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Only One? 
03.31.99 | posted by Gonk

Phillip is reporting that the Ep I sounctrack will cost $11.99 and most likely be only one CD. I was hoping for 2 but as long as everything is on that CD I guess it’s better.

Counterfit Celebration tickets 
03.30.99 | posted by Gonk

Thanks to Sean for this news-
“For some it’s good news, for some it’s bad news. Due to counterfeiting problems, if you ordered the 3-Day Event Pass from the Star Wars Fan Club/ for the Star Wars Celebration (April 30th-May 2nd, Denver, CO) you will NOT recieve them! Some were shipped out but the rest are being held back due to counterfeiting. You will, however, be able to pick them up at the show when you arrive. I’m sure the official site/MosEspa/The Fan Club will release full details on this soon.”

TRU numbers 
03.30.99 | posted by Gonk

Thanks to Kevin for the news.
“I checked the computer for episode 1 figs. It turns out that the Jersey warehouse hasn’t even gotten them yet, but there were some pending. It’s getting 1145 cases of assortment 1, 2144 of assortment 2 and only 583 for assortment 3. This warehouse services between 100 to 200 stores in the greater NY and NJ area. Divide those numbers and that’s how much TRU’s will have on thier shelves, and this is only the first shipment.”

Trailer C 
03.30.99 | posted by Gonk

In case you missed the 60 Minutes segment has combined all the clips from the movie into one quicktime file and called it Trailer C.

Wal-mart begins 
03.29.99 | posted by Gonk

Some Wal-Marts have begun to mark their shelves for Ep I legos. Some of the legos already being listed were: The Jedi Duel, Anakin’s pod, Naboo swamp and the Naboo fighter. Prices ranged from $5.99 to $19.99 Thanks to Jeff for the news.

60 Minutes 
03.28.99 | posted by dlr

Well tonight we did get some peeks at new footage on 60 Minutes, which had a George Lucas interview that ran for about half of the show. New scenes from the pod race, hanger battle, and a certain Jedi duel had me getting goose bumps. The interview also went behind the scenes into George’s personal life and his philosophy on hollywood which was best wrapped up with this quote…

” It’s not a business, it’s an artform.” -George Lucas

Lucas Arts returns to Mac 
03.26.99 | posted by dlr

Night Phantom reports:
LucasArts’ Episode I pod racer computer/video game is coming for Mac OS, in addition to the computing/gaming platforms reported previously. (Source: This will be the first LucasArts game for the Macintosh in quite some time (the recent hybrid DroidWorks being a Lucas Learning product).

New Ep I poster arriving!! 
03.26.99 | posted by Gonk

It seems the new EP I posters are now shipping and arriving at people’s homes. The follwoing report is thanks to Jess. “Just wanted to report that I recieved my Phantom Menace one sheet poster today from the fan club. I ordered it the day they were put on mosespa. This isn’t the teaser poster, this is the real deal one sheet by Drew. I’m located in Northampton Pa. It was shipped two days ago and I got it from Fedex 2 day.”

SW Celebration tickets shipping soon? 
03.26.99 | posted by Gonk

Thanks to John for the info. “Hey. I just got a letter in the mail today, saying that my “Star Wars Celebration” tickets will ship in late March (it’s already the 25!?). I also received a large purple sticker saying:

April 29, & May 1 and 2
It also said that, along with my ticket’s, I would get a “program guide”. I assume this means a guide stating the time’s of the events.”

Gamers Magazines w/ Ep 1 Stuff
03.25.99 | posted by hfsolo

Here are some links to magazine sites that contain Ep 1 Info.

Thanks to mr Fett for the news. These have all posted news, pictures, and insights to the video games based on The Phantom Menace For the P.C., PlayStation and Nintendo64 All look very promising !!!!

Ep1 Toys
posted by hfsolo @ 8:00 am (3/25)

Here is something that has been on my mind about all the hoopla going on around the toys. There seems to be a lot of people that say these toys are going to be hard to find. This is what I have found out from talking to various Retail Stores around my area in Michigan. These would include TRU, Meijer, KB, Target and Kmart. All of these store managers have told me that they will have full isles on May 3rd, with more in the back room. Collectors everywhere, THERE is no rush to pre-order. You will be able to get what you want. If any of you remember what Godzilla day was like, it will be that times 10. You will be able to go into any store that sells toys and find something. just my thought on that.

