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Who Will Lead Your Army?

Hasbro has recently released two very good Stormtrooper figures in the TVC line… ANH Han Solo (removable helmet w/ photo-real technology; Target exclusive) and a basic trooper that marches right out of 2016’s Rogue One.

Now that I have a few of each in my collection, I have my own preference and know which one I plan to “army-build” – but what does everyone else think, or plan to do?  Share your thoughts here or in our forums after the jump!

Isolated Incidents, or a Broader Issue?

Recently, I’ve come across some quality control issues with Hasbro’s new Target exclusive TVC Han Solo (Stormtrooper gear).  Bad paint apps, warped helmets, and even melted /deformed plastic.

Hopefully these are isolated incidents, but at least half of these that I’ve seen at retail or have received via online orders have left me disappointed.

Thoughts?  Share your experiences with this figure here or in our forums.