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“First Edition” 6″ Black Series Sith Trooper

Now, there are 3 of them??? In the  wee hours of the morning, I received the above image from Instagram user argent_no_1. It shows another 6″ Black Series Sith Trooper release, this time sporting a distinctive white box and the words “First Edition” emblazoned in a circular call out on the front. It has subsequently turned up for sale on Amazon.de. As you may recall, we were the first to reveal details for the packaging for the Second Sister Inquisitor which also features similar packaging design. I am now of the opinion that there are several of these “chase” packaging versions of select figures from the Black Series. If you review our Master List, you’ll see TBS figures with “Metallic” and “Pearl” after their names. (Second Sister has “Graphite” on its box). I believe these are all special packaging variants. Again, with zero communication as to what this “First Edition” Sith Trooper may officially be, it’s all speculation, but it is reminiscent of the “First Day of Issue” figures for the Legacy and Clone Wars line, the Ultimate Galactic Hunt (UGH) campaign and  those chase versions of foil backed TVC figures. It does beg the question: why this wasn’t released “first” to reflect the packaging’s distinctive call out?

Update: To throw another possibility on the pile, we do have 2 rumored figures, “London (i.e. Rey) White” and “Bruges White” on our Master List as well. Could “white” be a reference to the color of the box on these two figures? The plot thickens… as the Amazon.de listing has been removed.

Sponsor News: K&C Collectibles

K & C Collectibles is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 to continental USA customers.  Your shipping address must be within the 48 contiguous states.   We added Legacy Collection Build-A-Droid figures and 30th Anniversary Action Figures  Click the NEW PRODUCTS link under the Categories Section for a complete list of recently added items.

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Episode 452: Cuckoo for Koto Stuffs


Kotobukiya had one of the most stunning booth displays at Star Wars Celebration 2015.  Their Art-FX+ display of dozens of Stormtroopers standing at the ready, with Royal Guards and Vader at the fore, was truly a spectacular sight to behold.  They also continued to grow this line of tenth-scale statues with their celebration exclusive K-3PO and R3-A2 droid pack.  Marjorie and Arnie review those new droids, as well as the Royal Guard Art-FX+ two-pack, in this episode of Star Wars Action News!

Also in this episode, a rundown of the recently announced SDCC exclusives, more news on finding the “cancelled” wave of Droid Factory figures, A New Hope for Hot Toys, and more — it’s all in this brand new Star Wars Action News show!

Episode #64: Retail, Retcon & Red Arm


On this week’s show Flyguy and I discuss the latest collecting news including not one but two waves of TBS 6” figures hitting retail, new details on the TRU/SDCC exclusive Jabba’s Rancor set and a new source in the US for those “cancelled” Legacy Collection figures. New LEGO news leaked this week regarding several sets tied to The Force Awakens and it looks like we’ll be getting gray bricks as far as the eye can see. Disney announced additional info for the next Disney Infinity expansion which focuses heavily on the Original Trilogy and its characters. All of this plus comic news, Star Wars Weekends merchandise, a “leaked” product hitting Mexico from The Force Awakens and more on Episode #64 of The Realm Recap.

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Legacy Collection Found at Discount Store


Derek W. sends word that those “cancelled” Legacy Collection figures have turned up at retail outside of Go! Calendars. He writes:

Build A Droid wave found in Maine. Just bought the 9 figures left at a small independent discount store called Ed’s Grove here in Waterboro Maine. Quite a steal at only 6.99 each! Sadly the Biker Scout, Tie Pilot and 212th Clone were already gone. But how could I pass up a piece of Hasbro History?

Thanks for the report Derek!

Episode 451: Hot Toys Stormtroopers – Shiny and New


Hot Toys’ line of Movie Masterpiece 12-inch scale figures continues to grow. Luke and Leia have been teased, and recently they shipped their first non-exclusive figure: The Stormtrooper, sold individually and in a two-pack. Andrew has them in hand and is here with an in-depth review.

Also in this week’s show is a discussion of the “cancelled” wave of Droid Factory figures that inexplicably appeared for sale at Go! Calendar stores across the country. Johnathan has them in hand and gives his thoughts, as well as a report of what he’s finding in stores.

With Brock reviewing Paul S Kemp’s new novel Lords of the Sith, Steve the Gingerprince giving a report from Star Wars Fan Fun Days, and Arnie and Marjorie recording live at Wizard World St. Louis, it’s all in this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

Toyguide Update: 2013 Legacy Collection Droid Factory Assortment


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with a special update detailing the recently surfaced 2013 Legacy Collection Droid Factory Assortment.

PROS: Previously thought to be cancelled, this line look was eventually reconfigured to form many of the figures in the first waves of The Black Series as well as the 2013 Amazon Exclusive set. Many collectors preferred this line look so it is nice to get closure on that line that was very short lived. There is absolutely nothing new here so it is very skippable for the general opener/collector.

CONS: At this time, it is unknown how plentiful these cases of figures are so the price for each figure is pretty ridiculous. If you are a packaging/carded completist, this run of figures may ultimately be a hole in your collection.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether these figures are worth adding to your collection.

Cancelled Legacy Collection Assortment Available Online


In case you absolutely need these for your carded collection, Calendars.com has posted the complete assortment of “cancelled” Legacy Collection figures for order online.

Thanks to DarthTerrible for the heads up.

Update from reader Bryan

I found a coupon code for 20% off and free shipping which got each piece to about $16 and change after taxes. Code is “OFFERS30”


Episode #62: Revenge of the Legacy Collection


A lot has happened in collecting news since our last show. With long-thought cancelled product hitting stores again as well as new preorders going live, there hasn’t been a shortage of things to purchase this week so you definitely need a deep wallet. Star Wars Weekends is officially underway and there is A LOT of merchandise available from there as well, from clothes to Build-A-Droid parts and more. We cover all of this plus Disney Infinity 3.0 news, new images from The Force Awakens and, as always, our newest reviews and acquisitions — all on Episode 62 of The Realm Recap!

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