No Advanced Tickets for Episode 1!
03.24.99 | posted by starforce

The official site has updated with info concerning advanced ticket sales: “Although this issue is still being discussed, we believe the best way to make tickets available, to be fair to all of you, is on a same day – first come, first serve basis for the first two weeks. Our biggest fear is that if we sell tickets in advance, scalping will take place and you and your families would either not be able to get tickets or would have to pay above face value. We feel this is totally out of line with our concept of the Star Wars experience. Tickets would go on sale each morning for that day’s performance. After the first two weeks we would allow advance sales. We understand and regret that waiting in line may cause some inconvenience, but we feel scalping or auctioning off of tickets would create a greater disservice to families and fans.” Click here to view the entire article, which also discusses digital sound in theatres.

Figure / ship news 
03.24.99 | posted by dlr

Shabby Reports:
The $100 mothership coming out is definitely the Queen’s silver chrome J-327 starfighter, not the Federation battleship and it DOES come with a red astromech droid there’s a pic of him on TFN from the new Insider the Red droid is Ric Olie’s personal droid I believe his name is R2-A6 I think…..

Chip Reports:
confirmation on the Col.1 figs due in August:
Obi-Wan #2 and Qui-Gon #2 are both in brown robes, Queen #2 is in her Naboo red dress, Anakin #2 is wearing Obi’s hair braid (from the end ceremony), and Maul #2 has a plastic cloak with the hood down.

Ep I at TRU warehouses 
03.24.99 | posted by Gonk

Thanks to Ed for the news.
“I called the toys r us warehouses inventory control in my area. And the lady told me that they have all three basic e1 figure assortments plus the small vehicle assortment is in their warehouse now. And they are expecting alot more. The 12 inch and the commtech arent their yet. But she said they are expected real soon. They will have a ton of stuff that day and they know this will go over real big! and nothing will be in stores before the street date may 3. They will not ship anything to the stores until they are close to the date so nothing sneaks out early. And iam from Indiana and the dc services all indiana stores plus the illinois toys r us stores.”

More K-B news 
03.24.99 | posted by Gonk

Thanks to Dave for more great K-B news.
“Episode I stuff we’ll be receiving at my K-B a week and a half from now. I’ve gotten a couple more interesting tidbits that excited me a bit and show just how big this thing’s gonna be.
-Those 200 cases are almost all peg items. So that’s mostly just figures and carded accessories! Imagine all the other things we’ll get! -Our Kay-Bee, and I assume most others are going to have to move all our action figures(one side of an entire aisle) and replace the whole area with Episode I stuff!
-Lastly, our store and others are going to set up one of those stands, I think they’re called kiosks(sp?) out in the middle of the mall. This stand will be devoted entirely to Star Wars toys!”

Target Ep I news 
03.24.99 | posted by Gonk

Thanks to Aaron for the Target news.
“Episode 1 toys will take up 40 feet of aisle space (both sides). The other toys in the 876 aisle will be moved to their own section. The plano will be set overnight on May 2nd for a street date of May 3rd. No word on how many cases of product we’ll get, but considering that SW toys only get 4 feet of shelf space now.”

Wal-mart prices 
03.24.99 | posted by Gonk

This news comes from Jon.
“I was on my daily trip to Wal Mart, and fell into discussion with the toy dept. manager, who I see most every morning. She showed me the new 12″ AC that showed up (in Memphis TN) and told me that the new figs are going to be selling for only $5.96 (up from $5.76). She didn’t know if this was an interim price (until Ep. 1), or the price for the year.”

