keeli
  • CW63: K2-B4 (Citadel Tactical Droid)
  • CW64: ARC Trooper Fives
  • CW65: Citadel Commando Droid
  • CW66: ARC Trooper Echo
  • CW67: Adi Gallia
  • CW68: Captain Wilhuff Tarkin
  • CW69: OOM-10 (With Reprogrammed Battle Droid)

Remember, nothing is set in stone unless Hasbro says so, and even then things can change. ; )


Toyguide Update: Imperial AT-AT

The wait is finally over! And to mark this special release, we have joined forces with Rebelscum, and Jedi Temple Archives to bring you a comprehensive look at the massive Imperial AT-AT vehicle! This is one of the greatest products Hasbro has ever produced and it surely deserves multi-site collaboration to give you all the details (and photos) you need! After checking out our toyguide update, head right over to Rebelscum and Jedi Temple Archives for their photo archives as well.

A HUGE thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for providing us with this generous gift.