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Micro Force Series 2 Blind Bags Hitting Target

Series 2 of the bling bag assortment of Micro Force figures from Hasbro have started hitting Target. I found the above here in Minnesota, collectors of this line and its previous iteration, Fighter Pods, may want to be on the lookout. Series 2 features mostly new sculpts from The Force Awakens and Rogue One, but also has a couple prequel characters to round out the wave.

More Hasbro Product Landing at TJ Maxx


While on a toy run today, I swung by TJ Maxx… and stumbled onto a ton (and I mean a ton) of 2012-2013 Star Wars Hasbro product.  Deluxe size vehicles, Angry Birds, Fighter Pods, Role Playing blasters, etc… and these are all items that Hasbro really thought would appeal to kids this past year.

In my humble opinion, this is just another sign that Hasbro has lost touch with their consumer base.  I am hoping for a really strong showing at SDCC from the folks at Hasbro, because Hasbro, retailers and the fan base does not need another 2012 (or another first half of 2013).

Fighter Pods Rampage Game Packs Hitting


Target has started placing new Series 4 Fighter Pods products this week and in addition to the single packs, 7 packs and the Exclusive Tin, they have also placed the 2 new “Rampage” Battle Game packs. The Hailfire Droid Pack includes a Droideka*, Super Battle Droid*, Captain Typho and Galactic Marine and the Republic Gunship Pack includes Mace Windu*, Kit Fisto*, Han Solo (Hoth Gear) and a Royal Guard (Crimson Empire). Each set retails for $19.99.

* Exclusive to the set

New Yoda Fighter Pods Tin at Target


Our friends at Galactic Hunter have alerted us to a new exclusive Fighter Pods Rampage tin hitting Target. It features the new Series 4 packaging with the Yoda line look and includes 18 Fighter Pods figures, 4 pods, spinfire launcher and Yoda tin. The set retails for $24.99 and should start hitting everywhere soon. Doesn’t look like it includes any (advertised) exclusives so it might be a pass unless collectors want the tin. Head on over to GalacticHunter.com for Adam’s full rundown of the figures.