Beru Assortment 
03.23.99 | posted by Gonk

Here is the assortment info concerning the Beru wave.
Assortment #69680.002
* 2 Aunt Beru (.0000)
* 2 Anakin Skywalker w/Lightsaber (.0000)
* 2 C-3PO with Removable Arm (.000)
* 2 Luke Skywalker w/Hunting Rifle + Electrobinoculars (.00) (.00)
* 1 Princess Leia (.01) Padme Flashback
* 2 Darth Vader w/Lightsaber (.00)
* 1 Hoth Chewbacca w/bowcaster (.00)

Jimmie’s on the move 
03.23.99 | posted by Gonk

JediJimmie’s has moved to a new host site, Jedinet. His new site can be found by clicking the link above.

Welcome Tusken Trader! 
03.23.99 | posted by dlr

Yakface’s Realm is proud to be hosting The Tusken Trader!

SW in Vogue 
03.22.99 | posted by Gonk

Here is an overview of what is in the Vogue article. Thanks to Shawn for the info.
“My wife has a subscription so this issue may not be at the newstands yet. The cover isn’t Star Wars but is mentions “Star Wars style”. There is a six page spread w/ four full pages on the costumes worn by the Queen of Naboo. It is a feature mainly detailing the designer Trisha Biggar and how she created these very very elaborate dresses. The throne room costume has large lights on the hem! On the second page we read that the dress shown is from “Amidala’s Palpatine Costume #1” that is a direct quote. We also see the “Travel Dress #1” as well as the “Final Parade Costume.” All the dresses are worn by unknown models. All pics are in full color. It shows the amazing detail that Lucas has given to his universe. The article mentions that an alphabet was created for Naboo and the crew members had their names written in Naboo on their uniforms….it is an interesting article.”

EP I by the truckload 
03.21.99 | posted by Gonk

According to a KB employee they have just been informed that they will be recieving 200 CASES of EP I merchandise for May 3rd for just this one store. Given KB usually small SW section compared to other stores finding any EP I product should be a piece of cake.

X-Wing Alliance Demo Now Available!
03.20.99 | posted by starforce

Below is some new info taken from the Lucasarts newsletter:

“LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC is pleased to announce that the Demo version for STAR WARS: X-WING ALLIANCE, the exciting new space combat simulator, is now available.Go to the URL below to find the download path:

The single and multi-player game, developed for the Window 95/98 CD-ROM platform, is expected to appear on store shelves next week (week of March 22, 1999.)

Porkins Fans Rejoice
03.20.99 | posted by starforce reports William “Porkins” Hootkins will make his first convention appearance ever at the Sci-Fi Expo in Plano, Texas! This is a definate must see for Porkins fans! Click here to visit the official SciFi Expo website.

Entertainment Weekly Pics
03.20.99 | posted by starforce

Entertainment Weekly’s website has posted some of the pics from their new Star Wars cover story in the new issue. On the cover of the new issue is a new pic of Obi Wan Kenobi in action. I would still advise picking up the issue since the website has not posted all the pics in the new issue. Click here to see the pics.

“Weapons of Episode 1” Part 2
03.20.99 | posted by starforce

The Official Star Wars site has updated with part 2 of their 5 part series, “The Weapons of Episode 1.” The weapon featured in part 2: The Queen’s Blaster Pistol.

New Vader & Stormtrooper info 
03.20.99 | posted by Gonk

This info is from Jen at hasbro.
Stormtrooper – massive articulation
Vader – new sculpt witha cool accessory

And, according to Big Red “The Stormtrooper resculpt will be one of the most articulated figures to date, with 12 points of articulation. He also stated that the Vader resculpt would include the Interrigator Droid.”

Popular Mechanics Star Wars Issue
c posted by starforce

Popular Mechanics has announced a special Star Wars: Episode 1 issue called “The Machines of Episode 1.” It is expected to go on sale on May 11th.

Applause Site Update
03.19.99 | posted by starforce

Applause has updated their site with a list of general Star Wars merchandise from Episode 1. All Episode 1 merchandise from Applause will go on sale May 3rd. Click here to check it out.

Beru Wave?
03.18.99 | posted by Gonk

We recieved a report that the Beru wave has been found in Chicago and there are reports of the Beru wave also showing up in an Electronic Boutique in Portland.

