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More Vehicle Value Pack Finds at Kmart

Jesse from JediDefender was able to find several sets of the Special Value Offer vehicle packs at his local Kmart including the more rare Jedi Speeder set. Here is a link to another image of his haul.

SDCC 2014 Coverage Announcement


As we prepare to gear up our coverage for this year’s SDCC we’d like to suggest that you enable notifications for your mobile devices. We will surely be bombarding our social media channels on Facebook (fb.com/yakfacecom) and Twitter (@yak_face) with news as it breaks  — PRIOR to the news hitting our front page.

We are also conscience that some may not like the constant notfications as well so we suggest turning them OFF if so inclined.

Finally, if you see a story shared by us over the next few days, it is not an attempt to give preferential treatment to any one source or not give due credit were applicable.

All that said; sit back, relax, HAVE FUN and we hope you enjoy the show!

Yakface.com Staff


More Star Wars Mythos Statues On The Way


In a brief exchange I had on Twitter with Sideshow Collectibles (@CollectSideshow), they revealed that additional Star Wars Mythos statues are in development, but of course, they aren’t ready to divulge the characters quite yet.

You can follow us on Twitter too at @yak_face

SDCC News: Yakface on Twitter and Facebook

If you aren’t already doing so, be sure not only watch the main page here but also follow our site onTwitter and Facebook. We’ll be updating throughout the SDCC festivities starting tonight with photos right from the show floor and with news as it happens! Although many of Hasbro’s secrets have been spoiled this year, surely there are a few more surprises left in her and from the other Star Wars license holders presenting at Comic Con!