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Rumor Report: E9 Product Shipping Update

More products ranging from action figures to roleplay items are currently headed to the US via China and Vietnam. An update to shipping info shows that Hasbro’s E9 Vintage Collection cases, TVC Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) cases, Mega Mighties, E9 Micro Force, Scream Sabers, E9 Poe Dameron blasters and Sith Trooper blasters are all en route to various ports in the US.

Rumor Report: Fan Channel Exclusive Black Series Incinerator Trooper Helmet

It took some time to find public information for this one but there is another Black Series Helmet set for release and this one may tie to The Mandalorian based on the footage shown at Star Wars Celebration. Based on the stormtrooper helmet released for Rogue One, this helmet is for the Incinerator Trooper and is said to be a fan channel exclusive.

Update: New Hasbro “Solo” Roleplay Blasters Info Found

The gifts from Brickseek continue today, I managed to find a few Hasbro roleplay blasters listed for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The above listings have been added to the Master List we’re continuing to compile.

UPDATE: Two more items have been found plus Target DPCI information for the above.

STAR WARS S2 RP “Hercules” ¬†Blaster ($39.99)
UPC: 630509639342
DPCI: 087-06-6439

STAR WARS S2 RP Riot Baton ($29.99)
UPC: 630509618002
DPCI: 087-06-6434

Hasbro and Peter Mayhew Reveal Electronic TFA Chewbacca Mask

Peter Mayhew has posted a special video on Facebook & Twitter revealing Hasbro’s¬†upcoming Electronic Chewbacca Mask from The Force Awakens.