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Episode 49: They Are Toys After All


Join Flyguy and Jayson as we break down the latest in collecting news from Hasbro including details on the new Hero Mashers line, new Saga Legends reveals and preorders. UK Toy Fair was held this past week and while most info was kept on the down-low, some news did slip out including new 2015 LEGO sets and a swanky “Force Awakens” tote bag given to corporate VIPs. Also this week, we have several custom features ranging from action figures to artwork to wearable costumes. Finally, we wrap things up with our reviews and acquisitions for the past week. All this and much more on Episode 49 of The Realm Recap!

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New Vintage Figures Revealed at UK Toy Fair

Today kicked off the UK Toy Fair and aside from Hasbro’s reveal of the MTT (Multi Trooper Transport Droid Carrier), they also unveiled 3 new Vintage Collection figures! Head to JediNews for an exclusive look at the Nikto Guard from Return of the Jedi – in vintage Kenner deco!!!, Galen Marek from The Force Unleashed II and Shae Vizla from Star Wars: The Old Republic