More Game Info
03.17.99 | posted by hfsolo

Thanks to Adam for this news. This info comes from the Best Buy PC.

sku# 3611345 SW: Ep 1 Adventure 44.99 expected in stock 5-29 PC
sku# 3611336 SW: Ep 1 Gungan Frontier 29.99 expected in stock 5-29 PC
sku# 3611354 SW: Ep 1 Racer 44.99 expected in stock 5-29 PC
All of these items have prices subject to change and the release dates are only tentative. i imagine the episode one racer will be the same for n64 too. also the game “Gungan Frontier” was classified under “stategy” while the other were under “adventure” and “racing.”

C3PO Take Apart
03.16.99 | posted by hfsolo

Thanks to Inkabel for this news. He emailed this to me. “I was at the 3rd International Toy Expo where the C-3PO pic was taken. I talked to on of the Hasbro Direct Reps there and THEY stated that this was indeed part of a book/figure deal like the Anakin Masterpiece set.”.

New Pics
03.15.99 | posted by Gonk has added some great new pics of the Beru wave has posted tons of REAL pics of EP I figs loose.

More TRU Computer info
03.14.99 | posted by Gonk

Here are some more prices and infor from the TRU computers. Thanks to Fett5 for the info. Comtech-skn#685771- $19.99
12″ Figures-skn#685062- $19.99
Mid Sized Vehicle(???)-skn#685372- $19.99
Episode 1 Epic Force-skn#685372- $14.99
Figures Assortments:
1-skn#685585- $6.99
2-skn#685623- $6.99
3-skn#685666- $6.99
Mothership-skn#685763- $99.99
Figures Accessories-skn#686549- $4.99
Small Vehicles-skn#685755- $12.99
Playscene-skn#685488- $29.99
Transport(????)-skn#685798- $14.99
What Appears to be the Episode 1 Video Game, no system listed-skn#876445- $49.99

Ep1 Digital Release
03.14.99 | posted by dlr

George Lucas announced at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas on March 10 that digital projection of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace will take place on four screens beginning June 18, 1999. This will be the first public demonstration of a full-length motion picture from a major studio using digital electronic projectors in movie theatres to replace the normal film projectors.

More on this story at :

New Pez Dispensers
03.13.99 | posted by dlr

There are 4 new pez dispensers posted over at

Trailer News
03.13.99 | posted by dlr

Apple announced today that over one million copies of the “Star Wars: Episode l – The Phantom Menace” trailer have been downloaded during the first 24 hours from the joint Lucasfilm/Apple Website hosted by Apple ( or

The trailer premiered on the Internet yesterday morning, and is available on the Internet exclusively in QuickTime. In the same 24 hours, over 600,000 copies of Apple’s QuickTime, Apple’s industry-leading digital multimedia platform, were downloaded.

“This is the biggest download event in history, and traffic to the Web site has not slowed down,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s iCEO, in a company press release. “Lucasfilms’ exclusive choice of Quicktime over its rivals — RealNetworks RealPlayer and Microsoft’s Media Player — is a real coup for Quicktime.”

Editors Note: As of 2:30pm Sat. Mar. 13th Yakface’s Realm has had 1,199 downloads of the 13MB version and 635 of the 25MB version of trailer “B”….. glad we could help 🙂

New Web Site
03.13.99 | posted by dlr

For cool toy inserts, blueprints, instructions & sticker sheets from both vintage and the new POTF2 lineup please visit the Star Wars Insert Guide.

TRU List
03.13.99 | posted by dlr

This in from Kevin:
I am currently an employee of Toys ‘R’ Us. I had some free time today on my shift and went through the computer system and found some Episode 1 stuff. Included is a list of some items of interests to collectors and other stuff to show the deluge of products we will all see in the next few months.

