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New TFA Speeder and Walker with Figures Hit eBay

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 8.56.27 AM

Twitter follow Galaxy Junkyard alerts us to 2 new deluxe items from The Force Awakens that have hit eBay. The Elite Speeder Bike with Special Edition Stormtrooper and  Assault Walker with Stormtrooper Sergeant. Both vehicles look to repurpose parts from previous sculpts. Click on through to check out the boxes or the text links above to the individual auctions.

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UPDATE: The Force Awakens First Order Stormtrooper Hits eBay


It was only a matter of time, but the Hasbro 6″ First Order Stormtrooper figure from The Force Awakens hit eBay recently courtesy of seller VipersKingdom. It is sold out now but that is likely to change based on past history. If you absolutely must have the figure now, bookmark the seller’s page and check back often.

Thanks to fellow Wolfpack Podcast team member Corey for the heads up.

UPDATE: It is back up now as an auction listing – current price $510.00

Celebration Exclusive: Mini LEGO Lars Homestead


It looks like LEGO’s Exclusive for Celebration Anaheim has unofficially leaked on eBay. Thanks to a tip from Groovebricks & “Just2Good”, we get a blurry look at a Mini Lars Homestead scene that includes a Microfighter-like Sandcrawler, a mini version of the Lars Homestead, mini Landspeeder, 5 micro figures (R2, C-3PO, Luke, Jawas x2) and a standard minifigure of C-3PO. No word as of yet as to an official cost, but as imagined, it is already demanding quite a premium on eBay. Head on over to Groovebricks for a closer look.