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Angry Birds Star Wars II: Hits 30M Telepod Scans


Rovio Entertainment Ltd is proud to announce that the fans of the massively popular Angry Birds Star Wars II game have scanned their TELEPODS figures into the game more than 30 million times! Released in September 2013, the game features the most extensive roster of playable characters of any Angry Birds title so far, including the first chance to play as the pigs by joining the Pork Side. At launch, Hasbro introduced the innovative TELEPODS platform, powered by Retoy, where players use smart devices to “teleport” their physical TELEPODS figures into game, and released more than 30 different TELEPODS figures including Rebel Birds and Imperial Pigs.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, Rovio is releasing a brand-new chapter for Angry Birds Star Wars II called Rise of the Clones, which brings 44 levels featuring new gameplay elements like wind and water currents.

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When Hasbro hands you birds…


Each year, I become more and more disappointed with Hasbro’s neglect toward playsets and dioramas – and while there’s hope on the horizon with 3rd parties getting into the mix, I recently caved in and bought some Angry Bird sets to see if the pieces could be used for anything in the 3.75″ scale.

The results may be a bit mixed, but I’m satisfied enough to keep the pieces I did purchase – for a closer look to see if this is something that may be helpful in your scene building efforts, head to the forums.

More Hasbro Product Landing at TJ Maxx


While on a toy run today, I swung by TJ Maxx… and stumbled onto a ton (and I mean a ton) of 2012-2013 Star Wars Hasbro product.  Deluxe size vehicles, Angry Birds, Fighter Pods, Role Playing blasters, etc… and these are all items that Hasbro really thought would appeal to kids this past year.

In my humble opinion, this is just another sign that Hasbro has lost touch with their consumer base.  I am hoping for a really strong showing at SDCC from the folks at Hasbro, because Hasbro, retailers and the fan base does not need another 2012 (or another first half of 2013).

Rovio & Hasbro Announce Angry Birds Star Wars TELEPODS


In conjunction with the reveal of Rovio’s follow up to Angry Birds Star Wars, Hasbro has announced Angry Birds Star Wars TELEPODS – a form of interactive game play that allows gamers (and collectors) to upload characters of the toys they purchase right to the game. Visit Rovio.com for the story and check out the YouTube video for a demo of the gameplay. Angry Birds Star Wars II takes flight September 19.

Hasbro Reveals SDCC Exclusive Angry Birds 12 Pack


io9.com is announcing that Hasbro will be offering Star Wars Angry Birds 12-pc. Special “Action Figures” Set

The original 12 STAR WARS action figures are re-imagined for San Diego Comic-Con with a twist based on the mega-hit mobile game ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARSfrom Rovio Entertainment! LUKE SKYWALKER, PRINCESS LEIA, HAN SOLO, OBI-WAN KENOBI, CHEWBACCA, R2-D2, C-3PO, DARTH VADER, STORMTROOPER, SAND PEOPLE, IMPERIAL NAVY COMMANDER and a JAWA are all re-imagined as heroic birds or evil pigs in this set, with each figure in a unique vintage-style blister card featuring ANGRY BIRDS homage to the classic Kenner artwork! The individual blister cards are all packaged together in a collectible package!

Head to io9.com for a closer look.

Editorial: Has this shark been jumped yet???