Jabba Glob-skn#761796- $11.99
Darth Maul 16″ Bike-skn#753459- $79.99
Darth Maul Flip Phone-skn#600059- $24.99
Darth Maul’s Saber-skn#761591- $29.99
Yoda’s Story for Gameboy Color-skn#883352- $29.99
Sith Droid (????)-skn#760455- $39.99
Jar Jar 12″ Bike-skn#752975- $64.99
Dancing Jar Jar (????)-skn#914215- $29.99
Jar Jar Ride On-skn#552100- $9.99
Fed Droid Ride On-skn#552178- $9.99
Droid Ship-skn#551201- $19.99
Anakin’s Pod from Ertl-skn#591619- $14.99
Action Fleet Pod Racer-skn#914347- $19.99
Pod Racer-skn#468126- $5.99
Pod Races for N64-skn#873543- $49.99
Super Soaker Naboo Pistol-skn#561614- $12.99
Naboo Fighter from Ertl-skn#591335- $8.99
Naboo Fighter-skn#685569- $29.99
Gungan Frontier (????)-skn#876399- $29.99
Lightsaber- $5.99
Droid Fighter- $5.99
Naboo Swampskn#235784- $9.99
Anakin’s Pod-skn#235946- $14.99
Naboo Fighter-skn#236233- $19.99
Gungan Sub-skn#236918- $49.99
Mos Espa Pod Race-skn#239631- $89.99
There’s a bunch of stuff I left out, including numerous Tiger Elec. games.

I also looked up the new Classic 12″ figures that are coming out (skn# 464511) and found something else. Underneath was 12″ Classic 2 (skn#756156) I guess the Ceremonial Leia is in that but as far as that I don’t know.

New Book
03.13.99 | posted by dlr

This in from Jeff:
I just thought I’d let you guys at the realm know I just purchased an amazing book called “Star Wars – The Action Figure Archive”. It’s mainly written by sw toy guru steven sansweet.I didn’t see any mention of this on your site. All I have to say,is that when you look thru this book your jaw will hit the floor. It’s a sw figure collectors dream. I bought mine for just under $24.00 at barnes& It’s the best $24.00 dollars any sw figure collector of the vintage line or the new line (1995 – 98) will ever spend. It’s the true sw toy bible.

N64 Pod Racer
03.12.99 | posted by hfsolo

OK Game fans, head over to your local Toys R us, Some stores are starting to pre-order the new Pod Racer game for a $10 deposit. Expected date is 7/28/99 and the final price is $49.99. Thanks to Chris for the info.

Star Wars Release Date MOVED UP!!
03.11.99 | posted by hfsolo

The Star Wars Release date has been OFFICIALLY moved to the 19th of May. This is also shown on the end of the new trailer.
03.11.99 | posted by hfsolo

They have updated with the new poster, and the trailers.

Mynock Hunt and Legos
03.11.99 | posted by hfsolo

These are items are available at Order early…

Star Wars Furby’s
03.11.99 | posted by hfsolo

Tiger Electronics is making a Yoda Furby. This is to ship sometime in July.

Trailer B Info
03.10.99 | posted by dlr

Well…. does not have the trailer and will not post anything until after does this friday. However it is supposed to be on ET this wed. However ASWN is reporting that it possibly has been pushed back to thurs. nite or fri nite as well. We will have to wait and see…..

Also, has posted this little tid-bit on the new trailer.

The New Episode I Trailer! March 8, 1999 — is pleased to announce that the new trailer for Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace will begin showing in theaters across the U.S. and Canada this Friday, March 12th. With all new footage the trailer introduces the characters and conflict of Episode I, and features glimpses of some of the fabulous environments in which the action takes place. The new trailer will be placed into general release, running on a wide variety of films over the coming weeks. Contrary to speculation, it will not be attached to any particular film, including Wing Commander, and in fact may not even play with Wing Commander. There is no assurance the trailer will play with any particular movie and you will need to contact your local theater for information on where the trailer will run in your area.

Ree Yees and Death Star Trooper
03.09.99 | posted by hfsolo

Jason S spoke with a Customer Service Rep at the Fan Club and he was informed that the EXPECTED date for the figures to be in will be in June. Thanks for the news.

Star Wars Lego’s
03.09.99 | posted by hfsolo

Meijer’s Has begun to sell the Star Wars Lego’s. I found them last night at a local store here in the Detroit area.

