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Photonovel Mega Spotlight

Tonight we focus on some of the hard work being put forth by the photonovel customizers amongst us.

First we highlight the launch of a fun new series starring many of our beloved heroes from the original trilogy, by mattman212121. The first installment is titled Force Exodus – Prologue.

Next up is the latest work by Darth Kikinou – be sure to check out the new work in his Guardians of Peace and Justice series with his two recent additions here and here. His latest installments are inspired by a movie series loved by millions of fans, so be ready for some fun surprises!

After that we are also impressed by the many hours of dedication that Darth Depressis has devoted to bring readers with his CGI style – check out his most recent photonovel chapter,Madness of the Clone Emperor.

Last but certainly not least, forumite jlw515 rounds things out with the continuation of his series, Vader’s Quest which presents a fun parody of a memorable sequence from Full Metal Jacket.

Customizer Mega Spotlight

Tonight we spotlight some more great work from Yakface forum members!

Leading things off we take a closer look at Peakob1‘s outstanding Ziro the Hutt.

After that, be sure to check out Darth Daddy’s custom Ithorian and much more here.

For a chance of pace, check out DanoftheDead‘s custom Cobra Commander and some cool Left for Dead customs in his customs thread.

Last but certainly not least, forumite Klangck has updated with a realistic version of the Clone Wars character, Embo. Be sure to check out his work here.