ESB Manga #2 Now Out
03.08.99 | posted by hfsolo

The second series of Manga Star Wars:Empire Strike Back is now out at your local comic book store. This issue will have Luke when he meets Jedi Master Yoda and begins his training in the ways of the force. Check your local comic shop.

That 70’s show
03.07.99 | posted by dlr

In an upcoming episode of That 70’s show the plot will deal with the cast of teens viewing Star Wars for the first time.

03.07.99 | posted by dlr

The Yakvision page is back up. If you have never seen the Yakvision cards before please take a look. They are really neat 🙂

Trailer B Release Info
03.07.99 | posted by dlr

We all know now that the new trailer for Episode 1 will be released to theatres March 12th along with Wing Commander: The Movie, but the trailer will be shown before that date on TV. Entertainment Tonight and a couple other news programs are expected to premiere the trailer on Wednesday that same week. Look for the official site to post the trailer on the site a couple days after its theatrical release.

New Action Collection Released
03.07.99 | posted by dlr

The latest wave of Action Collection 12″ dolls have been found at a Toys ‘R’ Us in Indiana. The new wave includes Ponda Baba, Ben Kenobi with training ball, and Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise with dianoga tail. There are 2 of each doll per case and the Toys R Us SKU # is 464-511. Thanks to ed for the info.

Fan Club 4 No More
03.07.99 | posted by dlr

The fan club has stopped taking orders for the Fan Club exclusive figures as of Monday, March 4. If you haven’t ordered them yet, dont worry, the figures WILL be available again sometime in April after all the previously ordered figures have been shipped out. Thanks to Mike and “Oola5” for the info.

Pepsi Info
03.06.99 | posted by dlr

This is the text on the back of the boxes…

Star Wars
Episode I
The Phantom Menance (YES, it says this!)
Every 2-3 weeks a new can design will be available Look for these Chronicle Cans in 12 and 24 Packs of PEPSI.
1) Ankin Skywalker
2) Sebulba
3) Qui-Gon Jinn
4) Watto
5) Jabba the Hutt
6) Senator Palpatine
7) R2-D2
8) Dath Sidious

Look for these Chronicle Cans in 12 and 24 Packs of Montain Dew
9) Darth Maul
10) Jar Jar
11) Mace Windu
12) Obi-Wan Kenobi
13) Canptain Panaka
14) Rune Haako
15) Ric Ollie
16) Destroyer Droid

Look for these Chronicle Cans in 12 and 24 Packs of DIET PEPSI
17) Queen Amidala
18) Padme
19) Shmi Skywalker
20) Battle Droid

Look for these Chronicle Cans in 12 and 24 Packs of PEPSI ONE
21) Chancellor Valorum
22) C-3P0
23) Nute Gunray
24) Boss Nass

FIND A GOLD YODA CAN AND WIN CASH! Over 250,000 Gold Cans Available Look inside this carton. If you find a special edition GOLD can with YODA’s picture on it, then you win a cash prize of $20… (etc. etc. other legal stuff)

(This text is next to a picture of a can with Chancellor Valorum) COLLECT ALL 24 CANS throughout the summer Please empty Collector Cans before saving. This can is one of the four can designs available on Pepsi One and may not be the one inside this carton. One can design per carton.

The sheets I am getting are uncut printers proofs, and I am getting several of each if you know someone who is interested in trade or purchase let me know as I will be posting these to EBAY in a week or so…)

New Star Wars Hallmark Items
03.06.99 | posted by dlr

The new Hallmark catalogue is out and it has some new Star Wars items listed in it. Featured in it are ornaments of Han Solo, Chewbacca, TIE Fighter, Max Rebo Band, and an Episode 1 character and ship. There are no pictures or names listed for the Episode 1 stuff. I am assuming these are all ornaments to be released this Winter.

Episode 1 Don Post Masks
03.06.99 | posted by dlr

Confirmed Don Post masks include Darth Maul, Watto and Queen Amidala. Look for tons of masks to be released from Episode 1 this Summer. More info to be revealed in a couple weeks. Thanks to “buymetoys” for the tip.

FAO Epic Force Exclusives
03.05.99 | posted by dlr has posted an image of the exclusive Epic Force 3 pack (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Ben Kenobi) from FAO Schwarz. Surprisingly, all three come in a single window box. Check out the site for the scan. On a side note, more of these in their normal packaging have been spotted at Shopko stores at retail prices.

Fan Club Promotions
03.05.99 | posted by dlr

The Darth Vader chrome cards are not only coming with shipments of the fan club 4 figures, they are also being included with Mynock Hunts ordered from the fan club. Thanks for “Kimundi” for the tip.

Fan Club 4 Info 
03.04.99 | posted by Gonk

Here is some info sent to us from Kevin regarding the shipping of the Fan Club figures.
“I just got done talking to a customer service supervisor, not rep, of the Fan Club. They are shipping the figures in the order they were placed. Currently, they are shipping the Hoth Leia/DSD to people who already received their Pote/AT-AT driver figures. From what they told me, this should include almost everyone who ordered in the month of November. Once they are caught up with these people and their order has been completely filled, they will start with the rest of us. An interesting note is that they will ship both pieces together for the rest of us, not separately as they have been doing. So the rest of us with get all 4 figures in one shipment, not two.”

No Ep I in Stores 
03.03.99 | posted by Gonk

The rumors that Ep I toys have started to ship to stores is false. Mark Borkowski of M&M Collectibles sent us this news today:
“I just spoke to my Hasbro rep and he said that NO Episode I toys will ship from Hasbro UNTIL APRIL 1 (at least).”

Mos Espa part 3 
03.03.99 | posted by Gonk

Here is some more news, in the never ending Mos Espa saga:
“Was cancelled on the Lobot, Mon Mothma, Luke/Wampa, Orrimaarko, 3PO/limbs figures from earlier in the week. Saw the post on about a computer error. I called them this morning, and this is what a woman told me. On some items, they are flagged as “if item is not available, cancel the item, don’t put it on backorder”… these were flagged in this manner. They ran out of the items, cancelled my order, but they got more in. All you have to do is call up, give them the cancelled order #, and they will do another one for you. But hurry, while supplies last!”
Thanks to Bryan for the news.

Fan Club 4 news 
03.03.99 | posted by Gonk

Thanks to Matt for the news on the Fan Club 4 figs.
“I ordered my Fan Club Four in late Jan, and I went to check the progress today, and instead of saying “backordered,” it said, “partial backordered,” which might mean that the are starting to ship some of them….this might be some useful info for those of us who ordered them late.”

Mos Espa Part 2 
03.02.99 | posted by Gonk

We have been getting many reports of orders for Blastwave and Mothma figures ordrs being cancelled. There is a good chance that this is due to a computer error. is reporting that some orders were lost due to a computer error so there is a good chance that the ordrs were cancelled due to a computer error. I advise if you ordered them to check on your order and if your order was cancelled to try and reorder it.

Ep I in states? 
03.03.99 | posted by Gonk

Rumors have been flying around the web that stores like TRU have recieved their shipments of Ep I figures and have now put them into storage until May. Also, rumors of Ep I figs being sold or leaking out of TRU’s are being reported. Which I find very hard to believe since TRU is such an uncorrupt store. These are all rumors and have not been confirmed. Thanks to various sources for the info.

Mos Espa overordering? 
03.02.99 | posted by Gonk

We have recieved a report that Mos Espa has cancelled someone’s order for some of the BS and Mothma wave figs. Could it be that they let people order more figures than available? Thanks to Leif for the news.

Ep I figure info 
03.01.99 | posted by Gonk

here is some new info about EP I figures:

– two destroyer droids, one is coming carded, and the other is the figure pack-in with the R2 carry case
– Theed Hangar FX playset comes with Qui-Gon Jinn and another Battle Droid
– Third cinema scene is Watto’s Pod Race Boxed Seats
– the “Mothership” comes with a red astromech droid

Mindstorm Video 
03.01.99 | posted by Gonk

There is now a Mindstorm r2-d2 video. You need Real Player to watch it. Thanks to Stone for the info.

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